It's time to change the name of Research In Motion to BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Jan 2012 10:24 am EST

While Research In Motion carries out the process of recruiting a new Chief Marketing Officer to the company, I've decided to temporarily fill the position by throwing some CrackBerry Kevin BlackBerry marketing logic into the ether. You know what they say - no time like the present. And with new CEO Thorsten Heins set to present his ideas for change to RIM's board in two weeks time, the sooner we get these ideas -- both big and small -- out there, the better. Let's kick things off today with what I feel is a long overdue name change.

It's time to change the name of the company from Research In Motion to BlackBerry. Period. New CEO. Let's finally do what should have been done years ago and make the BlackBerry brand one and the same with the corporation and people that deliver the product. I know there is a long history with the Research In Motion name and I'm sure it will cost a chunk of cash and be a headache for a company of RIM's size to go through the change, but the time is now to get it done.

Most consumers still don't know that Research In Motion makes BlackBerry products. Hell, even Jeopardy thinks it's a company called BlackBerry that makes BlackBerry Smartphones. Seriously. You can click this link to watch TV's Alex Trebec let What is BlackBerry? slip by as the correct answer to The Bold 9000 Is Among This Company's Series of Smartphones. Wrong Alex. So wrong. 

And while I know a lot of people, especially those reading this article on CrackBerry, can make the connection that Research In Motion builds BlackBerry, it's a step that is unnecessary. Let's quit fighting it and S I M P L I F Y. Simplifying things will be a critical part of RIM's BlackBerry's path to success moving forward (see my previous editorial on Focus), and a logical place to start is with the name.

While there are many successful examples of companies having a different name from the product brand (and RIM/BlackBerry is a great example of this), I think some of the most powerful examples of consumer brand loyalty come when the company does have the same name as the brand. Just think about that other company named after a fruit. When the company and brand share the same name, consumers value the company and the people who make it as much as the product itself. I believe it can build greater consumer loyalty. I also believe it works the other way. While I haven't put any time into digging up empirical evidence for it yet, I have a hunch employees work even harder and take more pride in their work when they know their identity is tied to the consumer-facing brand.

Speaking of employees, I've brought this subject up to many a RIM employee over the years, and without fail this notion has been met with approval. A name change would be a nice kickstart on the Let's Rock & Roll This! mantra. Beyond the morale boost of being able to quickly check a to do off the list (an early win for the new CEO!), I think it would even be a time saver for employees:

"What do you for a living?" asks a stranger at an airport
"I work for Research In Motion" says the RIM employee
"What do they do?"
"Oh, you know, we make BlackBerry"
"Oh wow, that must be awesome! Why isn't the company called BlackBerry?"
"Beats me. Ask our CMO. Oh, wait."

It may not be an issue for RIM employees while in Waterloo, but I'm sure literally every current or former RIM employee has had this conversation at least once. The new BlackBerry Chief is a fan of process discipline and efficiency in organization structure. If we could save each of the 14,000+ RIM employees one minute this year from avoiding this extra step in obligatory introductions, that's over 233 hours of time that could be put back into productive work. Now that's maximizing efficiency. Though to be totally honest, I wouldn't doubt if most RIM jobbers already reply with the answer "I work for BlackBerry" to this question anyways. More validation to changing up the name already.

I have nothing against the name Research In Motion. Other than opening itself up to the odd RIM Job or Research In Slow Motion joke I quite like the name, though arguably it does sound more like an engineering company than a consumer electronics company, which makes sense given Mike Lazaridis' engineering background. It just makes logical sense for the company to switch up to the name of its most valuable brand and product, BlackBerry. And I am most definitely a fan of logic.

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It's time to change the name of Research In Motion to BlackBerry


I disagree, Kevin.

BlackBerry is one thing they do - one major thing, to be sure. QNX (wholly owned by RIM) is another BIG thing they do.

And.. given that QNX is used in everything from the space programme to Porche mock-ups.. the Motion part of Research in Motion is very applicable.

I was waiting for this comment. Awesome that it came first. I was going to put that into the post but figured there was no need. Just as Research In Motion owns QNX... BlackBerry can own QNX and TAT and whatever other company it wants to own too, which can maintain their independent identities, or have them become integrated into BlackBerry.  Apple, Google, etc. own lots of other companies (heck, Google bought Motorola).  Research In Motion is STILL an extra, un-needed layer. SIMPLIFY.

Heck. Does Research In Motion have a twitter account or facebook account? NOPE. The accounts are for BlackBerry.  'Nuff said.

I've worked with some client companies who, like RIM, opt to detach themselves a bit from the Brands they market
One time I asked the Marketing Director of one company, and I was told it was part of a fallback plan, that if ever the company decided to sell the brand and all the products associated with it, that the company could remain intact (not necessitating much organizational change and legal implications), and continue to build other brands they owned and marketed.
Just thought I'd share.

This was my thought as well. Truthfully kevin, when I read your title I thought that perhaps you were going to suggest to can the BlackBerry brand. BlackBerry (the brand) has a very bad reputation in the USA right now, and I'm not convinced RIM will be able to shake the stigma that has become attached to the brand BlackBerry. I believe (although sadly) that RIM would have more success with their upcoming bb10 phones if they canned the BlackBerry altogether and named it in line with QNX. It would be a fresh start in the US market and would differentiate itself from the declining, slumping, corroded BlackBerry brand - just a thought - cheers.

I hope not. Blackberry has been built as a well known name. And also, Blackberry hasn't been completely tarnished. It's had it's iconic status. And the only reason it isn't doing good in the US is because they just stagnated.

With the new BB7 lineup. I was surprised as to it, you know, actually selling. I've had a few friends that got the new devices. And I've been seeing the new Bolds around.

They need to keep the BB brand name. And let RIM keep their name too. Same way iOS is Apple. And Android is Google. This is a new era in the mobile industry. People can make that connection now. Smart phone software is complicated, and with the general population now realizing that can make the association with BB and RIM. RIM just isn't as well known. That's all.

