Jannah Hotels and Resorts deploys BBM to staff to increase efficiency

By Bla1ze on 17 Jun 2014 10:08 am EDT

The BBM team has been on a roll as of late with big brands signing on for BBM Channels, the roll out of BBM Protect and having won 'Best Mobile Chat App' in Indonesia but they've now also scored another prime placement within Abu Dhabi-based Jannah Hotels & Resorts.

The hotel chain announced all employees including room attendants, engineers and management team have been equipped with BlackBerry smartphones including the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q5 to increase efficiency within the organization and reach operational excellence.

"BBM is an amazing productivity tool. The integration of BBM into our daily operation enables instantaneous and trusted conversations between and within the departments and helped us vastly improve operational efficiency to deliver a richer and seamless experience for our guests." - Nehme Darwiche, CEO and Founder of Jannah Hotels & Resorts.

The press release doesn't state exactly how many devices will be deployed but Jannah maintains several hotels across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. You can view the full press release via the source link below.

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Jannah Hotels and Resorts deploys BBM to staff to increase efficiency


1. 1@gmail.com is username
2. screen name is 1
3 for password forgotten. question is 1 answer 1

now i did backup my device using that bb id info.

now i did an update the bbid

1. 1@gmail.com is username
2. screen name is 2
3 for password forgotten. question is 2 answer 2

notice only 1 is not change the username.

now i'll restore my backup data

the question is does it restore the not updated bbid or still the same. ?

follow up question to does it still accept my back up after i updte my bbid.

sorry for bad english

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You should ask in the forums, the comments section is not exactly the best place to seek help.

Hopefully they make a few comments on the amount of devices being deployed, on this weeks earnings call.

Good news for BlackBerry. Companies will benefit. Corporate phones are meant for comm. Not games and unproductive apps.

Nice article always Bla1ze, I'm crackberry reader for almost 6 months and this is my first comment here :-) I hope BlackBerry advertise more and more here in Philippines to know what BlackBerry 10 can do

Powered by Q10 :-)

That's very delay... I hope they make advertisement before it lunch here in Philippines to boost their sales

Powered by Q10 :-)

At work I am the only one on a team of 11 with BlackBerry device, yet we all use bbm group chat to communicate. Is a great product!

Hopefully they can monetize it and show some profits from bbm. :)

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Btw: does anyone else find it strange that "bbm" is not already in my Z30 dictionary??? Had to add it manually.

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In the mean time, Abu Dhabi keeps BBM Voice & Video blocked for both local operators.
One step forward, Two steps backward?

If BBM had a way to flag a message as a "to-do" item I could imagine that it would be really good for allocating tasks based on Glympse-location and then the recipient could acknowledge receipt (with the R icon) but then click a checkbox when the task was actually complete. It would be an incredibly efficient way to manage distributed resources (Imagine high-profile events like the Superbowl etc where having resources all over the place being wordlessly instructed to carry out tasks and having the task management built right into the system.

I like that in a BBM group you can make a list and assign tasks to individual members, but I like your idea of making a message a task. Maybe it could be an option in the share menu if you press and hold a message in a group chat?

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 