JavaScript section makes its way to the Web Design Cheat Sheet app

JavaScript section makes it way to the Web Design Cheat Sheet app
By DJ Reyes on 5 Feb 2014 07:55 am EST

A hugely useful reference app just got an update. Web Design Cheat Sheet is an app I regularly recommend to those who ask me the best app for learning web design or even just HTML. A lot of people thank me for recommending it as it was exactly what they were looking for. It has a very comprehensive syntax library as well as a resources section and a HTML code editor.

Web Design Cheat Sheet has three main sections - HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript. The app started off with just the HTML section, then the CSS3 section was released and now the long awaited JavaScript section is now available to be unlocked. Again, you'll find a syntax library and a resources section packed with lots of information for you. There is also JS editor in the section too and you can toggle between the HTML and JS editor for ease of use.

Version 3 changelog

  • Access to over 220 JavaScript Functions
  • Descriptions
  • Detailed Syntax
  • Parameter Values
  • Return Values
  • JS & HTML Values
  • Fully functional JS editor and viewer
  • Ability to toggle between HTML & JS
  • ​Remembers code on exit
  • Predefined templates
  • Quick code buttons
  • JS Resources section - 14 chapters from Mozilla Developer Network
  • Quick links for useful tools
  • Quick links to Team Treehouse Tutorials
  • Quick links within function pages
  • W3Schools
  • ​Functions are sorted by categories
  • Quick access to fulter between JS types
  • Color coded JS types
  • Properties and methods have designated colors
  • Know JS Version by Quick Glance
  • UI/UX enhancements
  • New CSS, JavaScript and Site Feeds icons
  • Added "Updates" icon to Home tab - opens up the "Web Design Cheat Sheet" BBM Channel
  • Added "Foundation" icon to HTML/CSS3/JavaScript Resources - Links to Team Treehouse's Introduction videos
  • Changed the "Open in Browser" icon to match one in BlackBerry World
  • Editor Preview Page
  • Swapped "Share" and "Edit on main Action Bar
  • "Back" button
  • Added more useful links
  • Settings reorganized

As you can see, that's a lot of new additions and tweaks to an already comprehensive app. As well as a developer, the creator of Web Design Cheat Sheet is a student and an app such as this requires a lot of hours. The JavaScript section can be unlocked for $1.99. Think of it as a way of buying the developer a hot beverage to get him through those long study hours. Or just as a thank you for bringing about such a great app to the platform. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. You can also visit the developer's website too for further information.

Learn more / Download Web Design Cheat Sheet from BlackBerry World

Reader comments

JavaScript section makes its way to the Web Design Cheat Sheet app


Ahh and a Q10 user at that! Someone who can actually utilize all the shortcut buttons that I baked into the physical keyboard version of the App :D

Thanks so much for your support kind stranger, glad you get use out of the App (:

This is one of the best apps on BlackBerry.

Definitely buy all the sections if you want a great reference tool or are learning HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.

Posted via CB10

Wow does that look good on the Porsche Design BlackBerry or what! (:

Thanks for the write-up DJ!

- Developer of "Web Design Cheat Sheet" for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

Means a lot coming from you man! Best of luck at your new job, the BB community will miss ya! Thalmic has some wicked inventions though, hope you guys make it big!

Hahaha hey now! Give yourself some credit! Running the math (given that you purchased everything in the app) you have actually paid nearly six times that for a grand total of 0.000056% of my tuition! (if you totally just pulled that number out of your @ss then I'm extremely impressed by how close you actually were lmao)

Good to see your post though morpho, you've been supporting me from the beginning and you have always genuinely cared about my studies (:

College is going great, graduating in May and it can't come any sooner! :D

Thanks again for your awesome support!

Hey! May is just around the corner! How about that!... I just purchased the JS part.. I love your work, keep moving forward, I remember back in my days, instead of apps I used to sell websites... I don't know how the business model of an app got so successful having that we were already on the "cloud" bandwagon, but anyhow, now I work for the very same company that sued Google over the JVM and everything I have it is thanks to college so congrats on graduating soon!... I really wish you the best of the lucks and success in your career. About the amount I calculated... ummm which option would make me look smarter?

