iVista 2 Premium BlackBerry Theme Gets Updated

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Mar 2009 12:28 pm EDT
iVista 2 for the BlackBerry Bold
iVista 2 Updated for the Bold (Storm & 8350i images after the jump)

Back on March 11th click dropped word in the CrackBerry blogs about the latest theme from Z Man Designs, iVista 2. The original iVista theme was a big hit and iVista 2 has followed suit, shooting up the CrackBerry App Store ranks to #2 on the Best Sellers List.

Since being released, The Z Man has received a ton of constructive feedback from users and thus has been working on some updates to iVista to make it even better. If you already purchased the theme you'll want to login to your software account and update to the latest version (free). Here's what's new:

  • Bold / 8900 - COMPLETE OVERHAUL of the home screen.
  • Bold / 8900 - NOW FEATURE NINE (9) customizeable home screen icons.
  • Bold / 8900 - NOW FEATURES "widget-esque" desktop.
  • Bold / 8900 - NOW FEATURES a fully functioning Today area.
  • Storm - NOW FEATURES a predesigned slot for Weather Bug
  • Storm - NOW FEATURES 5 hidden clickable sections
    • *** Only known issue is on the Storm, the "Profiles" is very difficult to click on. This will be updated soon. ***
  • 8350i - NOW FEATURES a fully functioning Today area with preset "Messages" and "Calendar" icons.

For all upgrade information on the iVista 2 theme, you can tune into the unofficial/official iVista 2 thread in the CrackBerry forums and if you haven't picked it up yet and want to give it a go, you can find more info and purchase iVista 2 here.

iVista 2 for the BlackBerry Storm
iVista 2 for the BlackBerry Storm

iVista 2 for the BlackBerry Curve 8350i
iVista 2 for the BlackBerry Curve 8350i

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iVista 2 Premium BlackBerry Theme Gets Updated


So far I am very happy with the upgrade of iVista 2 from the first version. The flaws from the first version have been corrected. Good job Z Man

I purchased the 1.1 version, and I downloaded the update, but it's seam to have been deleted from my inbox for it being too old. Is there another way to get the update without downloading it again?

The upgrade is free and well worth it. The Bold version is outstanding, although it does use up a little more memory and battery than other themes. But overall this is a great and innovative theme. The call screen and message screen are very crisp and the home screen on the Bold looks outstanding with other wallpapers.

This theme looks awsome...it would be cool to have a trial version (expires in three days or so) to determine if one really wants it. I know it is only six bucks, I'll probably buy it anyway...just a thought.

Edit: Waiting on Link to Download.
Edit2: Got it - took about 10 minutes; Question - is there a way to change the backgroung image?

Yes sir. You just go to your pictures and find one you want to use for your wallpaper, press the blackberry button, then select "Set as Home Screen Image"

Love the updates for the newer devices but what about the 83xx?? I purchased the theme the day it released and love the theme, but would love to see an updated version for the 83xx version. What about a today plus theme??? That would be killer!!! I would pay for it again if needed!!!

Decided to take the plunge to try it out (somebody really needs to figure out how to work a trial period to these themes).

It's ok.....nothing earth shattering on the Bold. Calendar on the right side is basically unreadable because of the size and the inability to freely scroll from top to bottom without having to go to the ends of each is a pain.

It was pretty laggy at first too....but found that a battery pull does the trick to fix that.

The calendar on the right side is just an icon (non-functional)that when you scroll over goes to today feature or click to get to your calendar.

But there is a capital letter "A" underneath the time. Does this mean AM? Cause its 1:00PM so shouldnt' it say "P"

Just sayin...

I have a Bold

The correct date on the picture on top is March 23. October 16 is just a date on the regular calendar icon, but you do not need a calendar icon on top as you have the calendar icon on the bottom right. March 6 on the bottom right icon is also a "dummy" date, as it is just a picture of a calendar.
The top 4 and the bottom 5 icons are customizable.

Hello, i downloaded the iVista 2.0 before i registered for crackberry.com. I need a little information regarding how I can obtain this upgrade. I cant seem to get signed in. Thanks!

send an email to support.crackberry.com saying what you've said here and they can help you work it out so that you can get into your account

i have the storm 9530 and the memory with all my programs always stayed between 40-45 MB free... once this theme was installed within 10 min the memory dropped to 27.6 and 20 min it was at 8.8 free. Anyone have suggestions to fix this? Tried battery pulls works for 30 min then back down below 10 MB free and phone overall becomes slow. Not sure what to do..

I also had that problem with the updated version and also the original storm version. I took it off completely.

So has anyone tried the ivista2 on the storm 9530 without any problems? Is it worth buying for the storm 9530?

i bought this today after i saw how amazing it looked however the "today" part is not working for me.. is there any reason for this? messages calender events etc dont show up when i hover over the icon or the big calender on the right

how do i fix this? i have version 1.2

okay so when i set calender events i had it set under my email i mainly use and it didnt show up but when its set under a secondary gmail that i pushed to my phone it shows up.. any idea how to choose which profile the theme will go with?

