It's a BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Slumber Party! Who's staying up to download as soon as it hits?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Feb 2012 05:06 pm EST

Come on RIM, Give us our Software Update Already!

OK CrackBerry Nation. This is it. Or well, it had better be it... or else I'm not sure what's gonna happen (but I guarantee it wouldn't be pretty). Previous leaked word has it that the long-awaited BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 software update is going to drop at 4:01am on February 21st. We've also heard 5am, which we think it will be. And while the timezone hasn't been officially divulged, most indicators are pointing to that being EST. So either way, for those in North America that means staying up late or waking up real early.

A good chunk of the Crack Team is going to have a slumber party and stay up for it. You know we'll be wanting to blog the release the second it hits. We've been waiting for this launch for a lonnng time now so will be following up this week with all sorts of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2 goodness. You'll want to keep it locked to CrackBerry.

In the meantime, drop a note in the comments or on our PlayBook OS 2.0 Slumber Party thread in the forums if you're going to be glued to your PlayBook tapping the Software update button. Oh yeah, and if you've never updated your PlayBook's software before you can learn how here.

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It's a BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Slumber Party! Who's staying up to download as soon as it hits?!



Right, because there's a big risk in downloading an official OS update. Especially when it's free.
Yeah, you'd better wait. (one less person slowing up the server while I'm downloading)

I'll say there's enough "chatter" out there to know it's coming.

But there's no sort of embargo or anything like that going on with this release. When it hits for download, it'll be hitting for everybody to download. 

i've been told by people who work for RIM that the update, and the bridge update are coming tomorrow. And as for desktop manager, they said possibly tomorrow or this week.

:) good morning from Romania 00:08 AM in the morning of 21st of Feb. I am @work now..night shift...Telecom .. and i am dying to see the OS 2 .. i am refreshing the hell out of CB and PB .. but now i remember was "announced" to be out at 4:01 am EST.. about 11 hrs from now... so i`ll get back to "work" :)

The pic is fine Kevin, there's nothing 'over the top' or 'racy' about it, CrackBerry isn't Microsoft or any similarly uptight corporate site.

If it was too much for work, don't check it at work. Work is for work.

To have the nerve to complain! Pshh, this is the internet, you can't stop it!

Tuesday I always wake up early to make my family(wife and 2 kids) breakfast. So 4:30 I'll be up and hitting "check for update every 15 min..... Or maybe every min.

Why not try at 4:01am every 10 seconds? I will also film my experience. Is there a reputable source confirming the date and time? Do you think RIM's stock will come back to 30$ after this in a month?

iPads blow.

I havn't been to sleep in the past 5 months so Im pretty sure Ill be up... the thing that sucks though is that my Wi-Fi is terrible (Geographic Location) so it will probably take a few hours to update for me :(

I have two PB's to upload OS2. Since I am NOT a tekky, I will wait for CB to tell me all is well and then I will excitedly download all the new stuff.

WOW!!! Anglo chicks have no curves nowadays... thank God for "ethnic" (a rather silly Anglo term, I know!) women who are proud of their curves and love to flaunt them, compare them to the walking broomsticks with silicone racks and it's no wonder that the latter's birthrate is plummeting.

Back on topic... I'll be up for 2.0, can hardly wait.

The two women in the picture posted above are hardly an accurate representation of women in North America (or Anglo where-ever)

But thanks for the comment :D

Something vaguely disturbing about that picture...

Hope the update is out tomorrow. Been waiting since April. Does anyone know if the sideloaded android apps from the beta will work seamlessly with this update?

Why would you need to check software update, when every other os update you receive has been via an automatic notification on the playbook when wifi is on????? Lol

This kinda feels like Christmas Eve. I'll be over the Atlantic at that time. Hope the inflight wifi is good and ready.

As it happens, my PB is set to be delivered on the 21st. Gonna go ahead and dl 2.0, but I'm wondering if I shouldn't give it a week or so before installing it, to better appreciate the differences. Any thoughts?

Slumber PARTY!!! eeeyyeaa!..

I'm pretty excited about the update but i probably wont stay up till 4am. maybe i'll put the alarm for 4:30-5am...hoping its eastern time.

we shall see.....

I get up at 5am for work, looks like i'll be getting up a bit earlier. sick day? or maybe just a slacker day at work. ;)

I would like to think that we're not all hot chicks, Kevin. Gosh!lol..

But I may be joing the party, I had a huge void in my life since May 19th, and to be honest, this is gonna take a lot of stress off of my shoulders to know my Playbook is finally going to be complete!.. So tell me, how am I supposed to sleep?! Let the countdown begin!!!

This post makes me very happy. Thank you CrackBerry team for being awesome as always...

For the last few days I've been telling everyone how I am going to going to bed early tonight so I can get up at 3:30am to update my playbook before i work at 7am...

