It's Official: First BlackBerry 10 Smartphones Won't Be Available Until Late 2012!

BlackBerry 10
By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Dec 2011 05:24 pm EST

Yep, so RIM's Co-CEO's Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis just dropped a big bombshell on tonight's RIM Earnings Call that CrackBerry Nation did not want to hear.

The official word is that RIM wants to put a chipset into the USA-bound LTE BlackBerry 10 phones that will not be available until mid-2012. This pushes the rollout of the first BlackBerry 10 phones into the latter part of 2012. Mike Lazaridis followed up with clarification, adding they need this chipset in order to deliver the efficiency and battery life that customers expect from a BlackBerry.

It's a bitter sweet. It's awesome to think about the fact that our next generation of BlackBerry 10 phones will really be cutting edge when they hit the market. It just sucks to think that we're going to have to wait that long....

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It's Official: First BlackBerry 10 Smartphones Won't Be Available Until Late 2012!



as long as the Chip they put in is actually cutting edge, isn't available, I would rather them deflect blame on their supplier, over deflecting blame onto a customer/carrier like Verizon who is pretty heavy on requiring LTE moving forward, really LTE is the only way they can compete with AT&T on data speeds.

I bet that it is the carriers forcing BB10 to have LTE, they don't want BB7 devices AND BB10 devices to both have the same radio, they NEED to be able to sell BB10 at the premium they get from BlackBerry's

It isn't really deflecting blame becuase it's really that they can't get a full day out of the QNX phones with the current chips. It's as much RIM's fault or more than it is on the supplier.

This is just the reality of porting over QNX to a smart phone.

That's life. QNX is the only OS they've got and it sucks power.

Are you smoking crack? QNX is one of the most energy efficient operating systems there is, in this case the real culprit is the LTE chipsets.

Are you aware that the current generation LTE chipsets must also have 3G active at the same time to handle voice calls? By mid 2012 this will not be the case which is why RIM, Microsoft and Apple are all waiting.

Lmfao! +1. But seriously you are right. Same reason why iphone doesn't have it. They are not in par with what phone life should be, unless u compare them to a 3gchargers android device. The thunderbolt and charge would wobble to 4the hrs on lte and that's if u didn't use it. So it's not entirely rims fault.

Crack is one helava drug!

Hey friend get a playbook and you'll see what a hog QNX is. It is NOT good on power. Stop talking out of your ass.

I have a PlayBook and use it for entertainment on international flights. I've watched 4 2hr movies back to back without running out of power, I'd say that's pretty good. Try that on your Thunderbolt..

because you would turn off bridge and wifi on the plane...I would genuinely not be too surprised to see this on any tablet with all data connections turned off.

I own one and battery life is great. I pull a good 5 solid hours of browsing and streaming music with some games. I end up with around 30-50% depending on how much gaming I do. Btw I'm talking about games like deadspace and starfront.

What are you talking about? My playbook lasts me all day everyday. I'll charge my iPod 4 times in the time i get continuous use of my Playbook with bluetooth and wifi on and operating.
Maybe you should get a Playbook and see how wrong you are. It will give you something to do while your iPhone and iPad are on the charger.

Bad ipod battery. I would have to charge mine once a day unless I was gaming then it was twice or more because I sometimes used it plugged in. But my battery is also messed up now from gaming and draining it and recharging it so much while it was pretty warm. I hope the playbook does not exhibit this.

Earlier this year, Balsillie said, The transition is where most tech companies falter and die. It's the only time I agree with him. Co-CEOs have chosen to make every execution mistake in the book of mismanagement. Now BBOS defection rate will accelerate. Not sure, what kind of RIM will exist in 9 months. Only certainty now is RIMM will head towards $10 by spring 2012. There is no floor. Short sellers smell another Palm.
Oh well, I am happy with my 9860. Support RIM by purchasing a PlayBook. It's great with the Android player.

NIGHT NIGHT BLACKBERRY... RIP RIM! RIM won't survive long enough to release the new phones! Good thing i moved on... TIRED of this same exact shit over an over. Broken promises every time and deadlines that don't exist. RIM Thank you for all the fun and productive years i had while owning and using BlackBerries! Its over now, and all those that don't wanna accept it GOOD LUCK toughing it out much longer! Bye Bye RIM! Their reign is over. Market share is diminishing faster than any other platform out there. Its time to call it a day, pack up, and move on.

all I know is RIM has made $1.3 Billion in profit for the first three quarters and forecasting $550 Million in Q4.

doesn't look like a dying company

HAHAHAHAHAHA... well you enjoy my friend! Enjoy... keep giving them the money to get the 550 million and 1.3 billion profit! Enjoy... hopefully in a couple months it all doesn't come crashing down and u eat this statement! Cause the co-ceos of RIM aint gonna complain with the money they making off this profit! When RIM is dead they gonna be wellll off hahahahahahahaha

Wasn't talking bout the a piece of technology... was talking bout the company on a whole! Was talking about RIM. Please read sir, read! Anyways, thats all u gotta say just because you caught feelings about the statement i made? I know my statements struck a cord, but they are factual statements! U as a fanboy, and i was like you before, just don't wanna accept the fact that our beloved blackberry is dying! How bout u get out more and smell the fresh air and face reality instead of being stuck on bbm!!

