January 28th rumored as the date BlackBerry 10.2.1 will begin rolling out

By Bla1ze on 20 Jan 2014 11:19 pm EST

When it comes to BlackBerry 10.2.1 there has been plenty of speculation surrounding its release. As far back as June of 2013, we've been hearing that mid January was the release time frame for some carriers and then a further maintenance release of 10.2.1+ will arrive in June 2014. Needless to say, that hasn't happened yet but there's plenty of evidence mounting that the release is not that far off.

There is developer events scheduled for near the end of January to show off 10.2.1, some carriers have already suggested January, the recent leak of OS has oddly been updated with new files and resigned as of January 8th, the developer version of the 10.2.1 OS is available for download and now multiple sources are claiming January 28th as the release date in regions such as EMEA and APAC while others are claiming that it will be a 'Global' roll out.

Now, I know what some folks are thinking. You don't even have BlackBerry 10.2 yet and you're entirely right for thinking that way because when it really comes down to it, an official release date doesn't mean much if your carrier never pushes it out to the masses. But that fact reminds of another rumor I heard back in June 2013, that some U.S. carriers had no intention of pushing BlackBerry 10.2 in the first place, which as far as I can tell ended up being true for Q10 and Z10 users, especially those on Verizon. This time around they could be more likely to get it out ASAP, as it is the update which they've been waiting for to release.

The date of January 28th may or may not end up being correct but if it is, great! If not, well we're left waiting. However, 10.2.1 packs a lot of new features including the ability to run Android APK files simply by directly downloading them, a feature that many people are using right now through leaks, and of course it also has a ton of features added to the core OS that improves BlackBerry 10 significantly. It's worth the wait of BlackBerry improving it even further if need be. Again though, BlackBerry themselves have not confirmed this roll out so alas, we're all left waiting to see what happens.

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January 28th rumored as the date BlackBerry 10.2.1 will begin rolling out



I'm not sure, bills if consider '10' the new beginning then they are in their third in less than a year (BB10.0 coming out in Feb 2013, and we had 10.2. before end of 2013). BB10 has come a long way, and I am excited to see where it will go from here.


The real trouble here is the way they get released IMO. Apple just sends a notice to all devices and your free to get update on the day the say it will be ready (then usually a fix or two once the public gets it going and finds holes). Blackberry sends out a new OS to carriers, they do testing and release when they feel comfortable, or not at all.

You are actually looking at it the wrong way, what apple are doing is holding of on the release until all the carriers have approved it, what BB are actually doing is allowing those people with faster carriers the chance to get updates much sooner.

All that really does is relieve the peer pressure on the carriers. With iOS I would think that there is some thought of not being the company holding things up, so an update gets moved through the process without undue red tape. If it's every provider for themselves, 'who cares if it's late, or if it never happens, they're only BlackBerry customers anyway, who cares if a hundred people are mad!" I'd switch carriers, but there isn't one to pick without moving out of the U.S. and I'm not that ticked yet.

So this is how it works for apple. When the iPhone first came out apple made a deal with AT&T to be able to push out updates without going through the carrier first. Every other phone company needs to go through the carrier first.

Why can't crackberry with its unique relationship to BlackBerry get an official date? 10.2.1 is an obvious and important milestone for the company and its customers. Why...so... secret?

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it took you this long to figure that out!?! Nothing has been the same between BBRY and big red since the debacle about cancelling a rollout after the 9850.

Rumor has it, (Ruuuummor!)
Rumor has it, (Ruuuummor!)
Rumor has it, (Ruuuummor!)
Rumor has it, (Ruuuummor!)
Rumor has it, (Ruuuummor!)

She, she ain't real,
She won't deliver 10.2.1 like sideload will.
She, is a stranger,
They promised 10.2 before, now don't you remember?

