iTunes on your Berry: BlackBerry Media Sync Now Available!

BlackBerry Media Sync!
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Jul 2008 06:42 pm EDT

BlackBerry Media Sync has officially been released! No love for Mac users though. Here's the official overview:

Your Music on Your BlackBerry Smartphone. It's That Simple.
Use BlackBerry Media Sync to get your desktop iTunes music files on your BlackBerry smartphone. Whether it's a specific playlist from your collection, or a random mix of tunes, it's incredibly easy to transfer the music you want to take with you.

Music for the gym? A random mix of songs to get you through the day? Whatever you need, it's easier than ever to get it on your BlackBerry smartphone.

Easy to Update
If you make changes to one of your iTunes playlists, the next time you sync your BlackBerry smartphone and your computer, BlackBerry Media Sync will make sure the music on your device is updated too.

All the Memory You Need
Whether you choose the playlists or have download a random selection to your BlackBerry, you can control how much of your music is synced to your BlackBerry smartphone.

And with support for a microSD card for expandable storage, you can get plenty of free memory to store all your music, as well as the other files you want to carry on your BlackBerry smartphone.

For more information and to download, visit

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iTunes on your Berry: BlackBerry Media Sync Now Available!


The software will NOT sync any itunes files that have DRM (digital rights management). Most itunes files contain these so you will most likely be without your favorite songs...

"Most itunes files contain these"

I think that you've misunderstood that we're discussing iTunes as the program, not the service.

All music *purchased* from the iTunes Music Store service except iTunesPlus songs will include DRM (Apple's FairPlay). It's not surprising that they don't sync over because they couldn't play on the Blackberry. Apple has not licensed FairPlay to anyone other that Motorola (for a few awful devices -- ROKR anyone?)

Now, as to whether "most" of the files in someone's particular iTunes collection is purchased from iTunes, that's another story. I have over 4000 songs, almost all of which I purchased from somewhere (mostly on CD) and only about 150 are from the iTunes Music Store.

I'd be surprised if anyone who uses iTunes regularly to manage their music collection has one in which "most" of their music was purchased from iTunes.

Kevin, thanks for this great info! i would have never checked the website and realized this (the bb site). i never ceased to be amazed at the amount and quality of information that i receive here! now hopefully it'll all work good. i will say that its real slow to sych. i've been synching for 30 minutes probably at this point, and its still not done with only 271 files or so.

RIM leaves us in the dark again. I wish the iPhone wasn't such a mess... with such terrible support from RIM, I'd welcome any worthwhile phone that synced well with the Mac.

I just downloaded media sync and it seemed to install fine. It does however say that there are no playlists on my itunes library, which there is. It is not letting me sync anything, and does not show any files at all. I did check to make sure my mass storage is turned on and I do have a 4 gb microSD card. Any help would be awsome, thanks.

when i intially use it, it takes a long time to develop the playlists. even once the music is on the phone, it takes a long time for it to show up in the playlists, but it finally did for me. this has saved me from buying a different media player for sure! the playlists dont show up until you hit the arrow down to select one, then they show up.

I have a BB 8330, and Media Sync does not detect my Blackberry. The display on the BB flashes "Connected" several times before Media Sync times out, and gives up. I don't have any issues with the Desktop Manager (4.5)

I installed it on the laptop but I keep getting a "error" message that "Blackberry Media Sync Failed to connect to your Blackberry device. Click connect to try again or cancel to disconnect". Even though the BB Pin # is on the Media Sync window.
Please help anyone,
thank you.
BB 8130 4.3
Win XP 3

was pretty excited to recently discover the existence of this but am super bummed since I can't get it to work. I have no problems with Desktop Manager 4.6 seeing the Blackberry and it looks like Media Sync at least sees the PIN # for my Blackberry but the connection doesn't persist long enough to actually stay connected. In other forums i've seen people recommend the following (1) wipe your blackberry and then try it again & restore other apps (didn't work for me) (2) might have a corrupted USB driver (this didn't apply to me since Windows Explorer has no problems seeing my Blackberry drives). As a foot note, i'm running Windows Vista SP1 on a Thinkpad X60 with a Blackberry Bold.

here's what I ended up doing.

