iVista Premium Theme for BlackBerry Pearl, Curve and 88xx

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 May 2008 06:32 am EDT

iVista Theme for BlackBerry

Here ya go theme lovers, this one is SLICK. Z Man Themes, who has already brought the CrackBerry Community a number of cool free themes, has introduced their first Premium BlackBerry Theme, iVista.

The iVista theme is created in the standard icon format, but creativity and attention to detail have given it a truly unique look. As you can tell from the images, the top row of shortcuts are designed to be used in a set order (it took me about 30 seconds after installing the theme to re-arrange the icons to look right - easy peasy) and there are custom icons for everything. The Z Man actually worked with the CrackBerry community to get this theme perfect. There's a reason why Premium Themes are Premium. The overall usability and presentation of this theme is excellent and after having used it for the better part of a day I can honestly say it's one of the best themes I have ever encountered. It sells for $7 and is definitely worth checking out. Way to make a splash Z Man.

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iVista Premium Theme for BlackBerry Pearl, Curve and 88xx


just downloaded it, looks really great on my curve. I'm a big fan of the zen theme though and like the option to personalize the wallpaper, although you can do it with this theme as well, it doesn't look as shnazzy as the default wallpaper it comes with.

What I think may look cool with a 2nd iteration of this them would be an option similar to zen where you keep the black menu bar at the top but hide the icons unless you choose to go to them, I don't know. Just a thought.

I've given up! I've tried some great themes,but I lose control of my Fonts. They're always too small and cannot alter them; so I go back to what the Device came with. Form and Function should always be together.

I totally agree, the fonts on most user created themes are too tiny and there is no way to adjust font size. So as stated above I uninstalled all of the downloaded themes and use the stock themes instead. I haven't tried this new Vista theme but if the fonts are adjustable within the theme i will definetely give it a try.

Does running a Vista theme on a Blackberry make your phone less stable? Running Vista on my PC sure makes it less stable!

Why oh why would anybody want their Blackberry to look like it was running a Microsoft product? If you do, you should be using a Windoze PDA, not a Blackberry.

The BlackBerry Vista theme as well as BlackBerry software has nothing whatsoever to do with Microsoft software. Appearance only and that's not a bad thing.

ehh its ok...Im sure you can find it for free somewhere.

vista just stinks all-around, so i would def would not want its look on my phone.

why would u curse yourself.. putting vista (looking) things on your BB? thats like saying, hey i want my BB to suck.

I see your point but the theme is for appearance and usability and does not have the compatibility or the other issues like you are indicating with the Windows Vista software. Call it a curse if you want but I happen to like "new" things to put on my phone including themes that have the Windows Vista "appearance". If you think this theme will "curse" or make your BlackBerry suck then I will gladly send you a pre-paid shipping label along with my name/address so all you have to do is drop it in the box and drop it off at your nearest FedEx. Let me know friend :))

I wish this came in a Today version. I hate icon themes. Too crowded. It does look really sleek though...I may be tempted

I downloaded this theme last night for my Blackberry Curve and I must say I am rather impressed with the theme. The theme is very clean and very impressive, probably one of the better themes I have seen. I definately think it's worth the $7 to purchase.

Downloaded this last night. I like the look.. Vista or not, (frankly who cares), it has a nice look to it. The only issue I have is the black bar on top.. it can't be customized.. or at least it seems that way. I have not seen any tech write ups or tech support that tells you how to customize the bar. I hope they cure that on the next update.

Some of you may like the iPhone looking icons but I think this theme would look much much better with the same icons but without the square colored surrounds. They should only highlight with the square colored background when you "mouse over" them. That would be awesome in my opinion!!! I hope the creator sees this and considers an update or option for this feature. Anybody else agree with me on this?

I think I would totally get this were it not for the blatant ripoffs of the iPhone interface (Mail, clock, camera, calculator, notepad icons--and especially grating-- slide-to-unlock come to mind).

At least try to be original.

I purchased this theme and couldn't be happier. Yes, it looks a bit like the iPhone but it's very functional and works great.

Is this suppose to be Vista or Mac? Seems like both... it's the iBerry theme (which is FREE) with a generic Vista background. I think I'll stick to the T-Mobile Zen instead... it's FREE and you can't beat that value.