BlackBerry is like sleeping Giant, once awoken with a competitive product and with a competitive eco system of apps and games people will flock back.

A proud history of being a productive product, that missed the boat when people want a toy AND a productive product in one.

I thought the same thing for a while, but i've come to the conclusion that the return of the Blackberry would be a much bigger story that the intro of a new brand. American's are forgiving and they admire a comeback. In fact given equal success American's admire you more if you've failed first and come back.

Apple is just such an example.

Sorry I have to disagree with your view that Blackberry reputation cannot be salvaged in the US...if you recall a little more then a decade ago Apple was deemed to be dead in the look at them. RIM/Blackberry can easily repair the damage to their image/brand by producing high quality, competitive devices and changing their marketing strategy.

There's hope for RIM/Blackberry yet...

This reminds me of Ford and the Mustang. When the Mustang was first introduced, it was groundbreaking. Over the years, it got bigger and sloppier. Then, the fuel crisis. Ford's answer? Retool the Mustang and call it the Mustang II (shudder). They damn near killed it off. Finally, after some major design changes (both outer and under the hood), the Mustang is a damn fine car. It retains styling cues of the past, but is definitely 21st century.
My point is that RIM (or Blackberry) can come back. It won't happen overnight, but if they get their act together, it can happen.

Hi, Kevin.

I have personal and corporate accounts for Twitter, too. Same "company" (me) just different "brands".

Perhaps they should name the division, within RIM, "BlackBerry" and those employees / resources are contained within that division for branding purposes and then RIM becomes a management structure or shell, instead.

However - RIM needs to exist for a bunch of other reasons.

Let's agree to disagree. ;)

I have to somewhat agree with this post, but not completely Kevin.

Have to keep in mind Blackberry product is a PIECE of the RIM corporation. Where yes QNX, TAT, etc are important pieces of the Blackberry product, you have to remember about DigiSync Film KeyKode for the Holywood industry, along with Point of Sale solutions, which are only a few things that have little to nothing to do with Blackberry, but are innovations in other industries.

So in short, I think Jaguar Financial would completely agree with you, break up RIM, sell some of those assets that RIM is little known for in the consumer world and have Blackberry this or Blackberry that. Branding though has made Blackberry important in the consumer world and allows RIM to keep all the assets in RIM's portfolio.

While I wholeheartedly agree that the company needs to simplify and better incorporate the acquisitions of the past two years into fold and names like QNX Software Systems, TAT, Tungle, Gist, etc. should be things of the past, I am with TTune on the notion that the corporate identity if RIM has value to a diversified company.

His argument especially when it pertains to QNX Software Systems is a powerful one. I mean lets face it, the BlackBerry brand has taken a pounding the past couple years and potential customers for RIM's software might not want to buy from BlackBerry. I'm not sure I'd want my bullet trains, or Nuclear Power Plant, or Mars Lander powered by BlackBerry. But Research in Motion sounds just right for those customers.

I agree that RIM does not need to be the brand that is consumer facing and maybe even a new RIM logo (though I love the current one) that incorporates the iconic BlackBerry logo would create the needed brand association.

I definitely think any consumer facing products should be branded BlackBerry and Thorsten should be negotiating deals to get the BlackBerry logo in every car that has QNX at the heart of it's infotainment system and on the product of every home automation solution that is based on QNX. Plus, these are the companies he should be striking deals with to license BB 10, not phone makers. The QNX (Should have been BlackBerry) Porsche at CES was awesome, and represents a fantastic path forward to the mobile computing future that the company envisions. Thing is, I can't buy a Kia or Ford without knowing that Ford's Sync and Kia's UVO are Powered by Microsoft. So I should not be able to buy a Mercedes, BMW, or VW group automobile without a Powered by RIM logo on it's dashboard. Or if you really want to simplify, just the BlackBerry logo without the word like on the back of their phones. That's as simple as it gets. Make that the Corporate logo for RIM.

.. really? so you want to distract them from their 'focus' on executing & delivering BB10 & the other products that are most important to keep RIM/Blackberry moving forwards so that that RIM can spend time & money on new business cards, stationary & signage?

".. would a rose by any other name smell as sweet ?"

..contemplate that & let the guys @ RIM get back to work.

What the heck are you talking about? That's like Apple calling itself the iphone or ipod. Apple Computer Inc. (now Apple Inc.) makes the iPod and iphone and ipad, just like Research in Motion makes the BlackBerry Bold, Curve, Torch and Playbook.

If you can't see the simplicity you are a moron.

What I really want to see is RIM starting up new brands for their BB10 phones. Start to abandon the tainted Blackberry brand, at least in NA where the average consumer automatically dismisses Blackberry upon hearing it.

I have to disagree on this one too.. Blackberry is a product, not a company.. Blackbery should not own QNX, TAT etc.. RIM is a company that although less known does many important things that have nothing to do with blackberry..

Also, to your point about the other fruit company..

company: Apple
product: iphone
model: 3G, 4, 4S etc


company: Research in motion
product: Blackberry
model: bold 9900, torch 9800 etc..

They do utilize the company name more readily.. Ie Apple Iphone.. where as we rarely say RIM Blackberry.. but you don't by a phone called the apple..

No its not. RIM doesn't doesn't superfluous distractions right now. I can just see the critics mocking what they would see as band aid solutions when bigger issues need to be addressed.

If they changed the name people would actually understand and hopefully identify RIM/Blackberry with making advanced products. Nobody knows what QNX is and certainly does not link the 2 companies together.

Can you imagine having "BLACKBERRY" listed in all (or a very large majority) car manufacturers brochures?

Imagine having "Blackberry" and "Google" listed on a brochure of an Audi A8. People would actually see Blackberry as making products that they already use and rely on without even knowning it.

