It's opening day of baseball season - is your BlackBerry ready?

By Adam Zeis on 31 Mar 2011 12:42 pm EDT

CrackBerry Baseball Opening Day

The day that we look forward to all year is finally upon us. It's opening day of the Major League Baseball season, and fans all over the place are ready to cheer on their team for eight months. You have your jersey and cap ready to go, but is your BlackBerry ready to be your baseball companion? We've compiled a few of the best apps and media here to make sure you get up and running right for the entire season. Keep reading to check out all the baseball goodies you shouldn't be without!

Baseball apps and media for your BlackBerry At Bat 2011 At Bat 2011 BlackBerry

The obvious app to have is At Bat 2011. This is the go to guy for the whole season and everything MLB. Get scores, standings, news, video and much more. The app will run you $14.99, but for the amount of content you get over the course of the season, it really is a small price to pay if you're at all a baseball fan.

More information/download of At Bat 2011
Quick review of At Bat 2011 for BlackBerry

ScoreMobile for BlackBerry

ScoreMobile BlackBerry

Want to keep up with scores and standings but don't really need much more? ScoreMobile for BlackBerry may be the best bet for you. This free app gives you the latest daily scores from aross the league as well as standings and boxscores. The latest update brings push notifications as well that will monitor updates in the background.

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MLB Mobile Site Shortcuts

MLB BlackBerry Shortcuts

If you want to sport out your homescreen with your teams icon you can do that too. The MLB offers a selection of shortcut icons for all teams that give you quick access to your teams mobile site. Just click the icon and your browser will bring you to the latest scores, standings, news and more. This simple approach will keep you informed without taking up a lot of space on your device.

Check out all the MLB shortcuts 

MLB Calendar

MLB2011 Schedule

Want to have all the game across the league in your BlackBerry calendar? You can grab the MLB2011 Schedule and import the games right to your device. You'll know who is playing who all season long without having to look further than your BlackBerry calendar.

MLB2011 American League Schedule
MLB2011 National League Schedule

Baseball Trivia Pro

Baseball Trivia Pro

Need a way to kill some time between innings at the game? Check out Baseball Trivia Pro. This great app has loads of baseball related question to keep you busy and test your knowledge. It includes trivia on stats, teams, history and much more. 

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Baseball Media

Check out all the baseball themed wallpapers we have in our free wallpaper gallery. You can choose from some great baseball images, or search for your favorite team for one that suits you best. We also have a TON of baseball themes if you want to go crazy this season. Choose a premium baseball theme or find something just for you in our theme forums. 

You should be all set for a great season now. If you have any more baseball apps or media that you love be sure to let us know in the comments. Lets hope for the best and play ball! (Go Mets!!) 

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Reader comments

It's opening day of baseball season - is your BlackBerry ready?


Let's Go METS!!!!!! Whooooo Baseball is here. I've been waiting all cold winter for it. Great review of a few apps to look into.

Is anyone else having trouble with at bat 11. I used the 2010 edition all last season and 2011 worked fine all spring training for me. Last night I downloaded the update and now I can't get live audio anymore. It cycles between logging in and retrieving stream for a while and then says network error. I have restarted the app several times and done a few battery pulls. My tigers are about to start their opening day game and I can't get the stream!

I finally got it connected after connecting to wifi. I don't know why 3G wasn't working because I used it all last season and all spring training this year. I hope this isn't an issue all year because usually I am on the road when I use this app. Luckily I'm in the office all day today.

Just an update. It is working normally over 3G now. I'm guessing it was just some kind of glitch because to many people were trying to connect at once or something.

I like how, even with all the devices that came out after it, the ol'8900 still looks ever so great, and rly deserves to be displayed on most of these articles' photos :)