Sorry.... i am not a troll! You all won't get off that easy! I've had 6 Berry's in my lifetime! And if u wanna make sure i'm not a troll, look up my posts history right here at! Go right ahead be my F'ing guest! I still got the dinosaur 7290 that i can take a picture of and show u all idiots as well... i might add that was an amazing phone! I've been Berry all the way up to the 9900 which to me is a big DISAPPOINTMENT! Now anybody wanna continue with that troll shit, do it after disproving anything i just said. OK! I'm a F'ing pissed off EX-LOYAL blackberry fan who use to support them in all their shit... but i will no longer condone this sort of crap, and will no longer give them my hard earned bucks $$$ for a POS. They have not tightened up in the past 2 years and they just going downhill! Any of u who catch feeling because i am telling the truth, i don't care... u all can continue riding RIMs D*CK for all i care. But in no way RIM will improve if we keep taking all the shit they are doing. U all stay loyal and ENJOY... i have my F'ing opinions and as an angry fan i will state them! Hope there are more people screaming this kinda stuff in RIMs ears and maybe they listen and they do something good for a change!

take your rage somewhere else mate, in the end, you're still raging about a phone which is quite rediculous the way you do it and you SHOULD get laid soon.

also, sad news but I'll stick to the 9900 for some more iguess, like it anyways :]

I can't stand this mentality. RIM can't catch a break in the public's eye.

Late 2012 is fine. It's exactly what a reasonable person would expect. mid-summer to mid-november is usually the launch date for most phones I'm intrested in from RIM. Who on earth really thought we'd see this early 2012??

But because people made up their unfounded timeline, they hold it against RIM for talking about late 2012.

The only trouble is the insatiable public. It's exhausting to read blog post comments sometimes.

And who on Earth really thinks RIM's stated timeline of late 2012 is going to come to pass either? If you've learned anything from RIM is that as soon as they say date, multiply that by a factor of 4 and then, and only then, will they might deliver.

As for the insatiable public; while I agree with that term - the problem for RIM is that this delay will not help them. People are moving, and have moved, and will continue to move away from the BB platform because it is woefully inadequate and obselete.

Anyone who honestly thinks that people will will wait an additional year and, lets face facts, probably into most of 2013 too for an updated Blackberry phone is delusional.

RIM needed to get their new phones into the market early 2012 if it had hoped to stay in the game. They simply cannot keep up with the speed of today's technology nor the speed at which consumers want to change their phones. And it is for that reason, that RIM will be all but dead in the phones.

1) Hyperbole isn't helpful, so I'll disregard your factor-of-four comment.

2) What delay? they said late 2012 for bb10 devices. I hope you don't consider your hyperbolic statement fact a year ahead of proof.

2.5) Woefully inadequate and obsolete? Another hyperbole. How on earth can you call bbos 7 obsolete? What is it lacking. Don't say apps, that's not the platform and even then many needs can be met via available apps. So tell me what you are lacking in BBOS, because I just can't understand your Woefully-inadequate-and-obsolete comment.
In my opinion, your statement is more a product of the negativity and bashing profliferated by a tech community that scrutinizes RIM without merit.

3) Again, you're considering your first hyperbole as fact. But even still, who has to wait? anyone so into the cutting edge already has a BB7 device. If they want bb10 when it comes out, they'll get one then. But bb7 in the hands of someone who knows how to use it will blow away the average non-BB user any day. I am proof of my statement.

4) No one can keep up with a month-by-month reevaluation of today's technology. Which is why it would be ridiculous to release a new device early 2012. Late 2012 makes so much more sense on so many levels.

lastly, if people would get over their opinions of RIM, which are largly based on a negative and ignorant tech community, then they might find out they enjoy what they can get out of RIM's current offerings in BB7. Right now no one would give them a chance.

Oh, one more thing. Don't you think RIM's horrible performance in teh stock market is based solely on opinion and very little to do with profits and other growth and such? I mean, their stock was dropped for a long time all while reporting huge growth and profit numbers. But now RIM can't just worry about its products. They have a slew of other things to worry about now too.

That's all I have for now. at least until the next unfounded comment I feel like addressing.

I don't know wtf you're talking about. Is this Mike Lazaridis? You sound just as delusional. Single-core processors, 800x400 resolution screens, subpar cameras with no autofocus... do I really need to get into the software? The 'secure' architecture means apps have to be installed onto the eMMC memory in a partition. It's very hard to big apps or games to the BBOS because of this. App data has to be separated... it's a nightmare. Hence the slowdown of the phone when it installs apps from App World. OS7 can't support true multitasking and never will, it doesn't have homecreen widgets like other platforms, no 3D transitions, no advanced camera options, the web browser is way slower, doesn't support C++ applications so it's hard for apps to be transferred.

Gimme a break dude, there's a reason they're switching to QNX. They just can't seem to get the power consumption of QNX to a reasonable level so they have to wait for 28nm OMAP5 chips for next year. You don't strike me as someone who knows anything technical about the Blackberry platform or smartphone platforms in general, so it's hilarious you would try to belittle other people.

Okay, single core processors are fine. They run the phones quite well. WP7 hasn't hit dual cores, and iPhone 4S is still 800Mhz dual-core. Which is 1.6Ghz. Not too far from 1.2 that the OS7 line up has.

Screens not a problem, especially for a Bold size screen. For the Torches it's decent.

Yes, the apps thing is a nightmare, which is why they're switching to QNX.

The web browser is actually quite up to par with the competition.

You strike me as someone who perceives things worse than they actually are. So relax.

When talking about dual cores, you can NEVER say a dual core 800Mhz is equivalent to a single core 1.6Ghz as it doesn't work that way at all.

What having additional cores does is prevent the system to get bogged down by allowing multiple threads to run. Here's an example: Say your running a virus scan while browsing the web. With a single core processor, it will process an instruction by the virus scanner, then start loading the web page, continue on with the virus scan, load a page, etc. Add a dual core processor and it will run the virus scanner off of one core, while run the web browsing off the other core. This allows for better performance compared to a single core.

To sum it up, a 1.6Ghz single core processor is 1.6Ghz while a 1.6Ghz dual core is still 1.6Ghz, it just has two cores running at 1.6Ghz to allow two sets of instructions to run at the same time.

Thank you for the clarification. So you're saying it's more efficient at multitasking.

But FWIW, my point was the hardware isn't as bad as people make it out to be. :P
Especially compared to the competition.

