It's important to remember that BlackBerry is more than just a smartphone manufacturer

By Bla1ze on 1 Sep 2014 06:08 pm EDT

It hasn't quite been a year yet since John Chen accepted position as BlackBerry CEO, but in the time he's been there the company has gone through a lot of changes for the better. They have a renewed focus, new leadership, and have made a reach back to their business roots all while moving forward with Project Ion, investments in NantHealth, and the opening of the BlackBerry Technology Solutions Business Unit to expand usage and control of their global portfolio of 44,000 patents including those for Paratek and Certicom.

No matter what you see, hear, and read on the many different blogs and news outlets out there, BlackBerry has moved beyond just smartphones now. The smartphone business is just one portion of BlackBerry and, perhaps, that's why when reading a new interview with John Chen from the Hindu Business Line, I was rather happy to see him highlight that. It's something that needs to be stated over and over until people begin to realize it. BlackBerry has changed from being just a smartphone manufacturer and they will continue to do so until they return to growth and profitability.

Q: You started a restructuring process to cut costs and bring the right focus. Is that process now over? How would you leverage the new organisation to turn around the company?

A: I'm happy to say that we have completed the restructuring and have started to hire in key areas of the business. Getting our costs and organisational structure right was a difficult, but crucial phase in our turnaround plan. With our new structure we are now well-positioned to provide our enterprise customers with the best, most secure end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions. We are also well positioned to lead in the machine-to-machine space and the Internet of Things. BlackBerry is known for security — it's in everything we do — so we will apply our learnings from enterprise mobility to address the emerging connectivity and security needs within the Internet of Things.

Q: Has your strategy to partner with Foxconn paid off? How are models like the Z3 doing in the market?

A: The BlackBerry Z3 has been extremely well received in both India and Indonesia, and we continue to see strong demand for the device. Initial inventory of the device nearly sold out in India within two weeks following launch. We hear from users that they like the price, screen size and battery life. We're listening to what our customers are saying and plan to continue to deliver competitive devices. We will continue to leverage the Foxconn partnership, as well as our partnerships with other key manufacturing partners, to deliver innovative products in a more timely and cost-effective manner.

Q: Despite the new BB10 operating system, BlackBerry market share has not improved. Do you think that the company needs to rethink the devices strategy?

A: BlackBerry devices are part of our unparalleled ability to provide the most secure end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions from the smartphone to the data centre. We'll continue to sell devices as long as there are customers who value them.

Q: How do you see the threat from Chinese players like Xiaomi and Huawei, which are cornering a significant share of the new sales?

A: Frankly, we don't see those Chinese players you mentioned as threats in our target market. We see them playing more at the low end. And it's important to remember that BlackBerry is more than just a smartphone manufacturer. We are a mobile solutions company that takes a broader approach to servicing the needs of customers looking for secure technologies that drive productivity, communication and collaboration.

The above is just a small portion of the interview, though I do suggest you head on over to Business Line and give the full interview a look through. Although it covers a lot of what has already been said, it also offers a look at where BlackBerry wants to go globally and how regional areas such as India are helping with that growth, especially in Enterprise.

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It's important to remember that BlackBerry is more than just a smartphone manufacturer


Market share of smart phones do not mean too much today.
It is more important for BB to sell enough smart phones so that the consumers still understand it is a viable company, without regard to BB's other businesses.

BB has likely settled at it's low range of percent of market; any increased sales will for sure mean BB has significantly increased in share.

Fifty years ago there was a popular book "How to Lie With Statistics".
It essentially said, it is more HOW you say number stuff than WHAT the actual numbers are.

If the current BB sales of phones are 10 million per year, about @1% of the market, to increase sales to 20 million means "100% increase in sales".
But, the percent of market may only be @1.1%

At this time, say, Apple (with hundreds of millions of iPhones sold), has gone from 20% of the market last year and is now 10% of the market.
That means Apple has dropped to about "half their prior market share". Now THAT is significant!

If there's wishful thinking in there, it's not going to happen. Demand for the iPhone 6 has been greater than any iPhone prior to it. Apple's market share is not going to decrease anytime soon.

Never said that. But it isn't going to dramatically decrease in the next while. In fact, it should hold steady or increase a bit.