Having Samsung (Renault) and Blackberry together would be the same way.

But RIM markets the BlackBerry name and they can do the same with QNX. Take for example how they use "Presented by BlackBerry,", BlackBerry PlayBook, BlackBerry Bold. They never market as Research In Motion. I don't think this will change anything. They have bigger fish to fry.

what difference will it make? no1 buys a BlackBerry because its called BlackBerry ! rebranding the whole company to BlackBerry will affect no1 in the real world and just cost millions.
waste of time.

Reading through the comments its clear that RIM needs to get the message out there to consumers that they make more then phones and that people are using things that RIM makes everyday without knowing it and that NEEDS to change.

But I still feel that in the same way that Microsoft is not called Windows, there is no need for RIM to be named after ONE of it's products. IBM hasn't changed their name to Lotus yet either.

I have a big feeling your thought process in your next editorial will have to do with renaming the company to get a fresh start in the eyes of the markets. A new CEO and a new business name may leave RIM in the past and Blackberry as the Present and future and share holders will be more likely to buy into Blackberry as they are reinventing themselves. Am I close Kevin?

They have kinda already started this havent they? I mean, I don't own a RIM Playbook, its a Blackberry Playbook. Soooooo not a phone (synonymous with the Blackberry name)

Actually, it's mobile email that is synonymous with the BlackBerry name. The phone part came later.

i like rim as rim. RIM does more than just BlackBerry. BlackBerry is still a brand not a company name to me. You dont see Apple being renamed iOS or iPhone or iPple why rename RIM? Plus im sure RIM has better things to worry about :P

The iPhone is actually called the "Apple iPhone" just like the Bold is called the "BlackBerry Bold xxxx" and not the Reasearch In Motion BlackBerry Bold xxxx".

The iPad is also called the "Apple iPad" just like the PlayBook is the "BlackBerry PlayBook".

I completely agree with Kevin here. All the "RIM" name does is confuse people that don't know that RIM makes BlackBerrys. Everything is already basically in place to convert the company name to BlackBerry. All their advertising campaigns are done as "BlackBerry". You never see the RIM name anywhere except on the side of the box that the phones come in.

If you look at the PlayBook box, you will notice that on 5 of the sides (Front, top, bottom, and both sides) the name "BlackBerry" is seen, but RIM isn't found anywhere. You have to look at the back of the box to find some very tiny font on the bottom to see the RIM logo with a short blurb about RIM designing the PlayBook.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the RIM re-branding, but your long ass name in the first paragraph reminds me of the "Samsung Galaxy S II Sprint Epic 4G Touch". Random, but I thought I would share.

As for the topic on hand, this (your comment, not mine) makes the second best point(s) behind Kevin. Well said my friend.

Should Google change its name to Android, or Apple change its name to iPhone? No, because they do more products then just their mobile device. Same with RIM, and according to Thorsten they're looking to expand that.

It's a silly idea that wasn't well thought out. Sorry, Kevin.

You're wrong. Apple/Google are one step "cleaner" than RIM.

BlackBerry makes the Bold.  BlackBerry makes BlackBerry 10 as the platform. THAT IS the same as Google having Android and Apple making the iPhone.

The way it currently is like like some company called BlahBlahBlah making Google who has Android or a company called Yeehaa making Apple that makes the iPhone. 


I think you need to think this one more carefully:

Apple - Company
makes iOS (Mobile OS), OSX (Computer OS), iPhone [3G, 3GS, 4S, etc], iPod [Touch {1st Gen, 2nd gen}, Nano {3rd Gen, 4th Gen} etc], iPad [2, etc], MacBook Pro [13', 15' etc], etc

RIM - Company

Makes Blackberry OS (Mobile OS), Backberry 10 (Mobile OS), Blackberry [Bold 9700, Torch 9860, Curve 9300], Playbook

no you have to think about this better. Its an Apple iPhone. Apple iPod. Apple iPad. Apple OS.

For RIM, its not the RIM Bold, or the RIM PlayBook. Its the BlackBerry PlayBook, BB Bold, etc.

Kevin is 100% right on this one

The full names of all of those products are: Apple iPhone, Apple Macintosh, Apple iPod. Apple is very careful do do that and RIM does the same thing with the Blackberry. Blackberry Bold 9900 is no different than Apple iPhone 4S in naming.

QNX is/was a company but more important it is an OS, but the problem is on one outside of tech circles has ever heard of QNX. Blackberry on the other hand is a household name. There would be no adverse effects here because the only people that QNX is marketed to are hardware vendors. They could brand those things under the Blackberry name or not (my vote would be QNX by Blackberry) but doing so wouldn't adversely effect QNX at all.

I agree with Kevin 100% on this.

'BlackBerry' would also make the QNX auto platform as well, then. Should I start telling people the software in my car is made by BlackBerry? The first thing a lot of people would do is ask how many times my car crashed today.

I'm happy with RIM being the company and BlackBerry being the brand. That allows RIM to branch out and do other things without everyone instantly thinking about their mobile phone products. In a time where the BlackBerry brand is tarnished that's a huge positive.

Exactly, now is not the time to re-brand the Company as BlackBerry.

Your point is Valid and it's the Exact same Reason Microsoft's automotive platform is called whatever the hell the Manufacturer wants to call it "Powered by Microsoft"

I agree that RIM needs to kill off the names of the companies they acquired in the last couple years, but there is no need to kill off the Corporate identity of Research in Motion. if Anything, that name is truer today then at any point in the history of the company because through acquisitions they have become allot more diversified then they have been. RIM is more then BlackBerry.

