I've got a feeling... that BlackBerry PlayBook sales are not having a good time

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Jun 2011 11:15 am EDT
PlayBook in Public?

I don't watch too much television, but as a born and raised Canadian I of course had the hockey game on last night as I plugged away on the computer from my Miami hotel room (bad loss Canucks, you'll get them in game 7!). By the time I finally shut down and went to bed, it felt like I had watched a half dozen BlackBerry PlayBook commercials. As a hardcore BlackBerry fan and the guy who started the #1 site for BlackBerry users, I always get a little tingle of excitement whenever I see a BlackBerry commercial. Heck, I even get a tingle of excitement when I see people using a BlackBerry in public. But last night, as I drifted off to sleep, instead of excitement I actually felt panic when it dawned on me that despite the heavy PlayBook advertising, outside of BlackBerry World in Orlando in May, I have yet to see a person in public with a BlackBerry PlayBook.

Granted, I live in Winnipeg, but since the April 19th launch I've been two New York twice, and spent the last three weeks in Miami. That's plenty of time in airports and big cities. With the PlayBook's 7" form factor contributing to awesome portability, I would *think* I should be having more public PlayBook sightings assuming people are actually buying them (and I have seen quite a few iPads in this same period of time). Calling up our own Adam Zeis this morning, who lives in New Jersey and travels into Manhattan on a fairly regular basis, he too has yet to see somebody else in public using a PlayBook. The same story goes for our own Ryan Blundell, who lives in Vancouver. Sure, within our CrackBerry world there are lots of PlayBook owners -- our PlayBook forums are buzzing -- but for RIM to make tablets a commercial success they need to extend far beyond that.

RIM is going to report their first quarter 2012 fiscal results this Thursday (no that's not a typo, they have a weird corporate reporting period), and they SHOULD be reporting the number of PlayBooks sold to date on that day. At least on their last investors call, when they adjusted their earnings forecast downward, I'm pretty sure Co-CEO Jim Balsillie said they would announce the PlayBook numbers on their next earnings call and at that same time he told analysts that PlayBook sales were going fine. But are they going well? My guess is they'll only announce PlayBook sales figures this week if the numbers are compelling, and at this point I'm not so certain that they are.

Looking at public PlayBook sightings is an interesting and practical but obviously poor way to assess the sales of RIM's first tablet. But beyond that, I've been doing a lot of other checks that have proven to be quite accurate over the years. Talking to developers and seeing how their downloads are doing is a pretty good indicator. Knowing how many sales/downloads that the top paid and free apps are getting gives an idea of the total number of owners out there (and also the trends they are seeing gives a good indicator of the ongoing pace of device sales). Our newly released CB App for the BlackBerry PlayBook spent some solid time in top free downloads section, so I have some extra-good insight there. And just from running CrackBerry day to day for so many years now and seeing all of our site analytics and data, I've pretty much mastered the science and art of correlating various aspects of our own performance to RIM's sales success with various device models over the years that have both done extremely well and err.. failed to gain traction (*sheds* tear for Pearl 3G). Plus I tend to talk to a lot of analysts, who have their plethora of sales channel checks and more and am usually in sync.

So what's it mean for PlayBook sales? Well, take this as a **feeling** more than fact, but my best guesstimates would put PlayBook owners out there at under 200,000. They may have sold more than that of course, but I do believe the return rate on the PlayBook has been a little on the high side (again, I have a magic blackbox of knowledge for assessing that too). Of course, I'd hope to be wrong here and have RIM announce later this week that they've sold over double that, but I'm really just not seeing it. I do hope they announce PlayBook numbers though. If they don't, it'll be yet another indicator on this one that I'm right. And this is one that I'd love to be wrong on, as I want nothing but RIM to dominate in this market. The good news here of of course is that the PlayBook will soon be launching in 16 additional markets within the next 30 days and my fingers are crossed it fairs better in the rest of the world than it's been doing in North America so far. I really do love my PlayBook, so hope people give it a chance!

Either or, we'll be living blogging this week's earnings call, so be sure to hit the CrackBerry blogs at 5pm ET on Thursday. I have a feeling it'll be an interesting one. And while you're here, be sure to vote on our poll above... I'll be curious to see how many PlayBooks you've seen out there.

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I've got a feeling... that BlackBerry PlayBook sales are not having a good time


Let's talk about Vancouver on Thursday when we can be much more definitive about Luongo.

I'm focusing in on the 10 inch variant of the PB. I have a PB now; what do you think the chances are I can trade it in for a 10 inch, should it become available? (Stop laughing!)

Let's talk about Vancouver on Thursday when we can be much more definitive about Luongo.

I'm focusing in on the 10 inch variant of the PB. I have a PB now; what do you think the chances are I can trade it in for a 10 inch, should it become available? (Stop laughing!)

I've seen zero, but to be fair, I've only seen four iPads and three of them were in my office, so I probably don't get out enough.

I haven't seen 1 iPad ... and it's been out for a year now.
The PlayBook ... is what ....... 8 weeks old?

that is *fair* point... 3G/4G versions should add to the public use of a device like this.

though with easy tethering and blackberry bridge, the current playbook is still very public use friendly from a data connection standpoint (especially if you own a BB).

i guess i just really would love to see rim officially tell us where they're at so i quit thinking on it.

The funny thing is that, other than my own, the first playbook I saw in public was when I went to Canada [I live in NY] to check out the African Lion Safary. We were both taking videos of the elephant swim.

I have only seen 1 ipad, but it was at the office and not in public.

I'm not too worried about it. I've only seen one Ipad in public and it was a co-workers. I think most folks use them at home/work and don't pack it around for daily use.

Most people will use it at home where wi-fi is available ... I have a BB, and have yet to leave the house with my PlayBook.
Then again, I use my 9700 BB for everything.

Kevin I really wouldn't read to much into it. I have only seen one ipad since launch. As for the ipad two none and one zoom. Most people who have tablets keep them home. I know the 7 inch is a reason to carry it...but it still doesn't fit on my hip like my torch does and to me that's reason enough to leave it home.

Same here. I saw one girl using an ipad in a fast food joint, but other than that, not a tablet to be seen...

I'm at LHR today and I've seen 2 other persons (besides me) with PBs and 2 will iPads - one of which was being used by a child while the PBs were being used by (I assume) business folks.

I haven't seen one, but to be honest, I haven't seen more than 1 or 2 iPads since the PlayBook was released. When the original iPad first came out, I saw them often because people were trying to show it off because some people got it as a fashion statement. That sentiment has worn off and now I almost NEVER see them in public.

Because they are too big to carry around.


Here in Vancouver, Canada, I have seen two iPad's, owners being children, and zero Playbooks. I know people in the tech industry here who are the first to buy iPad's, and a lot of them, but no one I know in the industry has bought a Playbook.

I think that you're reading to much into it. I don't see many tablets at all in public so that's not a determining factor on how sales are going IMO.

First off Crackberry, FIX YOUR WEB SITE!!!!!!! It take very lomg to load the last 10% of every web page on EVERY device I have including Mac, pc, explorer chrome, and playbook.

Second Arg! The link doesn't work, would of liked to have read this article.

Third, glad to read the tone of these comments. Even with sales exceeding 500,000 which would be good, understand that we live on a continent of over 400 million people, you are not goinv to see this thing in the wild often.

I commute to Manhattan every day. iPads and Kindles everywhere. I saw one PB on the train. I can't see how people carry around the iPads, but they're everywhere. In my office too. And they just do what they are suppose to do. Every time I demo my PB I have to say, "well, it usually works." LOL!

Being a life long NY'r, my survival instincts would prevent me from using my tablet in a train or bus LOL

LMBO very true story...I would never put my PB on the train..that's asking for something to happen..especially if you live in the hood. ;0)

I've seen plenty of Playbooks in public and on the trains in NYC (Im a life long Brooklynite) I have no fear whatsoever about whipping out my Xoom (yeah I said it!) or whatever device I want anywhere in NYC. By no means am I a tough guy but NYC subways are the last place I'm worried about...

I haven't seen a playbook at all, other than the ones tested by my client (and they don't like it at all).

And Kevin, tell the frakkin' 'Nuks to give their uniform colors back to the Whalers!!!!!

At the moment, I'm in Winnipeg with my gf (she has a contract job here, so I came out from Toronto to do my school placement here - which I work online, so it is ideal). Anyway, I have not saw anyone here with a PlayBook either. I'm hoping when I head back to Toronto in July, I'll see more people sportin' the PlayBook.