Hold steady? Maybe. Increase a bit? I have my doubts. With each iteration of the iPhone, the demand was the "most ever", increasing significantly more than the last, and yet Apples market share has still consistently fallen. I believe the same will hold true this time as well.

Posted via BlackBerry Z30, the BEST smartphone out today!

Mandony was using hypothetical numbers to illustrate a point, not make a prediction.

Posted via CB10

Thank you for clarifying my point.
The idea is you can make bad news look good and good news look bad.

Are you incapable of grasping a simple statistical point? Noone was making a prediction.. he was just explaining how you can use facts to lie or use facts the way you want it to appear.

If the numbers quoted is true, then his point holds

Posted from zee flicking coolest smartphone evah!

Apples market share has been decreasing for some time now. BBRY actually increased its market share by 200%.

I've not see anything show any market share increase. Is this a jump in 1 country or worldwide overal jump? According to IDC "As for BlackBerry, there appears to be no hope left for this platform, as shipments plummeted by 78 percent from 6.7 million in Q2 2013 to just 1.5 million in Q2 2014. As a result, BlackBerry currently holds just 0.5 percent of the market. IDC has already predicted that BlackBerry smartphone sales will reach zero percent by 2018. However, BlackBerry could end up reaching that number even quicker if it doesn’t have any success with its upcoming Passport and Classic smartphones. - See more at: "

I'm not sure if something happened since July?

There are too many variables to even remotely accurately predict anything for Blackberry right now that far out. 2018? That's 4 years from now and a lot can happen in that time. No one is even going to remember that article in 4 years. Many are conveniently not remembering articles that have been spewing the doom and gloom for them for the past 4 years. Obviously, Blackberry is still around and they are obviously doing something that is at least keeping them afloat for so long. And, as already illustrated, the stock market isn't necessarily a good example of a company doing well in a turn-around.

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I'm not talk much about guess what will happen in 4 years. I'm talking about a 200 % increase in market share which IDC surely didn't show so I'm trying to figure out where they got these numbers.

Smartphone shipments for BlackBerry have increased from quarter to quarter 15% from 1.3 million to 1.5 million. Their sales have decreased from a year prior, but increased from last quarter.

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How many times do I have to remind everyone? Market Share != sales volume!
When BlackBerry owned the Market they had approximately 8 Million active subscribers.
Today they are ~1% of the market with around 70 Million active subscribers.

The reason demand for the iPhone 6 is so high is simple. The 5 and 5S were underwhelming to even Apple die hards. The tech is dated and even low end Android devices have features the 5S doesn't (NFC anyone?) So it is unlikely the 6 will increase the iPhone subscriber base but it will definitely refill Apples coffers for another season.

It's been shown time and time again that people who buy Apple phones are people who already have Apple phones. Whereas for Samsung you will get people who already have Samsung, AND people jumping frim Apple to Samsung. Apple is missint that latter group and that's why their market share is dropping.

The current Apple market share is like the story we heard about Blackberry.
I DO NOT know the exact numbers below but it is something like:

It was not long ago that BB was 40% of the market and is now 1% of the market
It was not long ago that iPhone was 40% of the market and is now 11% of the market

What is important, both Apple and Blackberry have backup programs that allow them to continue operations. In Apple case, their stores (stuff that they sell but do not make) bring them business. BUT, with iPhone sales going down, their app store will also have reduced sales.
Blackberry on the other hand has programs to improve profit centers in Enterprise, and aux programs like health and auto.

Well at least they seem commuted to the mobile devices sector :)
Waiting in a z30 replacement

Posted via CB10

God damn it.. I just started using my z30 and keyboard hasn't caught on to my typing habits yet

Posted via CB10

Keep waiting....I don't see it happening even though I think it's dumb considering the good work that has gone into the Z10 and Z30, and it would be a shame to abandon that platform. However, they have never seemed very committed to selling the Z30,despite the good reviews, since they don't seem very interested in keeping them in stock at Verizon. They seem committed to serving the corporate sector that utilizes their enterprise services, and to BlackBerry that means physical keyboards. It looks like they'll kick out some low end fullscreen devices to appease that niche, but it sure doesn't look good for a high end Z30 successor.

