Jakarta BlackBerry Bold 9790 launch discounts cause chaos among consumers

Bold 9790 Launch Jakarata
By Adam Zeis on 25 Nov 2011 09:09 am EST

The release of the BlackBerry Bold 9790 caused pure chaos as hopeful buyers lined up to get their hands on the device before anyone else. Multiple minor injuries were reported as thousands were waiting at the Pacific Place Mall in Jakarta in hopes of snagging the Bold 9790 at a discounted promotional price. The buyers were supposed to be worked in an orderly first come, first served basis, but chaos broke out as word spread that the supply of devices may not meet demand of the BlackBerry hungry consumers in line. Police were called in and things were eventually brough under control.

It's not often we see such large crowds or hear news like this from a BlackBerry launch event, but as we've said before, this is a pretty big deal in Indonesia. Keep reading for images from the event and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Bold 9790 Launch Jakarata


Bold 9790 Launch Jakarata


Bold 9790 Launch Jakarata

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Jakarta BlackBerry Bold 9790 launch discounts cause chaos among consumers


I'm an Indonesian..but in different city..
What the hell..I know blackberry is very popular here..but,people who wants get the bellagio didn't think smart..
Discount units are limited..
Sorry to see that happened..
I bought my dakota non discount..hahaha
So I shouldn't take that way..

Why is Blackberry more popular there over the iphone and droid. I also love my bold 9930 but just wondering way Blackberry is in big demand there but not here in the states.

> Price Point
> Data Compression
> Communication abilities
> Durability of the form factor.

The GDP per Capita in Indonesia is about $2800 USD, in North America is it about $44000 USD, The $5 we can spend on text messaging plans over hear, is almost a days wage, and free wifi networks are also not nearly as prevalent for your free data access, to many users the smartphone is their only means of access to the internet, and they don't have ample credit available to purchase Apps, which if you look at the App Stores, it is only in the English language that Apple and Android have such an Amazing lead over RIM, on Asian languages, the difference is much smaller, for App productivity increases.

No credit line + BBM critical mass

There's no 2 yearly plans here, outright purchase only, so initial price is crucial.

With the market penetration of cheap grey market BB handsets, BIS is the cheap and cheerful replacement to the convoluted texting and data plans from the local operators. BIS take care your texting and data needs and you just use whatever cheap voice plan you can get off the operator (instead of trying to work out which voice sms data combo you should take this month).

To those that can't afford real BB, they make do with knockoff Chinese Messengers (and their knockoff BBM) or Nokia until they can afford a real BB.

Good Droid is for the middle upper class in Indonesia (not sure how the low end fare, I suspect kinda bad), strictly as a 2nd handset because EVERYONE must have a BB (kinda crazy but yeah...). Not uncommon for having multiple handsets here, even if both are low end (to take advantage of those plans mentioned above).

IPhone is still for the rich kids, because they are dearer than even the best droid. Who else can afford them outright? Few people will choose to pay outright for an iPhone (everywhere in the world).

I have a friend in the states who's from Indonesia. He told me that most everyone has a prepaid plan, which is about $8/month. It includes a few hundred minutes, few hundred texts, and unlimited data. They also buy their phones outright (that's why phones like the Gemini are very popular compared to the iPhone - $300 vs. $800). Of course a "killer" app for BBs is BBM. They can message each other all day without worrying about going over. This is a big reason the BlackBerry is very popular over there. They also use code names instead of the advertised name (which is cool IMO!).

True, But the few hundred minutes are full of small prints to use, texts are pretty much free if you bother jumping through the hoops while unlimited data is @ GPRS speed.

So its not all roses, until BIS arrives. You got up to HSPA speeds, no hoops to jump through for texts.

You still gotta watch your Voice usage but its so much less hassle to just use BB for the rest.

Bellagio? Dakota? Did u mentioning about a hotel in Las Vegas and city in Minnesota?
Did you really bought that city?


just kidding then...:D

The first 1000 customers were promised a 50% off discount of every purchase of the blackberry 9790 .