Just Kidding! :D Sorry US :)

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Excuse me, but why cant you people use Leak already? I don't think its that hard even for a non geek

Q10.1055 Malaysia via CB10

Leak still has some issues that put some people off. My Q10 is my work phone (even tho I have a company issued iP5) and I'm awaiting a slightly better build....even tho I can install leaks if I wanted to

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For starters, who version 10.2.(I forget what build no.) the deva didn't include the native apps for stored mp3 files, notes, BlackBerry Remember or File Manager. It's pointless to try utilizing a leak when it's not even complete or really useful.
And that's assuming that anyone off the street with a 10 device can adequately download the software upgrade files to their PC without something either timing out in the middle of a download or just crashing. How do I know this?
In my experience, the whole 10.2 thing has been nothing but a fiasco.
BlackBerry would be better of saying nothing than to have all these leaked software versions floating around the Internet that don't even work for most users.

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I thought about it in the same way up until last week. Then I said fuck it! The worst that could happen is you wasted a few hours of your time to revert back to an official OS.

The hardest part of the entire process was calling my company help desk to send me a server access code so I can get back my company email. For that tiny bit of irritation, I unlocked a great OS update.

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There was stuff about an alternative lock screen a while ago. Leak users, is that true?

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Yeah I know but the Active Sync requires a password to unlock. When I turn Picture Password on and set it up, it switches off after I exit setup.

Then there is obviously something wrong with the version you downloaded try re-downloading loading it

Posted via the amazing z30 from @BlackBerrygrow follow me on Twitter

Do you have an Active Sync account requiring a password? Search the net, widely reported. Nothing wrong with the OS.

I'm in the same boat. As soon as EAS password policy is applied,picture password is no longer an option.

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Talk to your IT, there I'd a good post in CB forums that tells what to do, but your IT will need to agree. I have it working on my Z10 (with Active,Sync account) and I love it. Hope BlackBerry fix it to work with BES too.


Once again no word from AT&T. If I didn't have a grandfathered data plan... Does anyone know if 10.2 fixes the battery problems on the Z10? It's the only issue I have with the phone since March 2013.

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Each update does include changes to make the OS more efficient. Some new features or carrier specific issues may cause you to experience worse battery life.

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I have the same problems with my Z10 on AT&T. Battery is dead in like 4-5 hours. I carry a charging cable, and 2 spare batteries every where I go. Since, there is no Z30 yet on AT&T, they should at least bring 10.2 to us users to fix performance and battery issues.

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Someone posted it below but long story short, it's not that they took so long... they had no intention of putting it out anyway. The improvements in 10.2.1 are like night and day and they knew what was coming so they pretty much decided to skip over 10.2 in favor of a better upgrade later. 

(So the rumor goes...)

That's no way I can track down the "reference" posts for that piece of information. I was just reading that Verizon doesn't have the intention to push out. For other carriers, including mine, it's just rumor.

I can see US carriers possibly skipping over maintenance releases, but to not roll out 10.2 to their customers using BBRY is a total joke. I hope BBRY gets big again in the consumer space and bends over these carriers like they are currently doing to BBRY (and it's customers).

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That could be the case. Didn't carriers choose to skip 4.2 and go straight to 4.3 for Android? If so there's your precedence.

Or we're all rationalizing lol

I think we're all just rationalizing... It's probably unlikely that US customers see 10.2.1 until the 3rd quarter, if at all.

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As I've mentioned before, My experience with Verizon has been that I never experienced many of the problems that were supposed to be fixed with 10.2 (and before that, the MR). I know there are some major enhancements with 10.2, but other than 3 apps I can't get without 10.2 I don't feel like I'm missing much. Not a big problem waiting for 10.2.1 as long as THAT's the one released in winter of 2014. Hell, even with that I won't have two of the best new features because I have a Z10 (wireless charging and wireless something else - I think dual casting or something like that). At least that's my understanding.

Never. I have no idea what that is. But the function I was trying to remember is Miracast, mirror - cast, or something like that. It mirrors everything on your phone to another screen wirelessly (no HDMI cable needed). But it won't be available on the Z10.