I totally agree. My carrier, Three, stopped offering the Z30 earlier this year. When I asked them why, they said people weren't ordering it as no-one knew about it.
Such an own-goal for BB, as everyone that's seen my phone loves it but never even knew it existed!

Posted via CB10

What would be the point of a high end touch screen? It would have to be similar specs as the leading superphones out there and as we know, by the time Blackberry releases it to market its outdated. Then they have to get carriers on board while committing little to no advertising dollars behind it. It's just a money losing proposition all around.

Here is my view. I am a commercial banker at a Canadian big 5 bank. Sitting at a boardroom table last week with about 10 to 14 CAMs, which represented a very small section of our Eastern Ontario division, there were 8 or 9 Z30s and the rest were q10s and 9900s (CAMs who had not yet submitted for our mobile refresh).
We all have the option to go BYOB with an iPhone but we don't though many have them as their personal phone. I almost took a pic to post here, but I thought the better of it.

I think that each quarter we will see growing sales as more and more of the regulated industries work through their upgrade cycle. It does not happen quickly (my Q10 was provided last November, whole many of my colleagues are just getting their new phones now).

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

When I say z30 replacement I mean something all touch I actually prefer the size and form factor of the z10 over the z30. Much better feeling in the hand

Posted via CB10

If there was something like a Z20, say, a cross between the 10 and the 30, with a form factor slap bang between the two, that would be a perfect choice for me.

I love my Z30, but it's just a little bit too big to comfortably use single handed. If the Z10 had battery life close to the 30, it would be a real contender.

Posted via CB10

A Z10 with improved specs like a bigger screen (the bezels can be reduced a lot) and a higher resolution, too. More processing power and better camera quality. Thar would be ok for me up to now.

‎9300, 9700, 9780, 9900, white Z10 Dominican Republic‎‎

I thought that the Z10 has a fantastic resolution. It's much higher than the Z30 is it now? (too lazy to go look it up)

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Z10 doesn't need higher resolution, Z30 does, the only thing Z10 need is battery but if there would be Z20 then GPU, CPU, speaker, USB to-go should be considered

Love my Z10 looking for its successor or go for Z30 when the price is right for me

Great but at the same time I can't help but feel that Blackberry is undermining its own business by relying on Android apps instead of native Blackberry ones. Business and corporate is an important niche but keep in mind that a 2 or 3 percent market share in consumer phones is probably worth more money than a 50 percent share of corporate.

I don't think you quiet understand..they do sell phones to businesses but it is their server software they really want to reach companies for secure mobile service....if they also sell said phones to the businesses as well then bonus!

Posted via CB10

I agree that native BBRY apps should not take a sideline, however in order for there to be a Blackberry there must be profit. Tough decisions must be made. I believe that the native apps will return in time. As for your ratio's in market share, I doubt that is true. Consumers are finicky, Enterprise is repeated business. When counting dollars you always want the residual!

Blackberry keeps Johnson National LLC moving

Personally, large app catalog isn't at all important for me. If I've done my research, understood what BlackBerry offers, why would I complain when I don't have access to 3 gazillion apps. How many apps really enhance the work experience of the average paper pusher who buys and iPhone or Android device ? Do I need an app to tell me I'm fat (that's why mirrors were invented)? Do I need apps to tell me how many calories over burnt when I'm running to simply keep healthy ? For many apps are all and all and the end in all. For others apps are on the fringes of is really offered......functionality !

Posted via CrackBerry App

How are they playing in the security-focused market?

They probably can't, that stigma
"Huawei has spyware for the PRC gov't built-in..."
is hard to get rid of...

And even then, BES 10 can manage their Android devices...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Those Chinese manufacturers are help Android eat into BlackBerry's remaining market share. Hopefully Chen was referring to enterprise clients when talking about those who continue to seek the BlackBerry brand.

Exactly, when he says Z3 is for emerging economies low end spectrum of consumers, he can't omit Chinese manufacturers. Those statements are not matching

Link to original interview is not working. On the website it says that the article is not found..

Posted via CB10 using Blackberry Q5 (

At least the message is consistent. But if I was a big investment firm, I'd expect at least 8% CFROI or I'd invest my money elsewhere. Not sure what BB's number might be, but how long can investors wait before they see some money?

