It's Here... Download the free CrackBerry 10 app for your BlackBerry Z10!

CrackBerry 10 - Download it now!
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Feb 2013 01:48 am EST

It's HERE... version 1 of our long-awaited CrackBerry app for BlackBerry 10! We've dubbed it CrackBerry 10, or CB10 as you'll find it in BlackBerry World. It's FREE. And it is freak'n amazing. If you own a BlackBerry Z10, you'll want to hit up the link at the bottom of this post download it now!

The app was developed in-house by our Mobile Nations CEO and weekend warrier coder, Marcus Adolfsson. Built using Cascades and written for BlackBerry 10, the app is SMOOTH and FAST and follows the BB10 UI guidelines closely. It's a glowing example of how all apps for BlackBerry 10 should be built. 

And we've built a lot into v1. The CrackBerry forums are there and very feature rich. There has never been a faster way to browse and participate in a forum site on a mobile device. The blogs are currently in read-only mode. Once we launch our full CrackBerry website redesign (less than ten days away), we'll be updating the CB10 app for the full blog experience, including our popular free ringtone / wallpaper galleries. ShopCrackBerry mobile is also present in CB10, so you can buy your next Z10 case right from your Z10.

We'll follow up shortly with a full walk-through of CrackBerry 10 in action. In the meantime, if you have a BlackBerry Z10, download it now and spend some time getting to know it. It's a 5 star app, so be sure to rate it and review it as such, and if you come across any bugs or ideas as you use it, be sure to give us your feedback.

Download CrackBerry 10 for your BlackBerry Z10 from BlackBerry World

Reader comments

It's Here... Download the free CrackBerry 10 app for your BlackBerry Z10!


HOW TO choose Reply, Thanks and Like on Crackberry Forums?

Click on date in upper right corner of individual Forum posting. Then you will find those selections.

Kevin - Excellent new Forum App!

But - Very few Likes and Thanks are being selected.

Just downloaded it... uh-oh now I will never get away from reading CRACKBERRY!

Great looking app and yes it is super smooth and super fast (well what isn't super fast on the ZED10!)

Just downloaded it and quickly ripped through it before bed. All I gotta say is WOW!!! Great job guys, looks fantastic and navigating through it feels awesome. Kudos!

This is AMAZING!!! what dev package did you guys use? HTML 5? Webkit? because I'm trying to make one for my community too and I LOVE your concept wow.. amazing!!

This should be permanently trending in blackberry world

Super fast, leaps ahead of anything CrackBerry has done before. Great job.

Everything together, in each category. The whole blackberry experience. It should come pre loaded on blackberries actually.

The browser on the Z10 is great, and I've been using crackberry as the full site.

I'll still download this however.

Ok got it its really cool!

Love the pull down to refresh and pull up to load features.

Its very Blackberry 10.

Will it work on the Playbook when Blackberry 10 is released on it as it does not seem to go landscape?

My Threads option?

You have done yourselves proud.

Very easy to use a must have for Z10 Crackberrians.

Nice job guys! I'll give the new app the once-over once we get our Z's down here in the US but the screenshots I've seen looked great. Looking forward to the website unveiling soon.


When you scroll through the comments of contests quickly it goes white then more comments come also not sure how to leave a comment please advise.

In regards to the scrolling: that's normal as the Listview in Cascades is trying to 'catch up' to your current position, but it still iterates through all the positions you passed by.

For the next ten days or so the articles (news, reviews, contests, etc.) are in read-only mode.

Once we push out the major CrackBerry website redesign that's coming shortly, at that point we'll update to the app so that the blogs are fully featured - commenting will be there on posts, galleries will be live, etc. We built the blog apis for the app into the new site we'll be upgrading to shortly.

But we wanted to get the app up asap for everybody with Z10s right away, so launched the more basic version of the blogs for now. The forums are very full featured though. Super hot. 

Favorite feature is the hub like menu, I could go from that to the hub and back again all day long. And I will lol . If this was pre loaded on the phones it would look and feel like a built in feature.

