It's sacrilege, but it works: Download the CrackBerry Forums app for your iOS or Android device

Get the CrackBerry Forums App on your Non-BlackBerry Device
By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Oct 2012 05:52 pm EDT

I know, I know. It seems so wrong. But we're not going to judge or discriminate. Though CrackBerry is obviously a BlackBerry-focused website, we see a LOT of traffic coming to it from iOS and Android devices on a daily basis.

It boils down to a few reasons as far I can tell. One, a lot of BlackBerry users also own another non-BB device (iPad, iPod touch, etc.) and use it to check in on the site. Two, BlackBerry has no doubt lost a lot of people to other mobile platforms over the last couple of years, but many of those people still love checking in on CrackBerry. We don't blame them... this is the best community ever. And three, it seems a lot of people currently on other mobile platforms want to stay on top of what's happening with BlackBerry 10. Clearly a lot of non-current BlackBerry people out there are curious about "The Ten" and are thinking about giving it a try when it hits the market, and I'll be happy to see those people return to BlackBerry!

So for those reasons, I feel less dirty to announce that you can now download CrackBerry Forums apps for both iOS and Android devices. The apps are free of charge, and give you quick access to CrackBerry's forums. So if you prefer an app experience over web experience, you'll want to check them out. But if you do just remember... NO TROLLING!!!

Hit up the links below to get your download on, or just search for "crackberry" in Google Play or Apple's App Store. I have to admit it kind of makes me cringe that on App World I can't use the word "CrackBerry" in the app title but I can with the competition's app stores. Ahh well, it's all good. See ya in the forums!  

Download CrackBerry Forums app for iPhone / iPad
Download CrackBerry Forums app for Android devices
Download CB Forums app for BlackBerry Smartphones
Download CB Forums app for BlackBerry PlayBook 

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It's sacrilege, but it works: Download the CrackBerry Forums app for your iOS or Android device



iOS Version - App works on both iPad / iPhone. With iPhone 5 it hasn't been scaled up yet to take full advantage of the bigger display yet.

I still check Crackberry daily from my Galaxy S3 and iPad. I bought it to take a walkabout just like Kevin did with his HTC One X. Android is kinda fun but it doesn't have the soul my Blackberry did. Can't wait for BB10

+1 to that.

I know exactly what you mean.. I like how you said "soul".  It's funny.. I'm pretty familiar with Android and iOS now (gotta pick up a Windows 8 phone and learn that too), but I always find there's something missing on non-BB platforms. Soul is a great word for it.

BlackBerry has SOUL!   

+1 to that as well.
Its like driving a 3 series BMW and then hoping in a Lexus IS or something. There's just no SOUL in the lower model. You feel a connection to the system. Its an extension of you.

I rock a 9900 and a number of other devices...nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing the CB icon on those competitive devices...well, almost more pleasure...up to the minute CB, 24/7!

I am convinced there are quite a few ex BB users who are waiting the in wings to see what BB10 will bring to the world.

And a decent % will return to BB, because there existing platforms don't quite tick all the boxes.

This is an excellent idea Kevin.

I find it Ironic how Crackberry can make Native Apps for other OS's (iOS and Android) but doesn't seem to have any interests on making a Native QNX App. Instead gives us an android port. Bravo.

Don't get me wrong, the app works great on my iDevices.

Have addressed this before...

The Android port for PlayBook was our quickest way to do a good app for the forums for PlayBook.

And yes, we're working on a native BB10 app.. but want to build out a full kick ass app experience there. 

Glad you're liking it on iOS at least. 

Although I am sure it has been addressed, I haven't seen it before.

I too thought it was really strange to get an Android port. But now I know why and even more important, I know that there will be a native BB10 app! Thanks

Thanks so much, now I can browse the Forums on my iPhone.

I have never owned a Blackberry phone. I've been using iPhone for the past 4 years, but have been drawn to the BB community since the first time I played with the Playbook. I see alot of potential with BB10, and I will try it out when it comes out. Can't wait!

I get it. There are plenty of ex BlackBerry folks who are waiting to see what BB10 brings, many of whom will become BlackBerry by Choice again at that time. But it still feels a bit like when FOX was broadcasting NHL games and put a red swoosh over the puck to "help" the viewers. Just wasn't true to the game.

There's also the fanboys who come over to start flame wars. And of course, there are BlackBerry flamers who go over there and do the same.

My wife uses an ipad and would it be wrong for me to feel likeI am sticking a rusty nail in a fleshy wound on ios every time I use it to check I dont think so Jaja... And thats only because my awesome BlackBerry Playbook battery has died.

BlackBerry till the end I}¡tch€$$$$$!!!

I am a blackberry fan with an ipad - all good. Only crazy fanboys think you can only have one OS in your life!

This is all very well, but the opposite isn't possible. Yet. I was at Safeway recently and saw the app for iOS and Android that will show me weekly specials. Does anyone know if BB10 will run such apps? At this point BB no longer exists for the mainstream market. I really hope that it is recognized again.

This is the million dollar question!! It won't happen right away but hopefully these kind of apps come very quickly. If not it will be more of the same for RIM. There are great things about bb that other platforms will probably never be as good at but it frustrates people (myself included) When these types of apps are only available for ios and android! If RIM can't get on this bandwagon this could be it for them!

my fear as well. Like right now there is a Red Cross app for updates on Hurricane Sandy but its only available for iOS and Android. If BB10 doesn't have the app support as other platforms, it will fail, no matter how awesome the phone is.

But I also feel that why does Blackberry get the "no apps" bad rep, when Windows Phones don't usually get mainstream apps either?

Echoing rifka_f. Will BB10 run android apps? I am sure the new system will be fantastic but most every site advertising an app is for android and iphone. Not a complete game changer but being able to utilize both systems under the secure BB OS is huge. If the new 10 is so good, what better way to bring over the android users as they won't lose what they have and what made them either leave BB or first-time choice in the first place? I know BB wants to have their own "ecosystem" of apps and they have some good ones, but you just don't see companies offering BB ones. There are several online companies that I would like to utilize their apps for ordering and updates but they are android mostly then iphone. So here's to hoping OS10 will also run android apps, but then again can we have our cake and eat it too?

Strange that this is Available for ios and Android but its NOT Available for my new BlackBerry curve???

Someone needs to fix that.

Lots of people have other non-blackberry devices as secondary devices. I know sometimes I like to check stuff on my Android tablet or my dad's iPhone. As a business decision, it makes sense to release this app since Crackberry would be able to reach a larger audience.

Even though I defected to iPhone a few year ago I still like to keep an eye on what's happening with BlackBerry & get the general feeling of the community. I was a Blackberry user for four years before I made the switch & used Crackberry a lot & to be fair CrackBerry Kevin is a bit of a cult hero for what he has brought to the Blackberry nation & I came across nothing even close when trying to solve an iOS issue. I'll download this as a show of support & respect to the CrackBerry nation.

Does this surprise anyone? It's obvious the management doesn't use BlackBerry devices. There is no way they would stick us with the crap forum software if they ever used it on a PlayBook.