Prem Watsa is making 6% on his convertible debentures.
And he's in for the long run...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

The money invested is making 6%pa on the dollar, regardless of where it's coming from. Yes, a lot is actually not directly from FairFax themselves....

Still, it was a smart move... :-)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

How do you know it is Pimco! I thought they never announced who the other partners are who chipped into this deal - if Pimco is in on this, then that itself is a pretty interesting news.

Posted via CB10

@oneinfiniteloop...I was fortunate enough to attend one of their events at the Ritz in Mtl.and they spoke about it ,they like the deal because of the 6%

When I read the article about the picture hacks, my sentiment was the same. Get BlackBerry, is that simple.
Posted via CrackBerry App

Definitely good to hear.
Did they get around to asking about the passport launch and whether a specific date being mentioned??

"I love when people boast about their its a pissing contest"

Good to hear. After reading about the leaked celebrity pics lately I hope one of the things BlackBerry builds is a cloud storage. I'm willing to pay for one. (note I'm not a celebrity nor do I have nude pics)

Posted via CB10

Yeah, but many here don't seem to understand the difference between an iPhone and the iCloud.

Posted via CB10

Sorry I'm assuming if BlackBerry made a cloud storage it would be secure. Cause that's what their about. Maybe it could only be accessed through a specific BlackBerry pin or pins or something.

Posted via CB10

The only reason iPhones need cloud storage is they don't have SD expansion memory. Apple provides a cloud to maintain control and drive prices up on big memory options.

I think cloud is available but I am not sure what it offers.

Yet, there are lot of loop holes when Chen says end to end mobility solutions or security solutions and it seems they are seriously omitting the small businesses.

Even if the strategy was to stop making phone in the near future, they would not just go out and say it.

Nice find.

He actually said "if the customers value it(devices)" Literally it means "if the sales won't pick up, we won't be manufacturing devices"

Nice interview and I can say I am in for the long haul, I just flashed the leak on my z30 and I must say I am impressed with the look, the interface and the changes they made.

I really wish they would have had this version of the OS when they released the z10 last year, things would have been allot different.

Posted from my lovely z30 on T Mobile USA using

My friend who hated BlackBerry because of the look of the OS is now impressed with the makeover and is seriously thinking about buying. There shouldn't have been a 10.0.x it had to be 10.3.x on initial release

When will BlackBerry reveal Chen suffers from a rare genetic disorder that codes for a protein that does not allow him to fail?

Posted via CB10

It's in his chenetics!

Everything is chenetically engineered...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I'll give Chen credit for reassuring the markets in the wake of the unsuccessful "going private" experiment, but his vision for the company is contrary to everything that most CrackBerry readers love about BlackBerry. Our addiction is to devices made in accordance with key values. Sure, BES is interesting for large deployments and Project Ion is an interesting Hail Mary into a developing arena where BlackBerry talks big and offers very little, but someday might be a major player.

I wonder how much BlackBerry pays Mobile Nations in advertising or sponsorship? Hard to explain CrackBerry's enthusiasm for Chen any other way...

Posted via CB10

Would you rather see BlackBerry fail as a handset-only maker, or survive and evolve into something bigger where handsets take second place... ?

Only option 2 will secure us continued access to those desired devices...

(and I know I'd take option two over the first one, no doubt :-) )

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

@Blackberry Fan777..I think CB started with Kevin seeing the light and the rest is history,Remember kevin never had the pleasure of meeting Mike L.

I can believe that Kevin started BlackBerry independently of BlackBerry, but I now believe that BlackBerry pays advertising or sponsorship and that influences the content. I think this has been the case for awhile.

I mean the site demands nothing of Chen and praises him for non-substantive interviews and abstract goals while refusing to report on all the talent that is fleeing BlackBerry under Chen. I miss Tim O'Neil (inventor of the BatBerry and head of BB10 dev tooling), but even though he was a community star for years, you sure won't read about his leaving on CrackBerry. But, you'd at least think CrackBerry would do an article on how Chen has decimated developer relations, essentially abandoning BB10 as an application platform. Nope. Instead, we get an article praising Chen for praising himself in an interview.