People will line up for anything being offered at 50% discount :) but as a matter of fact RIM has poorly organized today's event.

+1. im a huge BB and RIM fanboy but i totaly agree with you on that. something like this should of never happened. when we were shown the vid of the lifestyle store opening that was very well organized.

New shiny stuff + USD250ish off (you get 9790 @ used 9700 price? Where should I stand?) + bigger chance of getting the discount (the store opening discounts just for the first 250 ppl, so not many profiteer turns up).

Mainly though, they underestimate Indonesians dislike for queues. You gotta have HEAVY security presence. Our company give USD 20 handouts to everyone that turns up to our doorstep every Ramadhan, how many will come? It's 20 bucks...

Thousands!!! Without our own security force, local police AND army providing security it will be a stampede. You need heavy security presence enforcing discipline or something like this will happen, every single time.

We always overdid our security but its better than the bad publicity if things go sour like this.

Totally agree with you, there have been so many cases in Indonesia.

It is impossible that the EO or RIM does not aware of this. I still think they purposely do it just for media, considering their share has loss more than 70% since early this year and still going down. RIMM now is just $16...

Probably we do not need brand new gadget with half price, a bag of free candy will create the same crowd............

I am one of those registered buyer that had a number and a bracelet for the 1000 first discount

But RIM and the event organizer was not give a damn with the registered buyer so the other people that don't use a bracelet can also buy the device without the queue number

Once again we are not getting any of those blackberry 9790 because they're not prioritize us as a registered number on the queue *verry disapointed with RIM*

Its not really the way you described. Initially, only everyone with the registered bracelet will get it BUT since the early morning chaos happened, RIM decided to control the chaos by announcing that EVERYONE will get to buy the device (irregardless of the 1000 limit). This is to ensure people calm down and be in order. You will still need the bracelet to buy (they will just issue more bracelet) but they people are just dumb and continue forcing their way, rushing and pushing.

SO its not to say that you dont need a bracelet to buy. RIM just want everyone (those that hasn't got a braclet) to queue up in order and buy but people JUST don't know how to listen to instruction.

That was because RIM did not stick to their own 'first come first serve' rule so naturally people will think there is no line to follow.

If they stick to it you'll get a full on riot there. Simple case of overestimating your costumer. Indonesia is Indonesia, cutting line and then starting a fight to those who protests is a national past time, so you gotta have a lot of heavies as a precaution.

Opening blackberry stores just like apple do is a great way to market products because it grabs attention to the media. The best way to improve the sales is to market the products with this kind of marketing and the medias will do the work for free advertisment. Hope this will be the next trend of blackberry marketing to introduce it in the rest of the world. OS7 devices are great no wonder this rush will happen to get one.

A cheap way to get media exposure in expense of customer. It is not a true demand, it is not because they are enthusiast to get 9790 before others. It is purely because of price, some even just to resell it.

RIM launched many model before, no discount, no que..... you know what i mean.

Just because you see a bunch of iSheep everywhere in North America doesn't mean its the same in other parts of the world, sorry to break the news to you but Apple doesn't dominate around the world..

Its got nothing to do with the price, like someone mentioned above, Apple and Android do not work well in areas with inadequate data services, so the BB's data compression offers better speed and efficiency. This has made the BB more popular in such areas amongst those that need data services, which in turn has turned BB's into an aspirational device and a status symbol. Data connection out here in Nigeria at best runs with EDGE, imagine that!! A couple of networks have upgraded to 3g (wow!!) but its not consistent, so get the picture?

As more and more people aspire and get one, more and more people discover the greatest thing about the BB, BBM where they can chat for free, and so the demand increases.

I'm amongst the privileged few, but still the demand for a BB even by people who can't afford it is crazy!! Try this out here and you'll have a war in your hands!! The very few people that have iPhones always have a BB as a second phone, data on the iPhone is really bad out here, android doesn't exist!!