At least you know there's one person with a PlayBook in Winnipeg, Kevin :P. At least for now!

OH, and my cousin who works in the IT department at a University in Toronto has an PlayBook. His boss told him to get one because they have a large amount of employees with Blackberry's so they figured it would be best for him to have a PlayBook to manage the devices. So far, he seems to like it too :).

Let's face it, the Playbook was launched prematurely and with BB users as a target, only because the device needs to be tethered (bridged) to a BB for BBM, mail, calendar etc. which is an utter fail!!!
I haven't seen not one person with a PB, and at one point I wanted to see what the PB is all about, so I walked into a Futureshop at Yonge and Dundas, and this thing wouldn't turn on, it would flash red a few times and then nothing. I gave up and never looked back. One thing came to mind immediately is how small the thing really is. I mean from a portability perspective I can understand, but that is one small device!!

Stores and RIM are not pushing it enough though, leaving it abandoned collecting dust. Maybe the next gen PB will attract more people because it will be 3G ready.

Half the reason the i Devices are so popular is because of the Apple Stores. It's nice to be able to walk into a store and use the device you want to purchase. There is never a time that you walk into an Apple store and can't find a device that actually works.

Having to sell through Staples and Best Buy where the employees just don't care about every device is really hurting these other tablet companies. RIM would be very smart to open up a mega store in NYC, Chicago, LA, San Fran, etc... Let people go into these stores and play with the devices in an optimal setting. The employees would also be smart enough to go around closing apps and making sure the devices are working properly. Every time I go into a Verizon store and pick up a BlackBerry, it is being bogged down by at least 15 open apps.

I live in BC Canada and the only Playbooks I've seen are in Future Shop etc., the problem with that is, as anistasiophan said, they're bogged down and frozen with opened apps and looking pretty beat too. If the staff doesn't walk around and clean stuff up and make sure the playbook is running properly what's the point in even putting it out on the shelf - who would buy something that doesn't work?

"Let's face it, the Playbook was launched prematurely and with BB users as a target, only because the device needs to be tethered (bridged) to a BB for BBM, mail, calendar etc. which is an utter fail!!!"

Blah blah blah. Seriously, everyone else is tired of reading this crap - aren't you tired of writing it? ;)

"Stores and RIM are not pushing it enough though, leaving it abandoned collecting dust. "
This much is true. I suspect they won't be pushing it much until after the summer once the major updates are released.

A lot of people are under the misconception that only BB users were the targeted market for the PB. It is appealing to the BB user that they can bridge their device to the PB and use BBM and other aspects of their BB in such a large scale, but someone else that doesn't use a BB can still operate the PB because of the other enabled features. A lot of people take for granted or don't even realize how much of an impact a flash enabled device like the PB could have for a regular non BB user. It's only natural Kevin for you to worry about how the PB is doing when so many (competitors) out there are predicting its failure. As a marketing strategy, I would like RIM to take the professional grade tablet and also market it to the regular Joe and his family. I like all the marketing they've employed so far to introduce the PB to the world, now they just need to go a step further and help people understand that even non professionals can use a PB. As for the collecting dust metaphor, that is an unsupported assumption and if demo units malfunction due to misuse by those who demo them, RIM can't be blamed for that. Most of the tablets you see out and about, are mostly used by people that are tech junkies and want to show the cool factor behind owning a tablet. In my work place there are a couple iPads and maybe one Android tablet. As soon as I get my ducks in a row, I'll be sporting a PB, and that to me will be a breath of fresh air. We as a people thrive in diversity, and I'm going to do my part by introducing more diversity in the work place. That's my 2cents!

Agree that the stores are doing a terrible job promoting the PB. At our local Best Buy, the 1 PB on Display seems to be stuck in portrait mode, even when being held in landscape. At Office Depot and Frye's. the PB is non working. The Frye's manager even admitted that not many people are going for the PB because "our display isn't working and nobody wants to buy without trying it out first".

Should be an interesting conference call, but I wouldn't worry too much. In general I haven't seen many tablets in public. Never seen a Xoom and only a small handful of iPads. The only electronic device I am seeing more of is the Kindle, they are showing up everywhere.

This is a good point. I have only ever seen 1 Android tablet in public in any form and how long have they been out?

I only got to see 1 PlayBook in public with some protective case but at the same only 3 iPads, 1 in restaurant, 1 in Metra other somewhere on streets but a lot of Kindles, a lot

I think RIM needs to find a way to lower price down to $399 for the 16gb model. Against the 10" ipad and android tablets, it's really hard to differentiate the tablets offerings. The 3G/4G will only make a smaller imact on sales.

Here in the Dallas area, I saw one guy in a bar keeping up with what appeared to be scores streaming live (somewhat). It seems he had an Otterbox case as well since it was propped up like mine, which was simply on the table.

In perspective, I've only seen 2 iPads and 2 Xooms.

I go to Starbucks nearly every day. I have only seen two tablets (an Ipad) in the last six months at Starbucks. Everyone else has laptops.
I have flown four times in the last six months. I have see probably six Ipads and two Samsung Tablets. Most of the Ipad users at the airport are kids. Two were older women. And a few were adult females. I have not seen one male adult with an Ipad at any airport.
And I have not seen one Playbook yet anywhere.
Maybe I don't frequent the same circles that others frequent.

I have seen a couple of people with the PB at SM conferences, I commute from the greater GTA to downtown TO, mostly I see IPads and notebooks.
I don't have a BB or a phone for that matter at the moment (sad I know), althought I tweet and I know that when I get my BB, hopefully soon, I would like to have the Playbook as well for convenience on the GO and the subway, maybe if I was gifted one to review, I would peak the curiosity of other commuters around me and those in the food courts of TO and they would want to get their own.
Portability is important and carrying it in my purse would be fabulous!
Connectivity is a factor...3G readiness would be perfect...Thanks :)

it costs too much money, plus the technology will become obsolete in 6 months, most people ive spoken to all have the same views of buying this one for the high cost and then rim releasing a bb playbook 2 in a couple of months and then feel foolish for buying it. i think the wifi version shouldve cost $300 to be competitive to the ipad, their sales wouldve sky rocketed then but they are too money hungry, which turns around to bite them in the gonads

The 10 inch version of the PlayBook is NOT the PlayBook 2! It will be the original PlayBook offered in a 10 inch variety. Similar to how the White iPhone 4 is still an iPhone 4. You will not see a true PlayBook 2 until next year.

Also, why is RIM "Money hungry" yet Apple isn't?

Did you know that smaller laptops cost MORE money than bigger ones? It's actually harder to fit all that hardware into a smaller shell. These are not TVs, they are computers. With computers, Smaller does not mean cheaper!

Take TTC and you'll have some playbook sightings in Toronto. Now Kevin be careful because the methodology and this article might misguide people.

I love my blackberry phone, but I'd rather have a Xoom. I've seen several ipads, xoom's and tab's in public. But no playbook.

I'd take a Transformer over a Xoom if I were in the market for an Android tablet. The display on the Xoom is way to dim for my tastes....especially when compared to the Playbook and Transformer.

Zero Playbooks spotted in the wild. I live in DC and have been to Houston, New Orleans, Chicago, Boston and New York for work since the Playbook launched. The only PB I saw was at the Blackberry store in Houston's airport. Over the same travels I've seen dozens of iPads and iPad 2s being used on trains, flights or in the airports.

As one commentator said, the absence of 3G/4G may be one reason why there aren't many in public settings. I wanted a PB, but ultimately got a 3G iPad for when I travel because I'm not always going to have access to wifi in meetings, airports, etc.

I do lots of traveling so spend a bunch of time in airport lounges with other business people and have seen a handful - including across the aisle from me in business class on a flight from Toronto to Winterpeg. I suspect part of the issue is that since its so portable, its in people's pockets so you don't see it unless its out in a wifi area... if you want to check your email, you need to unlock the blackberry, enter in the password for the blackberry on the playbook and only then can you check it... much easier just to sneak a peek at the berry. I suspect RIMM will do just fine with it but I like Kevin reducing expectations for Thursday's call....

I didn't know how to respond. I know two other people that have one but they both bought them because they saw mine and liked it. I haven't just "seen one in the wild." My older brother also asked his wife to get him one for his birthday next month so that would be a third. But again.. That's three you could more attribute to my initital purchase.

