Jason Bradbury on the Storm's Messaging Capabilities

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Nov 2008 10:07 am EST

I swear this guy must have a microphone taped right to the Storm. I don't recall the "click" being quite as loud as these vids make it out to be.

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Jason Bradbury on the Storm's Messaging Capabilities


I think this sound might be a sound made by the speaker rather than the SurePress keyboard... Let's hope we will be able to adjust the volume of it, and to set it off!!! Well if it is actually a sound...

But I'm not sure...

Vodafone is trying to highlight the fact that the keyboard does indeed click and, since there's no way to SEE it clicking, hearing it click would be the only way to get the point across; its just marketing.

Hey Kevin, do you know the purpose of the black space just above the keys and below the screen? Does this serve a purpose?

will the storm have thread txt msging?

i know its an iphone/blackjack feature..but i really like it and was wondering if bberry might adopt it for this phone or any phone in the near future...

if not, can anyone explain y?

I had the BlackBerry Storm in my hands in October on a Vodafone-Event and the clicking is definitely not that loud and there is no sound from the speakers when you click the screen.
I guess they just want to highlight the feature that the screen is clickable.

yeah i had a curve too.. but im talking about thread as in.. its filtered by name and then you can view it like an instant messaging conversation. like the iphone.

on the curve it would show up as another line item. instead of being all withing one contact.

What is he talking about he knows people who carry a blackberry for business and a different phone to make calls on. Why would you downgrade your phone quality by using a standard phone and not taking advantage of BB's far superior antenna quality. I have my BB and I would never carry a different device to make calls with. PSSSHHHHH!!!

its loud because hes holding it right near the microphone clipped to his jacket which picks up the clicking noise like crazy