One guy by the name of Marcus did this in a month
Why can't Facebook and Twitter with billions of dollars and tons of employees make something half as good. Marcus, showing then how it's done

Looks great, would be awesome if it had the live tiles update feature built in! I love that about my Z10....Awesome work regardless

We're still deciding what to put into the Active Frame when the app is minimized - if you have ideas, let us know. We will get it in there!

Every feature we can build in, we want to get in there. 

I'd like to see how many new blog posts are waiting to be read. But that could be said for anything, and people's preference. Is it possible to have active frames customizable by the user? If it is you'd have the first app to show that feature.

Could have the active frames showing the most recent artlice(s). I dont know if they change, i get my z10 in 2 days but if so it possibly show the most recent article, eatured product for sale, etc.

Just some ideas.


ShopCrackberry needs more work I can't get back to the App shop from website shop and because it does not go landscape it is impossible to use.

Even when I restart App I am stuck in Web shop can't seem to get back to App shop please advise.

Kind of confused by this feedback.. there is no app shop. You're talking about the CB10 app running on the Z10, right?

Maybe jump onto the forum thread (link at bottom of post) and if you can snap a screen cap of what you're seeing, that would be helpful.

In the Shop section it's a mobile view. Very clean. We do have more work coming to that side though. Right now that part of the app is pulled in via web vs. written native, but we will do up the store in native soon too.

Thx for the patience and feedback! 

You may understand me if I tell exactly what I did!

On the Blackberry Z10 I opened the Crackberry App CB10 peeked saw the Shop Icon pressed it as I am doing now then scrolled to the bottom of the page where there was a green button which I pressed which has now disappeared it said something Web Store now I am stuck in it.

It is the site which stuck inside the CB10 App and does not function properly due to no landscape and no function of the buttons.

The reason I was looking in the shop was to see if you had a white Otter Box like the one you showed in the competition the day you got your white Z10. I sent you a message regarding this but I am sure you have been way to busy of late.

looks good but when sharing by email the title of the thread/article is in the message body and the subject is blank. Could this be changed so that the title is in the subject of the email?

One question...will it run like the one on PB? IF i don't reset my playbook it remains in the background with the custom pop message about new posts..?

Awesome! I look forward to read more about CB10 app. I won't be able to use it or give it 5 stars review until Z10 is available in USA *sighs* share more pictures!


Downloaded! I will play with this. Seems like a really good and solid app. Good job guys. I'm in Peterborough all day with my kid for the Hockey Day in Canada Tournement. I will show it off to Don Cherry!

I liked the beta but the official app is far superior, well done gentlemen!

One issue, I couldn't modify a post that I just made. I noticed one of my words was wrong that needed to be modified.

What about the integration in the the BlackBerry hub? Will a personal message be shown there? It would be AMAZING!! I am still waiting to get the Z10 here in US by the way..

Wow, just by looking at the picture, that app looks awesome. Cascades/Peek & Flow looks killer. Just 6 to 8 weeks more for us in the US & AUS. Come On!!

What a phenomenally well done App for the BB10. If you can do this why cant the big players do the same with their apps instead porting over from a different OS. This flows so well and can't get over how fast it is. This should come standard on all the devices and if you could make it integrate somehow with the BB10 HUB for notifications.... Excellent job!!!

Someone should start a thread about the cb10 app so that everyone can discuss what they like and don't like about it and report any possible bugs. That way if someone is having an issue and needs help, they can get that help.

Will it still be able to be found when or if the USA gets the device. All this goodness will have to be searched for by the time we get it. :) :) :)

Will there be a link to jump directly to "today's BB posts" like there is in the desktop website?

Ahh.. so straight from the main menu on the left vs. having to go into forums and tap unread threads?

I think that should be doable. On the list! 

Just downloaded this app onto my Z10, but won't sign me in on my account. Adding this comment off my Playbook. What's going on?

What kind of error message are you getting?  

When you tap into the forums, you'll see the login link. When you tap that it pulls of our Mobile Nations Passport login page, as you would get on the web. Should work fine.

To double test, try going to the web browser and pulling up through the website and logging in there. If that works, should definitely work in the app too. 

Make sure you're typing everything right.

If that's a no go, be sure to follow up not here, but on the support thread linked to from the post. Thanks! 