My BlackBerry doesn't really crash but that made me lol! I agree with your points; I also don't feel it's necessary to rename RIM! Mayb what Kevin and all who agree with him should be telling RIM to do is to associate themselves with BlackBerry more conspicuously in it's marketing! But maybe this is not wise now for the same reason SharpieFiend has stated in the final sentence above! Google and Apple actively and conspicuously identifies themselves with their brands, why hasn't RIM does this with BlackBerry even when BlackBerry was at its lofty heights? That should be apart of the discussions here! I think we're having this discussion because the BlackBerry brand has been battered so much (who cared about this when BlackBerry was d biggest thing!?)But right now what is needed are competitive products that speak for themselves and can get even further reach with gr8 marketing!!

Sounds good. With this change in ceo. Crackberry website is in a prime position for change! Keep it in line with the other sites? Cracberry central/ blackberry central or crackberry/blackberry nation. It would simplify names and strengthen the unity and bond that these group of sites stand for!!!!

Joking aside,surely someone at mobile nation could have helped come up with a better name change than imore for the apple blog :p

...Maybe just call it iCrackberry since crackberry is pretty well known in the smartphone blogging sphere

BLACKBERRY could be the company name....
Research in Motion... makes a nice company slogan underneath just like it is with RIM.

This I like. I don't know how well they would be able to make a transition like that but I've always though if RIM stayed true to living up to their name then what we're going through this year would've been last year. BlackBerry as the co name does make a lot of since so long as everyone else is branded correctly along the way.
"BlackBerry, we are (or provide) Research in Motion" Then list all acquired companies in the form of their respective logos beneath the slogan. I can picture it now. I think this format would be great.
Boldly sent from my 9930

Someone doesn't understand the difference between the name of the company, and the brand names or registered trade marks.

It is accepted wisdom that the name of the product should never be a trade mark.

Well the Blackberry products are not really named Blackberry. They have names like Bold 9900 and Torch 9860 etc. What is your point?

I coach and play ice hockey in Waterloo. I'm not about to call the venue we use, 'BlackBerry Park'. Sounds silly to me. ;)
BTW, When a RIM employee is asked by someone "What do you do for a living", he/she says I work for RIM and people (interested in any type of smartphone) know what that is.

That's just the issue...

ONLY those who are interested. How does RIM reach those who aren't?

There's a huge market sitting out there, waiting to make a transition into smart phones.

Yes but what's stopping RIM from saying they make BlackBerry products in their marketing campaign? Isn't this what Apple and Google do? Just like how Google is not (just) Android so is RIM not (just) BlackBerry! For me it's a marketing issue and not a name change issue!

The name is the marketing issue, that's what Kevin is trying to get at, and I have to agree with him to a certain extent.

We're experiencing a time right now when the value of a separate name is clearer than it usually is. The name "BlackBerry", rightfully or not, currently has a negative perception with the U.S. public - consumers, analysts, and retailers. A separate name, not associated by the public with BlackBerry, allows RIM to do something like launch a new product line WITHOUT the BlackBerry name and its associated baggage. The public would likely view it as entirely new and give it a fresh look. Not possible if the company name is BlackBerry.

Kevin, I think you're viewing the BlackBerry name as a positive thing (I would too), but unfortunately, the U.S. views it as a negative thing. Baggage RIM doesn't need to be tied to. Keeping RIM separate gives them options.

Well it better be a good idea for the US market because this would be a tragic idea for RIM in the US market given the beating Blackberry has taken in the press. A lot of people here who know nothing about tech and don't keep up on it, my parents included, have heard "Blackberry is going out of business", or Blackberry is behind, or that apps suck, etc. You never hear anything good. That kind of negative mind share won't be reversed by simply releasing a great product. It may take tons of marketing money, or dropping the Blackberry name all together and start new. Kind of like how the Storm and Tour names will never be used for phones again because of the negativity associated with them. I love Blackberry, and I don't view the name negatively, but I buy the phones and will continue to. RIM has to win back people that left and people that have never tried a Blackberry and the negativity tied to the name Blackberry may keep many away.

RIM will live and die with BlackBerry. There is no other RIM product line if the BlackBerry name becomes so unacceptable that it needs to go in a different direction. While you are right with your statement that RIM is a step away from the BlackBerry criticism, you forgot that it doesn't matter at this point.

It really doesn't matter if the do keep the name. It's ALL in how they MARKET....Marketing and delivering a clear, consistent message is what will make them successful.

+10000 Thank you. Exactly what I've been sayin...If RIM wants to put RIM and BlackBerry in the same sentence then why don't they do that in their marketing campaign!!?

I even read in some magazine, that RIM did some sponsoring towards their Off-Air Events.
And their sponsor is written "BlackBerry" not "Research in Motion".
Funny huh?

Also, Blackberry needs to simplify the phone naming and numbering system. Only the Blackberry fan's and carrier employees know the difference between a Bold 9780, 9700, 9900, 9930 etc. I think that all the phone manufactures suffer from this except for Apple. Verizon's and AT&T's models are both iPhone 4s.

I been saying this for a long time!

RIM should name it's first BB10 device the BB X or BlackBerry X. The space will get it past the copyright issues. It is still a BB and instead of Bold, they are using X for QNX. I can't imagine that would cause any issues.

They could also name the keyboard verion the BB Q and maybe the slider the BB N.

That gives you a BB Q, a BB N, and a BB X. Each new version of each design could have a 2, 3, or so forth after it.

BB Q 1 -> BB Q 2 -> BB Q 3
BB N 1 -> BB N 2....
BB X 1 -> BB X 3....

1 Brand; 3 Phones.

When I read the article I thought everybody will chear for this idea. I like it Kevin but I think that and ttune have some good points(first posts). Your idea can be teaked a little bit but I am all for it. Great discussion although!

Yes... Changing the name Rim to Blackberry makes little sense.

Blackberry is a brand name that is used in the smartphone and tablet market.

Yet RIM owns Blackberry, QNX and other products..

Its like a numbered company that own multiple companies under that umbrella that operate independently of each other.

