iVista2 Is Here And Ready For All Devices!

By Click on 11 Mar 2009 04:24 pm EDT
iVista2  iVista22
BlackBerry Storm Version of iVista 2

iVista for Trackball BlackBerrys
iVista for Trackball BlackBerry Smartphones (Bold shown)

Zack over at TheZMan has pumped out another winner, iVista2! Most of you should remember iVista and how it was the fastest selling theme to grace the ShopCrackBerry.com App Store. The reason the original iVista sold so fast was, to put in Kevin's words, was because "It ROCKS!"

Fans of iVista will not be dissappointed by iVista2. iVista2 is a fast, clean theme that works best for the corporate user on the go but still has an extremely creative approach that will impress the everyday casual user. All the icons are set to the user's liking. So you have 6 customizable icons at the top and 5 at the bottom! One of the features I love about this theme is that the media widget actually works!! I also have become a big fan of when I touch my messages having it displayed before I go into my messages folder. iVista2 can be bought for $6 and over all iVista2 is hands down the best theme I have used on my Storm and well worth every penny! 

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iVista2 Is Here And Ready For All Devices!


Just Purchased..Once again thanks to the creator and CB for showing the Theme...Looks sick on my bold...Deff Keeper

However, I have had requests for a today version for the 83xx models. I hope to have it available this evening.

I used the original Vista background in the original iVista. I felt like this one needed some pop to the color, but true to Win. The background is actually a modified version of a Windows 7 wallpaper.

sucks on home screen it only scrolls between profile and first cutomized icon very disappointed they should have worked out bugs before releasing

Will you be updating this theme regularly? Will people who pay the 6$ have to pay for the update as well, i.e. for when the next official update for plazmic or the storm O.S. comes out?

What do I do after I purchase ivista 2 through pay pal....How do i get it on my phone......is there a ota sent to me

Please refer to www.thezman.us/ivista2/ for regular updates. While I try my absolute hardest to work out all of the bugs, inevitably there are going to be a few here and there.

I will make regular updates to iVista 2 to keep it as fresh and as current as possible.

ALL FUTURE UPGRADES WILL BE FREE TO BUYERS! I believe that once you buy a theme, updates to that theme should be free to all buyers.

Please remember to keep an eye on www.thezman.us/ivista2/ for all changes and release information regarding iVista 2.

Thank you all for the continued support and most of all, enjoy iVista 2!

Too much clutter and colors. Probably a nice theme with good features but I've seen better, cleaner looking ones for free.

yep, it's totaly washed out. White text against a light background. I can't read my calendar for today,then when I scroll to highlight it is totaly washed out...bummer.I had to change the wallpaper to something dark. I think the text color should have been black to give some contrast. Plus the application, games and download folders all look the same. Sure looked cool in the pictures. I think it is a great idea.

ok, I see there is an update that adresses my main concerns. I downloaded and restarted as it says, but now on the home screen there is absolutely no scrolling the screen is locked. I've tried the download process twice and each time the same results.

V1.1 has a font colour change but am unable to get the upgrade either from the site or my Crackberry Account. The original one V1.0 has a locked screen now.

I can see the app in my applications-under options but thats it...

where is the application?????

The scroll button won't open all the application icons - it does profiles and email but won't reach the others. As someone else said "sucks on home screen it only scrolls between profile and first cutomized icon". Had to battery pull to make it work. And still can't read the white text on the Today bit of the homescreen background. Any ideas please? This is the Bold version.

At nearly £5 for this, thought it might be a bit more polished! And screenshot above is for the Storm - the Bold is pretty bland compared to that. To quote again "All the icons are set to the user's liking. So you have 6 customizable icons at the top and 5 at the bottom! One of the features I love about this theme is that the media widget actually works!! I also have become a big fan of when I touch my messages having it displayed before I go into my messages folder." What media widget? This is for the Storm - not the Bold. Thought I was buying the one above - not very happy with the cut down version!

I'm in agreement on this one. I downloaded for my Curve 8330, and it's completely different than what was posted on here. I loved the idea of the today theme with the 6 icons on top and 5 on the bottom, and that's not what I got.

Unfortunately, I've already changed my theme back to what I had. $6 wasted if you ask me.

I just purchased app and received email. The download link is to download on pc and use syncronization cable. How do I download OTA on device?

After installing the iVista2 theme, I found out that only on the Storm does iVista2 have 6 customizable icons and 5 on the bottom. I only have 5 on the bottom and the sound option on the right side. I also have no media widget. Very dissapointed!!!! More research should be done on other devices besides just the Storm before getting everyones hopes up.

dont want to sound like a schmuck but it would have been helpful if it stated that it was in the "themes" folder of the storm.

also: can't find my "text icon" and noticed it does'nt cover all the old icons...ie visual voice mail, nav, vcast....

but it does look cool...

