Japanese BlackBerry Bold: Drop it Like its HOT!

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Feb 2009 06:01 pm

Japan's DoCoMo Halts Bold Sales

This bit of news took me by surprise when I read it. Japanese carrier DoCoMo just recently launched the BlackBerry Bold and only seven days later is dropping it like it's hot... literally!

Of the 4,000 Bolds sold right off the hop, some 30 DoCoMo Bold owners have complained that the device's keyboard area has been heating up. DoCoMo hasn't hurt of anyone suffering burn injuries or BlackBerry Bolds catching fire (yet!). RIM ruled out any kind of battery problem, but is still investigating the issue. In the meantime, DoCoMo has halted sales until the issue gets sorted. No other market's Bolds have been affected.

I've always known BlackBerry smartphones to be killer devices, but I have never known of a BlackBerry that had the potential to be an actual killer. For some reason this reminded me of an article we ran back in '07... New Uses for Old Berrys. Check it out for a chuckle!

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Mine makes a great hand warmer


I have a bold and live in italy where 3G coverage is very good. And my bold does get really hot after some time on the phone. I actually have to end calls because it becomes unbearable. It never happened wqith all my prev bb’s.

So I believe this.


I too have the same problem, I am in Australia with the Telstra network and have at times felt my chest heat up with the phone in the pocket, measured the temp to 46 deg C


Blackberry Pie

My understanding is that the unit heats up when being charged. Could this be with the voltage/amps available in Japan versus the battery used in the Bold? A Bold is a Bold. The difference between countries is the voltage and the telephone service provider.

Black Berry Pie


This problem is not exclusive to the Japanese market. I purchase a Bold this past December. I took it home on Friday, and to take it back to the AT&T store Sunday becuase it was heating up to the point that you could feel the heat through the leather carrying case and it wouldn't take a full charge. The rep at the store tried replacing the battery and the phone continued to heat up. It was a defect with the device. They switched the phone out on the spot, and so far good.


I have Japanese Bold.it becomes VERY hot with charging actually......and stops to charge. I have another BOLD which I bought in HK and this is ok. I do not know why. but the battery maker is different.
for localizing to DOCOMO network, they have a small change( soft or hard,may be hard? so they needed a time to release).
Anyway, good for cold Tokyo.....


It happens the same to me, but I rather die incinerated than leave my bold behind...


Boo Hoo!!! Did I win!! Did I Win!!! What's here to win!!!!


Both RIM and DoCoMo should have paid more attention... Too bad. Lost a market in the world.