Works fine now. First went through the browser on my Z10 to the web site first OK, then retried through the new app & it logged me on OKthis time. Not sure what went wrong, but it is now all sorted thanks. Look forward to all things Blackberry (especially Z10) on these blogs. Thanks!

Astonishing app. REALLY good. It really showcases a lot of things that are great about BlackBerry 10. Best site companion app I've ever seen on any platform pretty much. Well done!

I have one bit of design feedback:

As you may know, in Cascades you can choose whatever 'highlight' color you want. Right now the tab highlights have the default blue color. I think it would look cool if you guys would use the CB orange for that as well. Would tie the app even more together. Try it at least to see what it looks like :)

the more i see that white Z10.. the more i like it... the display units didn't even look that nice...that's why i didn't get it... and sad part was they were in stock..

Crackberry BB-Z10 app is TERRIFIC. Professionally done. Very well laid out and easy to read. This shows how a GOOD app should be done. Congratulations CB team, Blackberry should be proud of your work.

Grabbed it this morning and wondered why I hadn't heard anything (not noticing the date, duh!).

Well done folks!!

For those of us who do not have the Z10 we live vicariously through you on video so...

VIDEO WALK THROUGH of the app would be great.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

I am having problems trying to log into my account. It keeps saying "please wait" and then I wait for like a hour and nothing changes. Could this be a bug?

With all the whining that goes on in the forums you guys must be the experts on what it takes to produce a perfect app. All I can see is 5 stars all around. Great job and thanks.

I check this blog 10 times a day and all i can say is that this will save me time because it is super fast. With blackberry news reader mia for bb10 i started to panic. Thank you for making this app crackberry.

Ideas. Add all the crackberry crew's twitter feeds
Make the "View in browser " a mobile site. It will be quicker to access comments

Can't reply to forum posts on my Z10. Doesn't show the "reply" icon at the bottom. Have rebooted. Had this issue the other day but it cleared itself up.

Very good, but few missing

But I will require Search tools and the ability to add Comments right from there.
I have to go to my computer to be able to do so.

Dear Kevin,
In China right now, 2013-02-26, 09:09, Beijing Time, around 2013-02-25, 21:09, EST , we got 0 app in our language. Right, 0. And about 0 app in English can use in our country. However, I am very glad Z10 have Chinese UI in it , and goes very well.
We need app. I did not post comment about our gov's policy that we can not use facebook, twiiter,youtube or other involve with balabalabala, and we do have some very popular app like QQ, weibo, wechat in China, we can not live in a world without them just like you with no Faceboot, Twitter, youtube..... We have them in BB OS5, OS6, OS7, and most Chinese love BlackBerry.
But now Z10, nothing. God!!
I can image what the hell it will be when the offical launch in China if "0" can not change to "many".

Best wishes for you and your team and BlackBerry!

CB10 is my first app from BlackBerry World for my Z10 bought from UK. It cost 10 days postal delivering to Shanghai. For the "BlackBerry" logo, it is worth my time and money. Maybe I am crazy.

You guys need a mobile nations app, how many blackberry owners past or present own androids and iphones now? How many folks have items from more than one platform? People may carry a Htc one x in their pocket but have it tethered to a playbook. Ive been wondering for years why i cant quick access to crackberry via android or ios. Alternatively if i download the imore app i should have access to crackberry and android central.

Downloaded the app and it looks crisp and clear...another way to keep up with updates on the go ! - Well done as always ! Love it.

Anybody else not able to see comments following news stories? I can see the indicator saying there is x comments, but when I select comments it always shows 0 comments. It worked fine the first week or so.

so since i downloaded this app my productivity has dropped dramatically. i spend all day reading forum posts.

Actually I am using a blackberry z10 (stl100-3) here in india. The model which came out here in india was stl100-1. I got this stl100-3 from U.S.‎ I haven't yet received an update to os 10.2.1 for my device. Can u please tell me a way to update my device to os 10.2.1

Hello please I can't download and use applications from blackberry world for example whatsapp, viber. The message I see is that browsing over the cellular network is not permitted or my operating system is not functional. Please what do I do?