Seriously. Can someone please explain to me in simple language why VZW has not released 10.2 and if /when they have any plans of releasing 10.2.1 Every time I call them to ask they give me the run around..

That run around is well rehearsed. Including the offer to connect to a BlackBerry rep while staying on the line. But the VZ rep disconnects just in time - to avoid hearing the BlackBerry rep tell you that the OS update was indeed released to VZ __ weeks ago! I've heard it many times.

Seriously you call them? ! Hahaha, I don't see any wireless carriers helping with anything anymore. Just find my own answers.

Via The BlackBerry Z10 Experience.

I have worked Tech Support for a carrier and we really have no idea when management will release software updates. If it is not Apple the customer 99% of the time will be the first to know about the software update. Management doesn't think we the people on their front lines need to know about it. Which makes our lives FUBAR! Lol

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The only thing is, AT&T already skipped over the 10.1 MR. So 10.2 will have been the second release in a row they have skipped. How likely is that?

"But that fact reminds of another rumor I heard back in June, that some U.S. carriers had no intention of pushing BlackBerry 10.2 in the first place, which as far as I can tell ended up being true for Q10 and Z10 users, especially those on Verizon. "

And AT&T.

In fact, AT&T never even pushed out the MR of 10.1.

Good thing I don't wait on them.

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Agreed, I installed the leak on my spare Z10 this weekend. I don't know why I was so nervous it was easy.

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Agreed. And it has honestly mad me love my z10 even more!. One thing want improved is contacts and how it syncs with social media.

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Posted via single-finger-flickin fun on the best damn virtual keyboard in existence....The BlackBerry Z30 Everybody!

I couldn't wait any longer and installed the leak over this past weekend. Wow! What an improvement, after installing Snap I have access to all the apps I want, and thousands I would never think of loading.

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Michael Clewley has been dropping hints on his BBM Channel so I imagine the 10.2.1 release isn't too far off. I can't wait for the official release...I'm getting Sachesi warmed up and ready.

Ps. To all of the US carriers...here is a big "F U" for your lack of support for BBRY OS releases and basically telling faithful BlackBerry customers to suck it and like it.

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I was just thinking the same because of the amount of recent updates on his channel regarding 10.2.1. I hope that the rumors are true and the US carriers release the update with the rest of the world and not just release 10.2.

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I feel your pain. US carrier support has been complete bull**** and borderline abusive. Like really, was it all that hard to update the software.

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Especially considering on Verizon 10.2 on the Z30 has already been running fine for months. I would be cursing my carrier out by now and just installing a leak if I lived in the US. The rest of the world is timely with the updates getting them within a week or two. i understand the US has more strict testing but there is no excuse for this long a delay.

Man I hope that it's true that the US carriers wanted 10.2.1 and I hope it is indeed Global and AT&T hasn't even released the 10.1 MR update which still baffles me Smh praying for this update lol #TeamBlackBerry

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I know Rogers will have it out ASAP I think. Looking Fwd to it. Better be end of January damn it. Been too long

I have an unlocked Q10 straight from BlackBerry (on AT&T) and I'm confident that it will be stuck on 10.1 FOREVER.

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Not gonna hold my breath on this one. If it comes out it comes out. If not we'll keep playing the waiting game!!! SMILE!!!

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How does it work if I already have the leak installed and it's get pushed to me? Do I have to restore to old OS or will update just work fine? I'm a newbie to leak installs, I usually wait it out.


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You'll need to be on an OS older than what gets pushed out, or else you won't be notified of an update.

Was a first for me too, in that case I can tell you it's pretty smooth. That case meaning latest build 1925 with the 1926 radio update. Latter was essential for me or else it would not connect me with my carrier (Sprint - that's right!)

You look like Chris Moltisanti on your avator, at least on that tiny pic on my phone. Cool enough to do it! :)

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I hope they improve android runtime in the official release. Half of the apk files I download do not work. I tried to install lyft, so I wouldn't have to drop $40 on a cab this weekend. That and uber require Google services to run. In some ways the z10 makes me more productive, in other ways, it makes my life more complicated - compared to my old iPhone.

