Jay Z drops rhymes about his BlackBerry as he teams up with Daft Punk for 'Computerized'

By Bla1ze on 10 Mar 2014 06:14 pm EDT

Although Jay Z has lent his name to Samsung and has often been spotted using an iPhone, he's still an old school BlackBerry user and that's pretty evident throughout his music. Dropping lines like 'Out the country but the blueberry still connect' was the norm for Jay, though that line is debatable as to whether he's talking about his BlackBerry, which early on was often referred to as a blueberry or blueberry kush, 'Hov's a Blackberry Bold, shorty is a Sidekick' is pretty obvious.

A new, undated and previously unreleased track with Jay Z and Daft Punk has appeared online and HOV drops a bunch of BlackBerry quotables, possibly aging the music. The rumor goes, Kanye West was possibly involved with this production and we already know he loves him some BlackBerry as well.

Now, quite a few people have noted that the song isn't the best however, I kind of have to disagree. I like it and not just because it mentions BlackBerry. Check it out and let me know what you all think.

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Jay Z drops rhymes about his BlackBerry as he teams up with Daft Punk for 'Computerized'


The "blueberry" was referring to something your could puff puff pass tho. Blueberry yum yum..

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Hey jojo, I'm not sure if I'm going to be computerised, but after listening to the track, I sure am DE....MOR...ALIZED!!!!!

Posted by the Crackberry Pirate

The best thing Jay-Z has going is BEYONCE - and get THIS; my BlackBerry Z30 auto-corrected "Jay-Z" and even suggested "Knowles" when I typed Beyoncé....!

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You can't honestly believe that…!!!! Sure as far as love goes, beyonce is the best one can get.. beauty, brains and dollar signs…. however, you're crazy if you think JayZ is only thriving because of beyonce'… he just finished a sellout world tour tour another #1 selling album and I could keep going but I won't.. Jayz is definitely a money maker and still one of the most popular entertainers still working…

Although this Jay Z pimps his wife Beyonce out with her soft core porn videos - if he's a BlackBerry guy, he ain't all bad...

Go watch her latest video....then let me know if you understand what I mean. If you don't, after watching it, then I can't help you to understand.

CB10 from the Z30

As a man, I love what she does in her videos she's sexy as hell

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This may come as a shock but there are women in this world who are in full control of their public and personal images. Some women even DECIDE to shed that societally imposed apron and open the door to their bedroom...all on their own. To suggest this accomplished professional was forced to make an erotic music video by her husband (pimped) is an insult to her intelligence, chauvinistic and just down-right rude.

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Or.... he "suggested" that she do it....is it any wonder to you that, prior to, her relationship with this guy - you have never seen anything like this vulgar video out of her....

Even Moochelle would not have been so dumb as to say that Beyonce is a "role model" to younger girls - had Beyonce appeared in such filth before...

She, the BOSS, charts her path and her TEAM executes. There is no "OR" or wonder here sir. She is a successful performance artist and as such feels free to explore and challenge conventional thinking. <period>
She started as a young girl and those works represented her mindset then. These works represent the wife. I'm sure her next release will reflect her feelings as a mother. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a blissfully married woman reveling in that bliss and sharing it as she (an empowered woman) sees fit.
If Mr. Carter is ok with it, what's your beef?
As for the First Lady of the United States of America, an empowered woman in her own right...much respect!

Great to see you supporting the degradation of women as sleezy "he Monica Lewinskied on my dress" classless sex objects... you are, somewhat, pardoned because, even, your president said

"Beyoncé could not be a better role model for my girls because she carries herself with such class and poise and has so much talent,"

but, of course, that was after she and her husband helped raise $4 million for the Vacationer in Chief - so.....

That's "OK" - keep wondering why women are objects in certain precincts...

Kendrick Lamar dropped a line in 'P&P' on his mixtape : Overly dedicated, as well. We need a better Qwerty'd BlackBerry to run with. A revised Q10, so to speak.

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B

Terrible song by whose standards? Lol just cause its not in your taste doesn't make it terrible.

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By my standards, it's terrible, the worst I've heard. I could come up with a better sound bashing 2 spoons together.

Hey, opinions are like butt holes, every one has one.

Posted by the Crackberry Pirate

Haha! OJ you are classic!