Did you just get all that technical mumbo jumbo from watching an episode of the Simpsons where Homer is working at the Nuclear power plant?? Come on dude tell the truth now!

Ok... Just wanted to point out iOS and Android don't do true multitasking either. Only the playbook can do true multitasking....

I agree with you on a lot of aspects. But their take on technology isn't as fast as the ones they're competing with.

Well, Android aside, I just hope iPhone 5 doesn't come with a quad core. Because that's their target they have to out-do.

Sorry for the Apple reference, but everyone knows it.

I hope they don't become like what Microsoft is right now. Still no traction.

LOL quad core iPhone 5 LOL LOL LOL

Apple doesn't have to waist their money on quad core chips. They can sell the iPhone at enormous profit with what they have there won't be quad core in the iPhone until iP6 or 7.

Eveny Mac released is far far behind on the day it debuts and why not suckers still buy em!

i agree 100% with you.

RIM has to step up the PR and fight back against the constant negative bias against them

I, for one, hoped early 2012, merely because I want one so bad. But yes, late 2012 is more expected. And I believe they have learned their lesson with missed deadlines and are being more realistic with their expectations. However, obsolete? Really? No, the phones don't play Angry Birds. We don't have millions of mind numbing games, but what we do have are communication machines, that can do so much more than the competition. Yes, I have used Android and ip** calenders, contacts etc. And you know what, they are pale comparisons. At my job there have been 3 non-techy women in thr past month that have switched from iP** and android to blackberries because they discovered what the Blackberries can do. One of the gals teenage daughter is trying to sell her iPhone 4s because she wants a Torch like her mom because of what it can do. We need to understand that people that want games will want an iP** or android. But those of us that want to communicate, schedule, have business needs for contacts, and want every aspect of our phone to function seemlesly together, will want a Blackberry.

I can't recall a specific quote, but my understanding was that everyone was expecting early 2012 because that is what RIM told us! That is why everyone at DEVcon was shocked that they said nothing about the new phones. Heck, Kevin even called it a fail back then because of all the media that was there and there was nothing for them to report on. They've been spending too much time building lower quality phones for the rest of the world and all that is going to get them is the lowest stock prices in 8 years. They will probably be bought out before they can get these phones to market and for the love of God, I hope they spend this time to make sure it isn't outdated as soon as it is released. Hell, by late 2012 it should have a quad core.

again, we have other people's unfounded demands getting in the way. it was DEVCON for crying out loud. Ask a developer how they felt about it.

And dont' mix up bb10 with PB OS2.0. They are different animals. os2.0 is due in early 2012.

and don't you think the rest of the world's clammoring for a lower-quality phone is telling of the insatiable drones here in north america?

Alec Saunders stated that the PlayBook OS 2.0 update would be pushed back to February, with hopes of seeing the BB X phones released shortly after.

There can't be any denial to the fact that RIM is hardly ever accurate with their intended release dates in comparison to their actual release dates- be it phones or software. The only thing they were accurate on was the release date of the PlayBook. Sadly they ruined that + when they released it without native email and BBM. They then further dug themselves holes when they continued to push back the os updates.

The point is this... RIM needs to make A LOT of corrections internally. Developer, marketing, and carrier relations have all been low points for this company due to their self-inflicted mistakes. If they are not corrected ASAP, RIM will find it even more difficult the convince anyone to remain with or purchase a BlackBerry.

What I can believe out of all this is the technology they are waiting on. There are new batteries in development that will last for days with heavy use. I don't know if that is the kind of battery they intend to use. Right now, the most important thing for RIM to do is to perfect what they have, and when it comes time for BB X, we'll be ready to put down our significantly improved BB 7 phones.

From the looks of it, the Blackberry developers I follow on twitter seem very pissed off that any development for BBOS10 they do won't be realized until late 2012. I don't know how anyone could be so unbelievably misguided as to claim RIM is somehow in a positive position from this. Their stock is trading after hours at below $14, and they're likely to get hammered tomorrow. Even RIM stated today they're in a tough position, yet Mr. Expert bobaloo knows better than RIM themselves?

At the time DeVcOn rolled around everyone expected PB OS 2.0 to be released within a couple of weeks of that event. THEN they told us that "whoops", now we will wait until Feb. Crackberry Kevin isn't stupid and I will trust him and he was let down that there weren't any BBX, whoops again, BB 10 phones to show off! We have to stop making excuses for RIM and start holding them accountable for their ineptitude. I think we all want them to succeed, but brand loyalty should only go so far.

Your wrong. It was RIM that said the first BBX (now BB10) phone would be first Qtr 2012.

Same as it was Rim that said 60 days for PlayBook Email.
Same as it was Rim that said Summer...
Same as it was Rim that said End of Summer...
Same as it was Rim that is now saying Feb...

I am expecting another delay with the promised Feb update...

I completely agree with you. People are impatient, we just got the BB os7 devices these should hold us over till mid or the end of 2012.

if by "public" you mean "american public"... then yes :p

The rest of the world seems to be supporting RIM just fine.

If they were in Apple's position, then sure. They are losing users and marketshare because their phones just aren't competitive anymore. They really can't afford to wait till end of 2012 even if Apple & others are doing the same for their LTE chipsets.

If it is really end of 2012, then
i) they damn well better hit the mark
ii) the phone has to be a game-changing phone. it has to be so amazing as to make people willing to cancel their current contracts to get one.

There is zero room for error with this schedule. If the reviewers find a flaw that is anything more than "fingerprint magnet", it's just a matter of when, not if RIM is gone.

True that...we and crack berry hypes up the time line ! public here over reacts.
same thing happened with ATT launching 9900!
More sensible posts like yours will level the one way traffic here.

Rim is finished, caught flat footed yet again!

So what exactly are they shipping in Q1, Q2,Q3....more 9900 series phones???

They were dated on release!