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Apparently there is some talk in the forums of installing Google play on your phone. Although it won't work as an app store, It helps with the Google services message.

Not sure how far it's true I just remember reading it.

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I learned by chance that the leaked versions of 10.2.1 does not allow to forward an email from a different configured account, i.e. to change the mail account from which you send a message. It's working without issues in 10.2.0

Any info about the capabilities of the official 10.2.1 in this regard?

Not sure I understand the question, could you
rephrase? Maybe I can help you. I'm on

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Works no problem for me. Do it all the time.
Am on also worked no problem when was on 1055.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Will I be able to upgrade to official BlackBerry OS if they decide to go a higher version? (i am on leak

If you don't have the 10.2.1 os you will love it when you get it better battery time and more apps

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I wonder if the carrier rollout issue is on Chen's radar....if he is really the one bringing all the changes in other segments of the business, it sure would be nice if he showed us some action on this issue, it really is a joke with carriers like Verizon

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About time, I've been wanted the new update and I was waiting on tmoible to have it, it's been a while but hopefully this is the correct release date and my BlackBerry q10 will get even better

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The is a chance to have also the contacts prediction direct în dial pad ? this is the only thing I hardly miss in my BlackBerry.

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I think there will need to be a re-bump of the forum page when the OS update releases...where it states where you can download (and how to) the android APK files so BB10 users can start easier using Android apps!!!

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Here's my opinion, there are some issues regarding of able to load apk directly to the phone, in fact, users who installed the apk directly to their phone, cannot save their application data (android app data) with BB link. Fix this before launch the 10.2.1

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So hoping that T-Mobile releases this as an update. I'm already running a leak but I would like to have an official OS for a change.

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Yay! But I do hope they keep in 10.2.1 the call screen with the flip up or down to receive calls and not left or right. It's more unique the way it is now.

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I won't hold my breath for T-Mobile. They rarely updated the OS in the Legacy devices. BlackBerry isn't huge on the carriers radar. They'll approve Android OS updates first way before BlackBerry.

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As I read the comments here, I can't help but think that US carriers are apalling... so far, Vodafone here in The Netherlands have been quick. it who knows, support for BlackBerry has been diminishing here, so perhaps we'll be playing the waiting game also. Not that it matters to me, leaks baby!

On a brighter note: two year extension got me unlimited speech and texts, and 6GB of 4G 50mbps data, for €48 a month with a free Z30. So life looks good...

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I foresee more unhappy BB customers leaving the said carriers that are not going to roll out any updates for BB10... (or did they left already?)

The interesting part in this article for me is the new files added on Jan 8th since the leak cam out. Does that mean for those who are on the 1925, we will still get an update notification if new files have been added?

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Ive been running 10.2 for more than 6 months now -- not gonna rely on US carriers to push (especially after weak bb10 rollout and clear bias against bb)

Posted via CB10 on z10.2.1

Okay, if we hit the end of March and Verizon has not released an update for either the Z10 or Q10, I am ready to get my pitchfork. Maybe a subtle bypass via vendor files for the new OS in Link?

Oooh Yeah Oooh Yeah!!! :D :D

Posted From MY #SwagBerry ALL BLACK BlackBerry Z10! #TeamBlackBerry #BlackBerryGang #BlackBerryFaithful #BlackBerryLoyalty #BB10Swag #Z10

Verizon has 10.2 on the Z30. Can't think of any reason they would not release 10.2 for the Z10. The support chat at the Verizon website indicates Vzn knows BlackBerry users want 10.2.

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For all of you waiting, as mentioned previously, just install the leak. Don't be afraid... follow all instructions given in the CrackBerry forums and it will be fine... it runs flawlessly. Why leave yourself at the mercy of corporate jerks?

Posted via CB10

Why? Because T-Mobile's WiFi Calling doesn't work with any of the leaks, and I rely on it.

