It's a BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Slumber Party! Who's staying up to download as soon as it hits?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Feb 2012 05:06 pm EST

Come on RIM, Give us our Software Update Already!

OK CrackBerry Nation. This is it. Or well, it had better be it... or else I'm not sure what's gonna happen (but I guarantee it wouldn't be pretty). Previous leaked word has it that the long-awaited BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 software update is going to drop at 4:01am on February 21st. We've also heard 5am, which we think it will be. And while the timezone hasn't been officially divulged, most indicators are pointing to that being EST. So either way, for those in North America that means staying up late or waking up real early.

A good chunk of the Crack Team is going to have a slumber party and stay up for it. You know we'll be wanting to blog the release the second it hits. We've been waiting for this launch for a lonnng time now so will be following up this week with all sorts of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2 goodness. You'll want to keep it locked to CrackBerry.

In the meantime, drop a note in the comments or on our PlayBook OS 2.0 Slumber Party thread in the forums if you're going to be glued to your PlayBook tapping the Software update button. Oh yeah, and if you've never updated your PlayBook's software before you can learn how here.

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It's a BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Slumber Party! Who's staying up to download as soon as it hits?!



Downloading 25% of 410MB. Also downloading the two new free games offered. Modern Combat 2 4.5stars 400MB and Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD. 4.5stars 516MB

I admit in my excitement is thought it had almost finished installing, but only downloading, lol. It's currently at 56% though!

I take it back... Not restarting quite yet... D'oh! Staying at 98%! Come on come on... Wow I'm excited, lol!

405mb downloaded size
22% on the install!!!!
2am here, don't think I am going to get back to sleep after this, can't wait to try the predictive word feature. I think they should add an "I'm feeling lucky" button that just completes the whole email and sends!

Review please, anyone already de-virginize their playbook that just had virgined still 35% downloading here T_T

Hi @bigt305,
Ty from RIM here.  I wanted to chime in to help clarify how Android runtime works. The Android “player” simply allows ported Android applications to run on the PlayBook, so there’s no need to install or run anything else, as it’s baked right into the OS.
This post on our Inside BlackBerry Help Blog has all the info you need on updating to PlayBook 2.0: Thanks for waking up early to check it out!
Ty, RIM Social Media Team