Jabra SP700 Bluetooth Car Speakerphone

By Adam Zeis on 9 Jun 2009 01:54 pm EDT

Way back at CES we got our first glimpse of RIM's Visor Mount Speakerphone and saw about a week back that it was listed as "coming soon" on the BlackBerry website.  I have been playing around with the Jabra SP700 Car Speakerphone which is an overall great device, and from what I can tell very similar to the Visor Mount Speakerphone.  The Jabra SP700 sells at ShopCrackBerry.com for $79.95 and is well worth it.  Not only does it allow you to use it as a speakerphone in your vehicle, but it also acts as a Bluetooth gateway, allowing you to play music through your car stereo speakers.  Check out the video for a quick walkthrough, and head over to ShopCrackBerry.com to pick one up for yourself.  

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Jabra SP700 Bluetooth Car Speakerphone


I won one of these in a contest, and I have to say that I was very impressed with the build quality. It doesn't feel cheap at all. It charges via micro usb (like the Storm, Curve 8900, 9630 tour, etc) and includes a cigarette lighter to usb adapter. Audio quality is clear, though I have not tested the FM gateway function. If you're in the market for a bluetooth speaker phone, this is a good choice.

Hi, I bought the Jabra SP700 just before Christmas. It must have been available in the UK a bit longer than in the States. I must say that it is a fantasitc bit of kit. It delivers crystal clears audio on both incoming and outgoing calls. One of its best features is the ability to link with your cars FM Radio, and then use your car speakers for playback of music from your BB.
Even using the inbuilt speaker, it is loud enough to take calls and listen to audio books etc.
Excellent value for money.

I've had one of these for a couple months and have to say it's everything i had hoped it would be.

It lasts for days (i only charge it every couple weeks or so) and comes with an auto-off so it will shut off when unpaired for ten minutes, i.e. you walk away from the car.

Broadcasts clear signal via fm transmitter.

One flaw is interference from my Cherokee's digital display above the rear view mirror when trying to use the fm transmitter.

I used to keep it clipped to my old car's visor and had a fine signal. I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work as well in the new car. Turns out the temp/diagnostic computer in the overhead unit was causing enough distortion b/t the unit and the antenna. Popped off the clip and set it on my dash. Wala. problem solved. Clear broadcasting.

Just a tip to try and save someone a headache. Haven't tried to put in on the passenger visor b/c the mic would be out of range. Works fine on the dash though.

Good device. Would recommend to anyone.

The FM modulator seems weak!!! crackling breaking up when only 2 feet from the other antenna..

also I got mine for like 39.95 on Amazon so heck with 79.95 came with the same charger too...

I've had this for a few months and echo the sentiments of the others - great device and works well.

I too had a lack in the FM transmitting. However, I discovered that if the device is in contact with a piece of the vehice it works much better. I usually plug it into the charger and music/movies sound great.

I also took the visor clip off and used some 3M velcro to stick this to a spot on the side of my dash where it cannot be seen. This also seems to keep the staic down (but not as good as plugging it into the charger).

I don't recommend using the stereo for phone calls since you have to turn the volume up to hear the caller, allowing for possible static "blasts". The device's own volume is more than loud enough to hear while driving and you have no worries of static coming through.

Highly recommended, and the price has dropped $20 over the past few months. It's well worth it.

Have been using this device for several months now and it is fantastic. Bluetooth works great and pairing is effortless. The FM modulator also works great and is easy to use. I really prefer this over a Bluetooth earpiece.


I got it last year when I drove through a couple states that have laws against talking on cells. In a word: it sucked. Here is why: It would sometimes not pick up the signal on my curve. The sound others reported was pretty good. I had mostly good sound coming through, with a few occasionally problems. It was limited in the volume and I sometimes wanted it louder due to traffic, but I had it maxed out. The buttons were oddly placed and flimsy/cheap.

Final verdict: I used it for two weeks and then took it back. Not worth the money (and I bought it at Costco).

I've had my Jabra SP700 for several months now (purchased at Costco) and I have to say, I'm completely impressed. The speaker itself is clear and loud, and the FM modulation works really well - particularly with phone calls, despite what others have said. I love this device and have wholeheartedly recommended it to everyone I know with a bluetooth-enabled phone.

I bought this for a cool $42 with my discount last week and must say that I would have paid full price for this speakerphone any day. I love the fact that my music plays seamlessly through the Bose speakers in my car and sounds better than playing straight from the phone. I highly recommend this. Needless to say, the totally hands free doesn't mean you have to shout to be heard. Speaking in a normal tone, I'm heard quite well. I LOVE this!

I've been using this for months. The only problem is occasional conflicts with broadcast radio. The other interesting issue about the FM feature is that it changes band in 0.1 MHz increments, while American auto radios change in 0.2 MHz increments (only using the odd decimals).

I paid US$30 for mine from another site.


This sounds like a neat product, but I do wonder what the difference is between this version and the one Amazon is selling (same product number) for 29.99.

I bought this on e-bay for 40 bucks. I have had one for about a month. It is far superior to any other "speaker" I have tried.
IMHO - this product is well worth the money.