Some of us have very good reasons for demanding an official update. This is one of those.

Jim, it is time for you to drop your carrier to get the phone you want and deserve with all the working features. Verizon doesn't release any official OS with any speed, but every leak I have tried works just fine and is fully functional. You aren't a slave to your carrier. Your carrier should work for you.

Not true, VZW Voice mail password can't be entered on .1925, but works fine on .1809

Posted via CB10

Fuck all this noise, T-Mobile USA is not pushing shit! Spoke to a tier 1 tech. And this is not going to happen BC of lack of support. I am done with them and became a leak bandit.. loving leak #Fucktmousa

Posted via CB10

I hope that BlackBerry has the marketing insight to relaunch BlackBerry 10 with this update. It's time to tell the world about its unique features and benefits.

Posted via CB10

I hope the official release fixes the time it takes to boot up. I'm on and I dread switching off/restarting my phone. I love my BlackBerry nonetheless. #Team_BlackBerry #BlackBerry4LIFE

I was not born with a hunger to be free, it was only when I discovered that my freedom had been taken from me that I began to hunger for it. 4life Z10STL100-1/

I agree with Byronjx.. why wait for official when you have leak OS out which is being used by millions of CB'ians. As Bla1ze said earlier, it's Blackberry who will be releasing official but then carrier plays the role in rolling out to your devices. So, better chop off your excitement and enjoy leak!

Why? Because T-Mobile's WiFi Calling doesn't work with any of the leaks, and I rely on it.

Some of us have very good reasons for demanding an official update. This is one of those.

The best opcion is to pick up an unlocked phone from amazon for example, they have the best offers actually, i bought my z10 2 months ago for 265€ (about 200$) and enjoiyng always de lastest OS, and without permanent contract from the carriers...;-))

Umm get of t-mobile. you can take your number with you. As previously pointed out you are not a slave to your carrier unless you want to be.

you clearly want to be

Posted via CB10

Good news, I'm hoping for an international rollout pretty fast, Belgium has a different market integration.

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)

Well....at least there's is a date...not much to do except wait.

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON!

Finally!! Damn the devil to he'll I've been waiting for this update. Lol. I don't know why it's taken them so long to do it. I have a Q10 on the Verizon network. I really fo hope that they release it on the 28 th of January.

Posted via CB10

Why do carriers need to test the OS anyway? Apple seem to send it all out directly, why?

Posted via CB10 on my sexy white Z30 rocking

Likely contractual. BlackBerry got big originally by kissing carrier butts. Apple got big by releasing one carrier at a time and asking them to beg for iPhone.

BlackBerry probably agreed to carrier testing in order to get them to carry BlackBerry's whereas Apple probably said "if you want the iPhone, you agree to our terms"

The jobs biography suggested Jobs was even willing to compete with the carriers if they didn't do what he wanted

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry must get this next version out. But jump the queue and call it 10.3 or maybe some new name. Why because finally some strategy wrt android is now up on it and it could be a sea change for the company. Maybe too early, but it has to happen soon. While there is a new focus on enterprise the opportunity to show off th OS to home consumers is huge. BlackBerry must jump at this and if Verizon etc don't follow BlackBerry must make this available at their site.

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T-Mobile USA did release the MR first. So here's hoping 10.2.1 is released by them first. And hopefully sometime in February.

And no I don't want to install a leak at this point. Don't want to lose data for 2 sideloaded apps. Too important for work.

Need to get a Z30 soon, so my Z10 can be a work only phone.

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The best things come to those who wait...

If your carrier doesn't support BB OS updates ...change carrier. Simple.

Savvas John Savva, Owner of Skill 7 Limited - www.skill7.org - BBM: 2670CCEA

I'd say it will be out late February. This sounds too good to be true :)

CB10 : Z10 STL100-3

Awesome 1/28/15 for this 10.2.1 on AT&T!!! That's 10 months earlier than I expected.

Stop, drop, and roll.