I work in Manhattan and I don't know if you guys are all from canada or what but I see at least 2 iPads DAILY. I would go as far as to say that i see an iPad every single time I ride the train. I also see a number of Kindles and Nook colors as well. I have seen one playbook in 8 weeks,

So eight weeks...
8 * 5 * 2 = 80 ipads , 1 playbook in a two week span.

25million ipads sold to date by some estimates.

With some fancy math, one could easily extrapolate this to say 312,500 PlayBooks have sold to date.

What? It's as valid as any other method so-called "analysts" have used ;)

I have only seen tablets on the subway in toronto. 1 android my friend owns and hates cause its so unresponsive. 1 ipad the guy was staring at like a zombie while walking down stairs (I had to look away I thought he was going to fall and hurt himself.)

And 1 other person with a playbook.

We both noticed each others playbooks and gave each other a "nice choice" grin :-p

Deff no regrets for buying my playbook.

I've only seen one iPad outside of a store display and that was a friend asking me to put movies on it for the long flight back to Singapore. They're not the type of thing you walk around with unless you have good reason (travel or work) and then they're likely to be in a bag or pocket (at least the PlayBook). With only Wi-Fi and bridging, I don't see the point in walking about with a PlayBook. I can just use my BlackBerry phone to get what I need and I'm not carrying anything extra. I like the idea of bridging, but it would be at the cottage/boat where I would do something like that - a once I got there type of thing.

Where work is concerned, no tablet does the job for me as yet, so I still travel about with a netbook in my backpack. It allows me more types of VPN connections (even PPTP) and allows for IE with activeX which I require.

Also, I haven't seen any Xooms or Acer tablets either. I've actually seen more Kobos than all these things combined.

I cringe when I see a Blackberry commercial. RIM Marketing sucks, it's their Achilles heel and the reason Apple is kicking their butts. Apple's strength is their marketing (Apple's weakness is their software). They need to fire their entire marketing department.

Presentaion counts and RIM needs to work on it.

It truly is their weak point! I don't understand who they have working up there in their marketing dept or who their worthless (un)creative ad agency is! I can't help but laugh at the PlayBook commercial where the start-up music sounds like an old school TWIX commercial. Gets me every time.

"I cringe when I see a Blackberry commercial. RIM Marketing sucks, it's their Achilles heel and the reason Apple is kicking their butts. Apple's strength is their marketing (Apple's weakness is their software). They need to fire their entire marketing department.

Presentaion counts and RIM needs to work on it."

QFT. While I am certainly biased as a Crackberry fanboy, I cannot see what Ipad has to offer over the PB aside from marketing. Beyond just PB vs. Ipad, I know most people who see my BB are surprised when I mention I have apps on my BB. They say, "you have apps? But that's not an Iphone!" Lack of convincing marketing prevents RIM from doing well in the North American market, and, as a result, RIM relies heavily on sales outside of NA.

To date I have yet to see a PB in the wild. I have seen several Ipads, and it does seem like the initial trend was to show them off in public, but that has now shifted to keeping them at home. Silly, when, what I understand as the purpose of a tablet is portability. Why use a tablet at home when you can just use your laptop?

I've seen no PlayBooks, but I've also seen no iPads or other tablets, and I generally don't use my PlayBook in plain sight (because it's a $600 gadget I could barely afford to replace). Also, I doubt anybody can tell I have a PlayBook in my pocket all the time unless they look closely and see the outline, so there are probably a ton of PlayBooks that are simply hidden.

i think more will come out in the open when they get all the updates and fixes done.i would not want to show off something that isnt all there yet.

I work in the subway in NYC and like another poster said there are plenty of people with Ipads on the train. Also plenty of Kindles and Nooks. My brother and his coworker have playbooks. My wife has a coworker that has one also. But I havent seen anyone with one. That also goes the same for the galaxy tab 7. My brother has one also but i dont see any of those either.

But when i brought my PB one guy brought 3 at the same time and there were 3 other people ahead of me at Best Buy on the launch day. So i know there a few out there.

Then again maybe if they had a kindle app instead of kobo there might be a reason to pull one out on the subway. With no wifi or wireless underground its practically useless in the subway. That might also be a factor. Not enough useful apps to use playbook in public.

Don't worry Kevin. Don't you read the forums? There's nothing to worry about. A handheld device will be released soon, maybe 2 before September. And they'll be perfect, and so what if the North American market share is sliding into oblivian? As one poster put it, the international market is still part of the world too.

I've seen more PlayBooks than iPads in the wild, but I work in Waterloo. The only Xoom I've seen is the one on my desk at work collecting dust...

I have only seen a few ipads that's it. In canada we don't got the wifi hotspots like they do in USA and we don't got unlimited data plans or the 6gb data plans prices are bs. So why take it out of the house if you can't use it or even spend 500+ on buying one. Just my 2 cents.

Perhaps you could pose a question to those who have both devices. Which tablet do you use more regularly?

I don't really care which corp wins the mobile battle, the consumers end up being the real winners with this competition. The PB is a stand alone portable device, that has essentially eliminated my need to carry around a laptop. In fact it is so good I dont even use the laptop to update or sync it up. My iDevices are always tied up with cords and locked down to iTunes.

The PB is the go to choice in my house right now. Those who have not picked one up are missing out.

i live in calgary and have yet to see a playbook in public. however, ive only seen 2 people with an ipad since launch. i think a lot of people have been just using their tablets at home rather then lugging them around. as a transit user i take my on the commute to and from work

I live in Vancouver, and see handful of people on the West Coast Express with PlayBooks, and I know 2 other people here who have one as well.
Like others have said, I think the reason we don't see them out of home is because of the lack of 3G/4G currently.

I've seen 1 iPad since launch, and 1 PlayBook. If I read too much into that, I'd say PlayBooks are selling as well as iPads are...but I doubt that is true.

In Ottawa, Canada, I have seen an ipad during a presentation only ONCE, not even in public. And that was by this serious ifan I know that has an ipod touch, iphone and a mac. So it was expected.

I've seen a couple playbooks around so I think they are doing well and will sell much more once the anti-RIM hype starts to get old. I think Blackberry naturally has a better image here than the US and the simple black design doesn't attract too much attention.

As far as other tablets, I've seen maybe 5 e-ink reader devices, I've never seen a Xoom, haha, never seen a galaxy tab, or any other android tablets so as far as I can tell, RIM is doing ok.

The culture in Canada is different, at least in Ottawa it is. People here use more subtle details to stand out. Canadians, on average, tend to downplay their impression they make in public when compared with Americans. This might also be the case for Europeeans.

In general, most Canadians would never walk around with a shiny 10" tablet with an apple logo on the back. This is exact why you rarely see them. The concept is just too gaudy and lacks enough humility to use it in public. The thinking is, "Why use it in public when you can just use your phone? If you want to read a book, buy a kindle or something. "

Any iPad that sells in Ottawa is destined for home or business use. This is one factor that many in the US ignore, but it plays a big part here.

I live in Malaysia and got my PB a week after US launch from NY (my brother in law was on holiday there). On my way to Thailand last week while waiting for departure at the airport I took out my PB, I looked on my left there was another guy with PB and we gave each other a nod and exchange smile. Of course there are several ipads around but we PB owner feel the elitism of owning one.

I wouldn't read into it too much. I live in NY, and it took a few weeks before I saw someone using an iPad on the train. This for a product that exploded off the shelves. It took several months before I saw them even remotely regularly. Even now, I probably only see one or two a day, passing by literally thousands of people on their commute.

I still haven't seen a Playbook.

Fundamentally, I think tablets are more stationary devices. They're great for couches or offices, but they're not portable enough to whip out in public all the time. 7" devices (like Playbook) may change that, but it'll take a while.

