On The Way: OtterBox Defender Series Case for the Bold!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Sep 2008 04:30 pm EDT

OtterBox 1937 Defender Series Case for the BlackBerry Bold

I received word from OtterBox today that the Defender Case for the BlackBerry Bold will soon be available. I guess there is a silver lining to device release delays (I'm talking to you, AT&T subscribers waiting on the Bold!) after all. Instead of getting a new device and having to wait and wait and wait for cool accessories to be released for it, it's looking like a whack load of 3rd party stuff should be ready for purchase by the time you can actually walk into your local AT&T store and buy a Bold.

In addition to the OtterBox 1937 Defender Series case for the BlackBerry Bold pictured above, they are also working the 1938 Impact Series case, which is more skin-like (no image yet). Stay tuned to ShopCrackBerry.com and OtterBox.com for OtterBox-Bold Goodness!

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On The Way: OtterBox Defender Series Case for the Bold!


Well that looks awefully rugged if you ask me. Almost looks like a totally different device, almost. I will definitely be getting one of these, once the Bold finally gets released from AT&T that is!!

I agree, makes it look like an entirely different device. Still not sure weather or not I like it. But I'm sure some will. Thnx Kev.

Just wonder what it looks like on the back with the camera? Does the film go over it? Pictures still turn out good? Does the film not go over the camera?

I think I am with you. One of the sweet things in my opinion about the bold was its sleek and "bold" look. This is bulky and dull to me. Looks good for a protective cover though just could use a little changes with its appearance.

I suspect that the delay in the US release is so that RIM can polish the software a little more; although the user interface is beyond expectations, today was the fifth day in a row that my Bold has been unable to reliably receive phone calls -- ninety-eight percent of calls go straight to voicemail, even when I've got good signal and am not using the phone.

Rogers "Technical Support" has been largely useless in diagnosing/rectifying the problem.

Hopefully our friends south of the 49th get a working phone -- that would be the true "silver lining" for them!

That's B.A.!!! Looks much more natural than the other defender cases, almost like an OEM tank version of the BOLD! I must have!

that thing looks like an alien nano bot from outer space, not only that - it reminds me of babylon 5 hahaha

I have this case for my 8130 and even though I like the protection it offers for the phone I don't like how big it makes it. I bought this phone because I liked the color and style of it, so when you put this case on it is like I have a different phone. If I were in a situation that would call for me being very careful of dropping my phone or maybe getting run over! I would put the phone back in the case but for everyday use I find this case to be way to big and bulky. But that can also make it a plus for people looking for that "tuff" case that offers the ultimate protection with keeping all the buttons and connection ports available. So if your in construction or any type of work that needs you to really protect your phone from getting run over by a truck then this is the case for you.

We run them here on curves and lets hope they have solved the echo problem, you have to pop open one of the side covers so that you don't get an echo on your calls. the sound seems to reverberate within the case.

Looks pretty neat. I'm waiting on Rogers to get stock on Bolds and it will be my first BB..

I'm already a bit concerned about how large the Bold is in comparison to other phones, as I picture myself being a person who puts it in his pocket.

I'd LOVE the protection the otterbox offers - but am a bit worried about how much bigger it makes it. Would LOVE to see some side by side comparisons, pictures IN an otterbox and out, matching width/height/thickness etc. Hell some pictures of it IN the pocket of some jeans would be neat :)

are there any alternatives that offer similar amounts of protection in a potentially more streamlined fashion?

(not that I'm sad about the look of the otterbox, it LOOKS pretty tight and form fitted, just curious)