Not sure it would make any difference what so ever.

i think that keeping the rim name is fine as is. maybe its just me, but i have always associated blackberry as the communications / end user division of rim. to lump all of the many workings of rim that may or may not have have anything to do with end user communication just doesnt seem right.

Agreed! Simplicity is Usability!

Research In Motion isn't like Apple and Google; providing different products outside of the mobile scope. RIM only creates and provides Blackberry products, software, and accessories to be used on a mobile or portable device. It took me about 2-3 months after getting my initial Blackberry to realize that RIM was the creator or Blackberry, assuming that RIM provided additional products and services outside of the Blackberry scope.

With that in mind, if RIM plans to continue to only work in the mobile and portable domain they might as well convert the name to Blackberry.

Actually, you're wrong. Since the acquisition of QNX Software Systems RIM actually provides solutions that have nothing to do with phones at all. Two big ones be Automotive Infotainment and Home Automation, but also everything from web servers and routers, to Nuclear Plants, fighter planes Bullet trains, and various crafts for space exploration. All powered by QNX.

So in that regard RIM is now more like Microsoft in that BlackBerry Phones are just one thing the company does like Windows is just one thing Microsoft does. Given this new diversified product portfolio, my opinion differs from Kevin's in that I think RIM should kill off the acquired companies names but keep their corporate name.

What needs to be associated in the consumers mind is that RIM is TAT, that RIM is Gist, that RIM is Tungle, that RIM is QNX etc.

They need to stop letting their subsidiaries operate as independent businesses. Google has no choice but to allow Motorola Mobility autonomy within the company as the only reason for the acquisition is for the patent portfolio, there is no reason to allow Gist to continue to serve other platforms under it's brand. There is no reason for TAT to continue to exist, or for QNX Software Systems to have a separate booth at trade shows or to continue to operate under the name QNX Software Systems. It's all RIM now and should be re-branded as such. But Not necessarily all as BlackBerry.

The Research in Motion name is just fine. BlackBerry is a product line which includes the smartphones and tablet. RIM might expand into other services that have little to do with the core "BlackBerry" business.

Changing names is always a tricky business....

I can't see how or why they would change it. BlackBerry is a product of the company RIM. That would be like Johnson & Johnson changing their name to Crest, because the toothpaste is well know.

I understand, but Apple isn't changing their name to iPhone. RIM could start marketing= BlackBerry by RIM or something to the liking.

that doesn't make sense.. It is the APPLE iPhone, made by Apple. For example, the bold would be a Research In Motion BlackBerry Bold. This is what Kevin is trying to get people to understand. I completely agree with Kevin.

What I belive Kevin is saying is to get rid of the name RIM all together. What you are suggesting Research in Motion BlackBerry Bold is fine.

I disagree with changing the name. "BlackBerry" has a negative association with many consumers in the US, mainly due to the limitations of older devices they might have used, or due to the restrictions of their BES IT policies. It is similar to the negative associations many consumers have toward the name "Windows", due to older buggy versions that were prone to BSOD, despite the fact that Windows 7 is very stable.

There cannot be as many negative associations with a name that so many people are not even familiar with.

I do understand where kevin is coming from. A simple and clear brand. I think blackberry has established itself to be a brand, not just a product line from RIM. One can argue that perhaps it's a fallback plan for RIM so they can just scrap the blackberry line. But to me it just feels abit half-associated. Like they could scrap that line whenever they want. Changing RIM to BlackBerry would show their commitment to the market. It's all or nothing. I know it's only perception, but small things matter.

My 0.2 cents.
But I would be surprised if they decide to change it. Corporate rebranding in that scale is not easy at all, and would cost a bomb. Don't fret the small stuff and just spend that money on r&d.

President's Choice is one of the top brands in Canada and it is not necessary for Loblaws to be rebranded President's Choice.

If there has to be a change I would get rid of RIM and go back to Research In Motion. Its a cool name, its active, speak-able, and it provokes a second thought. Much better than Apple, or Android, though it was clever to make Andy a little cutie.

I agree.expand the logo and go back to calling yourselves and other official written and digital forms to reseach in motion. The shorthand version says nothing to me.

so much in waterloo is named after rim, and honestly they do a lot more than just make blackberry's. i dont think changing it is something that were going to see, besides its really not that hard to make the connection between rim and blackberry.

There isn't much actually named RIM (enter place here). But a park caled Blackberry Park should at least have blackberries (the fruit kind) which there isn't there.

Goes to how strong a brand name blackberry is in the mobile landscape. If RIM was soely a communications company I could understand your point but RIM isn't.
The blackberry name is expanding into other areas just like microsoft is with windows os and windows phone.
Keeping the names separate also the importance RIMs name is in other areas and doesn't dilute the blackberry branding.
Unilever is a good example. They have many brands but unless u look closer you wouldn't really know the company. That company owns dove, ben and jerrys, omo. Now say they took the name ben and jerrys as their main name. Ben and jerrys washing liquid, ben and jerrys soap - doesn't realy work does it? In saying that rim is a tech company and blackberry to most ppl would suit that moniker just fine and sometimes I just prefer to say blackberry because ppl know what I'm talking about then

I live in the U.S and I can tell you that most people have no idea who research in motion is, however most are familiar with BlackBerry.

Take the middle dot out of the BlackBerry Logo and put the RIM Logo in the middle of the rest. That way people learn to associate BlackBerry with RIM. There is an Apple Logo on all of the iproducts to show the company name. This might be a way around renaming the company.

I was always under the impression that you really shouldn't name your company after your product. I remember the example of "Kleenex" in school and how you don't want the name to become the product itself because then people wouldn't distinguish between the product and the brand. It's actually a "tissue" and not Kleenex yet so many of us call it "Kleenex" Therefore in a brand like Kleenex it becomes lost among the competition.