There are a few things, some mentioned here already, that I feel are preventing seeing them in public that other devices offer and PB currently does not:

1. no 3g. kinda kills looking for news while on a bus, etc..
2. att and the bridge. We know we can do it, but for average worker dude.. spells a fast return.
3. no kindle/nook app and kobo is, well.. people already have their nook/kindle accounts and would like their purchased content with them.. or purchased news.
4. no major daily news paper for people to download (you can easily with most devices and calibre/rss before you leave the house)
5. no apps yet- new device. some of those people on the subway are playing angry birds.
6. no skype. prop video chat is limited to playbook owners.
7. its buggy software. most people dont want to hold down the tiny power button for ten seconds and then tap it again when it locks up.. or even know of this.
8. bridge is great, but i can see it as a hassle. if its a quick enough reply for the subway, maybe i'll just pound it out on my phone instead?!
9. there were serious gps problems up till now. linking with poynt would be great.. if it got your location. I havnt got the update, but that was just now, and we're talking since launch.
10. even google maps is super slow or limited and frustrating. even ios has this and theyre androids main comp right now!
11. people like to buy movies/series and thats limited. the other guys are on this. they have series and movie rental as well as netflix, hbogo and hulu etc.. options. PB has access to nefarious sites like crackle and clicker which are touchy at best.

etc.. etc.. etc..

if you want to compete with those devices, rim needs to keep on moving 1000 mph. get QNX on the phones asap and keep making deals with these companies to bring their services to the PB.
You all know i could go on..
It still suits my needs. a portable lightweight web browser/movie player as I relax around the house putting my 6 month son to bed.
still waiting for it to come back from warrantee repair..

I purchased a PlayBook (64gb) for my wife (a school teacher) and she carries it with her everywhere. It fits right in your purse and she enjoys showing it to everyone. She loves Bridge, both for email, calendar, and notes. I helped her get into the notes app on the BB for shopping and now with a PB she loves it even more. So I've seen her at coffee shops, movies, shopping, and at the Gym.

I'm the tech and she's not. She looked at the iPad, Zoom, and selected the PB. Now after almost 2 months she loves it more and more each day. I don't think a day goes by without her using it. LEXITON is her favorite game (remember teacher).

We have been married for one year (but we are in our late 40s almost to the middle century mark) and she loves to show off our wedding photos as well.

I've made many points with the PB. I also did it right. I purchased extra chargers (one for school. our room, and the living room) a case, bluetooth keyboard and mouse, HDMI cable for the TV, and next school year a connection for her classroom so she can display it on the TV there.

I love this site, because as I learn new things I show her or download an app or whatever. I have high hopes for the PB and continue to teach sales associates at our local BestBuy, and Stapes what I learn.

I live in a fairly small city, so not seeing one is no surprise. Heck, I've never even seen a Galaxy Tab or Nook Color in the wild. I have seen one iPad, though.

I'd agree that not having the 3G/4G at launch hurt it. I think the other main aspect is that it's not geared toward a "fun" and "game" experience. So business people using it in offices and hotel rooms are a lot harder to see so even once you get a 3G/4G version out there, I just don't think you'll see them as much. The iPad will always outsell and be more prominent than the Playbook just because of the consumer idea of what an iPad does and is.

Hello everyone. I have a 16gig Playbook and love it. I have been stopped twice in public (westchester NY) and asked about it. In the Bronx where I live I have seen nither though, dont really go to the city much. At work everyone is used to seeing me with my PB and i have answered some questions and showed it off. So im pretty sure ill see some else with one soon. I only know one other person with PB, they live in GA and we vid chat often an are both happy with our playbooks.

Kevin, i think your reading to much into it. I have the Playbook, its always on me, but you will never know because i dont sport it around. I wip it out when i need to and put it away when im done. I dont believe in sporting expensive stuff in public as should be the case with everyone as it only a call for trouble.

It shouldn't be too surprising, the US market is trouble for RIM and they had a poor launch strategy for the PB. Add in the host of negative reviews and the numbers could be weak for the PlayBook.

They aimed the tablet at enterprise, but enterprise isn't exactly in a hiring spree. And many of their partners have abandoned the security requirements that RIM has tailored their products around and started allowing in the iPad. This earnings report is going to be very ugly for RIM.

I've seen a lot of them. Usually at the malls or flee markets so I don't know if it's people who just bought them or not. Most of the ones I've seen have been in cases like mine though. I think the biggest thing that is hurting sales is there are no new phones to buy to go with it. I need better specs than 3.6 Mbps to push the browser speed over 3G.

I've seen a couple PlayBooks out and about.

I had a PlayBook... Picked one up on launch day. I returned it though because to me it just wasn't finished or ready. I liked it but I needed more out of it and couldn't justify paying to beta test new hardware.

I do plan on picking one up when they mature a little more and am anxiously waiting for ATT to release a 3G version. (The bridge connection just didn't cut it for me)

Kudos to you who have stuck with the PB since day one... For me personally the PB needs a little "J" before I pick one up again.

I so agree. I'm not going to pay to be a beta tester either. I was ready to buy one on Day 1, until I heard about all of the updates and lack of native email app (w/o needing to bridge). I am a longtime, loyal BlackBerry fan, but I'm starting to think that I might wait for the PB 2 or perhaps the 3G/4G models. I am holding off on buying any tablet device for now. Once I do get a tablet, it will definitely be a PB. BTW, I have seen two people using PlayBooks to access free WiFi at the library.

I recently graduated from the University of Connecticut, and as of May of this year I've seen roughly 5 iPads and 1 Playbook around campus in public. Only 2 of the iPads were owned by students, the rest were owned by school clubs and programs. The guy with the Playbook was undoubtedly a huge Blackberry fan, and I was so surprised and excited to see one so early that I went and talked to him about it. He got so excited, told me about every spec and the good and bad about it, really nice dude. I wouldn't be surprised if he is a member of this forum.

I'm a huge Blackberry fan, but when it comes down to it I go for what is the best at the time. I own and iPad and Droid X that I got late last year. Blackberries were falling behind and I wanted to try something new. I'm looking forward to the release of the Bold Touch with bbos 7 and the next Playbook with a hopefully bigger screen. Many of my friends are the same way - blackberry lovers who switched over because of better overall features. With all of these new acquisitions, I really hope things turn around for RIM and we see more devices out in public.

I've seen three in public so far, one this past weekend, but you may see them in a police car near you in the future. ;)

I agree that even if i do carry my PB everywhere, i am not necessarily showing it off. One time while waiting for my turn for a hair cut, I was using my PB and had 1 guy notice it - we had a nice conversation about it with him - all though I think I was more excited than he was about it... :p

I still see more laptops and smartphones than anything else at Starbucks, Barnes & Nobles and places where people can just go and hang out with Wifi.

My wife has an ipad2 and never leaves the house. We should not be comparing to iPads.. not possible to beat, however I do feel PB should be doing better than most or all Android tabs at least.

In Colorado...the only one I have seen was the demo at Office Depot (where I went the next day to buy MINE. But...I have never actually seen anyone with an iPad either. Speaking of the playbook commercials (LOVE them)....my icons do NOT do that wavy thing across the screen like they do in the commercials. Bummer!

I saw one sold when I was trying it out at the store. Haven't seen one since. People may disagree, but I didn't like it at all. Don't even want to see it on the phones in the future. Conceptually its cool, but it's not as simple as it could be and not having the functionality of similar priced devices is a no sale. They NEED to have e-mail without communication with RIM servers as is the case with the browser. Same for the phones. They also need the 3G option (never mind 4G) out there also.

Haven't read all comments, so forgive if this point's been made, but I haven't seen any in my major metro area either, including mine because there's NOTHING you can do with it besides browse, which I do with my phone which fits into my pocket seamlessly.

I can even email and junk with my phone.

There's a lot of talk about patience with the applications, but like it or not this thing is launched and there's next to no decent document or business applications, just a crapstream of really silly games and stuff. Hangman? Colored dots???

Right now, if I want to work, a laptop goes with me. If I just need quick browsing, email, weather, etc. then the phone comes.

This device needs an infusion of one solid application in each key category.

I would never have launched without that in place--but I sure as heck would never allow Labor Day to come without that locked down.

Good point above about the bad ads and crappy marketing. I've already envisioned two KILLER ad spots that address JUST the points I'm making. These ads would SWAMP the nonsense on the air now. Who is RIM's agency? These babies need to get pitched!

At any rate, the OS and file management and timeout issues all need to be ironed out sooner than later, but right now it should be guns a blazing at making it so you can do more than browse and play ditties and vids on the Book. Real men work with their gadgets, not entertain themselves.

Speaking of real men, they don't bite other men or take cheap shots at their heads.

Canucks are the dirtiest team in sports and have disgraced the glorious game this series.

I've seen a ton of people with Playbooks all the time because...
I work at Best Buy and people are always returning them!

I'm a big RIM fangirl (so to speak) but even I wouldn't buy one. Well, truth be told I wouldn't buy any tablet - they're just giant toys to me. People don't usually return them because they're defective, they return them because they think they're iPads, and people return iPads because they think they're laptop replacements.