Posted via CB10

May be Kevin sold CrackBerry to the same investors who already control Chen/BlackBerry (or their substantial parts).

Bla1ze and others seem to me like hired guns who have only one assignment. Not to reveal anything important and prepare BlackBerry community for worse things to come.

What stuck out for me in the interview is the Z3 was received well in India and Indonesia, but nothing about the other markets. Also anyone catch it sold out in India in two weeks. I don't think that's a good indication the product was well received in India considering the limited number of phones released. We still don't have an exact number of Z3 phones released in these key markets, and I don't think we are going to get one.

Mr. John Chen said, the #Z3 was extremely well received in both India and Indonesia. He also said that the response for the promotional offer on the #Z10 and #Z30 was phenomenal - if this is indeed correct, then I think that people have made a smart choice in wisely selecting those devices. Not sure if this is relevant but, in recent months, the level of engagement on BBM Channels has gone up substantially.

Posted via CB10

What baffles me is whenever Samsung, LG or HTC release a new phone, you see adverts on TV, billboards etc everywhere.
It's almost as if BB DON'T want the mass market to be informed by keeping releases in the down-low.
Weird marketing strategy.

Posted via CB10

Because of lack of marketing dollars. It's not hard to figure out. The manufacturers that advertise the most make the most.

Not sure why everyone always says this. I saw tons of BlackBerry ads through last year's launch and the months after. They were in Blue Jays games, Raptors games, they were all over my Web browsing (though I tend to think that was a direct correlation to the endless BlackBerry articles I visited) and they even sponsored Amazing Race Canada. Bell ran lots of ads showcasing the phones as well.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

I still would like to hear Chen's answers to the questions surrounding advertising. They have a lot to market on the phones alone. Throw in the services they offer (enterprise mobile solutions, QNX in cars, etc) and they have so much more to advertise. The advertising, if nothing else could also be used to help rebuild the brand. People don't even know BlackBerry is making phones any more, let alone has these other aspects about it. I still meet people who never knew BlackBerry made a tablet.

Posted via CB10

Agreed -- it is also the producer of BBM, which has disappointed many because it is not yet fully cross-platform and earlier iOS reductions were quite buggy. Keep
Making quality phones since the software road is far from perfected. I still love my Z30!!

Posted via CB10

Xiaomi or other China phone manufacturer company equal to toy. They just copy everything and put android on it.

No such security, safety and quality. We must be careful with android phone or other phone when they aggressive to sell more phone. China = America NSA collecting data from users around the world.

Posted via CB10

The picture is clearer with Chen, focusing on their strength is starting to sink in. Their the biggest and best at end to end secure mobile solutions. And for the future when hydro meter, water meter, gas meters etc. become connected, I'm sure they'll need to be locked down and secure, ...who do you call?

Posted via CB10

In the US and I'm sure other parts of the world z10 and z30 plunged into the market without realizing the scale of stigma associated with Blackberry in general. I blame lack of marketing and stock market shorts. Z30 is the best phone you've never heard of. On the other hand, Chen is securing BlackBerry's position in the enterprise sector and then, it sounds like, considering mainstream options.

My guess is that if the passport does well, we will see a z30 successor. Part of the reason I am getting the Passport instead of just waiting.

Posted via CB10

I'll use a BlackBerry till I retire. No other business phone like it. Get me the passport though. Thing will be awesome. Oh, I'll use a classic too. Don't worry.

Posted via CB10

QNX, BES, MDM, health care, nuclear power plants... There are so many different areas!

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

Blackberry does not manufacture smartphones, foxconn does. Blackberry designs their smartphones. I just hope that when the next Z10 comes out it is manufactured in North America. I will not buy a Foxconn device, and that is why I do not own an iPhone.

Posted via Z10

You are running out of options my friend. Please review your household electronics, car and clothes. And then do it again at work

Posted via CB10

"In the time he's been there the company has gone through a lot of changes for the better"

Couldn't disagree more. To the average consumer nothing has changed, no new products have been released in North America, devices and services have been announced but nothing new released and it's been almost a year since he took over. He talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk then scoffs at serious competitors, sounds like more of the same to me.

The first year was cleaning up the mess left by his predecessors. Hopefully we'll see some results after that first year is under his belt.