Mark my words, by 2014 Rim will be a services co. if they don't get bought out but no one really wants them anymore because they are irrelevant players, has beens.

ANOTHER lost opportunity for RIM! They have had so many chances to innovate, lead and/or just keep up. This one takes the cake...Apple delays a major revamp of their iPhone and how does RIM respond...with nothing. RIM needs a revamp in a big way and it needs to start with new leadership and reignite some innovation. They need to start by removing the co-CEOs!

i'm not sure you really listened to the webcast, but they did mention that the delay was because they were choosing a chipeset that won't be available for production until later in the year - this is to ensure that performance and battery life are what consumers expect... which basically means LTE is a battery killer and the new chipset should compensate for that.

Lies. If it weren't for the power-sucking screen on the PlayBook, it would have more than twice the battery life of the iPad.

Were you deprived of oxygen during birth? The OS is solid, it just needs some additional features baked into it... and that takes time.

I would have to disagree.

I am sure the original QNX (the one before being used on playbook) is solid, but when you refer to an os, you should be referring to all the functions.

Bridging with the phone all the time kills the battery, and wifi kills the battery; saying if you don't use something, the battery lasts longer is quite meaningless. Playbook is anything but energy efficient once you need any online/phone content, and just because the device is built to not have the basic functions automatically activated, that does not make it more efficient in a normal working situation. Though I wouldn't say iPad or any android tablet is energy efficient, Playbook certain would not fit into that category.

Yes, really? Doesn't look like it here. Despite the fast processor and less room for a battery, it runs close to my iPad. I take the PB on my commute daily, read, watch videos. I can usually go most of the work week before recharging.

Are you speaking as an owner of a QNX device???

As I am feeling really negative right now, the "newest" chipset by RIM's standards is "new" right now. By late 2012, it will be outdated. Sigh.......

The release of the BB10 phone in the later part of 2012 is fine for me. My Rogers free upgrade plan doesn't come up until October 2012. Just give me the latest hardware by then.

too late is relative to when your contract expires, Feb 2012 was too late for people who's contracts are up in Dec 2011, but was fine for people who are due March 2012, August 2012 sucks for people who are ready in March 2012, but is great for people in September 2012, or people who Purchased the 9800 coming off contract in August 2012,

While I'm disappointed I don't think comments like this are accurate. RIM subscriber base is up 35%. This is hardly death.

RIM will survive long enough to put out the BBX phones. Given that, they have to be amazing. I'm not worried about this financial news one little bit I'm worried about the quality of the phone, the overall UI. That's really all that counts.

subs are up in "emerging markets." Not in high margin markets like the US. I'm glad they can still move phones, but this effort is not going to be enough to save them.

Folks on CB are fans who want to pull for Blackberry, I get that. I would describe myself as a BB fanboy as a matter of fact. But we need to deal wih reality here. No amount of stepped-up marketing can cover up the fact that BB is no longer competitive. And no grandiose gesture on the part of Balsille and Lazaridis can cover up the fact that they have squandered all credibility and a once-incredible brand.

More promises, followed by more delays. Time's up, folks.

Ok, but that isn't on point to what I was saying. What I'm saying is RIM is not going to go bankrupt between now and late 2012, so the phones will come out so it all depends on those phones.

I was a RIM diehard but I'm really liking the looks of the Lumia 800, if the new BBX phones are not good then I'm gone, but I'll give them a chance to come out.

Typical RIM. Promise, promise, promise... delay, delay, delay and still after release sth. isn't working -.-
Get some new CEOs NOW >.< I even don't believe that this new Chipset will be state of the art in one year. I hope RIM knows what it's doing...

RIM over promising and under delivering, who'd have thought it? All those who delayed buying the 9900/9930 as BBX was coming in early 2012 should give themselves a good hard kick.

Bold 9000
Playbook 16MB

Sooo glad I didnt hold out my upgrade for this. I knew it would be forever.

I will continue to love my Bold until something better comes out :)

Me too. I'm glad I made the switch to the Bold 9900 instead of waiting, hoping, and praying for the new BlackBerry 10 phone. Speaking of which, take all the time you need RIM but do it right this time.

Don't mind waiting! Put the latest and best chipset! I'm content with my 9810 till then! Keep up RIM!!!!!

but at the same time, the new chip will be so experimental and new that it will likely have quite a bit of defects and glitches...and additional delays

Since RIM is probably the only company using it (the first anyway) at that time, if the chip fails, RIM will sink

Enjoy your malware and Carrier IQ ... I'll enjoy my 9850 (that actually fits in my pocket) and Playbook.

Guess you have not owned an Android powered phone yet. There are many Roms available from developers with malware and ciq removed.

Typical RIM run around! I am so tired of their delays and excuses. I agree that it is time for new blood at RIM. Something needs to happen soon or RIM is going to be left in the dust, if it has not already happened.

While this is a big bummer, when did RIM actually officially say that the phone would be out in Feb/Mar?

The Iphone 5 should actually be coming out around that time which is going to utterly defeat Rim. And if Apple continues on with there current history this iphone will likely have a new design and its a possibility that it may also have LTE as the passing Jobs spoke about it briefly.....

All an all i am an Avid supporter of Rim but i am also not whimsical or fanciful in ignoring the brilliance of others and if Rim goes head to head with Apple they will suffer and utter defeat and will lose respect at least here in the U.S. for years to come.

nah...iPhone 5 will release around that time..but BB10 won't. I'm quite sure they won't be facing head to head unless iPhone 5 will be delayed to 2013.

That's no good to me. So, the estimates that they'd be available by Q1/Q2 of 2012 were wrong. My contract expires in July 2012. I have the 9900 and since no more seem to be up for production until the 10 devices, I may have to upgrade to an Android or Windows device which I shudder at thought of it. I really don't want to… unless there are others who can suggest what to do for the gap of around 3-4 months until these new devices ship.