Hahaha I honestly don't know, I'd be surprised if it was by luck and impressed if you actually tried to somewhat figure it out. Either way it's impressive hahaha

But thanks! Man am I excited to be done with it haha but yeah App Development is definitely my hobby, I think you'd go nuts trying to make a business out of it, such inconsistent income. Like you uses to my main business is website design. I love the creativity aspect of it all.. each business is a new blank slate and I get to just let my creativity run wild. Can't beat that.

Thanks for the kind words though and thanks for the support, you guys are awesome :)

Flip: Just bought it and now have the complete package. I was really looking forward to this section and you came through. I hope you continue BB10 development beyond this. You represents the platform's capabilities so well.

Posted via CB10

Thank you so very much (:

Glad to have been able to finally get the JavaScript section out. I was stressing about it for months, definitely a weight off my shoulders though! And I will most certainly continue supporting this App and really hope to continue developing in the future. Preferably a less content/data-driven App though because they are so very draining haha.

Those words mean a lot to me, I'm honored that I can adequately represent what this powerful platform stands for, thanks again! (:

So long as my Excel spreadsheet is correct, I am exactly $17.64 away from reaching it with just under a month to go. This update has done more than enough for me to be able to reach it, the support from you guys has been amazing (:

So yes, I am still in the running and I will probably have achieved it within the next few hours :D :D :D :D

Make that -$15.86!

We did it!! 10k Commitment - Check!

Thank you and everybody else that supported me! The BlackBerry Community ROCKS!

OMG congrats!! Now you can afford to hire the lawyer without having him work in your sweatshop ! LOL

Posted via CB10

Great to see another update for this invaluable app - I use it regularly to code on my Dev, and I find myself using the Reference links & Function descriptions almost every time I open the app!

Keep up the great work with this, @Flip4Bytes!! :)

Swiped from my awesome Dev Alpha B (Z10STL100-1/

Ahh Jon, thanks buddy! Really glad to hear you are getting so much use out of it, these are the comments that keep me going!

Awesome app, flipper! Now, when you've recovered from the last update, and graduate, and are getting about a jquery section... lol.

Posted via CB10

Ohhhhhhhhhhh you! hahaha I'll definitely consider it down the line, but like you mentioned, I need to take a few months off from the mindless adding of XML data. I'm actually quite excited to be able to improve my App over the months in ways other than just adding more data. I am hoping to better the site feeds section to be more useful and really hoping to one day add search (just need to figure out how to do this difficult task). But I'll definitely be out of commission for a while in terms of data entry. The updates in the near future at the very least will most likely be more functionality additions and visual updates.

Good try though (; we'll see. Haha

I will have to look into that for the future. Though I could probably only make the option available to those who have not purchased any sections. I would have to add one virtual good that overrides every other virtual good, but the one unlock all virtual good can't be dynamic so it wouldn't be able to allow for a discount if you already purchased one or two sections.

I'll definitely look into this in the future though, definitely on my checklist, just need to run it through the old brain a few times to determine the best route for implementing it.

Thanks for the suggestion and comment (:

Ahh damn, I really wish that BlackBerry made Coupon Codes available because I'd be more than happy to send you one to unlock everything.

Hey, just send me the email address for your BBID for your Q10 and I'm more than happy to sandbox that account so you can unlock everything for free on your Q10. I don't want you to have to pay for the App twice, that's stupid.

Just send a contact email from the contact form within the App and let me know here so I can verify the email was indeed from you!


Hi Flip,

I'll just add to all the positive comments here and say that I have purchased all 3 components and use the app regularly on my Q10 to learn. Never programmed anything in my life and this app is making it that much easier to learn.

Keep up the good work.


Posted via CB10 app on my Q10

I'm surprised by all the Q10 users who have the App! I really tried as much as possible to mirror the experience on the small screen by testing it with my Dev Alpha C. Glad to hear that you are getting a lot of use out of it though! It's so cool to be able to help people learn how to code.

Many have requested that I make this App for them on iOS and Android, but I'd rather just keep it a BB10 exclusive to help promote the mission that "BlackBerry is for those who do" (:

I would definitely port to Android and IOS if I were you. Both markets are that much bigger that it only makes sense. May help pay quite a bit of your tuition fees.

Don't know anything about programming but is it as easy to port to Android as it is to BB10 from Android?

You'd also have to consider whether those markets would consider paying for the app. I think IOS users would.

Thanks again, a fantastic App.


