It's not just you, BBM is having some issues right now

*UPDATE* - Services appear to be coming back online now and stabilizing. Still no word on exactly what happened but again, we'll update if and when we find out more.

By Bla1ze on 26 Jan 2014 10:08 pm EST

If you've been chatting along with some BBM users on Android or iOS you may have noticed a red X indicating your message has not been delivered to them and if so, you're not alone. Plenty of folks in the CrackBerry Forums are experiencing the same issues, though, it seems iOS to iOS and Android to Android appears to be fine.

At this point, we're not sure what exactly is going on but we know the release of BBM 2.0 for Android and iOS is just around the corner, so it could be preparations for that. We'll keep checking in on the services and give this post an update when it appears as though services have been restored across the board or if we hear anything specifically from BlackBerry.

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It's not just you, BBM is having some issues right now


No problems here!

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Nope :( I wish

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This is really sad, my text messaging isn't working either. I had to reinstall Whatsapp! Might as well everyone I had download BBM has deleted and stopped using by now anyway.. :(

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If you must know, I'm actually not so bad @ parties. Lol, doesn't change the fact I'm bummed out about having to reinstall stupid whatsapp..

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Myke don't listen to people, they don't know squat about you! The few people I know that tried Cross BBM deleted it also.

BlackBerry needs to rocket into the next dimension of marketing and bring more a more feature rich eco-system.

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It's been about 30 mins. Ugh, people are messaging me and I can not reply. :)

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Bahahaha, exactly! This is after all still a phone people!

Only my friends using iOS seem to be encountering any issues with BBM. Anyone I know who has Android says it's working just fine. I on a Z10 with 10.2.1 and haven't seen any problems.

But if I do, I'll just launch the phone and start calling. Lol!

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Umm like the other poster said, if you can't get through on bbm then just phone them

From my Zed 30 running

Nope only voice and channels for now

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The time stamp in the Hub is incorrect for my failed messages. Reading 11:15am, when they should read 7:15pm. Odd.

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Can't send to ipad but it can send to me not like I use it much lol jus sending pics back and forth if I don't feel like clouding them

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Same issue, can read messages cannot reply to them, hopefully up and running soon.
Keep bringing us new updates, keep getting better BlackBerry let's make 2014 a great year.

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I got the check marks sometimes. The message didn't delivered. #BBRY4ever

Try not to DIE for success

Downtime is never a good time. Hope it's resolved quickly so more of my friends don't BBMx revolt.

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This is why I love Crackberry. Got the answer I was looking for within seconds. Glad to know I'm not alone in this. Can't send to anyone except BlackBerry devices. Can receive from everyone.

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So is the "phone" app, I hear that the "phone" app is fully and totally cross platform can even work with landlines, truly an amazing piece of design.

If your looking for the app check any of the app world's under the developer name A.G. Bell....


From my Zed 30 running

Jesus Christ! Please fix SAP. People really rely on this messaging system like a pacemaker. I do know sometimes there is glitches and updates... I sure do not want to want to use another messaging system ! BBM for life!

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Trolling like hell here bit for God's sake people use the f'ing phone!!! My God!!

From my Zed 30 running

Was thinking the same ... If any media jumps on a temp glitch by a messaging service then everybody should take a step back and look at how petty and pathetic the media has become. I know what you're saying .. any media seems to be like a jackal at the door whenever there is a minor fluctuation in the world of Blackberry. If they act on this, we should all see them for the sorry assholes they are.

A bunch of iOS users I know deleted bbm because it made their phones freeze and crash. Three of them, who all got it a few weeks ago.

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Anyone know if BBM will receive video calling for android or ios. I hate having to use Skype because everyone else doesn't have a cool blackberry

The upcoming update will bring voice calling and BBM Channels to iOS and Android. BlackBerry plans to bring video calling too but that's a little down the line (hopefully a few months at the most).

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I have been able to receive from Android without issue but can't send to the same device.

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It may be unrelated but when trying to call my girlfriend over BBM on BB10, I've been getting the old BBOS icon for BBM.

Hope the BBM issues are ironed out soon.