Wait three months without BIS? I'd rather not. I depend on BIS for my employment. As stated in other posts, it sucks for us who's contracts end before Q3 of 2012. Oh well, I'll make up my mind on what I will do when the time comes… still BS with all of the time estimates.

Why is it the people dont do their research..... you can hold off from renewing your contract while still receiving service from your provider and paying month to month with your same status and then when a phone comes along that you feel like upgrading to you upgrade and continue your 2-3 yr contract from there

Didn't hear it, but is there reason why they can't release one sooner with older chipset and then another towards the end of year with upgraded chipsets? Very weak response.

Stock @ 10 by tomorrow afternoon, if not sooner. Zero confidence.

yes.... its wasting millions of dollars and the older chipset version will be crappy and comparably more lagg oriented that the new chipset version

Gosh, what a surprise. I'm so glad I didn't wait to upgrade to my 9900. I just wonder if there will still be Blackberry phones in existence when I shop for an upgrade...

Same here (except I have the 9930). I can't for the life of me imagine having to go to an iDevice or Android. Not even MS.

Wow... I hope my 9780 can last this long... Or my carrier releases (and then drops the price) on the 9860...

This is by far the worst outcome I could have expected for RIM. They are choosing to become another Palm. I fully expect a headline in 2013 to read "RIM is dead. Long live RIM."

Last time I checked, RIM was on Chinese calendar. Their new year starts in our February, and everything works out just fine. What's the problem?

lmfao thats hurtful i have a bit more faith in them than that Rim Will DELIVER!!! have faith

To be then told that the phone cannot send sms :-) (Remember native email?)

I have been a long time (since it launched in Australia in 2004) BB user and am desperately clinging on to it. But I must say it is getting harder.

I could not get 9810 because Vodafone here decided not to carry it - they did not want to take stock they were not confident of selling.

Anyway, time to reflect on what I want to do next year when I get sober in the new year ...

I hope they don't think this delay will force users to buy there OS 7 device and that is were the 11 million devices sold will come from.

I knew it. I remember all those people who were parading around saying that the os7 phones were only stop gap devices because QNX BB phones are coming out soon. HA! Who is right now? I saw this coming a mile away. And let's not assume Rim is going to keep their promise and release QNX phones in 2012. It might be mid 2013 before they hit shelves in America. Remember, there might be carrier delays too.

The only loser here is RIM. As much as I support the idea of taking the time to polish the product (which I doubt is what they are doing, as they are giving no indication of updating other specs from now til then), RIM would face a very big problem if they release the phone in 2013. If no BB phone is released in 2012, anyone whose contract has expired and want a upgrade will turn away from RIM's archaic BB7...RIM will lose a huge share.

Seems like a good way to clear out all of those os7 devices by delaying new releases, NOT!! This is just like with the delayed PlayBook 2.0, just another sad day for RIM. :(

I CALLED IT!!!! From the moment they started pushing release dates back. 1st they said they were going to unveil the phones in October at Devcon (which they did not), then they said they'd be out by the end of the 1st q (which I didn't believe) and now like I thought they won't be out till end of 2012!!! This is all just so they can sell more bricked OS 6.1 phones! This is truly, truly sad.

Ouch dude... I forgot they promised to show the phones at DevCon! What an epic failure! Non-stop lies!

I'm going to be that guy: I ordered iphone 4S last week to replace my bold 9900. I'll miss the keyboard and push email but after today's news, I'm happy about my decision. There is no future for RIM. :( This actually makes me sad. sigh...

And the worst part of it is, those phones will probably still be a year behind whatever Android and Apple will be releasing...smh.....

Iphone 5, Windows phone 8, and new android OS will all be out before late way they can compete with all of them.

Cheer up everyone, in case you hadn't noticed, these OS7 deviced are pretty fn good. If you're always chasing the next thing you're never going to be content with anything you have.

Same old chit.... A day late & a dollar short. When these new unit come out (very late 2012) they would again be out dated. So sad.

Go with the fruits... as of late they are the most professional company with no BS coming out there mouths... They are stable which is very important and they have a huge ecosystem behind them trust me fruit is the way to go

You guys seriously expected early BBX phones in q1 2012? The BB7 phones released exactly a year after BB6 phones, they can't move to a new platform that fast.

That OS2 for PB will be delayed as well, still no premium apps for PB.....RIM is clearly shooting themselves in the foot, look just Java on the PB let me have my premium apps on that. BB7 is fast enough for me.

HUGE mistake on RIM's part (again). They're going to lose a lot more customers who are looking to upgrade their phone but don't want to wait until late 2012. This may be the end of BlackBerry for me as well. I am definitely not waiting that long to get a new phone.

Why is everybody so mad when RIM just released new phones in this quarter? If it takes time then it may just be of quality.

The reason everyone is pissed is cause they do this all the time. Show something that is cool or ok end of 2011 and now say release late 2012. By then it will AGAIN be behind the competition... RIM is dropping the ball... Mike and Jim are doing a job similar to our idiot president.

I can't swallow that nonsense. Our president is cool enough to use a Blackberry. If he doesn't win another term, I am moving to Canada.

We aren't mad at RIM we are mad at the Mike and Jim, the supposed CEO's. They have run the company into the ground, the last 10 months especially...I'd be surprised if RIM isn't sold before late 2012.

I'm kind of getting sick of sticking by these guys.. Nothing they say can be beleived.. Everything is delayed.. It's not like they are rookies in this game.. WTF!!

These co CEO’s of RIMM are liars and clowns….They PROMISED BBX/BBX/BB10 at the beginning of 2012 and now it is delayed???? THEY DON”T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND CAN NO LONGER BE TRUSTED ON ANY LEVEL….

I was willing to wait till early 2012 for a new BB10 device as I'm done my carrier contract, but I am not willing to wait till the end of 2012 thats for sure. I'm sure the shareholders can't be overly impressed either but we'll see that dump shortly.