I paid by PayPal and got an email with a link to Crackberry store where I got the option of a Zip file, an SMS or an email with link. Chose the email and it downloaded OTA.

I just downloaded the theme and have it on my phone, (8350i)...it really is well made and that's the first sense you get, I like it and as the only 3rd party theme on my phone by choice I feel it's a keeper.

I'm having a slight problem with it that I wrote Zack about, the bottom dock comes up only about half into view on the homescreen so you only see the top half of it. I'm thinking it's my phone and my reason for posting here is in the event any other users of the same phone type might offer their experience.

Otherwise It is well made and I'm looking forward to getting it sorted out so I can use it.

Storm owner here. Got it and it runs very smoothly. The lock screen does seem to have a few issues with graphics, but other than that its all very sleek and seems to not be too much of a memory hog. Fix the lock screen with the next update and this will be one of my best purchases : )

check out the clock it doesnt have enough room to show a four numbers . and the lock wich you mentioned

Moves between the first icon and the Profile icon only. Nothing else gets selected.
Getting a bit fed up now! Is it only me?

This is a really nice looking theme. The only complaint I have is on the home screen, the trackball scrolls through every option including the profiles icon whether you scroll up, down, left or right. Each direction does the same thing. It would be nice if you had to scroll up or down to move to the profiles icon and if scrolling left and right only moved to the icons on the dock. Other than that, great theme!

I can scroll across it through all the icons but they're hard to see in addition to the dock being only half in view and there's no text appearing that names the icon's function.

I have bought a few themes in the past, not this one however. I have found that most of them have issues I can't deal with. I will have to make my own. For now I use a few of the original carrier themes and change the background. As you can see from the posts here many users have issues with the theme. Can't spend the "micropayments" anymore.

is it just me? also when screen is locked... it looks all mixed up and gets stuck for a lil when going from port to land

Theme will not show the Calender in the background on the Bold homescreen as the sky is too bright and the lettering is white. I should have saved my $6.

im sure after the updates come out, this will be awesome... but until then, save your money and read threads about the theme until its upgraded.


I have updated the major issues concerning the screen getting cutoff (8350i) and the navigational issues (Bold, PF, 8350i)

Please, revisit the original download link you got in your email to get the updates.

Keep track of the change long on:

I also have a bold. I cannot navigate to the bottom icons either. I downloaded after the corrections were supposedly made. Also cannot read calendar or message previews with the white on light blue. Certainly not worth the $6.

This thing sucks sooooo much memory. Went from 35 after a battery pull to 14 in 2 hours with no other apps even launched.

I just purchased it and want to say it really is great!! Some of the free themes are good but, you can really tell this guy put in some time!

Of course this theme has its problems but thats ok because zack has already said he will do updates and they will be free to buyers so im happy! I love the way the program runs it ran slow for the first few hours but now it flys and everything works for the most part. This is the first theme ive ever bought and i think it was totally worth the 7 bucks. I can agree with some bold and curve users that the theme might not be that great on those phones it seems like a theme made more for the storm. thank you for this them its great!

I purchased the theme, and the homescreen doesn't do anything. Trackball stays on the center icon, on the icon bar. When you click on that, it doesn't display what's on the icon.

I emailed Zack, and I hope to hear back soon. It's a beautiful theme. Hopefully, I can get it to work.

PayPal'ed the funds and got an email real quick. OTA'ed it and was in business real quick.

My feelings after 6 hours of playing:

The theme is a great reinvention of a today hidden theme. I personally really enjoy these types of themes and this one is very well polished. The theme does not seem to slow me down one bit; not laggy or even resource hogging. BTW, running .114 on my 9530.

Unfortunately, the Media Center "widget" does not control media playback, but is rather just a shortcut to the Media homescreen.

It would be nice for the clock to be digital, as it is, upon an analog clock with hands, rather than just a face. Also, I have noticed that the battery charge indicator does not update very quickly. The home screen shows 100% but the "Help Me!" screen clearly shows 90%.

And last but not least, I wish the message HUD on the right side of the screen would allow you to hover over a new message indicator and display the respective information in the today hidden area. This may be asking quite a bit and I am not even sure of the logistics of the possibility, but just a thought.

There are many themes out there, free and paid but this one after many hours of searching for a decent theme is very suitable to me, at least. Free updates and the ability of this theme would make it a recommended theme by me to any storm user.

I followed my email link, which said I was downloading the updated version 1.1. However, the version number in the applications folder says 1.0.