My wife was having problems texting with her Q5. Turns out there is something wrong with Rogers LTE service right now. We turned off her LTE and all is working fine.

I am in Winnipeg and texting is working fine on LTE for my Z10.

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Incoming and outgoing bbm's have been slower than normal for me today, but still going through.

Same here I thought they deleted it already but seen this article.

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soo just the BlackBerry users are getting beat! lol how ironic. I can't send anything to anyone even groups!! soo annoying as I was in some deep convos with ppl

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I am hearing that people are abandoning BBM due to continual unreliable messaging. I have experienced this myself several times from BB10 to iOS.

Point here is that this is not really news.

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Yeah that's unfortunately true! BBM is very reliable between BlackBerry devices but not cross-platform. Even though we all love BBM and want it to do well, this unreliability issue is a serious problem and I hope BlackBerry gets it sorted out. This is the reason why BlackBerry should be made it cross-platform about 4-5 years ago and it would have been ahead of WhatsApp.

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Maybe for some but for me and all my friends the actual messaging part works pretty instantly. If there are issues it's with battery drain or maybe strange app behavior. It's a fairly new app, it will all get ironed out. I'm pretty sure the servers are also getting enormous overhauls. In fact they should be entirely rewritten, that would be best in the long run.

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BlackBerry needs to be flawless and this does not help! iSheep and Droid users will have a field day with this.

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This has happened to me around Jan 5th (hope my memory is right) this year and lasted for few days. I uninstalled and reinstalled BBM also reverted back to old version of BBM but no luck. I spoke to my carrier and no issue was found at their side too. It resolved on its own.

So I guess the same is happening to you guys. If you don't trust me go ahead and read reviews from people who downloaded BBM around January 5th in BlackBerry world.

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I have a problem setting up BBM after installing Os 10.2.1259. Anybody know how to fix this?

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I hope they delete this app from IOS and android for ever because BBM In blackberry more fun :) and BBM the special service in blackberry

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Text msging has nothing to do with BBM. It is usually due to an issue from your service provider. Try rebooting your phone or check online if there is an outage in your area.

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Text messaging (SMS) sucks monkey balls on BB10. It's not my service provider, sucks with any carrier.

Seems BB10 can not handle longer SMS messages.

Let's hope they fix this with 10.3

Ericsson GF198(GSM900) im D2 Privat Netz

No issues here. Not that I've noticed anyway.

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Oh gosh, thanks for the update! I actually thought it was something I did!! LOL

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So what if WhatsApp and Gmail also go down? There's no excuse, BlackBerry is supposed to be known for communications.

Star Wars fan? Come join us C00121E8E

um... WhatsApp is known for ONLY being an instant messenger, and Gmail is known for being an email provider.

There's no excuse for anyone, including WhatsApp and Gmail.

99.5% uptime is considered full service.

Even phone lines go out sometimes. And they're hardwired.



I thought BlackBerry has learned her lesson. There's simply no excuse for such downtime, esp in INSTANT messaging market. We as BlackBerry fans may understood, but for the general public this simply gives them a reason to ditch bbm. :(

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Mine down too. I'm receiving BBM messages from Android phones but cannot reply back getting an red cross sign when I reply back.

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Most of my friends deleted BBM bc messages would never get delivered in real time, at least when it was from BlackBerry to android.

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Between my son's Z10 and his mom's iPhone it works, between my Z10 and her. Not working.

Z10 via CB10

Things were down for me for about 40mins and now it's working again... BBM with an android...

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Things seem to be working fine now on Telus, Kingston On. Just chatting with an iOS and Android user. 12:32am

Man im tired of excuses. BlackBerry has to step up with BBM quick. We chat just had a major update and whatsapps major update is coming soon too.

BBM2.0 is a testament of john chen's execution and delivery skills. I hope for BlackBerry sake that all bbm's problems especially on ios gets sorted out.

