iTwinge Bringing Physical Keyboards To The iPhone?!?

By Bla1ze on 20 Sep 2009 01:32 pm EDT

The master of all things iPhone over at The iPhone Blog, Rene Ritchie yesterday posted an article regarding the new iPhone accessory, iTwinge, which quickly made its way to the CrackBerry forums as well. iTwinge is aiming to bring a physical keyboard to the iPhone and are now accepting pre orders for this...thing, that resembles a keyboard that can easily be slid off and on the iPhone to allow usage. Now while to some this may seem great, the majority of users seem to think this is just simply not needed. So, since this question was raised in the forums, will any one now be switching from their BlackBerry to an iPhone now that it... kinda, has a physical keyboard? Anyone? 

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iTwinge Bringing Physical Keyboards To The iPhone?!?


switching over? HELL NO! but it is a genius idea. the creator saw a complaint and addressed it. i would watch out for that guy/gal because he/she has a bright future ahead. It looks like a great product that makes the iphone's unbearable text entry method somewhat bearable.

My only complaint would be that I feel that the iTwinge defeats the purpose of have a touch screen and it would be cumbersome to remove the iTwinge on and off.

if u have an iphone, u wouldnt carry this thing with u in yor pocket xD
but the ideo is cool

thats hardly a keyboard. it mostly looks like a piece of plastic that still hits the keys on the screen, its just doing it for u. seems pointless

Even though I prefer Blackberrys, I appreciate when someone comes out with something great. Freedom of will.

oh boy ! that defeats the purpose of the virtual keyboard lol but hey, its something new hehe, it can double as a screen protector I guess to a certain extent

well i wish the iphone only had useless $0.99 apps, but now someones also made a case for the iphone, called the recession case, which costs 0.99!! its made of the hardest wearing material of all time, oh no, wait its just a piece of card!!! makes me happy us blackberry users get good worthwhile products, while iphoners just want a blackberry keypad!

I would love to get an iPhone, but I'm not going to AT&T. So I'll deal with BlackBerrys until that magical day when Verizon finally gets the iPhone.

I just visit the iTwingle site and it looks ugly. It look like a big piece of low quality plastic. Attaching it to an iPhone is just going to make the iPhone less attractive than it is now!

Lets not get it twisted. It's simply someone that is trying to sell a gadget that will enable one to type on an iPhone as we BB owners do on our BBs.

Sooo, don't be a hater because free enterprise is at work here. Heck, with the number of iPhone users out there, the developer of this thingy could easily sell a million or so of them,...especially if it's priced right and is readily available at places like Best Buy,..etc. If so, the guy will be laughing all the way to the bank.


Switch? Not a chance. That "thing" deserves a dumb award. How bloated is the iphone supposed to get. First there is an app for every thing, then the ridiculous battery pack and this?!!!

Talk about re-inventing the wheel.. isn't the whole point of the iphone having a virtual keyboard that’s its exactly that! meaning that when you switch out of apps so does the keyboard.

Some people really do buy some crap.. i bet there is a list of pre orders already for this pile of junk!

I might make a touch screen keypad that fits over my bold keyboard... i'm sure some moron will buy it!

They even advertize "Imagine an email or SMS with no typos.".......
It's things like this that cement the fact that Blackberrys rein supreme.
......The IPhone is just jealous.

i do think what iphone or ipod touch biggest mistake is without, u think this is not important?? SURE important.

Once again, my brethren are right. How lame to have a hardware keyboard casing for the iphone!? It defeats the whole idea of a touchscreen. If iphone users can't stand the lack of a hardware qwerty then switch to a Bold!

This is the same thing that Palm released many moons ago for the one of the old Palm handhelds. They are just recreating something that was used before. I personally will not stray from my BB's again....

I hate the iPhone and all the smug iPhone users too. :)

however, this is a cool gadget. Not sure if id go out of my way to get it if I were an iPhoner but cool idea none the less.