So far everyone thinks I am nuts and I was feeling a little isolated with my love for Blackberry and OS2. However now it's great to know others are just as obsessed as me and will be sitting up wide eyed at 4:01am spamming the update button.


I don't want to get my hopes up too high! But, I cannot help it COME ON R.I.M! lol.

Thanks CB and Users!

im not going to kill my self for it, yes im excited big time but at 4am the servers will be so slammed so ill take the extra hours of sleep at just update it at work :P

I was visiting Egypt two weeks ago. Mounted a camel. Whenever I mentioned OS 2.0 to my girlfriend, the camel turned around and spat. Ill-tempered beasts. Missed the guide by a few inches. Couldn't wait to return to Michigan. Surely a bad omen.

if i was rim and two half naaked chicks were beating me with pillows...i'd give them what they want... Just saying...

I'm doing an all nighter tonight just for the release! I personally can't wait and will be setting up 2.0 the 1st chance it says 'download complete'

haha i live in England and 9-10AM is the ETA here and seeing as i am on holiday from work i will have been up, showered, full english breakfast and read the paper before i even press the update button!! poor slumber friends who have to stay awake all night!! lol
BlackBerry's are for the self-assured type ;)

playbook is charged.

going to reset the wireless router and cable modem before i go to bed. setting an alarm for 6am pst. figure it'll be 9am est and be up.

download and install while asleep, wake up to a new PB.

The PlayBook is awesome as is, but this update is going to make it that much better!!

Just found out my classes tomorrow are cancelled, so hoping to stay up or wake-up at 4 (East Coast) for this!

Yup...indeed there is info out there that confirms that :

"The BlackBerry PlayBook's new 2.0 OS will arrive as a giant over-the-air update later this month, likely during the Mobile World Congress trade show if RIM sticks to its announced schedule"

"If RIM pushes February to its limits, Feb. 29 could potentially be a very busy day for mobile news."

This sucks...

Source :,2817,2400296,00.asp

So...sleep tight everybody..i know i will ..but who knows..maybe i`ll have a surprise in the morning :)

BTW : Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus is now FREE ! :D

Unless something goes badly wrong (unlikely).

It's the 21st.

Downloads servers might get overloaded if this thread is anything to go by.

I will be up for sure, as I am usually up at that time anyway! I also noticed that there are ads by google in the posts now! Maybe I am a little behind the time, but I dont think I have noticed this before. is it some new feature?

I hate to do the math of converting different time zones. While waiting for the left top corner to lit up, I guess I'll be joining u guys for the slumber party. :))

Ill be up @ 4:30am in t.o. Hopefully will have enough time for the update to download before I leave for work @ 5
Storm 1 (retired)
Storm 2 (retired)
Torch 9800 (active)
Playbook 32gig (active)

Umm.. I'm fairly certain it'll roll out sequentially. So 4:01 AM in all timezones. Also +1 for the obvious porn screenshot

I am in australia...which will work out great for'll be around 11pm...should be on crackberry all follow the excitement....hoooohoooo....

You know, if we don't get this software update tomorrownmorning, the whole CrackBerry nation is gonna be pisses.

This is RIM's last chance.

If the new OS comes out tomorrow and is a vast improvement; then I will take my PB off of Craig's List.

Yeah; I'll get up early.

on behalf of all of us I would just like to congratulate RIM on releasing (keeping fingers crossed) Playbook OS 2.0 tomorrow. Better late than never, and it's been years since there has been so much positive BUZZ about the company's GREAT!!!.

Let's hope it's just the start of more wonderful things to come!!

Iam in london i think that were gonna get it about 8 am over here, Playbook is defo coming to work tommorrow morning

I have the wondering if can just upgrade to new os. Any thoughts? Really looking forward to this new OS. :)

Does anyone know, if you're running the developer preview of OS 2.0, do you need to roll back to OS 1.0 before you can get the full updated version?

Alarm is set for 5:00 am. Check. Bridge downloaded tonite. Check. Coffee maker set. Check. Playbook charging. Check.

READY!!!!! Bring it RIM!!!!!

I am on OS Do I need to wipe now to go to the official OS or can I do the update with my current OS? Thanks

Wish there was an app that would trigger my Playbook alarm clock when the update is released! That way I could sleep until the last minute. Who am I kidding? I am going to be up waiting, searching, refreshing just like I have been for the last week.

Playbook User

I'm in Indonesia and waiting for the O.S 2 update too!!!
Been hitting the update button ever since i woke up at 7am this morning! then i realize, Dude! im in GMT +7 -_-#

I'll hit the update button at 5pm today!!!

What make me nervous is... i can;t find the blackberry bridge update on my torch 9800

Eniwei... Thx for the info Modern combat 2 now FREE!!!! downloading it ryte now :D

Heheheh, Netherlands here ready to rock in a few hours. The new bridge is working wonderful. I saw it being demonstrated during the Defcon in Amsterdam. but having it yourself is so much better.