Z30, Q10, Z10, iP5, SGS3



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If someone from BlackBerry reads this... there ate two issues which I know BBM needs to fix ASAP... one is of the stupid multi chat issue (that anyone can add a lot of ppl in multi chat without their permission) it is hard to get out of them and it hangs phones,

and second is that a person should be able to make categories of contacts and send different message to different categories

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Although this sounds like a serious issue, I think the best fix would be to delete them from your contact list if they keep adding others. It's almost like a punishment I guess :P

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Ya I noticed the same thing. BlackBerry to BlackBerry seems fine but BlackBerry to Android wasn't working for a couple hours. Seems to be back up again though. One of my Android contacts responded.

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

And what about the issue of comments unable to load on BBM Channels?
I'm on a Z10 and I had this problem almost all day yesterday..

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LoL.. 'could be preparations for bbm2.0?
Couldn't imagine what the title could be if it is whatsapp that is having this prob..

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Hi there a problem I have noticed is a few friends on ios keep getting logged out. They don't realise this so only I have noticed nothing is being delivered. They log back in only to be logged back out. Which means they have given up and told me to use text or WhatsApp. This is not good after I got them to sign up with bbm in the first place. So I thought I would wait for the new release but that also seems to be taking ages. Any thoughts? Mark

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I thought I would wait to get them to try again after the new release, if that doesn't work then I will give up trying to make them use bbm myself.

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I was wondering bc I can recieve bbm from this girl but when I bbm her back there's a red X but then my bbm works back and forth for everyone else

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BBM never had a chance within my circle of friends. 99% didn't even bother downloading it. I still like WhatsApp by a mile anyway.

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I once had 12 BBM contacts from other platforms. Now down to 1 as the rest deleted BBM and went back to standard carrier text messaging. Considering that carriers offer unlimited messaging for so low cost, most people are fine using just that. Personally, BBM or any other third-party messaging app is just duplication. All i'm exchanging is informal conversations and the occasional photo, which doesn't demand BBM security and I couldn't care less if the govt was snooping in on.

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I agree with you LarryMedina. If it wasn't for the awesome BBM group we've evolved into I wouldn't use BBM at all which is a shame because it's packed full of features.

Oh I do use channels also but I actually haven't even used voice or video chat since I purchased my Q10.

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it seemed slow for the last few days, wasn't sure what was going on. some messages would get the grey check mark and not be acknowledged.
a little pain for long term gain I guess.

This is not the first time. I thought its just my provider, but not. But got fixed after few hours.

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I have been dealing with messages not going through for minutes to hours sometimes almost a day. No red X.

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Hey CB...might wanna update this now that everything is back to normal. thanks.

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Are you guys losing charge fast? I need to get myself a Z30... using a Z10... but last night Bbm worked for me, just that I lost charge in 3-4 hours... not sure if because I was using Bbm

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I got this problem like 2 weeks ago in the UK for a day but it just sorted itself out, got no problems at the moment

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RED X problem fixed with me now! it's working fine....BB Q10 to iOS...Q10 to other BlackBerrys but i don't know about BB-Android idk which contacts have Android, if any do

Where are the comms from bbm team and BlackBerry!

Come on customer experience should be 1st thing you should think about make sure we know what's going on.

That's why I love crackberry! Always on the ball! When BlackBerry aren't

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@BBM please resolve all the issues before releasing the next update. I do want to promote it to my friends & family again. Dun care if they insist on calling me a fanboy or not. Just get it done right this time please.

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I had that issue with my friend on ios and all it takes is to reboot the iPhone. That phone is not made to be on 24/7 like BlackBerry is

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Help! I only use bbm from blackberry to blackberry and have been having these issues for over a week now! What's going on? Z10 to z10 and I get the tick but no d and today just getting the red cross. Sooooo frustrated!

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Bbm video is very very deadly slow. At the same time skype is working good in z10.
They need to fix this issue.

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I am having issues with channel notification for a few days.

ChannelX C000D3759 We promote channels

I'm not having any issues with it on ios to blackberry or vice versa

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Have not received return messages from Android BBM friends in USA since Friday afternoon. Same problem and "x" on send to iOS friends in USA. NYC area here. BlackBerry doesn't need this at this time!

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I'm really finding it difficult to invite friends on my bbm since i upgraded the version on my BlackBerry z3, it ll just hang whenever sam at that point