I deleted the theme.

Updated the theme, as suggested, and thought the theme preview in options looked better (black text now) but the home screen does not work. Scroll button does nothing! Won't select icons.
Really sad I invested in this. I am sure it will eventually get there but should we be fluffing about like this after paying our hard earned money?
Have the pictures above changed as well to show both the Storm and Bold homescreens? Sure the Bold one was not there yesterday. It it had been, I would not have bought it!

I got this theme for my Curve 8900. For the most part, I really like it. However, I don't like that the two icons on the side are the Messages folder and the Calendar. I don't use the Messages folder; I just use my internet e-mail folder and the separate folders for SMS, etc. (I don't like them all in one.) Anyway, I haven't been able to find a way to use a different icon in that place. It would be nice if we could choose all seven of those icons.

This theme is the worst theme EVER! just downloaded it for the Bold and i can only click the ONE icon at the bottom. I cannot scroll over to the messages on the sides, profile, or calendar. WORST THEME EVER. I review this theme for 1 minute, and i give a thumbs down

This has been reported before that nothing now works with the upgrade. At least the other one moved between icons occasionally - this one does not move at all!

Although V1.1 is available for Bold which addresses font colour issues on today screen, downloaded again from my initial email link and got V1.0. So deleted and went to my Crackberry Store account. Says V1.1 with link - downloaded again and STILL have V1.0 with stuck applications! Does this get any better?

I bought it and downloaded it, but now I can't find it on my phone. I checked the Downloads, Applications, and Application List folders. I checked under Themes in the Options folder. Can't find it! Anyone know?

Love the theme except one thing. The font is too small on the storm version. Little hard to see. If it was bigger it would be awesome.

I love the look of this theme and I think it has great potential, but currently the home screen is non-functional on my Bold. No navigation, no calendar, nada! Running OS .247.

Please update as soon as possible.

I downloaded this theme and installed it. My Storm ran so slow. I would click on an icon and it would take up to a minute for the function to happen. Had to reboot the storm twice just to try and get back to the options screen to change the theme back to my original theme.

I will not be using this

I have OS for my Bold and I got this theme and looks really nice and I like having my calander show up on the main screen. The only problem is that I can't actually use any of the icons on the home screen. I can't scroll around to highlight anything and can only select the calander that is in the center.

So I moved my icons on the menu screen so I can access my sms messages, but still goes to the calander. Is anybody else having this issue? I would really like to use this theme as my main theme.

Hopefully. I like the look of it and I'll just go back to the application screen to select my messages and txts. A little aggrevating, but willing to wait for the fix.

Have a storm 9530 running .109. Have used many free themes including the droid theme. Found them to be either slow (too much time switching between apps or screen orientations) or incomplete such as the titanium themes (could not change homne screen icons and several other bugs).

This them is fast and just plain works. Notice the header in landscape mode that still shows battery with a percentage left number, signal, etc.

Lots of detail, have not found any issues in speed or bugginess in trwo days of ownership. Well worth the $6 for a clean theme that just plain works. While almost everything on my phone is in some beta or leaked version, this theme delivers.

So far so good. I'm running a .113/.114 hybrid and having no problems whatsoever with the theme. I've tried many and this is by far the best one out there.

When the phone is in landscape mode, I've got the little clock at the top of the screen. Just to the right of that there is a small "A". I haven't seen it look any different so I'd like to find out what it is for...

anyone having oversized clock issues? My time on the home screen is way too big for the analog face. anyway to personalize/change this?

1.12 is now out. Bold users can now move about the icons and select them. They look to actually point to what the icon looks like. Calander previews appointments and sms txts that are new show up in the main screen when you have the icon hovered. After reading the messages, the new message indicator over the icon doesn't go away. (red *)

Get the update. Much more enjoyable now.

I was a little confused at first because I went to the original download link and it said I was going to replace 1.11 with 1.0 but I eventually downloaded it and all the fixes are there for the Bold. I have to say that now this theme is what I was expecting and am happy. My only critique at this point would be to make the battery percent icon match the device info, there appears to be a lag there. Also the games, applications, and download folders could each have a different appearance so that you could visually tell them apart. Otherwise great job and I am a happy customer.

Where do you get this V1.12 if you have already paid? My download link that I got emailed downloads V1.0 as does my product in Crackberry Store account.
In the new version V1.0,it does move around the screen now and the text is black so these have been addressed, thank you.
Still like V1.12 though please?

You can download it from the link that was sent to you originally. It might say something other than 1.12 (mine didn't but others have said it did) but when you go to the applications list, you will see what version it is.

nice theme but extremely laggy! it slowed my storm down a lot. if he fixes the latency , then this would be the ideal theme! great job anyway!