I don't see them anywhere. But I also don't see iPads, iPad2s, Xooms, et al. Seriously - I work an a corporation which has a couple thousand people at this location alone - and this is primarily IS/IT. Here at work I have seen NOBODY carrying any tablet. I suspect most people who get tablets simply aren't toting them around or aren't whipping them out while walking in the halls. (except me, as I seem to be glued to it...)

Tablets really aren't mainstream tech yet. A few million sales scattered around the world does not make for high usage density.

For most people, they're a curiosity and a non-essential purchase that often can't be justified.

I both a RIM & Apple enthusiast. I've had the last 3 BB Bolds currently using the 9780 as my regular phone but I also have an iPhone 4 which as use as an iPod Touch 3G or mini iPad 3G which ever way you wanna look at it I just don't use it as a phone but for nearly everything else.

So when I decided to venture into the Tablet Market for me there was gonna be NO other tablet other than the iPad 2. I love it & to be honest I've hardly give the Playbook a second look & haven't really even watched any comparison videos on the two because feel it's just gonna be just like comparing the 2 phones. I find myself sticking up for my BB a lot but that's just out of love the BB does the basics better but we live in a VERY mobile world & even my venture with the Torch thinking I might get the best of both devices on it proved to be a failure.

From Internet, videos, music playback basically anything entertaining RIM is so far behind Apple it's not even funny but the scary thing is they can't seem to keep up with others either.

Clinging on to BBM & push Email like their life depends on it. I'm by no means a Hater just telling it as it is......I mean 7" screen..........SMH.

I haven't seen a Playbook in use in public.

I haven't seen an iPad in use in public.

I haven't seen any tablet in use in public.

couldnt wait for playbook the job would be so much easier. comes out and job changes don't need one. now every tablet has flash, toshiba coming out with thrive, samsung and the price is starting to come down thrive 8mbgb (whatever) is just over 400.00 16 479.00. the reason to buy the playbook for me was/is bridge. but if no blackberry phone, why?

I returned mine ,after 6 hours ... the device is not ready yet and VPN is so complicated. why RIM doesn't include a simple VPN connection ? not everybody is using the cisco vpn.

i am waiting for 3G or 4G version and native email.

I don't see any pb's in my area. But I also don't see hardly any other tablets out and about either. I think i would have made more sense to put equal amount of time in money into the new line of phones. They would sell much better than a tablet. I don't care how good the tablet is. Not saying there isn't a market for them, just saying the market is much much larger for phones.

What I'd like to know is what's up with the in-store merchandising? Every time I go into my Best Buy the Apple products have the best up-front placement. The PlayBook is always buried in the back behind the Zooms and Acer pads. Most of the time, the PlayBook is non-functional.

The PlayBook is the best pad product out there, although I understand each consumer demands specific features. But the iPad is a PIECE OF JUNK. It has a steep learning curve, is proprietory, and doesn't have half the features of the PlayBook. What's up???!

I think it's because a lot people are dumping BlackBerry & don't don't understand well enough that you don't need a BlackBerry to really enjoy the PlayBook.

They should lower the price so I may be able to afford it lol'

I work at the Toronto Island Airport. I've been stopped since launch... maybe 5 times and have been asked about the PlayBook. People are waiting for it to mature.

I was just in San Francisco (keep in mind, its beside Cupertino). I've seen more iPad ads than iPads, but no PlayBook sighting.

iPad ads is the same stuff... BUT its everywhere, like a Coke ad. When you think of tablets, you think of the iPads. Similar to Starbucks...

I've seen 1 PlayBook so far, he was activating it :3 other then that... I have been quite on a solo train LOL. I do try to show it off as much as I can :3 and I do enjoy that part :D

As much as I want it to say its a success. I have a good feeling it might be on the 250,000 mark only. They need the android apps to run, apps and finally....

A freaking STORE! Not apple store but perhaps a... Kiosk to really show people lol :3

I hate to say it, but I love my current mobile provider and will not switch to get a PlayBook. The PlayBook provider where I live has horrible coverage and I am perfectly content with the service I have. I will just be REALLY late in getting one. Limiting themselves to Sprint ruined their chances in the Virgin Islands. People either have iPads or Galaxy TABs here. When about 70% of the population is on AT&T here, those sales aren't going to be great.

200,000 in sales is being WAY too generous. Try 20,000, with 19,000 of them being in Canada. LOL

I work in Los Angeles in a 5,000 employee based technology company and have see tons of iPads and 1 PB. By the way, the 1 PB was the one our company bought and to tear it down and do analysis on it. On the streets, I've seen tons of iPad users at coffee shops etc. I've seen ZERO playbooks. Same goes with Facebook. All my working professional friends are bragging about their iPads and Kindles. No one has even mentioned a Playbook.

I'm glad some of you can see from an unbiased view that the Playbook is doomed followed by RIM in a few years. Too much time and resources spent on the Playbook and too much neglecting their bread n butter smartphone segment. Stop chasing fools good and a market already saturated with competition.

The person I feel bad for is Kevin since RIM ain't going to be around in a few years.

It’s disheartening to vote "I have yet to see a person with a PlayBook" which is the truth. Being a 4+ years user of a blackberry, I personally feel RIM is still old school and are rarely doing anything innovative. How long have we been waiting for the release of Playbook..?
Even though Google and Apple are not really innovative, they are always on the news, which is the ‘key’ for their astounding sales.

Um realistically the reason that you aren't seeing playbooks out in public is because they are wi-fi only for the most part (dumb idea RIM), sure you can bridge one to your BlackBerry phone if you want dial up speed internet! Don't get me wrong I love RIM and am a very big fan and all I buy are blackberrys. But someone over there must be smoking some good stuff. Hey I know, let's build a BlackBerry "pad" device that is wi-fi only and has no native email software, who cares if the idea behind a "pad" is portability. If we limit the use to areas where there is only wi-fi they will fly off the shelf!!


I also travel between NJ and the World Trade Center everyday on the train - I see on average 5-10 Ipads, and 20+ kindles. Still yet to see a PlayBook and I've been actively looking.

Reading the comments and based on my own experience maybe people don't tend to take their tablets out in the open as often as they do laptops. I've seen maybe 4 or 5 ipads since it came out (obviously has something to do with the fact I live in Venezuela, but I know many people who own them, just not many people who carry them around).
Maybe sales are not good, maybe they are... I do believe, though, sales should improve (whichever is the case right now) once the Android app support roles out. I know that's what I'm waiting for :)

I haven't seen a playbook in public. But then again i haven't seen any tablet in public in Vancouver where i live... That said whenever I'm using my playbook people are always like "oh cool is that the new ipad" :( :( :( so clearly the commercials during the hockey games are not working for brand recognition!@

More importantly... Vancouver is going to win game 7. Boston cannot seem to get anything going when they aren't at home. Just another spoiled eastern team who cannot handle the massive travel miles the Canucks (And all western teams) deal with all season long.

To the poster who said RIM is dead and dying. Please pull your head out of your ass. North America is only one fraction of the world. If the playbook gains traction internationally just like BB phones have it will be considered a success. Company's are about making profit, not just making profit in North America.

i personally dont really take mine out too much. i use it for work a bit by having some manuals on it, but if im not using it, itlooks like a personal agenda or something with my zip up case

Kevin, how many downloads did CB app get so far? Or are you forbidden from disclosing this information?

I live in Alabama, and I haven't seen to many tablets in use out in public. Of course, I live in a rural area. At the bookstore, most of the people I've seen use laptops. I've taken my PlayBook to work with me and had some co-workers ask me about it. Some of them confuse it with the iPad, but i tell them that it's not. To some, all tablets are iPads or some variation of it.

If you're ever in my neck of the woods, you might spot me at the bookstore using my PlayBook. Does that count? :)

it'll be interesting to see what my fellow Dutchmen will do; we all absolutely love Blackberries over here (no 1 sales). It launches this friday, but only to one phone-retailer (Belcompany); which I think is very dumb. should've been more saleschannels from the start

As a recent acquiree of the playbook (winning the Need for Speed SE from EA Mobile), I use it to my fullest advantage. I was waiting for my phone to be upgraded in July to a Torch so the bridge would work (presently on a Curve 8330)
Another thing I wanted was to see what the 4G would be priced like, and to go as big as possible.
That being said, I really like the PB although I had to get a fingerprint resistant screen protector and this does cause some viewing/touch sensitivity problems.
I have seen one or two - I thought I saw a financial institute in Toronto Pearson airport with some for customers to use, but they turned out to be Tabs.
ACERs new 10 inch with keyboard is the same price as the equivalent PB and seems better than the Xoom. Most people want a particular item, one family I know has a PB and an iPad2, both get used a lot.
I think most people are keeping close to home with them, due to the need for the bridging right now. And I already have a Kindle, but I would love the flexibility of two devices to carry it. Video porting is pretty easy once you have a DRM free version of your movie/TV series, because there's no Netflix. No skype, although I have tried some free competitors (BBM Video chat is superb but platform specific - although coding is similar to Facetime - what's up with that?)