I live in dominican republic and while here we do have 3G and 3G+ and soon 4G networks (hey! Were the first country with HD voice in latin america and the most advanced in telecoms in the caribbean) apple and android are not the dominating devices (although I'm seeing lots of ppl with iphones 3GS) here you have a bb or you're not cool and while we do have very cheap voice+data+sms+int calling plans (they start at about $40) bb is still the best choice over iphone (at least) if you want value for your money and also the phones that are cheaper (that's just if its the curve or pearl) through plans (which is the best way to buy phone like everywhere else) you can get them for about $30 with an 18 month plan and if its a bold or the other high end bbs at about $150 but we still have prepaid BIS plans which made the bb solution even more affordable to everyone exploding the bb crazyness!! So the popularity of bbs everywhere around the world is because of price+efficient data use!! Simple! :)

So it's totally about the ability to communicate at an affordable price, not about having the coolest appz lulz.
This is something the majority of users stopped seeing a long time ago. We're looking forward to seeing the 'We' over the 'I'.

Come and have a look at what the kids prefer around Thailand. It's BB and not Apples. You can get pre-paid plans only for BB Messenger (w/o BB Mail) if you like.

Well now, I suppose even Blackberry addiction can have some nasty side effects besides tired thumbs :)

Sent from my flippin' CrackBerry Style

Ha funny pics. Glad to see BB's are sought after. Hopefully no one was hurt or have injuredkneesia's from falling.

You see this, then look at pics at the apple stores on launch day, and they're all waiting in a line, except for that one guy fom jersey shore who tried to cut in line to get the 4s first

They are trying to get discounted phone and then sell it back with market price... See how bad life in Indonesia is...

i'm from jakarta, indonesia. but i still don't understand the crowd's willingness to wait for hours just for a brand new model... you see, imbalance effort vs benefit from the vid above...

I was there at the event people that come without bracelet get more than the registered buyer
And the regulation credit card only but they can pay cash and debit :) so
For me it was an unfair event

And RIM is finding popularity without holding their words and they know that indonesian is easy and regulation can be bend with some money so they fin their way to gain their popularity and it work 5 bigest news papper put this event on the head line

I love it lol Heck if they put a BB store in Dominican Republic the same thing
would happen.
BBM is what keeps Rim in Business around the around.
just like apps is what keeps iphone popular in North America.
no app on a iphone=fail

i'm an indonesian and i live in melbourne, australia. firstly when i heard the news on the launching of the new bold 9790 to come in my hometown, Jakarta, it was a stunning 1 for me. as a BB user and an indonesian i felt so proud at that time, BUT, just after browsing through the news, watchings vids over vids about what's happened yesterday, i now feel so embarrassed, this is a total embarrassment for the whole Indonesian people.

in other countries, i can see people queueing nicely waiting for their turns to get the brand new smartphone they've been waiting for, but in my home country. so pathetic to see this fact.

Thumbs UP for RIM asia pacific, you've proven us that you're not dying, despite a lot of bashing and bad mouths over you for the last couple of months. Thumbs UP for all security guards and policemen who have been working really hard in their powers to stabilize the chaos @ Pacific Place Jakarta yesterday, but really.. i still feel the pain, this is an embarrassment for Indonesia in front of the public, really.. really.. pathetic.

No need to feel embarrassed.

When Samsung launched Galaxy S2 a few months ago at the same mall , it was a success, 1200 people got their new phones safely. After the quota has been reached, Samsung close the queue. Everyone who came late the return home without any hard feeling.

If only RIM could have organized the event in a better way, everything will be alright.

Maybe RIM cant afford to Hire a more experienced organiser because of the huge discount they give to the launching sale. It makes mee wonder how much RIM spent on paying this event organizer.

I hope those people will do some class action against the company.

Indonesia is crazy about BlackBerries. It is probably BB's biggest market in the world now. If not, it surely will be in a very short time. BBM has become a new religion and it has actually replaced phone numbers, i.e "may i know your PIN number" is now the official social greeting replacing "Nice to meet you..can i call you back !!"