I have the upgrade notification on my torch 9800 but the only button i can click is "Delete"

now i'm trying to delete my old bridge and try to install the new ver... will it help?

Downloadin asphalt HD now it's free...
tea is ready ..check favorite music playlist ...check ...
still waitin :D

am I the only one who feels kinda like how those apple fans who wait in line waiting and waiting ONLY I'm NOT IN LINE and its not going to cost me a penny because its FREE.. I feel like I am getting a NEW playbook FREE...Who's with me??

why would they release it at 4-5 am? That means their RIM staff need to go to work soooo early? It seems a bit odd....

lol, Its most likely a timed update, as soon as it goes to Feb 21 on their servers, the update will go live.. till then, its whatever time they've set it to go off.

You think the way I do, it's time for the Apple lovers to see what a real multi-tasking OS can do..

OMG if my parents found out i was trying to stay i would be dead meat im going to go to sleep in a while but i cant wait!!!!!!

I'm part of the slumber party.
Now is 1:37pm in Singapore. Hope that RIM will release OS 2.0 to all over the world but not part by part of the world.
OS 2.0 ROCK!!!

i cant wait. i've been clicking on the check for updates button for quite some time now!


BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os

here in mexico waiting as well...
to make your wait less longer dont know if you noticed that Asphalt and Modern Combat are available for FREE right now at the app world, dont know if they were like that before...i just noticed

Anyone here think that the reason that Asphalt and Modern Combat are free is because they're incompatible with the update?

Exactly what I'm thinking about!!! :D
That would be so sucks! giving us candies and cancel the main course! we want OS Update! not free game :p

i am trying to update a few of the currently installed games and other stuff like air broeswer on my playbook but i see an error saying install error:[0003-0005].. anyone knw wats tht all about?


BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os 2.0.7111

I'm getting the same error on my device that is also running the same software version. Huh, wonder if RIM is disabling access right now in preparation for publishing the OS2 update. We can only HOPE!!!! 3am where I'm at, don't know if I can last till 4am being that I have to work at 8am.

Grüß Gott and good morning from good old Germany :-)
09:35AM here at the moment, weather is fine and the PlayBook still says 1.0.8 is the latest Firmware... Can't wait to update and use my "BlackBook" like it's meant to be used ^^ BTW thanks for the hint with Asphalt and Modern Combat :-)

up waking?? been up all night with the misses Cleaning the house and drinking java!! we are prepared to stay up until 9am and if no update by then ...well ill catch it on the fly..haha

Its already Tuesday, 21 February 2012, 04:10:46 EST, but nothing showing up :(...I think we may have to wait for another 40mins, anyways the countdown has started !!!

Nope. Nothing. Had a feeling this was going to happen... thankfully had stuff to do till this point. Night/Morning all

Been using sketchbook for the last hour waiting... tick tock tick tock.... getting good at drawing on my playbook... no update yet, jus checked - 4:06am est (upstate ny)

they better release it now or else , im geting tired of this waiting for something that we already paid for

Oh ok, thanks anyways. Its a power cut in my area :(, browsing through my torch 9860...going crazy for the update :)

I hope (fingers crossed)

u know " you currently have latest software installed" started gettin on my nerves :@

How is it possible Mexico has it first when it is being released from Canada and Iis being released worldwide and nothing in Canada yet.

I feel like I have been cheated!!! Well atleast I got bridge 2.0! It's 4:40am EST!!!!!!! Come on RIM!!!!!!!! LET'S SHOW THEM WHAT WE CAN DO!

He didn't say he had 2.0. He just said he had the most current software installed

This is as frustrating as waiting for Asus to release the ICS update for my transformer, which also has been delayed a few times over the last couple months.

If not today, RIM should have formally denied the rumours. Therefore, I think it will be today! Only not 4:01 (EST)...

Has anyone tried going back to 1.08 or is on 1.08 and is getting the update yet? Maybe it is the Beta that is the prob here.

From India Blackberry site with nothing on a success yet.

Revolutionary BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 OS Arrives Today!

It’s a CRAZY day for all BlackBerry PlayBook owners! The new BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.0 OTA update is expected to arrive around 3:30PM(IST) today. As rumored, this hefty 400MB-500MB update is a complete redesigned operating system to the core. We know there’s much more to unfold so stay with us as we reveal them later today!

lol, there has been no official statement from RIM about the release though.. not that i have seen.. saty here preying for it to come!!!

mine is here!!!!! os2.0!!!! no flamin joke!!!!

BlackBerry's are for the self-assured type ;)

WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOWNLOADING NOW!!!!! 410mb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2.0000000000000000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HHAHAHAH TAKE THAT APPLE IDIOTS!!!!