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That doesn't make sense, the blueberry still connect? Nope sorry not about weed

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who cares if its weed he's talking about, BBRY should send him a care package of all phones, some tshirts and some more exclusive swag. Im gonna remix this track. at 2:02 he talks about texting so no its the phone not some chronic.

I never cared for Jay Z as a rapper, I know supposively he's one of the greatest but seriously who elected him as one of the greatest? I love rap music and o love BlackBerry so whatever helps promote sales bring it on!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Supposingly so but I don't care much for his music...he's not bad though. I heard he is a good business man.

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His lyrics are so lazy. He became huge during the hard knock life album...jay-z is the will smith of rap(excluding will snith rap career haha) But hey good for him, he's making huge money!

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That makes no sense. Will Smith is the will Smith of rap. Jay-Z is one of the greatest to ever rap having stood the test of time racking up millions of albums sold and many awards over his nearly 20yr career. He's a self made half billionaire business mogul and an inspiration to a couple generations. I need not go on...

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Dudes been thru 2 generations of rap and fans and adapted to the change and is still one of the best and making hits, he's not my favorite but I respect what he's done. Most people only get 1 hit record and fade away

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nope he was referring to the phone.. out the country but the blueberry still connects.. definitely not a drug reference

He was referring to his skills in obtaining drugs in a foreign country and his listeners should envy him because he is "cool".
The guy poisons our society.

Z10STL100-3/ CB10

Terrible song! It's obviously good that he makes mention of BlackBerry, but too bad he also makes mention of the "other guys" as well. Hopefully he puts out a hit with BlackBerry all over it! Make it "cool" once again! Maybe Chen can slide him a brown bag full of cash to persuade the idea ;)

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How about an exclusive limited 24 carat gold Q20 with name engraving.

He doesn't need the cash, but rich people love unique stuff money can't (really) buy. Just like vanity number plates selling for millions.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Ashanti referred to BBM on her new album Braveheart she said "I know it's really over, but I had to tell you something that I forgot to tell you And if you want me, you know that if you want me, you can call me, BBM Me, hit me however you want to". She's got another song on the album called First Real Love featuring Beenie Man and he mentions a BlackBerry in one of his verses

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Well duh it's robotic. Have you heard of Daft Punk. They even made an appearance in Tron Legacy. Two DJs who dress like robots. Hence the reason it's called "Computerized".

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Daft Pinkney is funk re imagined just cause most think it's house music their aim always was about revitalizing the FUNK!

Around the World ring a bell?!

Gray track because Daft is what the do best NOT follow the norm experiment see where everything takes you.

PS : Daft Punk didn't just appear in Tron movie they wrote and composed the soundtrack exclusively! After 2.5 yrs it sounds better now then when first released.

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Kanye drops blackberry references on the reg. On yeezus he does twice. Never heard this one. Cool.

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Regardless of what one's opinion is about the song, what can't be disputed is that it is very refreshing that celebs are beginning to mention BlackBerry or being spotted with BB phones a little bit more, nowadays. Slowly but surely BlackBerry will become acceptable again.

My Wii is cool, because my kids like to play it with me. Mario Kart any day.

Beats the crap out of Monopoly and checkers.

C0015B221 All about making Wine kits.

Hey,the bars might be open till 6am in Montreal this summer,play that song at closing to get everyone out ,can't we talk about BB selling it's Texas properties and will rent 37% of them...This came out a couple of hours ago,check the web

Don't really like Kanye, but if he likes bb. I guess I can reconsider.

"Initiated from my Q10 "

If this was/is an unreleased track then chances are it won't be. There are a lot of songs and collaborations floating around out there that never get released, either because it didn't fit on the album /cd or it plainly sucks, as does this song... and jay-z could mention blackberry all day long on 3-4 songs (hey that rhymed...and it still wouldn't help blackberry.

The only way I can him benefiting blackberry is to record a big song that gets played on the radio and clubs, have it go to #1 and then he comes out saying he recorded it and shot the video on a z10.... OR come out in several interviews and say that he only uses blackberry see a spike in interests and sales.

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I think this is a great song with an added bonus of the BlackBerry mention. It's different too. HOV always delivers. Are you guys listening to what he's saying?

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That's the problem, no one listens to lyrics anymore, just the beat. Jay-Z always has something to say when all these other rappers are just making noise.