While looking to free up hard disk space on my laptop I noticed that in addition to having Blackberry Desktop manager 4.6 installed for my Bold, the prior version for my Curve and one more before that was also installed. I uninstalled each of them except for the 4.6 one and then rebooted my laptop. Upon connecting my Bold this time around, additional drivers automatically got installed and then Media Sync informed me that a new update was available and then whoila, it was suddenly working. I wanted to let others know how this issue literally just got resolved today.

I'm looking forward to future media sync updates to allow for getting album cover support as well as movie support.

Good luck and happy listening!

I thought this was great until I figured out it was only for iTunes. Why not something that does the same time with any BB compatible media files on my computer?

It's just flat out BS that they wont allow you to use a DRM file. I pride my self on the fact I get all my music thru i Tunes. Then not to mention the fact there is no Mac support. Gosh, thanks for the excitement that lasted about 30 seconds to long!!

"I pride my self on the fact I get all my music thru i Tunes"

That same pride is the source of your problem,the application nor RIM put the DRM there...Apple did.

I love the fact that Itunes is an apple product, and yet, for those of us who have a Mac computer it is not available. This is one more reason that i am frustrated with RIM. ugh!!!

Hi Guys,

I spent quite a bit of time getting the Media Sync working in my config - one thing I found (in the pre-release version at least) was that the software will ONLY sync with an iTunes database located in the iTunes default location i.e. Doc & Settings\My Music\iTunes directory. If your iTunes DB is anywhere else you're SOL, sortof.

You *can* redirect the My Music location in Windows using TweakUI & it seems to work a treat... My iTunes lives on a USB Drive (E) and I used TweakUI to redirect My Music to E:\My Music & I put the iTunes DB there. (I plan to update my posts on the forum thread this weekend with the steps).

No it's not a slick as iTunes with an iPod, it doesn't do DRM files but its WAY better than what was available before - so let's all celebrate it even if its not perfect, its still a giant leap forward.

Hi, your fix sounds like it will work for me but I'm not good with computers, never heard of TweakUI and not sure how to go about setting up this redirection. Can you help?

come on RIM, what the &*#( do you MEAN no love for the mac users!? do you know how hard i had to grind to get the money to get this blackberry and macbook combination? and you're telling me i can't get music from my mac to my black? berry!? COME ON!

RIM, you can do it. just work a little harder out there. stop faking on the mac OS, young.

I have the same problem as an earlier poster. I installed it successfully, and when I plug in my 8330 it won't recognize it. It actually shows my BB's PIN, but says to connect a BB. No matter how many times I tried, no luck.

Too bad. I really looked forward to this.

I have the same problem as an earlier poster. I installed it successfully, and when I plug in my 8310 it won't recognize it. Any help would be appreciated..

As I said before, SyncTunes is free and works fine to transfer your non-drm music. Missing Sync works fine too. We can't wait for RIM or boot into Windows to enjoy some love. Support third parties instead and move along with your day.

IF the iphone had a keyboard, many of us probably would have moved to it.

I was so excited to see you can sync Itunes with your BB. There is one huge problem that I encountered. Like earlier posts mentioned, many songs will not upload because they are protected. I have approximately 3300 songs in my Itunes library and only 3 uploaded. So the application is taking up more space on my BB than the actual songs. Not least until this dilemma is solved.

This app doesn't even run on your BB. Did you even try it or just open your mouth to add to the conversation?