Does this mean that USA will skip 10.2 all together and go straight to 10.2.1??

Or we (US) still have to wait for this tedious and nonsense process for the updates releases??

USA carriers SUCK Big time!

And mute to the leaks I don't even want to hear that BS!!

I'm MongezaurioBerry

I think Sprint will say that their customers deserve the best, so they're waiting for 10.3 before releasing any updates!

I am on on my Z30. Dyeing to get the 10.2.1 officially...got truckload of apk to load... get it out already.

Posted via CB10

I updated from 10.1 to 10.2 n waiting for 10.2.1 but for how long? Next ear? Probably I go for another factory ya!

Posted via CB10

The android apk is what I can't wait for, as the Big companies that I use, my banking services have told me in not so may words they will not be providing apps for the BB10 :(

To get them on my blackberry will be great.

Good news if it's true. VZW does indeed hate BBRY. A coworker of mine went to buy a Z30 for himself and a Z10 for his mom at a local VZW place and was talked out of it by the salesperson. He left there with two Android phones instead. Why does VZW even bother carrying BlackBerry product at all when they encourage that kind of bait-and-switch from their employees and take forever to update software?

Posted via CB10

Bait and switch, wow, that one eluded me.

Good grasp of what's going on!

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

If Sprint gets it, it will be pleasant surprise, since they drag everything else out.

Posted on my BlackBerry Q10, because I'm so Bloody Special.

Hey there's the other Sprint user with a Q10!! :D I inquired on facebook as to what the status would be on 10.2 but they were completely clueless. That's when I decided to get the leak and I don't regret it a bit.

Posted via CB10

I was on my PlayBook last night and was thinking it would be nice to be able to video chat with my bb10.

While travelling I use my PlayBook to watch movies - however for day to day use being able to video chat with my (Apple using) children would be a great use of the existing hardware!

I read through the list of differences between the existing bb10 OS and leaked version 1925 and did not see this feature.

Posted via CB with the Zthirty STA100-5/

Skype to chat with Apple? And your Playbook can video chat with your BB10 device... Blackberry does need to get cross platform BBM Video Chat rolling soon.

It's just pathetic...I have to use 10.1 Att for work BlackBerry and using 10.2 for personal BB.. day and night difference, why do I have to keep downloading beta and install them..when it's never coming officially from carrier or BlackBerry itself?

Frustrated BlackBerry faithful..(Q10 & Z10)

Posted via CB10

Sweet! Let's skip 10.2 with US Carriers and go straight to 10.2.1 ASAP. Ready for the update on my Q.

Posted via CB10

AT&T has not put out any update and no one can say anything,the customer rep say they are waiting on blackberry =((

Posted via CB10

Now if Blackberry would give us back the ability to automatically BCC on our e-mails, life would be good

Posted via CB10

Is T-Mobile's service that bad that so many people depend on WIFI calling? I would have no use for that on AT&T.

Posted From My AT&T BlackBerry Z10

I travel out of the country a lot...the wifi calling is clutch. The unlimited text and 2G data warms my heart as well.

Posted via CB10 via Q10

I appreciate the story, but if this update doesn't come out around that time I'm going to resort to using leaks. Then I'll bash T-Mobile on Twitter.

Extremely unhappy with T-Mobile not releasing 10.2 yet...

As far as I'm concerned 10.2 never officially released. Hopefully it will be a global launch because BlackBerry just looks incompetent throughout the entire BB10 launch till now and it doesn't matter if it was the carriers or them.

Posted via CB10

I use to be just like the majority of the user here on this site... I use to wait on my provider to released the latest update (VZW). And then I found out this little secret about BlackBerry.. it's called Side loading leaked OS. I have been running the latest 10.2.1 leaked for months ,"With no problems". VZW Will be last carrier to released the OS. Just go and get the leak on your phone. It's not hard to do CB had tons of how to threads on what and how to do... *And that's all I have to say about that * (in my Forrest Gump voice)

Posted via CB10

Hopefully you can adjust the camera sounds. Don't need to be silent but it is quite obnoxious sounding now.