So on we soldier, the faithful few. I use mine out in public a lot, but don't wave it around. Many people have been interested in it, but even though they can read Blackberry on it, and I say "Blackberry Playbook" they go - Is that by Toshiba etc.

Anyway, let's keep spreading the word.!

Oh, and what's with all the hockey bashing? The subject is....

I work for a Canadian wireless provider (to remain unnamed) and yesterday served a customer who owns a PlayBook. She was upgrading her BlackBerry and didn't have her PB with her. Does that count?

BTW, we have stockpiles of 16GB, 32's and 64's. Nobody in our store has sold one! It doesn't help that we have no live units on display and no official training from RIM on the product.

RIM should borrow a page from Apple's playbook (no pun intended) and create a sharp, eye-catching display for its tablet. We have a huge display supplied by Apple for the iPhone 4 but nothing supplied by Research in Motion for the PlayBook, which is unfortunate.

Agree with Jean-Luc above. A better question would be, how many people you know who own a PlayBook?

That would give you a better indicator since, most probably, PlayBook owners do not necessarily travel outside with it or show it off, so you need to go deeper.

I'm in Toronto and when I worked downtown i see ipads everyday on the Go Train and in the food court.. I also see them at very heavily populated Asian Areas (i am asian) like Bubble tea shops where people come to hang out for hours...

on that note I stopped working downtown in Nov.... so i don't know how many playbooks are around on the Go trains, would be interesting as most are business people. but i know a lot of companies that gives ipads for business... I.E where i worked before all the directors got every new shinny toy the moment they came out for their "business needs".

i've seen about 10 playbooks in public places

all of these not including my friends ..... for that i know 4 people with ipads and 3 people with playbooks..

What did you expect Kevin? The Playbook is not ready for prime time. I have one and everyday I wish it would get better. Finally I stop using it because it has too many limitations. My bold 9780 and my Asus net book does everything I need. Face it Kevin, RIM got it wrong out the gate. As fans we hope RIM will get it right real soon. By next year RIM faces even stiffer competition.

and the ipad was perfect right out the gate right? this is technology your talking about! nothing is perfect out the gate or even close! we complain products don't get released, then we complain products are buggy when they do get released.. u gotta give a little to get..

Not exactly, but Apple did it right - they had a lot of experience and the touchscreen technology they're using is incredible (try it out if you don't know the difference)

And any limitations on the beginning with the iPad were "ok" (like printing missing), as a matter of fact, as Apple was the very first to enter this market "strongly" - now it's not possible to start from scratch again. You have to deliver.

I am in the UK - so not even seen the Playbook in the shops. Most shop staff have no clue they even exist. Great global marketing strategy RiM!

I have one, but I haven't seen another person with one yet! I hope I see one soon, really want to try the video chat program.

Other than myself, I have yet to see one out of store. I have had a few friends play with mine and enjoy it, or try it out in stores and enjoy it, but none have actually bought it.

I live next door to a huge crackberry nut, and I still haven't seen a Playbook. it will be interesting to hear the sales numbers at the Quarterly results call, but what number will they give out? How many sold, or 'Sell-through" (sold to distributors, or how many those distributors sold).

I would suggest more of a marketing push with enterprise and corporate clients in mind. And really put out the advantages for business use. I'm not a corporate type, but I have been hooked on BlackBerries since I upgraded to one a few years ago. It doesn't help that AT&T still blocks the Bridge App, since they're still the largest Telecom in the US. If you're on AT&T, they're reducing the funtionality of the device. As someone pointed out earlier, I also bought a thin screen protector for my PlayBook and have noticed some of the same problems. They're minor annoyances though and I still enjoy using my PlayBook.

Considering that even with the iPad having sold a bazillion and I hardly ever see people with those in public, this is not surprising. 7" is more portable. Even so only "x" percentage of PB owners will take theirs out daily.

I do think the latest couple of updates have made the PB a significantly better device. The browser is just awesome now, as well as bridged. So I kind of wish RIM had waited longer to release. But then, some of these bugs might not be discoverable until the tablet is in the wild. So even with waiting the PB probably would have had some of the same issues. Native email (even though I could not care less about it) is the one huge thing the bad reviews could pounce on. And I do see no native email as being a reason for the average person to return it once they realize it.

i dont have an ipad or a playbook, but if i did i wouldnt flash them around in public because i would be worried about someone trying to steal it. i do know a lot of people that have ipads and keep them at their house or office. ive never even seen a playbook in a store.

I've seen one iPad in my travels.

I really don't like the Flash commercial, 9 outta 10 people don't even know what they're talking about.

I have not seen one at all. but i ipads i hardly see out either. and when i do, its at school or books store, maybe a starbucks. but still i do not see often.

So this isnt a fair question. They are still considered my most a small computer. and most people (that i know of) do not take thier computers out.

Even Galaxy Tabs. I dont see much out in public either.

The playbook just came out. and i am sure i will see one here and there soon.

I love the 7" size because it is more portable. I will probably carry out with me a lot (whenever i get one)

But until you can get them on a network, you probably still will not see them out much is my opinion.

Everyone that see's me whip mine out gets to see at least one in the wild! But I don't see them posting hear. What a downer post. Why don't you just wait until tomorrow when they tell us. To much time on the apple site already?

I'm a long time BB user, love my 9700 and can't wait for 9900 release. I bought my PB the day it was released. Since then, I've seen no Playbooks (other than mine) and no Android tablets in public. I do see some iPads, mostly in Starbucks, Barnes & Noble and church (people use them as Bibles and take notes).

I'm a lawyer and I have started seeing several iPads show up in court. Lawyers use them to access their files, instead of carrying around several large file folders full of paper. This is the main reason I bought the Playbook...to access my files i court (instead of carrying around a huge file folder).

The Playbooks lack of a good file manager (yes, I've tried all the apps in the app store), and the lack of Dropbox or Box.net app/integration hurts. I'm hoping we will get it soon. I realize I can access Dropbox or Box via the AWESOME web browser, but I wish it was easier to store, access and update my files on the PB.

I still love my Playbook; glad I bought it instead of iPad, but I am looking forward to additional PB updates and a few critical apps.

I know this is totally unscientific, but I have spoken to several different employees from Best Buy, Office Depot, and most recently, Frye's. They all say the same thing:

Nobody's buying the playbook.

Interestingly, Several tell me that the hottest tablet is the Asus Transformer.....

Here the scoop! Blackberry Tablet is small and can be hidden/carried in pocket coat or a tiny bag very easily. Plus as always iPhone/iPad accessories are readily available; case in point, Philips Electronics, they make a dock for iPhone/iPod/iPad but do not make any dock or many accessories for there own mp3 players albeit good reliable video/music/radio/picture/storage device (I have one, beat down, run down but still runs great GoGear)
So we see a lot of iPads and fewer of Playbooks and Xoom etc.
It will take a while for other players to break into that market. I personally am waiting for the 10" tablet. I am going to replace my laptop/PC completely.

I voted "I've had a few PlayBook sightings now". Could be because I live 2km from RIM H.O.
To be honest I don't really notice any tablets when I'm out. I think people use them more at home because they are typically to big to lug around...until now.

Kevin, if you get all exited seeing BBs in public, why didn't you stay in Indonesia? ;)
(I'm here FYI)

Well, to be honest about the Playbook - I have my doubts from the beginning. Not only because of high return rate, but of a simple fact: People here in Indonesia are die-hard BB users (you know that from your own videos posted for the Developer Conference in Bali)

When I bought my PlayBook here, they rather looked at me like "really?" in the store - even though they made a lot of money, they were obviously not convinced that it was a good buy.

Carrying it around people have not been exited to see it, but rather asked me the same question again and again:

"I have heard it's really bad - what do you think? Why did you buy it?"

So the opinion that the PlayBook is crap has even breached the enthusiastic and very solid love for the BBs in Indonesia.