Oh BB...well I hate to say it but I made the right choice switching to a Droid Razr. The BB7 phones became almost obsolete very quickly.

It is amazing how many people still believe any of RIM's promises. Any bets on Playbook 2.0 in February. Not holding my breath.

Well I guess this decides it then. I was gonna give RIM a chance if they had something out when my contract expires (April). So that means I'm going Android (or slim chance of iPhone) for the next 3 years. I guess by the time THAT contract is up either RIM will be dead as far as the consumer market, or they will be kicking @$$ and taking names. Time will tell....

I am out of my contract in Feb....Iphone 4s or Android for me...I am am doubtful that the playbook Update will even come out in Feb with all the let downs this company has had this year.....REALLY time to start rethinking the upper management there...

I find it funny this news break the same day I finally ditch my berry and get my hands on a galaxy nexus.

When will you learn RIM?

Forget the outages, the competition, the mismanagement; these long-delayed releases will be what finally kills RIM off.

A few years ago, this would have been good news, knowing that RIM was delaying production due to "they need this chipset in order to deliver the efficiency and battery life that customers expect from a BlackBerry", but RIM is already way behind the times. Just imagine what HTC, Motorola, and the rest are going to have by late 2012. My contract expires at that time, but do I really believe (I want to, I really do) that BB10 phones are going to be at the same level as the leading "competitors?" I am a die hard RIM fan, and I will not be getting rid of my 9810 any time soon, but we need proof, something to get us back in the game. Enough is enough, sell out, new leadership, something, that is all we ask.

Quite honestly I don't believe it's a hardware issue - I think they are having a lot more trouble adapting QNX to phones than they ever dreamed they would.

My contract is up in December 2012 so I would wait until then to buy but I fear a lot of lost sales from now until next summer.

The focus on Playbook cost RIM too much time and resources. Supporting the smartphone business should have been their first priority

I think waiting till fall is perfect although damaging to the share price. Sales of OS7 is lagging because many people think BB10 is around the corner. It should have never been out there while they wanted people to adopt OS7. There should be a reasonable lengh of time between when a new product is introduced and when it is rendered old news by the producer.

Too little, too late. Only the most dedicated fanboi will still have a BlackBerry by then. There cannot be a more incompetent phone/OS maker on the planet.

They should forget QNX and go with Windows OS, much better for the market target. Android is still to weak.

Shares are going below $10.

Waiting till next year to upgrade my phone, I rather to be BB. I got 9870 now and it`s a good phone except the web-browsing (really ? that`s what computers are for) and "lack of apps", most I could use are available. I don`t need "farting noise" apps.

The delay is not a bad news, they have just released bunch of OS7 phones (which should have been done 2 years ago) and releasing a new phone now would just not sit well with people and providers. Later year release date is a better choice for sales.

I see it as a house-cleaning, getting all bad news out of the way all at once and get ready for 2012, assuming the management knows what are they doing. They do need to bring in a marketing guru of a high caliber.

@crackberrykevin, I think the next poll on the site should be to ask if we're going to stay with BlackBerry of jump to another smartphone. I don't think you'd be surprised at the results.

I guess the I-phone 5 will beat the BB10 phones to the finish line.

"Passengers for Flight RIM-BB10 there has been a delay with the chipset, we've arranged alternative connections to your destination with Android and Apple"
And the whole terminal groans...


And then people wonder when they see so much Android and Apple stuff around our CrackBerry website.

Bye bye CrackBerry........ welcome CrackDroid!!

i've been out of contract for a while waiting on a new bb. i have the playbook which is amazing. i want to see how the OS2 will work before i dump this storm 2. if it can be somewhat functional, android or iOS will be an option since RIM really hates the US market.

Does anyone remember PlayBook's original Marvell chipset, that didn't do as promised and had to delay launch and work with the TI OMAP? Let's just hope history doesn't repeat itself...wait...

End of RIM 2013. Late 2012 is way too late in the game to compete with Apple and Google. Mind share will not be on RIM's side and certainly not developers. I have zero confidence in RIM's leadership.

RIM has fallen behind the technical power curve and will be relegated to mediocrity until they produce a technical advancement that garnishes significant industry attention.

This is hilarious, RIM keeps on screwing up, It's beyond me how the company is still alive, late 2012 is just that wayy too late, they are already very behind with Mobile OS..

Now I've got this feeling OS 2.0 may not be released on the promised February either..

Either way If I do ever get a smartphone It won't be a Blackberry, and If I see another delay for OS 2.0 I'm completely giving up and moving back to iOS or Android..

I think users have been more then patient with BlackBerry, the amount of screwups IMO not acceptable..

Why would anyone even think about going BlackBerry at 2012, I've got this strong feeling that RIM will be loosing a lot of customers to Android or iOS..

And although Playbook may have that potential, I don't think we'll be able to see it go much further..

I really dont get how anyone can be positive about this news. Look at their recent headlines. I am starting to realize they are a joke among other companies. Late 2012, waiting on a chipset and this is leapfrogging?

Look.. To all u guys on here trying to put the "SPIN" on yet another one of RIM's earnings call.. WAKE UP!!! Seriously... The comments like " it great RIM is taking its time to use cutting edge tech".. ARE U F ing serious?? Ummmm there isn't anything in tech that is "cutting edge" in Dec 2011 that will be F ing cutting edge Oct-Dec 2012!! This company has gotten us NOTHING on time.. I have stuck by RIM by using their devices and services for many years..Hell I even got a playbook HOPING they will do right by us.. But lets be honest.. Had shit like this happen at APPLE.. There would be mayhem in the streets.. (again look at all the hoopla over an iPhone a few months late).. Lets stop the nonsense and call it for what it is.. RIM NEEDS TO GET THEIR SHIT TOGETHER ASAP!! Because if you think this earnings call was bad, wait until you hear the next few...

i'm so shocked to hear this news, this is SOOO PATHETIC!! come on RIM, COME ON!! but, okay, i'll stick with this, but better be good RIM, show them all there that your new BB 10 phones will be AMAZINGLY AWESOME! prove others that yeah, still BB is the smartphone with a smart power & radio management, COME ON RIM BRING IT ON!!!

