Jeeosuite Connector for the BlackBerry PlayBook released

Jeeosuite Connector for the BlackBerry PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 19 May 2011 05:36 pm EDT

We've mentioned Jeeosuite a few times here on the blogs, and many of you all out there have been making use of the the WiFi portal app on your BlackBerry devices for quite a while and now -- you can also make use of it on your BlackBerry PlayBook as a companion app to that of the BlackBerry version.

Jeeosuite Connector for the BlackBerry PlayBook is now available in BlackBerry App World, combining the use of Jeeosuite on your BlackBerry and on your PlayBook you can access all of Jeeosuites functions right from your BlackBerry PlayBook.

More information/download of Jeeosuite Connector for the BlackBerry PlayBook



Nice,my future playbook will love this


I cannot seem to login on my playbook. The keyboard keeps minimizing.


I don't get what to do. I downloaded Jeeosuite to my 9780. Signed up on the site, enabled wifi (I am not connected to any wifi network, but I don't think that is necessary??) I open the jeeosuite software on my 9780 and I see URL N/A. Trying to write my username and password doesn't make any sense.

Does anyone know what to do to make this work?


You do need a wifi connection to use it. It doesn't work otherwise. At least, that's what happens with me. It's strictly a wireless update program.


How could it be a substitute program for blackberry bridge then? I don't get it. When I am on the road I don't have a wifi connection. So i have my playbook with wifi on and my bb 9780. Can they ever connect?


can some someboby tell me what is the app with the 64 number, right next the bbm icon. thx


because I'm a geek, this is pretty cool stuff--remote control and all. I have also had no problem loading this onto my Playbook and have the same functionality as at the PC. I'm sure this will become a handy app at some point. The functionality is pretty cool. I'm driving my wife crazy with the remote alarm, some people just don't get it!!


love the wallpaper, can i ask for a download link?