Sad, isn't it? --- I keep telling them, it looks promising, and they have a lot to do but they might eventually make it. (that's my humble opinion)

We will have to wait if this turns out to be true. I personally can't bother less - if I'm sick of waiting, I just stay with my BB phone, but abandon the Playbook and seek for something else. I'm not a real RIM-Products-maniac.

I fear, especially after this rather "average" (I'm trying to be nice) launch of the PlayBook 1 that RIM has only got a chance to get back into the game with a PlayBook 2 - more polished and mature and ready for reviews. Otherwise you can't change people's perception and opinion much, even with updates - because what actually spreads is not "why" it is bad, but that "it is bad".

Whoever underestimates and believes what I'm talking about should consider reading about the numbers here for an insight - as a matter of fact Indonesia is one of the largest and most growing markets for RIM.

EDIT: Why the hell is every second comment about "it's not fair to compare the sights of a Playbook to the sales numbers" and completely ignoring Kevin's estimates on the Playbook browser visits to Crackberry!?????
Most of the commenters probably don't even own a Playbook!

I have been checking the stores, and I believe the Playbook has done well. The first day of launch on Amazon (June 1, 2011) the Playbook was temporary out-of-stock. I was going to tell a friend about Amazon selling the Playbook; however, I found out that it was temporary out-of-stock. The 32GB and 64GB have been out-of-stock a lot at most Staples, Office Depot, and Bestbuy stores. The Staples store where I live have a sign near the display that says that you would have to order the 32GB and 64GB on-line. If I remember correctly, the Playbook sold-out on the HSN the first week that RIM launched the Playbook.

Best Buy has had great success selling BlackBerry smart phones in North America, so our sales expectations for the BlackBerry PlayBook were very high," Best Buy said in a statement. "To date, we have far exceeded those expectations and we're finding that customers are even more interested in purchasing once they've tested the PlayBook in the store."

I checked in two Wal-Mart stores for accessories for the Playbook; however, the accessories were sold out. Note: the Wal-mart stores that I was in did not have a Playbook for sell; but, the accessories were sold. Wal-Mart sells the Playbook on line. Some of the Wal-Mart stores carry the 16GB Playbook.

I think sells are going to increase even more when RIM releases the Android, and native email updates. In addition, sells will increase when the 4G Playbook is released.

I believe the iPad has finally met its competitor (Playbook). Everyone is going to be surprised with the Playbook sells. RIM typically surprises the critics. We saw RIM surprise the critics in December 2010 with its smart phone sells. The critics said in 2010 that the Torch was DOA!!!! I am rocking my Torch instead that crappy iPhone 3G that I had (that is no longer supported after 12/2010), which I purchased in May of 2009. You talk about something being half baked the iphone 3G was half baked.... I want get started on that issue because I would type a book ....

Not to be insulting, but did you ever think about the fact that they might be "out of stock" because they don't restock due to the bad sales?

Here's my thoughts. I've seen two Playbooks so far, my boss has one, and I saw a guy buying one as I was upgrading to the Bold 9780 (I know I know, 9900, I just couldn't wait anymore, my Pearl was REALLY old news).

I'll admit, I've seen more iPads, but most of the ones I've seen are 1st gen. I've seen one 2nd gen iPad so far, and I think using iPad 2 as a comparison makes more sense, since they came out at the same time? So from that perspective, Playbook wins? I think. Can't wait for the 2nd gen Playbook, hopefully they'll get their act together and I can get it for Christmas.

Hmmm, so the fact that you can't see someone wearing underwear should be interrepted as that the sales of underwear are poor? At best, that conclusion is tenuous. At worst, it's purely speculative and illogical.

Likewise, judging Playbook sales by "feelings" or "magical blackboxes" is hardly worthy of a news story - a forum thread, perhaps yes but an article on Crackberry, no. The only people who know for sure how sales are going are RIM. Any "feelings", "magical black boxes", "guesses", and "observations" are highly speculative in nature and quite frankly should be ignored. Even Crackberry's own app, which is quite good, is not a reliable estimator of how many Playbooks have been sold. At best, it could be argued that the Crackberry App is a measure of how many fans Crackberry have who also have a Playbook.

This is not to bash Kevin for writing the article - after all he does live in Winnipeg and us Vancouverites have to take pity on him for that ;) - but I am suprised at the overall conjecture of the article that paints a picture of doom and gloom for the Playbook purely on raw speculation and emotional feelings. To be blunt, it is still too soon to judge whether or not the Playbook has succeeded or not. Perhaps, I'll feel differently when the "official" and "real" numbers come out from RIM but until they do, I prefer not to speculate on how the device is going - there simply isn't enough "true" information out there.

Kev-think you're on to something. I travel quite a bit domestically and I've yet to see even 1 Playbook in use. Couple of reasons in my opinion:
1. Points of distribution/display-Best Buy displays are unattractive, you can never find a working device. Radio Shack is even worse. Every store I've been to never has them with any battery power. When you use them you're sold, unfortunately there's no where good to try them out.
iPads however are beautifully displayed at apple stores, a person to help you like you had a personal shopper and all the bells and whistles to make you want to buy.
2. Electronics are known to get outdated very quickly. The current playbook without native mail and calendar apps are outdated before you get it out of the box. We'll wait for the next one is conventional wisdom.
3. Hold the two devices side by side. DUH...same price???? NOT
Even if BB priced them at $449 it would have made it at least palatable.
It's a beautiful device and for us BB lovers just what we wanted. The engineers did their part however Marketing has really screwed up.
Tell Mr. Basile I'm available for free!

PB is supposed to be launchd here in 5 days and yet there's NOTHING anywhere about it. Whoever does RIM's marketing needs shooting.

personally I'm waiting for the 4G to come out along with things like email etc etc...although I am tempted to buy an iPad simply because it does have a lot of apps of desktop apps I use...
I've seen tons of iPads but no playbook

I am living in Hong Kong and on the way to work on the subway, I see at least 10 people with iPads reading comics, magazines, watching movies or using it just as MP3 players... Still, there are at three times as many people with Android-powered tablets: Motorola Xoom, Galacy Tab, Archos something, and so on. They do similar stuff -- over all, it is all about showing off their nice fancy little gadgets. Because the PlayBook is not launched here yet, it is only possible to get them on the "grey market" (that's what they call private imports from other countries which is technically not illegal and happening all the time) which means you can get them anywhere except in large retailers.

So in the end, I voted for "I have yet to see a person with a PlayBook". Obviously, I have a PlayBook and I know many who have one too, just because we are working with them all the day; but in public I haven't seen one yet.

i'm a proud playbook owner....i don't really care who has one or not...i know when people see me with mine they inch towards buying one....so my job is done..

First of all, I will admit to you that I do not yet own my Playbook, but I will soon (I think it's a beautiful device-discreet, portable, silently powerful, tastefully designed). I've played with demo models for a total of 3 hours and am convinced that I want a Playbook.

I happen to believe that Kevin's empirical correlations based on his web site activity and subsequent conclusions about how much Playbook purchase activity is really out there probably carry a lot of weight.

Sales might not be where we all want them to be just yet, but I think we have forgotten that Playbook functionality has yet to reach its potential. As a loyal follower of Crackberry and other "Berry" sites, I am excited to read about anything that emerges for the Playbook. I am also (unpatiently) waiting for the Bold 9900/9930 line to emerge.

There is a fact that I think needs to be accepted here though. We who spend time on these forums are up to date on much of what is planned for the Playbook in the near future and we have a sort of "relationship" with the device. A lot of us are loyal to RIM and the Playbook, and I believe the WI-FI only Playbooks were meant to be initially purchased by the loyal following (most owning BB phones) and then virally (via word of mouth) marketed to those less loyal to the Blackberry brand, spawning a sort of "dynamic".

