Jason Bradbury on the Storm's Media Credentials

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Nov 2008 01:36 pm EST

Oops! Forgot to post this one early... thanks to everyone who emailed in telling us to get it up. When it comes to BlackBerry smartphones, I think this guy gets nearly as excited as I do!

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Jason Bradbury on the Storm's Media Credentials


thats awesome! that rainforest background he shows on the phone came preloaded on my Telus Pearl.. it's my favorite background!!

Hey Kev,
Great job on the site. I have been a bb user for a year, and love my curve, but I am obsessed with the storm. I must have it. Sadly, I am an att customer. Any thoughts on how to get out of my contract. I saw a website called celltrade usa.com, but I am a little leary that it's a scam. Any suggestions on how to get out of my contract for less than the $175 they want to charge me?

I already posted this yesterday along with 2 other videos by Jason Bradbury in the forum. This is the second time i posted something, then later showed up on the front page and i was not given credit. Oh well.

smart thing is that it comes with a free desktop media manager that will optimize video for the screen, as well as photos and mp3 music, if you want it of course.
this works on older 4.5 and 4.6 devices including the Bold.
I optimize my favorite movies and load them on microSD, can fit 20 movies on 16GB card or more...

Silky smooth


Check out the Comments section, in which, Jason wrote "For many people, the Storm is absolutely an iPhone alternative. You have to consider its business credentials. It’s data capabilities are amazing - the one I used could pull data at over 7MB a sec!

The touchscreen is lovely - and the bits of chrome and mix of matt and gloss black really got my attention.

I’ve played with the G1 recently - both black and white versions -but the Storm, for me has it."