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It's a bird, it's a plane! It's Superhero Solo, here to protect your device and data!

By Michael Hepples on 20 Aug 2010 10:18 am EDT
superhero solo

Hey, I kid a bit with the title, but most of us are very serious about device and data security, as evidenced by the plethora of apps and services that aim to help. I've covered a couple in recent weeks, Find My Phone and BuddyGuard Pro, both of which are solid options when it comes to thisparticular area of smartphone ownership, and of course most people are already aware of SmrtGuard and everything they provide. This one happens to be a free service (1 year) that does a lot of the same things, but for a price tag that is significantly lower (read zero). Some of the options available:

  • Remote phone lock / unlock protects your phone and data
  • Phone contact back up / restore allows you to recover vital data
  • Phone locks automatically after an unauthorised SIM card change
  • Device Siren makes the phone a risk to handle
  • Incoming calls allowed to lost or stolen phone when locked
  • Calls to allowed from lost or stolen phone to encourage returns
  • Autolock functions lock phone following unusual usage
  • Inactivity/call pattern/country dialling/roaming locks

As you can see, it stacks up pretty well against the others, my personal favorite feature being the fact you can set a "profile" of suspicious behavior which will cause the device to lock automatically. Available for all devices running 4.2.1 OS and up, you can grab it today from App World and give it a spin for yourself.



I never really bothered trying any security on my phone before.. Buy I'm liking this price tag. Hope this runs good, with a easy UI.


Where does it say it's free for a year? It does say "free" on the App World page, but nothing about 1 year. On the company website, it says there is a 7 day free trial. It also says it's "$9.99/annum" on the pricing page and "$19.99/year" on the purchase page. So the company website provides 2 different prices for the same amount of time, but nothing that says free. I'm so confused.


Sounds interesting. Ill try it since the price is right (free).


I am abouto to download it. I hope this works out and doesnt mess up my phone. tell you how it goes.


Love the new Torch. Can't wait until I get mine.


Nice but it brings back memories of computers running Windows that take forever to start up because security was 92% of the OS (random)


Just bought Buddyguard yesterday :(


Having trouble installing on my 9700 - because I didn't grant it trusted app status (I assume anyway) it locked the phone and cant' do anything... even after reboot. Using desktop manager to uninstall it now. Hopefully next try will work.

Hope it's better on the battery than Smrtguard was. Battery life is why I removed it.


Was permission issue.... make sure you give it trusted app or your will have problems.


@ x3kep

What sort of problems were you having with Smrtguard, regarding battery life? Have been using it a few months now and so far no problems with battery life with Smrtguard installed on my 8900.


My BB froze. Can't do nothing. I had to take it off with DM. Not useful for me not recommend at all.


This morning when i got up my blackberry was frozen on the entry screen to this app after finally getting out of the app my phone still refuses to do anything even after several battery pulls. Help???

I have a 9650.


There are two different versions. The appworld version is the so-called "Solo" version and has no web interface. Everything is done from the BlackBerry itself. You will only be able to text a four digit PIN to your BlackBerry in order to lock it and/or sound the siren if you have configured it to do so in the settings. In addition the app will post back a location of where the BlackBerry currently is. Imho: pretty unpretentatious ....


1. The app is free to download, but not free to use after 7 days. FAIL by CB to not check this first before posting this entry.

2. Mods/Admins, ban these spammer jerks:



I finally found out how to delete this POS app.

You have to go to "my world" in crAppworld, then delete it from there. It doesn't show up under installed programs in BB Options, so I was scratching my head. I even deleted the CODs with BBSAK, but it kept popping back up!


Superhero Solo is available for a limited period as a FREE download. It has been developed as a reduced feature version of our Blackberry Superhero Product just for the blackberry AppStore to give users an idea of what our software does. The more feaure rich Superhero version can be downloaded from Furthermore the issue which has been experienced on some 5.0 devices is due to permissions request issues and has now been resolved in the latest release(6.0). Thank you for your comments.

The Yougetitback Team