Chen had already successfully turned around a tech company before, Thor as an in-house hire hadn't ...

Stabilizing is paramount and pretty much done, the time to expand is now and "soon", but not earlier... every dollar needs to be spent wisely.

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Wrong. Thor actually turned around an unsuccessful division at Siemens making it very profitable before coming over to BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

If the patient has a heart attack, you have to deal that first regardless of what other ailments they may have. BBRY was on life support and Chen has managed to nurture it through to the point where the company is still in serious condition but slowly improving. Seems to me that in your desire for new products and whatever else, you seriously underestimate the dire straits the company was in.

2015 will be the turnaround for BlackBerry . Chen will prove all the critics wrong. I am eagerly waiting for launch of Passport & 10.3. OS across all platforms. It will be a startling revelation of what BlackBerry is capable of not to speak of other device launch.

From my Z30 Device using

That's what was said about 2013. It's hard to say exactly when things will turn around when the company is being totally rebuilt.


But turning such a company around takes more than 1 generation of phones (as we've seen), the platform has matured and is now much more likely to appeal to the general public than in January 2013...

And I am making this statement just from my own observation.

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Blackberry tried me-too with the Z phones and almost lost the company. 100 billion dollars of marketing wouldn't have made a difference. The issue was apps. Blackberry could not get enough app developers to write consumer apps for Blackberry. For the longest we couldn't even get a decent printer app (thank you printhand and others for coming through).

Lets just take a step back and see what they can do with a top of the line qwerty (Passport) and workhorse qwerty (Classic).

If you have to have an all-touch phone the Z30 is the one to get and if want a bargin phone the Z3 ought to be in the States by first quarter 2015.

For a company that prides itself on security, why is it charging for blackberry protect? As without it bbm messages are not protected in transit....

iPhone# best selling overrated MP3 player ;)

Your comment is wrong on so many levels (including your signature). Protect is a free app for locating or protecting your device if it's lost or stolen, it has nothing to do with BBM and standard BBM messages are not encrypted.

Market share doesnt matter, as far as the company is alive and you get to use you blackberry everything is awesome!!

Keep moving BlackBerry, Though we aren't that many like android or ios but we truly love you and ur devices :)

Posted via CB10

Or windows phones

Love my Z10 looking for its successor or go for Z30 when the price is right for me

The man says they listen to customers and that the customers said they like Z3 price, battery and size.
Why Chen failed to listen to us when we say we don't like Z10 battery, isn't it a high time to release Z10 successor packed with enough juice? Z10 was a showcase of BB10 now it needs a decent successor that will honor its legacy because it paved the way for all BlackBerry touch devices

Love my Z10 looking for its successor or go for Z30 when the price is right for me

How can I forget when most US carriers don't carry BlackBerry's Flagship device. Mr. Chen needs to get all carriers everywhere to offer BlackBerry Devices. BlackBerry 4 All no matter the Carrier

Posted via CB10

For all the people who hate Chen and his changes to BlackBerry: it's a dynamic market and everyone is diversifying. Do you really think that samsung, apple, LG, and the gang is only concentrating mobile phones for success? He may not be doing the best possible job at marketing the new BlackBerry phones (apparently outside of Canada), which is quite strange, but at least he is adamant that BlackBerry will continue to supply phones for the security conscious.

I'm amused at the whole Z3 debacle, it was released in Indonesia about 1-2 months before Singapore and I received a pin about the indo release but not the Singapore one - go figure?
It seems probable that the sales results in India and Indonesia are the best ones available because it is the target sales market for the phones.

I do agree that there is little to no criticism about the changes, and I would like to see more marketing done in other parts of the world. Many corporations here in Singapore is rejecting BlackBerry in order to support BYOD and are grasping desperately for a way to reconcile the relative non-secure phones into their vpn without compromising on the freedom of the employees to their apps and data.

And I really wonder if anyone who works at BlackBerry reads these stuff.

Posted via CB10

Mr Chen please remember to avoid icloud and stick with your BlackBerry when taking nude selfies!

My lubbly jubbly Z10. Shine on you crazy BlackBerry

Does he have an iPhone?

Love my Z10 looking for its successor or go for Z30 when the price is right for me

The big three carriers in Canada Telus, Rogers, and Bell ,are offering the Z30 for 0 dollars on a two year plan until middle of September.