That is not enough though. There aren't as many of us out there as it seems. I could have sworn that I heard Kevin and the boys (on a recent podcast) reveal that Crackberry.com is not as well known to the world as WE think it is. The same concept applies to the Playbook. I think the Playbook suffers disproportionately from negative reviews MORE than it should because it also suffers from a relative anonymity, biasing people from the start, maybe even before they know what a tablet computer is (every day when I go to work I see a huge 3-story high sign promoting the Apple iPad- I see nothing for the Playbook, and you know what? It's better that way for now). The Playbook (IMHO) first needs the momentum that is provided by enthusiasm from the developer community to help create a device that ANYONE can relate to- and can then be confidently advertised everywhere, and promoted to the Blackberry "layman" because he/she can see that if they want a (completely useless, yet cute or pretty app), that the Playbook is a device that ALSO runs that app. (I reluctantly own an iPod 4th gen for the simple reason that it runs my MOG music download app and Last.FM-both of these companies have absolutely no interest in developing their products for Blackberry devices-well, the phones anyway).
Every time I see how Apple's fake multitasking is passed off to us (presumably ignorant users) as true multitasking I want to throw the Ipod out the window, yet I keep it in pristine condition, waiting for the day that I can move all my apps over to my BB device / devices and then sell the Ipod.
We need developers to see the value of the Playbook. We need them to see that it (must be) easier to develop for the Playbook than for your average BB phone. We need them to see (and believe) that they can develop for the Playbook in a Multitude of ways that will render absolutely beautiful applications. We need a lot more USELESS and USEFUL not just for business(but absolutely amazing looking) apps that will help the Playbook promote itself, and we need more commercials that will push the Playbook's quality in ways that (normal?) people would be impressed by, not just WE, the faithful. We also need for AT&T to start looking like a "friend" of the Playbook and BB Bridge and RIM (Come on guys, you developed the damned Torch as a team!) Hint to AT&T: I'm fine with a bridged Wi-Fi Playbook, but if YOU guys sell a 3G/4G Playbook, and let me use it as an EXTENSION of my existing AT&T data plan (which I have 3 BB phones on (like a data bucket)), I"m buying my Playbook from YOU!

I have nothing but good wishes for RIM and the Playbook. It's going to take a little longer to market the product though because I still think that less sophisticated (or perhaps just younger) people need to feel that they can "relate" to the Playbook. For that to happen, we need a critical mass of GOOD apps to exist and be seen. Good looking apps sell hardware, not just the hardware's "potential"............ Man, it HURT me to say that!

Haven't seen any PB's out in public, besides my own. xD Although, my town is pretty small compared to lots. I haven't even seen a PB. I seen some other tablet, that was bigger then my PB but smaller then an iPad. I can't remember the name of it tho. That's the only one I've seen in public.

I've honestly only seen 1 iPad on the TTC (Toronto Subway). I use my playbook on transit all the time, in Toronto & Mississauga, so lots of people have seen at least 1 :-) Also, I see a lot more Kindles and Nooks than I see of any LCD / Tablet.

I think the PlayBook is far superior in many ways to the iPad, but I like and own them both... I use the iPad around the house, and the PlayBook everywhere.

I had to wait in line to vote in the recent federal election for about half an hour. Thank god I had my PlayBook to keep me entertained.

I have only seen a couple of PlayBooks, both at the airport. But the last iPad I saw was some dork fumbling around with his, pressing the buttons and getting flustered because something wasn't going quite right with the device. It seemed way too big and clumsy. I'm hooked on my PlayBook now that I found out that it plays movies perfectly on EpixHD.com after finding out that HBO GO was actually HBO NO-GO. Epix is also getting ready to introduce a dedicated PlayBook app - I can't wait for that.

My thoughts about why the PlayBook might not be selling so well is because the companies that provide Enterprise service for their employee's BlackBerry phones are scared that the PlayBook will be a security risk for their data when it is connected to a company BlackBerry phone. I work for Wells Fargo Bank and our IT department has forbidden employees from mating their BlackBerry phones to the PlayBook by blocking the download of the BlackBerry Bridge software on their phones. The reason: To allow time for them to test if they will cause any "security breech". They are notoriously slow in approving even BlackBerry phones (you can't have a Torch for example, they are still "checking out OS 6"). I had two friends from work buy a PlayBook the same time as I did and when they found out about this, they immediately returned them - they were useless to them. My BlackBerry Storm2 is my personal phone and isn't Enterprise.

RIM should have sent a free PlayBook to each IT department of their largest Enterprise customers (especially ones that require extra security for their data like client's checking account and credit card numbers). They needed to include a guide (with proof) that once the BlackBerry Bridge is disconnected, no data remains on the PlayBook. It has basically killed potential sales to about 10,000 Wells Fargo employees who have a BlackBerry, but cannot connect it to a PlayBook.

I was talking to my mother on the phone yesterday, who lives about two hours south of me in Parkersurg WV. She is used to doing things on computers but is not a technical sort by any stretch. Anyway, she's been talking about having something new, from iPod touch to tablet. It blew me away to have heard her say that, but what REALLY shocked me was the first thing she asked me about was the PB. I guess she saw some advertising for it and likes what she saw.

Where I live, I have seen a few IPads in metro, one or two typing on a restaurant table but not that many, considering the millions already sold.

I actually saw one woman use her Playbook on the bus! If you include me, then you could see at least two playbooks in the same bus!

I work in downtown Chicago and have seen no PBs (but many Ipad 2s). I suspect BB hurt sales by pricing it too high - why pay $499 for a 16 gb 7" PB when you can buy a 16 gb Ipad 2 with a larger screen and far more apps? I think most people inclined to buy a PB are waiting for the PB to develop apps and prove its value.

Ok, it's OFFICIAL!

The number of playbook sightings is 27 from reading all the posts. Given the fact that 20 of ya bought one, that makes 7 other playbooks out there in the wild!

I'm expecting HUGE sales figures this Thursday! NOT!

Hey all. Ive been checking out CB for forever now and i finally made an account just so i can post on this one thread.... I live in Iqaluit Nunavut Canada and there are two people here with them so far lol. so if they can be used all the way up here where we are still on a 1X cell network they can be sold anyway.

I don't own a PB or an iPad. To be honest, The $500-$700 price point puts it out of reach for me. In these tough economic times, Other people I know also say the same thing. I do own a Galaxy Tab 7" because the $200 price point on that was something I could afford. I do see the local newscasters using iPads..

I just bought mine yesterday. 64gb model but I'm seriously thinking of returning it there is a serious lack of apps. I think the galaxy 10.1 comes out in two days I may exchange for that. I think this tablet was rushed other tablets have far more support than this one. Sorry RIM I really wanted to like this.

I live in NC and I have only seen one iPad and that was in my Microbiology class. Other than that I have not seen ONE tablet of any make or model. That being said I carry my PB with me every where. Especially while in Bestbuy with my hotspot, i'm always browsing for a better deal.

And btw thats how i carry my PB in my back pocket or in my cargo short leg pocket.

My company has been giving them out at trade shows. It's pretty awesome. IMO the interface is better than Apple (and I buy everything Apple makes).

Shipping it with Bridge rather than all the apps people are accustomed to was pretty dumb, and negative bloggers have cost RIM. They have to be smarter at creating buzz.

I can believe this - and it's unsurprising. I live and work in a very tech-friendly area and I've seen zero Playbooks. In the same period I've seen tons of iPads and iPad2s.

In its current state the Playbook isn't a compelling product. At release it was buggy, and that cost it in the reviews; it's gotten better, but it still doesn't feel 'there'. It has a weak app selection, as well as _no_ headliner apps - and that's definitely hurt it a lot. The lack of PIM wouldn't have been a huge deal _if_ RIM had shipped the Playbook with a strong content play (i.e. strong, integrated tie-ins to music and video services)*, but it didn't, so for something that's supposed to be a media-focused device it feels extremely fragmented - especially when compared to the iPad experience. Finally, its price is close enough to the iPad that it hasn't established a radically different price point and resegmented the market: this means that people will be directly comparing the iPad2 and the Playbook when making buying decisions. As you can imagine, a lot of them are going for the iPad2.

* Turns out that an extremely common use for tablets is consuming media, so it's disappointing that RIM chose _not_ to fix this hole in their smartphone/tablet strategy. Come on RIM! Partner with Microsoft or Amazon across the smartphone/tablet platforms and fix this!

I've taken my PlayBook out in public twice in the last two weeks: daughter's dance recital, son's 8th grade graduation. Somebody at the latter asked what it was, wanted to know if it was an iPad.

So, how'd that game 7 work out? We had a hell of a victory parade here in Boston. Over a million people with no burned up cars. The Bruins players have been bringing the Stanley Cup around the city, into bars, walking around the city, letting people touch it, take pics, etc. It has been the best display by a championship team in Boston during my sports watching/playing life. (I've been around for 3 Stanley Cups, 2 world series, 3 superbowls, and 6 NBA's).

Oh, BTW, I plan on getting a Playbook by the end of the summer.