Jason Bradbury on the Storm's "Clickable" Touchscreen

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Nov 2008 09:54 am EST

MUST-WATCH VIDEO! This guy is just awesome. Take a look :-)

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Jason Bradbury on the Storm's "Clickable" Touchscreen


That click just sounds so SATISFYING. 'What an excellent piece of kit', LOL. I cannot wait to try it myself :D

Not really a fan of touch screen with what I've experienced so far but hearing the clicks makes me can't wait to actually try and just click. I mean seriously, the way the clicking sounds, that seems surreal.

I know the Storm was in the video, but I think the guy's ears took away some of the "thunder" - holy cow!

hahaha "...Wanna click?!?!" this video is awesome... whoever designed the Storm's launch campaign is pure genius!

Jason presents a programme TV here in UK called The Gadget Show, he's always really enthusiastic about gadgets & is pretty honest if he does or doesn't like something.

Looks like he loves the Storm :)

So if the screen is clickable that means that there is space for dirt to get between the screen and down into the device. Say for those of you lucky enough to live on or near the beach. Sand + Storm = Sand Storm... not very good on the phone. Thoughts?

Yo Kevin,
Is it actually clicking like a mouse or is it a sound that you can mute? It can get annoying if can't mute it, especially when you shouldn't be using it, like in a meeting or class.

These clicks are definitely added in, there's an extra one around 1:20-1:22, so he presses it a bunch of times and it clicks, then he doesn't press and there is still a click.