From my  phone.

@John... that made me laugh,but look up on the web how many articles have been published and she comes out on top with all the free publicity.She's not that hot but really looks great in a red dress

Agree. Perhaps the one super celebrity that is seems wholesome is Taylor Swift. Not aware of nude photos taken by herself.

Why hasn't anyone confronted Mr. Chen about marketing? We all grumble in the forums about not seeing blackberry in the media but no one as far as I know has asked Mr. Chen about this.

If BlackBerry's future is enterprise, why waste money marketing to consumers?

The future BlackBerry owners will be those people who appreciate the devices for what they can do for personal productivity and for personal security.

The people who care about iPhone apps and Android prices are not the market that BlackBerry wants. It has been said over and over and over again: Enterprise is BlackBerry's way forward.

Posted via CB10

Trying to read between the lines and listen for any hard details this interview actually made me think there is no future for our beloved BlackBerry. To answer about weak market share and sale of phones by replying we do more than phones is not a good answer. I'm realizing BlackBerry will never return to the level we want them to because even though business and enterprise has been the focus always, consumers made up majority of the buyers clearly.

The one thing needed ever so badly is to change the perception of the company. Just as Ford motors had their stigma for a very long time BlackBerry needs the same. Keep focus on making a solid secure phone but advertise all the gimmicky stuff consumers care about let them know your not the same old company perceived to be if you really want to continue.

Posted via CB10

Again, someone needs to ask Chen the hard questions about marketing: Why is marketing virtually non-existent for Blackberry?

"It's important to remember that BlackBerry is more than just a smartphone manufacturer"

Yep and from the tone of the above it's going to turn into a patent troll cos that's easy money and doesn't involve employing anyone but pencil pushers and lawyers and is a comparatively cheap way of bringing in the money.

BB10 is/was supposed to be the future of BBRY - and they thought it was so good they have not been bothered to actively advertise it and have been finding ways to leverage every other platform out there.

Not J Chen's fault as he has to get BBRY into the black - but it sure makes BBRY look like ars*****s

Of course it is! Chen should press this point, especially now in light of Crapple 's back peddling and pussifying effort to deflect blame for their shitty "ICloud" service having failed soo miserably and getting the accounts of soo many celebutards exposed through the hacking "incident", how Appletards like to refer to that serious breach of security and privacy!!!!

Certainly BlackBerry is not invincible or impenetrable! Nor is it's record unblemished!

But I remember when they BlackBerry had that network failure and BBM was down all over , the press and every, cave, bridge, mountain and sewer dwelling troll was on their case mercilessly!!! BlackBerry took quite a beating then!

But now that Applesuck has something like this occur, all the Sheeple want to pretend it didn't happen!

Chen should clearly present BlackBerry as a viable alternative and show the world once again it's diversity and capabilities!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

People believe in BlackBerry due to security reasons. You do that good... always you will be at top.. in this hacking world....

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To be realistic Blackberry may not claw back sales and rankings in the smartphone sector for a while, if ever, but if they are going to have a shot they are going to need the financial backing from other areas of the company. John Chen is proving himself to be well worth his weight in gold. He is more or less rebuilding the company from its rock solid security foundations which is the right way to go. I see the passport as an acknowledgement of what made the Blackberry phones famous with the physical keyboard but it has a world of wizardry built in.

This is my first Blackberry phone, a Z10, and I've only had it a few months, but I bought the phone knowing about Blackberry's tough times these last few years with the belief that the restructuring and recovery plans I had read about will be effective. John Chen's actions are not out of desperation, more like a methodical plan to target specific markets based on the company's known strengths in order to build a security empire and bolster the other operations such as smart phone manufacturing.

I might only be new to Blackberry but I have a lot of faith and hope for the future if the company.

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What ever the rumors may be out side of the world or out side of the company's office or outside of the ceo room one thing is for certain we or the other people cannot predict others future according to me this thing is improving and will do more according to somebody in the comments section blackberry will die by 2018, I think their article may go down someday and it may be the same day they predicted for BlackBerry even though no one remembers these things till that time even if something happens whatever may happen blackberry is blackberry thats it end of conversation

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