JayBird stereo Bluetooth for the extreme lifestyle

By IsaacKendall on 12 Jan 2012 02:27 pm EST

I'm always on the hunt for decent stereo Bluetooth so I took to the show floor at this years CES looking for a pair that are interesting. In the south hall we found JayBird. They have created stereo Bluetooth for the seriously active life style.

What makes these great for running, the gym or lifting weights is they are guaranteed to be sweat proof. In fact they guarantee them for life to be sweat free.

They offer a secure fit to ensure that they will not fall out of your ear when you're on the go. The offer 6 hours of use and only charge fully in 2 hours.

The hexagon design ear cushions offer superb comfort and secure fit for sports. The honey comb center gives a balanced amount of resistance against the back bowl of the ear (top, back and bottom), thus holding the ear tip securely forward in the ear. Three sizes of ear cushions are provided in addition to 3 sizes of ear tips.

The front cover is fused together with the rubberized center button and rubber seal. Several clamps inside hold the main housing and front cover together firm and rigid against the rubber seal. The speaker cup and main body are one part, eliminating screws and seams. The USB cover is entirely sunken and snug, the volume buttons are covered in rubberized paint, and the microphone hole has an acoustically transparent gauze, all to seal against moisture.

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JayBird stereo Bluetooth for the extreme lifestyle


Thats my biggest problem...keeping them in my ears while working out. The corded ones get in the way at times and also get yanked out. Theyre worth taking a look at.

How well does it work as a phone headset in a noisy environment?, for instance, while running? or walking down a noise street? Can the person on the receiving end of a phone call hear the person speaking?

I've had my jaybirds for well over a year now and they're still going strong. I have the endorphines so I'm thinking about picking up some sportsbands for working out since they're not in ears

Just bought them while on sale at best buy. And I have to say they are truly great. IMO there the best out right now.

I've had mine since october and so far so good. I don't recconmend anyone to update their bold 9930/9900 to 7.1 if. Plan on getting these though......too many bugs to work out with BT streaming

Great post, I just have one question. Isaac, why didnt you get the nice blond to give the pitch? No offence to Craig but his counterpart in the background would held my attention a little better.

I've been trying to decide between these and the LG HBS-700s. I really like the lifetime warranty against sweat, but I wonder--how long is the cord on this? I don't want something with a really long cord that hits my neck every time it bounces when I run. Can anyone comment on the length of the cord? Thanks

the freedom JF3 work great with my Torch but i can not get them to connect with my BB Playbook. Any body else have this problem?