Of course that's not completely the case here since no other companies make "blackberries" but i prefer the name RIM because i expect RIM to take QNX and develop other platforms and uses for it and "blackberry" just doesn't sound as good. Powered by "Research In Motion" sounds better than Powered by Blackberry.

Sorry Kevin. This would be a HUGE distraction and waste of money at a time when the company needs to focus on things that actually matter, like pushing out great products in time.

Not only that, but Research in Motion is bigger than just BlackBerry. You're trying to dumb things down, and the result is just limiting all that Research in Motion is, and all that it will become.

Disagree - It's a big company, the team that is designing, testing, producing the next smart phone isn't going to be removing the existing signs.

I don't know, Research In Motion sounds really cool in an 1980's science fiction kind of way! But that being said, I can't disagree with re-branding the company. Maybe people don't buy a Blackberry phone because of the name Blackberry, but in the consumer market, that's what you need to build. You need to build brand loyalty.

So when the average consumer reads the headline "Research In Motion's Stock Way Up After Release of Next Gen Phone", they may not realize that they are talking about Blackberry. Then it's not in their head when they walk into the store looking for their next phone.

Apple = iOS
Blackberry = QNX

That how I see it...eventually, one platform across their tablets and phones... People will come to know the Blackberry name and QNX.

I say go for it...

Bold 9900

Heres one way that i see it...
Microsoft is a software company and thats why they dont change their name to WINDOWS
Google makes a software called ANDROID and thats why they dont change their name to
Apple is a software and hardware company and thats why their products are apple iphone and apple ipad and so on
RIM is a software and hardware company!! so they should change their name! to BLACKBERRY
Apples software is called ios and blackberry has qnx so its some what the same situation and makes more sense for a hardware and software company have the same name as the hardware they make but keep different names for their software...
oh and the other day the news was on about RIM and i sort of repeated it back to my moms bf and he said "yea" then i asked if he knew who RIM was and he said "no" and i told him.... they make "BLACKBERRYS"

<< RIM is a software and hardware company!! so they should change their name! to BLACKBERRY
Apples software is called ios and blackberry has qnx so its some what the same situation and makes more sense for a hardware and software company have the same name as the hardware they make but keep different names for their software... >>


Blackberry name is not viewed in the US like it once was and currently is around the world. RIM will have to do a lot, a whole lot, to make the Blackberry name sexy and desirable again in the US!

Really who cares! This company will be out of business within two years or less. They are getting eaten alive by the competition, and pinning their hopes on a platform that they don't even know if it will work. Everything I read here is a joke and I honestly cannot believe that Kevin buys this garbage! Why would anyone stand behind/defend a company that treats it's customers like fools?

BB's time has come and gone. They will NEVER be a leader in the smart phone industry!

the logic that the name of the company should be changed to the name of its product, its most famous brand or not, does not hold.

So, should we now change the name of apple to iphone or ipad or vice versa?

But the name "Research In Motion" needs to be changed, nonetheless to a "Name," not a description.

Well, "Blackberry" will suffice for me.

why would apple change their name to iphone or ipad when the name of the product is apple iphone and apple ipad???...
rim has their hardware side called blackberry, just makes sense for them to actually support their hardware a whole lot more by having their name blackberry... google does software therefore they wont change cuz they do no hardware, motorola and htc does most of it as does samsung (theres the hardware support of their products) and microsoft does only software and their only hardware i remember was microsoft zune...

I personally like the name Research in motion. Blackberry is pretty much it's only product so obvi it should be called it

lets look at this...

GM does not make a car/truck

but they own Chevy, Cadillac, GMC, etc....

each devision does their thing....

Kevin, you could not be more wrong. The Blackberry name is at an all time low as far as the market, analysts and the public is concerned. RIM is not just Blackberry as others have attested. What RIM needs to do is have a marketing blitz highlighting their BB7 phones and the Playbook. The public needs to get a much better impression of RIM's Blackberry phones and their capabilities. Just as everyone knows that Microsoft makes the Windows OS thanks to marketing, the public would know that RIM makes Blackberry.

What would RIM do if they changed their name to Blackberry and then at some point in the far future, sold the Blackberry product line. Would they retain the Blackberry name for the company when it is nolonger associated with the product? Probably not.

BTW, there is only one company named after a fruit (at least in mobile tech) so the line "that other company name after a fruit" is misleading and inaccurate. Blackberry is a product line not a compant name and it should remain so.

Long live Research in Motion!!

<< What would RIM do if they changed their name to Blackberry and then at some point in the far future, sold the Blackberry product line. Would they retain the Blackberry name for the company when it is nolonger associated with the product? Probably not. >>

If RIM sold the product line then they would basically be selling the company. Whine the QNX stuff is still being used and developed for other platforms the new stuff is being made for mobile.

RIM should stay. Blackberry Needs to go. Enter QNX...
Everything should be rebranded. BBM included...

Kevin, I totally agree! BlackBerry is an ICONIC brand name, while the only people who can make the association between RIM and BlackBerry seem to be the talking heads in the media who have nothing positive to say about either anyway! I am a firm believer in the KISS principle: Keep It Simple Stupid! Out with all the old, negative energy associated with RIM and in with BlackBerry as the Secure Integrated Solution Apple can't deliver and Android can only dream about!

I can see both sides of the argument (for/against re-branding RIM to Blackberry)

Auto maker Daimler-Chrysler owns Dodge, which owns Ram (which makes trucks)

I don't call it a Daimler-Chryler Dodge Ram 1500. I call it a Dodge.

Just like I don't call it a Research In Motion Blackberry Bold 9900. I'll just call it a Blackberry.

Not the best example, but its what came to mind when I was reading this. Can't wait for part II!

I see your point, but actually Fiat owns Chrysler now. And Ram IS it's own brand now, they changed it last year or in 2010, I think.

Kevin, I said it before and I will say it again.

Why you are not an executive at Research In Motion remains a mystery to me. I'm sincere about this. RIMM would have no better, more intelligent, more passionate advocate for their brand than you.