Posted via CB10 app on my Q10

While I absolutely agree, I have zero experience developing for Android or iOS so it makes me a bit nervous to jump in. The majority of useful information within my app is from the XML files that consist of tens of thousands of lines of code (which is all of the actual HTML Elements, Descriptions, etc. etc. etc.) which is indeed universal across platforms. It would just be a matter of figuring out how to implement them into the Android and iOS code. But porting an App over from BlackBerry 10 to iOS or Android is no easy task by any means. It'd actually probably be more worthwhile for me to hire an iOS/Android dev to make the App for me.. As my company (CyberBytes Inc.) grows and we hire more people, I'm sure one or two may dabble in app development and I can make it a project for them in the future. I don't know, I'll try and figure it out! haha

It's definitely on the back of my mind, though I'm more concerned about making this App the best it possibly can be for everyone who has supported me on BB10 before worrying about porting it over to iOS and Android.

This is really not necessary, you can show your appreciation by leaving a review in BBW if you really feel so inclined to help me out. The truth of the matter is that if you have no use for the App then don't feel like you need to purchase it to support me. I'm equally as happy when I receive a review as when I get a purchase :)

You guys are awesome, thank you so much! :D :D :D

Hopefully he gets more than a few hot beverages out of this and perhaps put himself through college or university!

Posted via CB10

Hahaha oh jeeze, how great that sounds! Though I don't think I'll be making anywhere close to $90,000 from this App lmao - Appreciate the thought though!

I can definitely put it towards a nice laptop for web design/app development and car insurance which will more than make my life much easier.

Just reading the new reviews I every day though, the motivation from that is absolutely killer. I normally sit down at my computer with a nice cup of tea, read the reviews for the day, and then begin working on websites or working on my App. My other secret is that I get crazy motivation after watching the movie "The Internship". Part of me is dying to work at Google (though I'd 100% be repping BB10 all the way). I am and forever will be a BB10 developer, I personally have no interest in developing for iOS or Android.

Thanks for the comment and sorry for my rambling (if you know me at all, I tend to do this quite often..)

Hey, I'd be nothing without you guys and I genuinely appreciate that fact. I also understand how important customer support is in any company, now more than ever (thanks to the likes of Amazon), and I want to be there for all those who support me :)

Just bought the JS add on. This app is nicely designed with a good layout. Just for anyone on the fence.

Posted via CB10

I just purchased all three paid sections even though I don't necessarily plan to build apps but I admire your ambition and especially your passion for BlackBerry!

You should think about checking into working for BlackBerry at some point, the Internship was an awesome movie and I actually thought about looking into applying. I mean if Vince Vaughn did it then why not but seriously John Chen would probably be lucky to hire you! Get it done son!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

You're awesome :D

Thanks for the comment, really appreciate it. I just kinda feel like BlackBerry isn't exactly in the market at the moment to bring in some fresh blood, they are still going through the layoff process to make the company more lean, though I would LOVE to get a job there. I'll definitely be looking into any opportunities that may present themselves in the coming years.

And yes! Exactly! "Yep, we're Pheonix proud!" - "It's the oldest institution of it's kind and as such many people refer to it as the Harvard of internet colleges." I mean if he could get in with that line then I think I should be just fine hahaha

Ahh now I'm tempted to watch that movie again! And I was planning on being productive the next few hours! Noooo!!!

Get back to work now! ;)

BlackBerry needs you to join their developers relation team because you are an awesome person and you make it fun to code!

Posted via CB10

Haha thank you I needed that! I'm focused now, I swear, don't hurt me!

lmao I appreciate the comment though, that's very nice to say (:

I just bought all three sections. Not to use them. But just to support the Dev. You are awesome

Posted via CB10

You really didn't have to do that! I'm Just as happy getting a review and it's free! Thank you so much though, you're awesome :)

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

Awwwn. I'm sad. I'm the last to comment on this. *sobbing*. Can't wait to try it out again. And then post it again on my channel. (this has to be like the most featured app on my channel). Good work Flip4bytes

Posted via CB10

This is totally the best app on my Q10! Now if I could just remember that I _have_ it, so I can remember to _use_ it, and save myself the daily googling. LMAO!

(I'm seriously going to have to move it to "screen #1" so I see it all the time. I hate myself that I don't remember more frequently that I have such an awesome resource at my fingertips!)

I've purchased all the modules as they've been released, and am more than happy to do so and get a little dough into the dev's pocket. :-) Thoughtful, detailed, hard work like this should definitely be rewarded!

Posted via CB10