I'm tired of all their excuses. I have since moved from blackberry devices. Also told a lot of my friends to switch. I use to love blackberry but not anymore. They haven't innovated much. The specs of their current phones I don't care for. I guess thinking that I would get a qnx phone early 2012 made me happy but after this news no thanks. My heart sank....... I think by the time a bb10 device comes out its going to suck as always. Get rid of the two cheese heads that run rim and the company will fly. Im tired of seeing Mr Lazardis ( fat a$$) lie all the time. RIM is going to lose a lot of investors now.

Why did you move from a BlackBerry? What do you think an iOS or Android device can do that a BB can't? What do you need from a smartphone that a BlackBerry can't provide to you?

Everyone complained because BB7 was not going to get enough time and who would buy it if BB10 would be out in early 2012?? so why the complains now?

I think if they release playboook os2 they will keep people happy until they release bb10 later that year. Lets be realistic the average consumer needs a good commercial and they are sold. so what they need to do is invest in promoting BB7 and bammm deliver a good BB10 with LTE and something different....

Although I still want my physical keyboard thanks

All I see around me is Iphones. So tired of it. If Tmo ever gets it, then it will be another reason to jump. I love my blackberry, but the future does not look great for these folks.

Damn you autocorrect.

i am on 3 year contract with my 9810 so i have timmmmmmmmmmmmmmme to upgrade.
better if rim comes out with strong product than half baked product again imo. i do not get it what is big deal about iphone or android. 9810 is just as good less the apps.

wow alot of griping on here. seriously, if you want to switch just switch already. some who switch may or may not be looking back. RIM's transition to QNX and BB10 phones isn't going to be an easy task. they've learned their lesson with pushing out PB as is and i'm sure they dont want to do the same with their BB10 phones. it takes time to improve and learn from big mistakes. I'm sure RIM is trying their best to get everything all right for the release of the BB10 phones along with a healthy eco system of apps and so forth.

Let RIM ride the tides and watch them either sink or sail along with the idroids. ;)

Hey everyone, get a grip! We are talking about phones, not world peace.

Personally, I would rather RIM take the time to get the phones right. I want our BlackBerrys to work properly, and be devices that we can love and be proud of.


Baby steps, people. Baby steps. Let's not get ahead of ourselves and lets keep our focus on the release of OS 2.0 for the Playbook. That will determine the true future of the company. If its a hit then no one will care how long it takes for BB10 to come out because it will give us all something to look forward to.if it fails, well I better not fail because that's the future of the company riding on it. I personally predict OS 2.0 as being a hit for BB. It won't put them ahead of the game but it will keep them in it. That's the first step.

I am sure that they will just strip away a lot of features on 2.0 and push another incomplete os build.

And they already took out BBM on 2.0 os, so it will all just go down hill from here.

Another thing to consider is, the reason people even have BlackBerries is probably not because they like or enjoy using them, I'm pretty sure they have them because they are cheap with plans and they are used by companies for security reasons..

I think what'll really illustrate my point is that If users truly had BlackBerry devices because they are so great I think we would've actually seen many more people buying a Playbook..

But when sales are under 1 million, despite having claimed to sold 100 million phones worldwide I think it was, yet not even a million users want the Playbook..

I think that says a lot..

LMAO @ Baby Steps.. LOL.. OMFG... sooo let me guess.. BB OS 6 was supposed to be like the best thing since sliced bread... lol Baby Steps.. Now its 7..... Baby Steps.. Now looking at 10!! Baby steps u say huh???? Question.. WHEN DO WE WALK LIKE A BIG BOY???????

And with that I must unfortunately say goodbye to RIM. I did not want to leave and I was waiting for this news to make a final decision. I have waited and waited and cannot see a comeback any time soon.

Goodbye Blackberry

I will miss you

And that's me stepping out the door.

I was waiting to see what they would announce tonight before I made up my mind on my next device purchase. I had already decided that if BB 10 was going to arrive early 21012, then I would wait. OS7 just doesn't cut it for me, sorry folks.

Given RIM's track record, there isn't a snowball's chance in hell that they will release their new devices before the end of next year, IMHO.

I have no faith left in this company and no longer wish to carry around a device that does not do the things that I need it to do, requires a twice daily reboot and is as slow as molasses.

Adios, BlackBerry.......I wish you well.

I have been a VERY loyal Blackberry supporter since 2007. I have many Blackberries over the last five years and own the latest device, the Blackberry Torch 9850. The 9850 is a great try by RIM but the handset to date has very poor battery life, freezes often and still has no OS update from its original release in August by Sprint. I just bought a Infinity and although I did get the Torch to work with the Bluetooth phones and music, it does not display the titles properly and my wife's Blackberry Style wont even be recognized for Bluetooth music. Neither will my son's Curve 3G. This latest news plus some of what I have described above has just about done it for us. Christmas is upon us and I am preparing to migrate to iphones. I am so sorry. You have to keep up in the technology game and it is obvious that RIM is just too far behind to ever catch up. Undoubtedly, if I waited until mid 2012, these updated handsets will still get delayed until fall or later and will still behind at that point as the iphone 5 and other blazing Androids will be out by then. No more waiting. This may be my last entry as a actual Blackberry user and I am not happy that I am leaving but we just have to move on to better things. Placing my orders this weekend.

What's the betting line that Apple will have a quadcore in their Iphone 5, when RIM comes along and talks about their "cutting edge", "leapfrogging the competition" dual core phone????