This post shows why.

I'm a bit surprised that they haven't tapped him for the marketing director position actually.

Although if he did that running this site would place him in a very awkward position and possibly face a conflict of interest as he would be privy to non public info, info that is often leaked (by other people) to this site.

Terrible idea! All of my reasons for leaving the Research in Motion name in tact have already been said, so I'll leave it at that.

What I will touch on is the market awareness of RIM. A couple years ago I would agree that many consumers didn't have a clue who they were or what they did. Today is a different story though. If there's one thing the poor stock performance is doing, it's bringing attention to both Research in Motion as a company, and BlackBerry as a brand. It may be negative attention, but it's still attention. I've had a lot of conversations with people about RIM lately, and even the most non-technologically inclined people I've spoken with all know who RIM is.

Reading from the comments so far gives me the feeling of things going back and fourth. This means that no one here on this thread has truly decided about the change name. Now to the decision of the CEO is making. I think this makes perfect sense, and here's why. Apple has one name and everybody calls it "Apple Iphone to Apple computers to the Ipad made from Apple. RIM is too long of a name to be part of the product, Rim blackberry?? No I call it Blackberry Playbook Blackberry Bold Even QNX OS from Blackberry. Same goes with Google. "Google Android". You want a name that flows with the products!. So Again this makes perfect sense and its about time.! RIM is hardly ever used to be called in a product.

QNX is just a codename for the OS that "Blackberry" device will be running on.

And what happens when or if RIM decides to get out the hardware business which is pretty much called Blackberry today?

Thorsten did hint that it's a possible direction to licence BB10 to other manufacturer's

At this stage, I wouldn't spend one cent nor one working minute on anything else than developing the coolest products possible and to get them into the market as quickly as possible.

Once survival is secured, a name change could be considered. First things first.

At this point in time, I think it's largely irrelevant what the name of the company is and whether or not they should change to Blackberry. That is an academic argument only and one that, as per usual with the world of academia (trust me, I work in it), is irrelevant in the real world.

RIM and Blackberry have bigger issues to be worried and concerned about; issues that are well known and have been discussed on this forum to death. Their sole concern should be in addressing these problems.

The name of the company; a new logo; what colours the buntings will be; and so forth would only serve as a distraction; one that RIM can simply not afford to do at this pivotal time in its history.

As for the comment that someone said the logo needs to be changed; my answer is absolutely not. There is a reason why Coke hasn't changed its logo - brand recognition around the world. You may think the logo looks old, but it is recognizable as representing a Blackberry. And given how well established their logo is around the world; they will not simply throw that away for something "cool".

I believe that RIM wants to do more than just Blackberry. From hearing the new CEO, blackberry is the consumer side of things while QNX provides the foundation level software for industry. It is important for QNX to be somewhat seperated from the Blackberry Brand so that car companies will not worry about seeming partial to blackberry when installing QNX software in their cars.

What difference if any is it going to make?

- Investors already know it as Rim.
- Consumers already know it as BlackBerry.

Few have touched on it already, they need to expand the Brand "BlackBerry", just like Apple TV, BlackBerry Automation, BlackBerry Automotive Systems, BlackBerry TV (a PlayBook, no screen, that works like an Apple TV), BlackBerry NoteBook (a laptop that runs QNX), BlackBerry FunBook (a cheaper BB10 device that competes with the iTouch), BlackBerry Remote Control (QNX based full screen remote control for tv, automation, check on the progress of charging your electric car etc), it's endless...

BlackBerry BlackBerry BlackBerry. :-)

I like the idea. Simple and clean for all.
If RIM does go this way, I hope their lawyers check the copyright out better than BBX!

Goes to how strong a brand name blackberry is in the mobile landscape. If RIM was soely a communications company I could understand your point but RIM isn't.

The blackberry name is expanding into other areas just like microsoft is with windows os and windows phone.

Keeping the names separate also the importance RIMs name is in other areas and doesn't dilute the blackberry branding.

Unilever is a good example. They have many brands but unless u look closer you wouldn't really know the company. That company owns dove, ben and jerrys, omo. Now say they took the name ben and jerrys as their main name. Ben and jerrys washing liquid, ben and jerrys soap - doesn't realy work does it? In saying that rim is a tech company and blackberry to most ppl would suit that moniker just fine and sometimes I just prefer to say blackberry because ppl know what I'm talking about then


Sorry mate you got this one wrong!

RIM need to focus on the integration of their products and services and the global marketing their of; not on repackaging the Brand it self that would cost too much time and money.

If you were in charge we would all be looking for a new phone, lol.

Seriously the RIM re branding idea is irrelevant to the equation.

Creating a sustainable company with products and services that can compete in this ever changing cut throat market over the next 5 years is what is key.

If that is not done RIM will be no more SIMPLY!

RIM should keep their name in my opinion, but advertise it more.

I mean, no wonder no one knows RIM makes Blackberry. Their devices don't have the logo on them, neither do their accounts, and not even on websites where you buy Blackberries. Like, Apple and Google all do the same thing as RIM, but when they sell and advertise their products, you know its from Apple, and you know it's from Google. They put their logos on their devices, as well as say their operating system is called "Google Android" or "Apple iOS."

So to me, it's not a matter of dropping the name. It is a matter of putting RIM on their devices, calling it the RIM Blackberry, the RIM QNX OS, the RIM Blackberry 7.1. Append the name and there will be no confusion (also could act as a good strategy of saying Blackberry is renewed, since a majority of the people don't know RIM owns Blackberry).

