iVista 2 Theme Half Price Until April 22nd

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Apr 2009 12:23 pm EDT
iVista 2 On Sale!

If you click into the CrackBerry App Store's Best Sellers list right now you'll find that the iVista 2 theme is currently ranked #1. You'll also find that Z Man Designs has put iVista 2 on sale for a few days. Until April 22nd, you can pick it up for $3.00... that's 50% off it's regular price!

If you're not familiar with the iVista 2 theme, be sure to check out our previous posts on it. The iVista 2 theme is available for pretty much every BlackBerry device model, so whether you're rocking a Pearl, Pearl Flip, Storm, Bold, Curve, 8800 or even a good 'ole 8700 you can get in on the savings. No coupon code required.

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iVista 2 Theme Half Price Until April 22nd


I put this theme on my Storm and in a few days my wife had to have it on hers. I really like the layout and the number of customizable icons.

Not really worth the money, looks alot nicer until you have it installed and working. The email icons are pretty odd, saying" this side up " while being upside down. Emailed the designer thinking it was just a glitch. Turns out its " just something I added to give it character". Well looks like crap and slows the phone down after a few days.

Hmm... Reviewers said that this theme has memory leaks and hence slow down over time. I checked the latest in the thread but users still report the same. And the developer isn't responding. It's not nice to sell a theme that people would buy but later uninstall because it becomes unusable, whether for $6 or $3.


Just a question...Is a trial version not possible with themes? It seems like if this were an option Theme developers would sell more. If I knew the program worked well and liked it, I would buy it. BerryBuzz is a perfect example. After the trial, I bought it as did I with other aps.

I looked at your theme, but for $7.00 there is no way to determine how well it will work on the storm. ivista2 for the storm looks great and after reading initial reviews I purchased it however I am dissapointed becuase I beleive it slows my phone and drains the battery more so than the default theme.

TheZMan advertises that he will customize his themes for you and now almost a month after purchasing it he is nowhere to be found (Does not resond to requests of any kind).

I got this when it was still $6 and had issues. All the issues have been resolved and works great. I don't know where the memory leak issues are coming from but I have not seen any with my Bold.

This is one of two themes I use on a regular basis. The other being Genesis.

Huge memory leak on Storm no help from the Designer on it, no updates nothing!!! Do yourself a favor go into the Themes threads in the forum and find a better designed one that is FREE!!!! Stay away from this Z Man Designs will not help you at all if you have problems.

Bold .247 Runs beautiful except with this theme unfortunately :( Was really looking forward to using it too

Nice looking theme main issue i have on storm is icons seems to leave a shadow whem changing screens worried it might cause burn in

It probably should be noted that the developer has basically abandoned supporting this skin and its really less than optimal on an 83XX BB so if you have an 83XX, Id advise avoiding it.

This theme works great on the Bold. Be aware that the developer is not available, nor does he respond to problems/questions (as he has not responded to anyone in weeks). I requested a custom theme three weeks ago and he said I would have it the next day but I am still waiting. Again the Bold version (I run OS .216) is rock solid but there are many negative remarks about the memory leak with the Storm version (and other versions) that ZMan has never addressed.
Where are you Z?

I have been making themes for about a year now. I recently installed this theme, I am amazed, how did Zman get the time inside a clock like that? where did most of these icons come from (the clock,signal & battery meters, homescreen icons)? Has anybody else seen them in any other themes or did he make them himself? I would like to start making themes like this.

I have tried a could of different themes since d/l appleberry, and i haven't liked anything since. To each their own though i guess.

Was this made with the beta version for the 8900 because it seems to be doing the same thing beta themes did on my 8900. Where when you restarted it stops at the tmobile screen. Bedsides that this theme is one of my favorites.

To everyone here and everyone who has read this thread:

I'm still doing mounds and mounds of testing trying to optimize iVista 2 to the fullest extent possible. I am really working very very hard to make this theme stay #1

It's #1 for a reason, and it needs to stay there. I am working with several beta testers and several none BB owners to really make this theme KICK A$$.

Several things I'm working on include:
- "memory leak" issue
- battery drain faster than normal
- overall customization
- TODAY version for 83xx, 87xx, 88xx, & 81xx models

ALL OF THIS while still maintaining the overall HIGH QUALITY iVista 2 has to offer.

i've had bad experiences with windows vista on my computer...i'm not sure i want to bring anything vista to my blackberry...it looks cool though.