It's opening day - Get your BlackBerry ready baseball season!

By Adam Zeis on 1 Apr 2013 01:49 pm EDT

It's opening day for Major League Baseball today and if you're a die-hard or casual fan, we have plenty of basebally goodness for your BlackBerry.

While you can keep up with your team any number of ways, we've compiled a list of our favorite baseball apps for you to get your game on.

Beyond this list, there's a great selection of free and paid items for both BlackBerry 10 and legacy devices available in BlackBerry World.

Keep reading to see our short list of the best baseball apps for your BlackBerry Smartphone. At Bat 2013

Of course this is still our top pick when it comes to baseball apps. At Bat 2013 is the best baseball app there is - hands down. Yes, it will run you $20 but it's well worth it if your a big fan. 

The app itself gives you instant updates, news, scores and standings. Access live audio broadcasts, video highlights and much more. Best of all, if you're an premium user you can get a full refund for the app so it's no extra cost to you. 

More information/Download At Bat 2013


theScore is where it's at for keeping track of all your sports teams and best of all, it's free. You can access info for all of the MLB teams and view scores, news, standings, live game updates and much more. For casual fans this is really the way to go for keeping up with the MLB season. 

More information/Download theScore

MLB Mobile Launchers

No frills here, but if you're using a legacy BlackBerry and want quick access to your teams mobile site, you can grab one of these shortcut launchers. They give you one-click access to your team's site and best of all add a sweet icon to your device so you can show your support.

Check out all the MLB launchers

CBS Sports

Another all-in-one sports app, CBS Sports can help you keep up with the MLB all season long. Get news, stats and standings as well as instant game feeds and access to box scores. 100% free and 100% awesome.

More information/Download CBS Sports

Baseball Movies

Nothing says baseball like a good movie, so why not grab one of these and get in the baseball spirit? There are plenty of classic baseball flicks out there (I used to work at a video store so trust me, I know). These are a few of our favorites.

Mr. Baseball
The Scout
Field of Dreams
View all baseball movies in BlackBerry World

Play Ball!

This is just a short list of some of our favorite apps for the MLB season. What are some of your top apps for baseball? Drop a comment and let us know!!

Go Mets!!

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It's opening day - Get your BlackBerry ready baseball season!


xdoublejx, your not missing anything, Sprint doesn't support BB users. but MLB did not make an "official" app for legacy BB's.

Lets Go METS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks jon, think they will? or aything i co do? or just wait for a bb10 phone...which i will get of course, but want to listen to my TIGERS now!!!!

Has anyone downloaded and tried using MLB At Bat for BlackBerry 10? The app runs and I can watch video highlights, but game day audio doesn't work.

Posted via CB10

I have the same problem all features work except the audio... but last night the audio worked for one game, it was the game that just happened to be the one free game that you can watch!

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

Sorry for trying to deter people from paying 20 bucks for MLB at Bat, but if you sideload the andriod app, it works just perfectly fine. Go Nats!

go yankees!!!!!!.i emailed espn about making an app for their fantasy league and they pretty much blew me off and mentioning Ios and android in the same sentence.and then tells me to check my mobile devices application store for further updates,what kind of bs is that?

I have Score and ESPN alerts set up. Both work very well, especially Score since it sometimes sends you the alert on a HR before the batter even crosses the plate.

For all of you huge baseball fans, here's a few interesting fun facts:

1) Baseball is the only sport where the defense actually has the ball.

2) Baseball is the only sport where the scoring is done by the player as opposed to the actual ball itself.

3) Baseball is the only sport where the manager (also the only sport with a manager as opposed to a coach) wears the same uniform as the players.

Lets Go Mets!!

It is pretty disappointing for BB7 users.

- The MLB At Bat app that worked perfectly fine last year seems like it won't be offered. I'd be pretty happy just to have that same functionality again. Even though it was inferior to what other platforms had, it was a great way to track games pitch-by-pitch or listen to radio feeds

- The MLB mobile website seems to have been changed and doesn't work as well with my phone as it did last year

- Even the stone-age "MLB Mobile Launchers" mentioned above for some reason show up as "not available" for my Bold 9900, even though I had one of them last year on the same phone

My Bold is a great phone, only about a year old, but it is not being supported.

Very dissapointing - Blackberry loves sticking it to the people that stuck buy them when they had an average produc.. I have a 10 month old Torch 9850 and all I want is the same thing I had last year - to listen to games while traveling. I could sort of understand if this was free app but there is real money to be made at $20 a shot. Blackberry's history of not supporting units that aren't the most current always gets me and is going to make me think twice when I am going to upgrade in 4 months. One thing I have to say about Apple is that almost everything is backwards compatiable.

If you don't think Blackberry has any influence over what apps get developed for its platform you are clueless. Haven't you seen any of the articles about Blackberry courting and funding apps developers for Blackberry 10? Check out the WSJ article from Sept 26, 2012. The facts are that Blackberry has historically not done a good job of support older devices during a transition. OS6 to 7 and OS 7 to BB10.
Also if you are MLB which device are you going to be more interested in having an app for - BB10 where their currenly only a couple hunderd thousand users in your target market versus OS7 which will easily be in the millions.