I see your point Kevin, about RIM being relatively unknown by the vast majority of consumers, but I have to wonder if possibly RIM had thought of changing, but once their market share started to slide so badly, they rethought it. If Blackberry WERE to fail or to be sold off, the RIM name would remain pretty unscathed as far as consumers go. If they launched new products under a different name, the bad taste that BlackBerry has left in consumer's mouths (under this scenario of BlackBerry failure) wouldn't taint the new venture by RIM.
Besides all that, it's kinda of a plus when the majority of people think BlackBerry is the name, because I know that they aren't very involved in RIM and BlackBerry's future and history. The same way that all the iPod and iPad owners nowadays are "Mac people", when they have no idea about Macintosh computers or really about Apple's history as a brand, the new crop of BB owners (many of them) are just as ignorant... We know who the real CrackBerry addicts are!

I'm gonna go out on a limb and comment, I never do, but I'm a proud Canadian, and want our companies to succeed.

Here's the picture I want to paint,

Research In Motion as far as I'm concerned has taken a back seat to the tidal wave that has taken the BlackBerry brand for a ride. While many will nit pick at individuals or processes that contributed to this downfall of sorts, I won't comment on that here, cause there is an upside.
Of course if CrackBerry wants another Editor I could write more :)

A series of important acquisitions namely that of QNX will, I think justify the importance of this name change. (Of course it's not the name change that will bring the best products to market).

Given everything that's happened to the BlackBerry brand there's one thing we all must agree on. BlackBerry is the Bread and Butter of Research In Motion. One of the worst things from a business perspective to do is to continue to obscure the driving force of a business by maintaining so many separations from it's parent company, that it's hard to identify what company is doing what.

By renaming Research In Motion to BlackBerry not only are you sending the message that "WE" are all in (Poker Reference). You also Position yourself as the driving force behind "World Class Technology", and by that I'm referencing QNX.

Imagine a commercial where a camera from space is looking down on earth and zooming in, and showing glistening lights of everything that is powered by BlackBerry. The closer you get you see literally Billions of interconnected devices that drive our everyday lives, can you really tell me that a quasi rebranding like that would not be a force to be reckoned with.

Forgive me for the colourful commercial, but I hope you get the picture, and just to drive the point home, instead of watching a dramatic ad on YouTube where a bullet shoots through a berry, you've repositioned yourself as the company that powers more than you can imagine.

To the consumer the image is clear you look like a company that is powering our cars, heating our homes, bridging emails to loved ones around the world through the internet. A company that is literally "connecting our tomorrow" I swear I have to trademark that slogan.

How could Apple, Google, Microsoft, respond to a serious marketing push like that. BlackBerry 10 on the horizon, long term it's a significant step in the right direction. Don't get me wrong BlackBerry still has to deliver in an uphill battle.

Kevin, I never comment much less agree. But the right move to make 100%. Did I just write an article?

P.S. Don't read too much into the U.S being down on BlackBerry right now, while significant, as a global enterprise the right thing to do for consumers is make a statement. BlackBerry Inc. is power, nuclear actually. :)

I don't really think RIM should bend over backwards to win back the US market. In North America, it should work to remain part of the business community, and in the rest of the world it should become even more aggressive and get things done.

I don't mind that RIM is RIM and Blackberry is Blackberry. If they do get rid of the RIM name, so be it. However, there are far bigger (and smaller) things they could do instead, and I don't think any time, whatsoever, should be wasted on "winning the US market back". Keep pushing into Africa, maintain that #1 spot in the UK, and get more people in Eurasia and the Middle East on board.

There is no shame in being big outside the US market. In fact, the real shame is on investors, who DO NOT look outside the US market when making investment choices. I am extremely puzzled that the stock price of a company that sees both growth and profit year after year sees its stock price plummet the way RIMs has.

Blackberry phones are ideal in a number of markets for one simple reason. The QWERTY keyboard, and the way it works, makes it FAR EASIER to type quickly in two languages and maintain some semblance of grammar. Touch phones do not encourage the switch between languages and proper grammar use very well. If you're the sales manager of a factory in China or India, you're sending me an email using a blackberry.

I don't really post on this site much, but I'm glad I got this off my chest.

Agree, I moved from the US into Canada and one of my friends worked for Research in Motion. I knew he worked for some company called RIM, but I didn't know until I got here that RIM is the company that makes the BlackBerry phones !!! It makes apt sense to change the name of the company to BlackBerry as their first marketing initiative as a lot more people recognize the BlackBerry brand than RIM. Hell ya, BlackBerry is Canadian, let's toot that horn !!!! Go Heins, let's rock and roll it !

Sorry Kevin: It looks like you're not getting anywhere near a majority to support you here. You're not batting 1.000, you're not anywhere close to 0.500 either. You've pretty much struck out. :P

RIM has got way bigger problems to deal with and any kind of stupid name change scheme will only make things worse, not better. You're out to lunch, Kevin...

i dont think a name change of a corporation is as easy as some ppl might think, theres a lot of stuff involved, and a potential for a HUGE amount of cost associated with this. theres licensing agreements under RIM, theres contracts under RIM, to have all this changed over is HUGE, some licenses may not even be transferrable under a different name.

also, since this deals with a publicly traded company, im thinking this will require board approval, then it must go to the shareholders to be voted. there are a lot of legal ramifications of a corporations name change.

the easier, smarter, and cheaper thing to do is to keep RIM as the corporation name and have blackberry be a division of RIM, or subsidiary of RIM.

just my thoughts.

Let's be quite honest here, the RIM name lacks association with its' flagship product, the BlackBerry. BlackBerry is RIM, as without the BlackBerry, there is no RIM or it would be a subsidiary of some other company. The average person has heard of BlackBerry and is not as likely to know that RIM is the company behind it.

They can always keep RIM as the name of the company for legal and business purposes, but use BlackBerry as their DBA/trade name.

QNX when used in applications outside of the BlackBerry devices, should be called something along the lines of "QNX: Powered By BlackBerry" and similar tags could be used by the other subsidiaries of the company as well.

The way some of you are making it sound, BlackBerry is as tarnished of a name as Corvair or ValuJet........