For those with iTunes protected libraries - look up the application DoubleTwist. It will 'free' your music and then you can put it on your BB. I did that with my iTunes library so I could put it on my Pearl and now my Nokia. Keep in mind, it will STILL work perfectly within iTunes and your iPod/iPhone as well. It basically just converts them all to MP3 :)

I keep seeing mixed results with getting music on the phone. Now, my issue is with my memory card being reconized. Media Sync won't reconize that my memory card has 6GB/5.6GB usable space. My phone reconizes all the memory, however Media Sync won't even reconize the phone. More specifically it recognizes it but only shows the PIN. I fomatted my memory card on my phone and I got usable 1.68GB of space once formatting.(remember my card is 6GB) After I did that my phone was able to sync songs only up to 1.68GB. I want that old space back for Media. Anybody know whats up? I'm running BB Curve 8320 running on T-Mobile OS

This thing is totally useless. It says it is syncing the music to my 8820 but no files show up out of my iTunes Playlists. This is a complete piece of garbage. Why did they waste their time on this when they could have put more resources on OS 4.5 and gotten that relased when it should have been released! Well... its uninstall time and back to using Roxio (another piece of junk media manager). No getting around it.. I will always have my iPod for music!!

Does this only work with iTunes? I like the fact that this says it can do a random fill or a playlist sync and only fill a certain amount of space. But all my music is just straight MP3's, so I don't have iTunes installed :)

I understand that you might not want to add yet another media manager to your life, however IF you're forced to in order to use this, know that iTunes works fine with MP3s. In fact, you can configure it quite easily to RIP songs to MP3 when you import from CD. You're only forced to use Apple's format if you purchase from iTunes Music Store.

My first attempt to use the new Media Sync w/Desktop v. 4.5 was a total bust. It simply didn't work. Now that I have installed Desktop v 4.6 it works perfectly with iTunes and my 8820. I suspect that 4.5 is missing some of the components that it needs to work in conjunciton with Media Sync. That said, why would RIM release Media Sync if it won't work properly with 4.5?

Also, the double pop sound I was getting between tracks when using Roxio is now gone!

So my public apology to RIM for my first post which was a total negative on the new Media Sync. But who would suspect it would not work on 4.5 and work perfectly on 4.6?

This is the beginning of the rest of my life. My crackberry addiction has officially reached new heights. Now all I need is a non-buggy version of flipside ;) Thanx

I just bought my BB three weeks ago and today downloaded the Media Sync for it. When I tried to download my iTunes that I've purchased for my iPod to my BB I got the message it couldn't find my BB, and then I was flashed the message that my BB was not one of the smartphones that supported Media Sync! This is crazy! What the heck is going on here! What do I do now?

I'm trying to Sync my iTunes Playlist to my BB but when the playlists appear in the Sync Manager it will NOT allow me to select the box. Anyone have a fix or a suggestion?

I love my curve 8530, but, I spent several hours yesterday waiting for my playlists to generate on to mediasync. Everything goes as planned but the lists never populate from my itunes library. Any suggestions anyone?

Hey guys, this Blackberry/iTunes this works pretty least it did for me.

I run OS X Snow Leopard with the new Blackberry Desktop Manager Ver 1.0.3 (which they just came out with). When I selected the iTunes playlist(s) I wanted in my Blackberry Storm II, it transferred it right in - about 100 songs all total (and their album covers). It successfully transferred iTunes purchases as well as my regular CD's that I uploaded into iTunes. So now I am about as happy as a crooked politician who just raised your taxes. But I did experience one (small) glitch. I got a (meaningless) yellow "Attention" icon on BB Desktop Media Mgr. that said "Desktop Manager could not sync all the itunes songs"...but in fact, it actually DID sync them all in successfully! So I am pretty happy about all this.
Now to figure out how to get a few of my choice iPhotos over to my new Blackberry Storm II.

After such a long time, RIM wakes up and provides a Sync which is already limited. Times have changed. Most users have more music than can fit on an SD card. So there are better alternatives like Jam11 software available on App World which enables users to stream their iTunes music off their PC or Mac. No need to Sync. Just listen anywhere. No need to worry about the size of SD card. It is like having an iPod with unlimited capacity. Best of all Jam11 is free for now.