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No that I made the mistake of listening to that, gonna have to go rock some real tunes to get my mind back in order. Only good thing about that song is the mention of BlackBerry.

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I could rap a better song than that. I appreciate he uses a BlackBerry but that had to suck. Probably would have been better for Kanye to rap. Kanye is the better rapper than him.

Towards the beginning he gives a hint he uses a BlackBerry by saying how he text and says "I have an itouch but I can't feel" which implies he uses a physical keyboard when writing which is probably what he used to write these lyrics and then in the second part he says "stop nagging on my BlackBerry. She got jealous cuz I was tapping on my BlackBerry". Those were probably the best lyrics of the whole song.

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Yeah Kanye is nowhere near jay's level. I love Mr. West but let's be real, his lyrics and overall rapping skills need work. Have you ever heard Ye drop a triple entendre??

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Maybe they should just use the instrumental instead for a commercial and use real people to rap. Give people the opportunity to show their ability and get recognized. They're already doing this with youtube personalities.

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Sounds like a BBM commercial song for BlackBerry

Serving herlike Serena

Welcome to the future 


I'm curious. If his music is so good, why do so many people who purportedly LOVE rap and LOVE his music have so much difficulty understanding what he's talking about? I doubt he's being intentionally so obscure that no one is certain what he means. So, just nonsense to fill a track? Inside reference that only a few really understand?
I'll admit, I'm not a fan of rap. That's likely because much of what I have heard bears little resemblance to the English language I know. If you have a message you want me to hear, speak so I can understand you. Even the fans of rap are divided on what's in this piece.

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I dumb down for my audience
To double my dollars
They criticize me for it
Yet they all yell "Holla"
If skills sold
Truth be told
I'd probably be
Talib Kweli
Truthfully I wanna rhyme like Common Sense
(But i did five Mil)
I ain't been rhymin' like Common since

-My favorite Jay-Z lyrics, from his song 'Moment of Clarity.'

Obviously what he's doing has worked. Very few people have had the longevity in rap like he has. He does have those obscure, insider-type songs (especially of late, a lot of which have led to the comical Illuminati allegations,) but he's arguably most known for attention catching lyrics that may or may not be radio-friendly. I'm not a huge Jay-Z fan either, but he definitely has had his moments that stake his claim for best commercial rapper.

One my favorite characteristics of rap music is the need to decode lyrics and a message that is often steeped in literary devices. There is no other genre of music that comes close to requiring the mastery of language like rap.

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I'm a fan of Daft Punk and Jay-Z and what can I say? I like the song! Would have loved to have this song on the actual Tron Legacy sound track.

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Doesn't matter if you like or dislike the song. It will not change the fact that millions listen and respect his music. Free advertising is free advertising. If you think it's a negative that BlackBerry is associated with him, people with your same view don't listen to him anyways.
Win Win I say.

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Nice! Jigga man is the best out there. And I love that he uses a BlackBerry as well. You gotta love it when someone that big, can give BlackBerry a gratuitous plug.

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That's 4:37 mins I'll never get back in my life. Thank you for sharing a song that will be here today gone tomorrow!

 BlackBerry Z30  STA100-5/

Please... stop bringing traffic to this song. It's terrible. They mention BlackBerry in the midst of iTouch, phone sex, and some other techno-gadget rabble it's not even worth the mention.

I truly wanted to like this song. Daft Punk's beat rocks, I agree totally with Jay-Z's words, but this song is just terrible. Sorry!

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Song talking about how everything has basically become computerised (even relationships), I can dig it.

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I'm the minority, I like it! Nice crossover, somehow different. I hope he's singing about a BB10 device, not a legacy one. BB PR-Team could send him a Z30 to produce a positve headline...

Everyone love "the black" even former users. Awesome. We definitely need a major marketing campaign. Chen, when are we gonna start seeing BlackBerry Commercials. Damn!!

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I'm glad I was doing something else while this, (you call it a song?) was playing. Definitely not FFDP or anything close to it, so other than the promise of mentioning BlackBerry, I have no idea why I listened, because for me, it wasn't worth it.

Heh! From Mr. DoubleEntedre:

"Start mackin' on my black berry, she got jealous I was tappin' on my Blackberry"

"I told her, "Welcome to the future" That's just how it is, I'm a user"