Jawbone Battery Meter for BlackBerry now available

By Adam Zeis on 13 Sep 2010 11:23 am EDT
Jawbone Battery Meter BlackBerry

*Update: Sadly looks like this may only be for the Jawbone ICON but hopefully will be out for other models somewhere down the road *

Jawbone headsets are one of the best selling for BlackBerry and for good reason. They are stylish and well built and offer simple features that any BlackBerry user needs. One of the big drawbacks for a long time however was the lack of a battery meter. There was really no way to know when you're device needed a charge, so you pretty much had to wing it when you felt it was dying. Well now you can rest easy with the new Jawbone Battery Meter app for BlackBerry. The small app installs on your device and gives you the battery status of your Jawbone headset via a notification icon. A very cool utility that should be a welcome addition to any Jawbone user. The app is totally free, but you'll have to sign up for MyTalk at Jawbone to get your hands on it. Thanks Julian!

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Jawbone Battery Meter for BlackBerry now available



So I joined MYTALK, went through the whole process, and MYTALK won't do a thing for me, because although I have a Jawbone, it ISN'T the ICON model.

It's really too bad this information isn't a bit more visible.

Actually was there originally as I made it a point to put it in. You must have just missed it the first time around.

I wonder....any chance that the app might work with other brands.....I doubt it, but you never know....perhaps it just looks for "a" BT as opposed to "a jawbone BT"......

works ok with my Icon & 8900, but tbh the battery meter icon is too small on the screen and its still much easier to press the talk button on the headset to tell me the remaining talk time, why would you want to open an app to tell you this when you only have to touch the headset????? will delete app as pretty pointless to me.

gotta agree, the meter is pretty small that you can only tell if it's empty or full unless you open the app up. Much easier to press the button to get the "readout" there.

Hey all

I know some of this has been covered, but I just wanted to get the info out there in one post.

*Jawbone Battery Meter for BlackBerry® currently works with Jawbone ICON and BlackBerry® phones running OS 4.6 and above

*To get it, you must 1)Have the Jawbone Updater installed on your PC 2)Connect your Jawbone Icon, 3)Sign into your MyTALK account (using Internet Explorer, if nothing has changed), 4)Select the Mobile Apps tab, and select "Get" under Battery Meter for BlackBerry - making sure to sync the new app to your Jawbone Icon 5)Also under that "Get" option, you must enter your email address in order for them to send you the link for the Jawbone Battery Meter software, which you will access from your BlackBerry and download

*Once all the above steps have been taken, and the app downloaded onto your phone, your Jawbone Icon can be disconnected from your PC and should sync right up with your BB once you have launched the app, giving you the status of your Jawbone Icon battery. Sure you can press the button in order to get an idea of how much talk time you have remaining, but what about when you are on a phone call? This is probably where this comes in handy the most...

I don't use the jawbone personally, because I prefer not to wear anything in my ear- I use a bluetooth speakerphone.

BUT, being an oral surgeon, I LOVE the icon on the screen! A side profile of a little mandible. Super cool!

Man I was bummed when I read the post title but I guess me and my Prime wont get any love :(

Installed and the notification icon is too small. I know they have limited space for the icon, but trying to make the icon look like a headset in such a small space makes this pretty much useless.

battery meter for the icon because all you have to do is click on it and it gives you the battery time. BUT what I am THRILLED about is I can now listen to my music from my ICON so now not only are my calls clear as they have always been but now I can listen to my music
Thanks Jawbone........love the update to the software.

it seems that a firmware update for the ICON is necessary before the system can enable settings for the onscreen icon to mate up with the headset. So, in my case, using a different computer to do this required installing the updater on the computer, updating the headset firmware, enabling the option for the headset to use the onscreen icon, the emailing the link to the phone & installing the app. None of that is difficult, just time consuming. The icon size is small, but seems usable -- at least when the battery is full. We'll see how it works out in use. At any rate, it looks cool. :-)

But since you can't check your battery status while in a call, this will tell you if your down to half or more. The icon itself will warn you when your down to roughly 15 minutes of charge left though.

Also want to point out I read somewhere that the icon software won't work in a 64bit OS, but it worked fine in windows 7 64bit and 32bit firefox.

Also love the downloadable voice packs that's offered too.


I wished I was able to get the meter on my, Torch but at least I still can hear how much time I have left.

Waited for over 12 hours for an e-mail link but did not get one. Checked product support and found this link to the download: m.jawbone.com/battery
Works fine on the Storm 2

I was excited when I saw the news awhile ago about the battery app for the BlackBerry so I know when my Jawbone headset is getting low on battery, however, the articles don't point out this only works with the Jawbone ICON series headset and no others. Yes, I have tried. You must "activate" your headset before this app works. :( Bummer.