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Long live Indonesia and BlackBerry. Maybe RIM should consider relocating its Head Office to Jakarta.

It Is Really Embarrased me, I am From Indonesia, a
nd I hope someday we can have Contract Purchased Like In America And Europe...
yes, Blackberry is Really well-known here in indonesia, but our society stil are not pick up the phone according with what they need.
Example: alot of people here, following Others, Bought blackberry even Only For Phone call and SMS only, without BIS,.. and we know Others phone device can do that too, but Here They Picked Up Blackberry for Prestige, to look as cool as like other user,..
"BBM is cheapest way communication I admitted that, because we dont have to count how many character we wrote and pay 1 (rupiah)/ Character, and It is Easy Way to keep in touch with our friends, colleage, and Family.. and As a research found that Indonesian society is Really love to talk, communication, and Keep in touch with Anybody else, so that Why BBM, RIM and BB quickly Popular In indonesia's market..
" Someday, Better advice for RIM, they must collaborate with The Proper EO if they would like to have the same event like this again In Indonesia, The EO must Be understand about What's Indonesian's Behaviour and reactions, if they heard about "Discount" they must Be Willing To get in Line even, soon they dont know about How to work with the device, and I am sure, a half people who still in Line is doesnt really need new Fitures of 9790,
they just want to be The firts as they holding 9790 in their hand, And It's Normal... As human Behaviour...

the matter is the EO cant arranged this Event and Rules of the Event properly, so Chaos occoured yesterday...

Hope it wont happen again next time,
Great Blackberry, Great RIM, and Really Great RIM's Marketing Team, and Promotion...

Holding Smartphone, Must Be A SMART USER too..

Indonesia, a nation of 240 million people!!! how many more nations??? RIM will be just fine!!! I am loving my sexy 9900!!!

I think that the main purpose of its event is for Media Publicity. RIM is going to prove that there is (still) a huge fans of Blackberry. The world is not only US,UK and canada. And yes, they made it. RIM knew that their devices was part of the lifestyle in Indonesia.

the line problems were caused by crapple undercover agents, lmao


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

i line up outside of my favorite retailer daily, but i am only one guy and they usually have me hauled out by police, security, or white lab coat wearing doctors who drive around in a hearse that has been converted into a "mental health awareness ambulance / taco truck"


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

people around the word, and even in canada / uk - love blackberry, it is just the usa babies who feel the need to whine about smart phone brands, most american consumers (lol) are not exactly known for their high levels of intelligence, empathy for anything non-usa, lol - it's true

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

believe it or not, most americants still think they're better and more entitled than the rest of the planet and they're often too blind to notice how ignorant they can be, it is known around the world

i am not anti - americant, i am just stating facts
like it or not, i don't friggin' care, lol


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

the iphone is garbage, i can understand why millions of "mass consumer goofs" would buy one, seriously folks, it is similar to justin beeber


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

someone tell those people that the iphone is available over there, that should cut the line in half.....sucks people got hurt

1) It's all about prestige, prestige and prestige here in Indonesia. People holding their Blackberries to their ears and holding in their hands as much as possible. "Look, I have a BB too".

2) About organizing and discipline here in Indonesia? That's a joke. There is no discipline and organizing things is completely different as most of you think. No discipline in traffic or queue.

I'm not surprised at all. Actually I'm surprised that nobody died that day. Just one spark is enough to create complete chaos. This is Jakarta, don't forget that. A spark is enough to set fire here with catastrophic results.

This incident is typical for Indonesia and would never happen in more civilized cities/countries. Can you imagine that this would happen in Singapore? Don't think so.

As long as people don't learn what discipline is, it'll never change.

What a shame Indonesia! What a shame.

Where can u see a growth of 10 folds within a few years? Where can u get a very cheap discounted new phone without any contract and a cheap BIS? And where else can u sell with a 100% profit within a day?

Thats what started all this chaos ... The EO are poorly picked and i guess the EO dont even bother to check with the market expectation n also to coordinate the event with the local police.