I for one am extremely happy with Rims decision i didnt expect them to release the BB10 phones early Qt1 2012 because i looked at there past history and knew they weren't capable of that. The only remaining question is will they stick to there current release date and if they do will they provide a quality product? Or will i be getting and Iphone 5?

Here's your options;
1) Go buy an Android LTE phone that has a battery life of 5 hours
2) Go buy an iPhone 4s ( LTE not ) and have it explode and catch on fire
3) Shut the hell up and wait for BB10 LTE with an efficient CPU that provides a 20 hour battery life

YUP Folks.. That's what u sound like when u drink that kool-aid... BB10 LTE.... LMAO at the end of 2012??? LMAO... Man.. set higher expectations Bro.. LMAO... I would hope that's not all they would have to offer by then..

Why wont the board of directors fire those 2 clowns jim and mike...????
I'm sure the apple and andriod management are laughing their asses off @ this news
by the time RIM delivers on their promises its will be too late for them!!!!!!!!
loving my 9900 tho :)

LOL, possibly the world's slowest company in every sense. They just never get it right. This is the tech world, people want things NOW, not tomorrow. They haven't learned a thing and deserve to fail. And making promises and going back on them is just icing on the cake. By the time these os 10 things come out they'll be in the same predicament, the competition will be light years away. Go focus some more.

If my new 9900 doesn't brick I will be happy to wait a year. I love the phone and i don't want a full touchscreen phone

If my new 9900 doesn't brick I will be happy to wait a year. I love the phone and i don't want a full touchscreen phone

this i not bad news

man, people seem spoiled or something

blackberry 7 smartphones are awesome, and the playbook is awesome too, i am perfectly satisfied with 7.1 and can remain fully content it until rim releases these new phones.

i think this is actually not a bad announcement at all, because with the changes taking place in the wireless smartphone industry occurring more rapidly by the minute (seemingly) that it would be ridiculous to try to make a bunch of phones between and when they plan to release bb10

good show


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

Sure, no BB10 action for the most part of 2012, but I'm still gonna look on the bright side... it's possible new BB10 phones gonna get some holiday discounts for next Christmas! ***crosses fingers***

The stock is going to get crushed tomorrow. Afters hours is down 8 percent. Jim balsillie needs to be fired in the next week. I just dont see a future in rim anymore.I have a feeling it will be sold for its patents. Its so frustrating when everyone can see what rim is doing wrong except the people who actually make the decisions at rim.

who cares about the stock price, don't get obsessed about Wall Streets speculation.
RIm generated $900 million in cash last quarter

hey Kevin, at least you won't have to worry about spending any money on the QNX/BBX/BB 10/who knows what the 2012 os name will be for another year. trying to find a bright side.

Im soooooooo sick of RIM pandering to the US market only, the rest of the world doesn’t appear matter. The US is far from the be all and end all market for anyone.

but if you lose the US market, you will eventually lose the rest of the world. US is and will always be the battlefield. All major tech sites that review phones are in the states, and they pretty much determine the fate of the phone. Hate it, but have to live with it.

I'll stick to my OS6 Bold 9700 then (using OS7 theme and icons). Not really interested on upgrading to OS7, since most of what I use my smartphone for can be done the same way in both gen of devices:Phone, Mail, BBM and Photo Camera. Sometimes crappy web browsing but I'll live with it. No media playback at all.

The new phones don't have to be bleeding edge at all. They need to be snappy, stable, and with long battery life.... and with the candybar type physical keyboard.
I recently went to Android, but will happily return for a proper blackberry.

"i told you so" comes to mind. Now they're blaming the chip manufacturer, whenQ4 of 2012 comes and there are still no bb10 devices they will blame the economy or the aliens. it's sad, very sad...

Ok... That's it! I just bought myself a HTC TITAN off eBay... I'll be back when BB10 finally gets here... So long 9900.... I'll miss you...

I love my 9900 at least we will have our cellphones a while longer and won't have to dish out more $$$ for yet another Blackberry phone. I'm content, If people want all the features missing, just buy a Playbook. That's what I did and i'm happy.

I hate to say it because I'm a huge blackberry fan, but the delays in shipping the playbook (a device I really wanted asap) resulted in my buying an ipad. My subsequent lack of faith in them to deliver has lead me to trade in my 9700 for an iphone. I know it's blasphemy and to be honest in 5 days I'm already partially regretting the decision, but the point is I would have 100% bought a blackberry if it was available and in the same ballpark specs/options-wise. The gaps that apple and android have in comparison to BB are notable and important, but I feel like the competition will catch up to BB before BB will catch up to the competition on so many other differences.

I hate to say it because I'm a huge blackberry fan, but the delays in shipping the playbook (a device I really wanted asap) resulted in my buying an ipad. My subsequent lack of faith in them to deliver has lead me to trade in my 9700 for an iphone. I know it's blasphemy and to be honest in 5 days I'm already partially regretting the decision, but the point is I would have 100% bought a blackberry if it was available and in the same ballpark specs/options-wise. The gaps that apple and android have in comparison to BB are notable and important, but I feel like the competition will catch up to BB before BB will catch up to the competition on so many other differences.

Based on past RIM behavior, if they say they'll be ready by late 2012, that means we won't see them until mid 2013. Especially true if you're on AT&T.

LOL, Later 2012 it's like summer 2013 in RIM Time....... and by then they will have OS2 for playbook ready and it may require quad core playbook 2 to be able to run it smoothly~~~~ but they wont have playbook 2 ready until 2014~~~~~~~

it was a sarcastic remark based on their track records.... i have no problem with playbooks' current performance if only i can do more with it:(~~~ it's just like running os6 on a f***ing 9700~~~when they finally got something right ~~ the hardware lags behind~~

By the time BB10 is ready, the specs will be mediocre, as usual iPhone 5 and Androids will leapfrog BlackBerry again.