Great theme and looks good with a few minor complaints that have already been posted. I purchased the theme and ran it all day today and I enjoyed the theme but I can't run it anymore. On the Storm, as a few others mentioned this theme sucks the memory so much that the system slows to a crawl and almost becomes un-usable.

I am back to the default theme but I am really hoping that the author works hard on streamlining all parts of the theme and finds and fixes the memory leaks. It's good to go for the first couple of hours after a battery pull but starts going down hill from there.

I eagerly wait for an updated version. . until then, I'm out $6 bucks!

Have managed to get V1.12 from Crackberry and all is now fine. Had email from Zman as well which was nice.
Still feel the theme is better for the Storm and that one is stunning - the Bold looks a little bare in comparison.

Really crawls on my Storm with .109. Really like the theme but the performance combined with the (please accept my apology in advance) annoying commercial "thank you, not take that call" with incoming calls means I just had to de-install.

Great work. When performance improves and the "thank you" goes away on incoming calls, I'd like to try the next upgrade.


"This theme is not compatible for the 8220" came up when I tried to purchase this.....

This sux! There are NEVER any ggod themes for the 8220!

For all Storm Users, does anyone know where the SMS & MMS icon is, it seems to have gone missing since I updated to the theme? I don't like using the Messages icon. Any help will be grateful.

its a great theme, but it sucks your battery life, the font on the clock doesnt look right, the lock screen is all messed up..and when someone calls you its annoying to see the thank you for purchasing or whatever..i paid for it i dont want advertisements on it!? overall its good, but those things definitely need to be fixed!

I was less than impressed when I bought the Storm version yesterday. I talked with Z Man on Twitter and saw there was an update this morning. Version 1.2 runs perfectly on my 9530 Storm (.109 OS) and has some new features (weather bug, profile button) I didn't even know about. This is hands down the best theme available for the Storm. Z Man Designs has always done incredible themes but I think they outdid themselves with this one. I highly recommend upgrading to .109 OS if your buying for the Storm though as it tends to lag a bit on older OS and .114

The pictures posted here are "Photoshoped." The time, along with the AM and PM of the time extends outside of the clock. In addition, there is no text adjustment for this. The "add" button for the "add folder" command works only if you click below the "add" button. The background homescreen picture can't be changed. The icons on the right side of the screen appear to be permanent. Why not make this theme more versatile and allow the ability to change what is shown there.

Overall, one of the better functional and stylish themes. Though not a huge issue, I really dislike the clock.

You can change the front. I have i pic of my girls on it. if you move folders around the top six will show up on the top. Its very versital it will replace my iberry xtreme when the lock and clock issues are fixed

i like the theme but the clock is to small doesnt shoe all the numbers if its 12;34 it shows 2;34 but over all a good theme but not worth paying for with the clock like that

I really love this theme alot. And i was wondering if i could get it for free anywere? Please help i really love it!!

This theme does not work properly on the Storm. First, the clock is smaller than the actual numeric digits of the time that over laps the picture of the clock, so you have a clock image with the time overlapping it which is 8 fonts too large. Second, when you lock the phone, the lock screen looks horrible, everything is out of place and stuff overlaps other stuff, and it says to press * and send to unlock which is obviously not the Storms unlock method, so its apparent that the Storm's version of iVista2 was not developed well. Dont buy this until they say it has been updated from the original version. I'm out the 6 bucks which is fine but still wish i could get this fixed because i love the lay out and icons. Great product just not Storm worthy yet.

Bold I had to switch back now to my original theme. This theme drains my app memory within 2 hours of reboot.

Any updates coming soon?

Can the bar along the bottom be customized on the storm. Also, I would like to get rid of the media widget. In the screen shots it looks as though these can be changed.

There are also two "things" on my screen that does not seem to be clickable. The first is a circle with a cross inside just above the bottom button bar. The other looks like button that should be clickable (but they are not) just below the bottom button bar.

I love love LOVE this theme! Great graphics, colours and overall feel, but it really slows my phone. Whenever I try to unlock my phone, it really takes almost 2 minutes to unlock because it just sits there with the hourglass flipping.

I downloaded the new theme and it shows up on my application screen but not my theme screen. I am running os v What am i doing wrong?


Iv'e paid thru PayPal over two days now still havent received anything in terms of an email with any link to download it.

Dudes....errrr, ladies too. If you want an iphone then get one! I'm a BERRY for life, no need for apple to tell me what I should by. Berries look better and are better, I'll never buy a theme that looks like an iphone...hahahaha, you should be ashamed!