It's time to DJ - Pacemaker comes to the BlackBerry Z10

By James Richardson on 28 Feb 2013 07:20 am EST

Do you want to practice your DJ skills? You can now on your BlackBerry Z10 smartphone thanks to Pacemaker. We first featured the app when it was released for the BlackBerry PlayBook so you may want to check out our full review. The app has now been optimised for the Z10 so you can scratch and loop whenever and wherever you like.

There are a ton of features within Pacemaker - most of which I don't understand. I prefer a bit of rock n roll myself, but if you are a budding DJ or just fancy some fun this app will suck you in and keep you entertained, while being productive at the same time.

You will be pleased to know that the Z10 edition of Pacemaker is cheaper than the PlayBook version. It will set you back £3.50/$4.99 and from the comments I have read about the app it offers great value for money.

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It's time to DJ - Pacemaker comes to the BlackBerry Z10


sweeeeeeeet.. But I think I prefer it on the PB because of the screen size.

I am a DJ but cannot see myself Dj'n on the Z10 screen but I'm happy that its there.

I bought this for the PlayBook back when it was £19 and was really excited to see that I could download it on the Z10 for free, however the version I got for free seemed to the the white free version and the actual optimised for Z10 guy is still £3.50.
I've got to say I was pretty gutted.
Guess I'll just stick to mixing on the PB and CDJs for now.

For all who have purchased the app on their PB, they can download the same app for free onto their Z10, but for those who have Not purchased for the PB, can download the "Pacemaker for BB10" instead for 4.99$

The versions are the very same

There are two versions on BB World, universal and the Z10. They are the same file, look at the file size, version number. The reason there are two versions is because of the differences in the Z10 hardware (I think the GPU or CPU).

when I first got my white z10, I dloaded Pacemaker and had the white version, then updated it and got the black version, try looking for the update instead and it should give you the black universal version.(go into world, check for updates, install)

You should contact the Pacemaker support and ask for the full version.
I've also bought Pacemaker for the full price of $19 the first day it was available and about a month ago I've asked the Pacemaker team whether I would have to pay again once I get my Z10 and they answered that the Z10 version should be free for those who already bought it on PlayBook (take a look at my screenshot I guess it's just a bit complicated to do so via the BB World, but you definitely don't have to pay again.

Video incoming, was using it all last night. Works even better than that of the playbook but one thing I need to know is why the z10 comes out in mono sound....

Just a heads up, it doesn't appear to read music from the SD card, only from the device. I had to move a couple songs to the device for it to see them.

Not sure if that is the exact problem, because I have NO songs on my device, and 1300 on microSD card, it reads only 16 songs from my microSD card for some reason. I have reached out to the dev. to see if I can get a response. BUT, if putting all my tracks on the device will work that that is a temp solution I can live with for now.

If you search pacemaker, there will be 2 results: "Pacemaker" which comes up as $9.99, it is version, and "Pacemaker for Z10" which comes up as $4.99, and it is also version

As soon as I saw that it was available I jumped the gun and needed this app, I didnt realize at the time that there was 2 versions, so I picked the one for Z10, it charged me $4.99, after I had installed that version, I realized there was 2 different ones, so I clicked on the pacemaker for $9.99 but when it went in to allow me to download, the price went from "$9.99" to showing "Download", so it turns out that this version is free.

That being said, the release date for "Pacemaker" is June 14, 2012, whereas the release date for "Pacemaker for Z10" is Feb 26, 2013.

After I installed both on my phone, I noticed that only 1 Pacemaker icon appears which leads me to believe they are the exact same thing, but then not sure why there are different release dates. I have contacted the developer to see whats up.

I dont really care that I got charged twice, not going to complain because this is an awesome app and I'm just happy it is finally here, another $4.99 isnt a big deal. I use it all the time when I have house parties connected to the stereo gateway. But for those of you out there that are just looking for a reason to complain, make sure you chose "Pacemaker" for $9.99, if you have already purchased for PlayBook as it appears to be that it will let you download for free.

I will post an update if/when I hear back from the dev.

The $9.99 version is universal, meaning you can download the PB version as well. If you don't have the PB, get the $4.99 Z10 version.

Wow! I was just playing with this last night on my PB...saying this would be mad convenient if/when it comes to the Z10...and here it is! Any requests on wishes?

i dj at a local roller skating rink with technology from 1994. this will be alot better than the crappy stuff they have.

Must have app, works great on the z10 as well as PlayBook.


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