I have the Storm 9530. Once I used the theme,I deleted it and consider it a $6 donation. Not a flexible program. I was unable to make my own folders. It also slowed everything down-a huge resource sapper. A battery pull does fix the slowness.

The lag issues and mem drain seem to be OK after a couple of pulls. I cannot figure out how to customize this theme's main screen. I also cannot get weatherbug to show up on the home screen as seen in the screen shot examples. Anyone know a link to instructions? Thanks in advance.

Thank you for the update, but only problem i have is theres no profile setting on the home page for the bold :S or maybe i just can't find it but other than that, its great though.

I got the theme and loved it for a minute, til I realized that it doesn't have some of the nifty features that my current Vista theme has.

I'm using Curve 8320 and being able to see a "Message" section on my homepage. My current theme does this and iVista 2 does not. Well not for the version of Blackberry I have.

I'm sure if this was available for future upgrades it would be a more used theme for my curve.

It's great looking though, I won't talk down about this theme :o) very much worth the price.

Im having trouble finding my original download so i can get the upgrade......... Any help?

I hear a lot of great reviews for the iVista2 but not any from storm users. Just the memory problems with the storm.

i just bought this theme and it is AMAZING! very pretty and efficient at the same time

BUT i think it has a bug on my 8900...the messages have selected text i've sent at a particular date and its stuck there even when i have new messages, so i dont know how to fix it...i did battery pulls and eveyrthing

I bought it for the storm and I really like it. It does use more battery and tends to lag, but it is really clean and overall works great. It would be cool if you could adjust the number of rows and the background picture. I know you can, but when I try it the layout of Icons change on the home page. When the phone is locked it would be way cool if you could put a picture in the folder that shows.

All in all - its well worth the $6.00 - Thank you

i really like the update but two problems. firts my battery seems to loose its charge quickly. second. my response time has really slowed down tring to figure out why havnt yet but the upgrade is very good

This is my first theme on my 8900 (running .199) and so far I like it, but it has some things I wish would change in the next update. First, I have great eye sight, but the font is very small, to include the bottom dock icons. I'd like to see it a little larger if possible. Next, even though my 8900 has a hefty size of on-board memory, this theme seems to drop it from where it usually hovers after a days use of 135MB to 128MB...which is not bad considering the amounts, but I wish it wasn't such a memory hog. As for battery life, I've only had the theme active for about a day (most of which was overnight), so it's hard for me to know if the theme will affect it or not. Another thing I noticed was the reactionary time from app to app is a bit slower then with the embedded themes. I mean its not crawling, just doesn't have the same snap that I'm use too. I also wish I could disable the calender widget, since I don't use it. And since I have birthdays on my contacts info, it shows those when I hover over the calender...which can be annoying. Now, on to the things I like...

I like the layout and the ability to customize nine icons on the home screen...awesome! Even though I use QuickLaunch (which I love), I love how I can get to the apps I use the most and still have room to add a few more. Even though there is a lot going on the home screen, IMO it doesn't seem cluttered and in fact is well placed. I also like how the background can be user set. Last, I have read how some themes take longer to load after a battery pull. Well to me, this theme takes about the same amount of time to load as does the embedded themes take.

To the developer, good job and I look forward to the next update.

Edit (3/30)- I've found the battery indicator only displays in increments of 10 and most times, it's hard to tell what the battery sits at from the indicator. So, I use QL to check it. I would like to see that fixed, if possible as well.

Next, my memory has settled down too. After a few battery pulls, I have found my memory to be back to normal. So on my 8900, this theme IS NOT a memory hog as I once thought. Great news!

At first I thought this was the best Theme I have downloaded. Then after awhile my phone started locking up and freezing. It must have been due to the memory issues everyone is talking about so I had to get rid of it and went back to iBerry blocks.

I have been experiencing the same issues with the phone function, in addition to long delays when unlocking my screen. Important business calls were compromised as a result, so I had no choice but to uninstall the theme.

ZMan - show us Curve users some love! The app looks cool, but it really doesn't offer anything different from what the stock themes offer. I know the 83xx series is a little out dated compared to the Storm & Bold, but we're still proud Blackberry users too! Hook us up!

So I downloaded the theme today and was impressed. My only concern is that I also downloaded two other themes. When I tried to switch to one of the other themes to try it, I found that only the icons changed the rest of the theme was still running iVista. I tried deleting iVista and it still looks like it is on my screen. Has anyone else experienced this issue? And if so, what can I do to avoid it?

Does anyone know if iVista 2 is version 1.2? That's what my application list is showing the version to be. If there is a later version, pls advise and I'll go the Zman.


I know I'm new to all this, but why is there a Wifi icon on the Storm screenshot?

Am I missing something?

I just downloaded the paid version to my phone and it messed it up. I have storm and ereased all my themes, now i have tiny icons that i cant even use

Does anybody know how to customize the main screen. Can we take off the calendar and message under the battery?