Posted via CB10

I have got to say using a z10stl100-1 and a bb user since the scroll pad was at the side, this is the first time I ever entertained using a leak 10.2.1 and my phone works great no problems so far using this leak 2 days now battery life has improved loving the new features enjoying my phone

Posted via CB10

Good to hear!

Will be waiting for official 10.2.1, happy with 10.2 released in Australia while ago. Q10 is my business phone, don't wanna do leaks on that one, my Z10 is a different story.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Interesting thing to look out here is what kind of agreement do BBRY and US carriers have that BBRY cannot push its own update on their devices. Unless there is a catch that "their" devices aren't really theirs but carriers so they cannot do nothing about it. Either way it was a flawed decision but I'm not sure BBRY had much leverage than to agree to it

I agree, get rid of the carriers and sent them directly to the user!!!! Now with that said, their will be those people that do nothing but complain if their is something wrong with it and you know who you are!!!

Posted via CB10

I wonder what the carriers would do if BlackBerry just released it directly to all BlackBerry owners and by-passed the carriers here in the USA? The carriers here aren't exactly promoting BlackBerry. Verizon has an exclusive on the Z30, but you can't find one in any store in Louisville; they are only carrying it online. Lawsuit? Payback later when BlackBerry releases a new phone?

Verizon needs to put out the update since I have yet to be able to get one of the leaks to work on my Z10

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I have little faith that VZW will actually release 10.2.1 anytime near January 28th, but I really really hope I'm wrong.

Honestly I only care about the unlocked android runtime and APK-file games/ apps unlimited. Also care about long battery life, performance for BlackBerry Q10 devices.

I hope this coming BB 10 OS update brings out officially as promised.

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Being able to install APK files directly through Snap is awesome. Snap works great & looks like BB World. Most apps I've installed on my Z10 have worked perfectly, so far Firefox and Chrome are the only ones I've tried that don't work, but I don't care because the BB10 browser is good enough for me.

Bla1ze, please change first sentence of second paragraph to "There are" instead of "There is". Thanks. :)

Maybe the 10.2.1 roll out will coincide with the BBM update for IOS and Android. Get some publicity for both.

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This is an area Blackberry needs to pay serious attention to and address. Updates are critical for loyal customers who overlook the competition and stick with you. Leaks are not updated ! Leaks are like bootlegged movies downloaded off the internet so please my friends when supporting blackberry please stop using leaks as an argument or excuse to get past the question of timely updates. My view is Blackberry has been stigmatized for being late with everything and cant keep their promises and they need to get rid of it bypass carriers and push their latest updated for the respective devices through bb link end of story. I am still running10.1 on my Q10 because I keep trusting blackberry and waiting and waiting and waiting for an official update which is available in other parts of the world! Set this right Blackberry updates through Blackberry Link!

During one of my many email interchanges with AT&T they said the "couldn't confirm when OR EVEN IF we will release 10.2". That _could_ support the theory that they were going to skip over 10.2 in favor of 10.2.1, but if that was the plan, why not just say so instead of leaving us all hanging, getting more and more pissed off as the months roll by? Why the secrecy when it just harms customer relationships?

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At this point I'd be happy if they just fixed the sms freeze issue and just made it more consistent.

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I need that 10.2.1 in my please hurry guys! Great now you guys have me counting down to the 28th..... Smh lol

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Man, I hope it's not far off. Not that it would "breath new life into my Q10 " but just add features that I have yet to experience and new things to play with. :)

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I'm getting software update available alerts the last 3 weeks. But when I try to install it always ends up with an update failed message. I'm Vodafone Irl

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Thank you BlackBerry for all your hard work making your devises the best in the world keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!

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Will there be differences in the official build compared to More features etc. And... will the official build show up as an update if I'm running the leak? or will it only show up for ppl running official 10.2? Share the knowledge Crackberry nation! ;)

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