It's been two weeks since I ditched my iPhone for a Z10, and there is no looking back here

By Adam Zeis on 16 Jul 2013 01:26 pm EDT

It's always great to see the community sharing their stories about BlackBerry. Be it their devices, something in their lives, accessories or apps - we love it all. 

Some of you may know Jared from across any of our Mobile Nations site. He took a bit of a hiatus for some family time but dropped by the forums today to leave us a quick post. After some long sleepless nights, Jared made the decision to drop his iPhone in favor of a new BlackBerry Z10 and hasn't looked back since. It's been over two weeks now and he's loving every bit of his new toy (as he should). 

Jared's sentiments really echo what many of the CrackBerry community has felt about their BlackBerry 10 devices as well. Check out his post below and be sure to swing by the forums for more discussion.

Two weeks since I ditched my iPhone for a Z10

I have always had a sweet spot for BlackBerry - I have used nearly every device that has hit Verizon Wireless since the 8703e, but recently I started flirting with some other devices. Over the past year and a half I have spent a lot of time on other platforms, most recently using an iPhone 4S as my daily driver. When BlackBerry 10 was released I was intrigued, but not enough so at that time to make the dive into the OS. Over the course of the last few months there have been many times where I considered driving to a Verizon store and picking one up, but I held off. Two weeks ago I finally convinced myself to give it a real shot, and now I am left wondering what took me so long.

Two weeks ago I picked my wife up from the airport, and we were discussing phones, and she knew how much I wanted the BlackBerry Z10. We decided that Sunday to hop in the car and head to the Verizon store to pick one up and give it a shot. The worst that could happen was that it wasn't for me and I ended up returning it, right? Well luckily that is not the case and the Z10 has fully rejuvenated my love for BlackBerry again.

The Z10 has fully rejuvenated my love for BlackBerry againJared DiPane, CB Member

When I first got the device I was like a kid in a candy store, playing around, seeing how everything operated and trying to get used to it. The first day with the device was a bit of a struggle as there was no more home button and the size was a bit different than I was used to, but these were small struggles. Quickly I became adapted to the larger size and the bezel gestures came back to me from my use of the BlackBerry PlayBook. I took a few hours to surf the forums, check out how other people had their devices set up, and finally came to a set up that fit my needs.

Once better understanding the device I jumped into BlackBerry World to get some apps, first picking up the CB10 app and Blaq, and then just poking around. I am someone who thinks they need to have a ton of applications on their device but never really uses them, so this time I decided to check out just what I actually needed. I quickly found replacements for the apps that I used regularly and was also extremely pleased with how far BlackBerry World has come.

Some of the applications that I found for replacement were Endomondo for activity tracking, SoundHound for music identification, BlackBerry Travel for monitoring my travels and others as well. Additionally I found the games that my child enjoyed most on my iPhone, like Jetpack Joyride, Angry Birds and other big titles. After getting set up with some apps, it was on to check out how the device would perform in daily life.

Searching for applications was much easier for me in BlackBerry World than I found it to be in Apples App Store, mainly because the results were more accurate. The categories were easier to navigate, the information was presented in a neater, easier to read fashion, and overall just an experience I preferred.

There is much more to my mobile phone then these media applications, and not having them available for a single click download has shown me just thatJared DiPane, CB Member

Sure, some of the large name apps that people think make or break a platform are not available officially but can be loaded in other ways. Personally I have yet to load any of them and I can honestly say I don't miss them at all. I haven't kept up with my Instagram feed every ten minutes, haven't checked out What's Hot on Vine and it doesn't bother me one bit. There is much more to my mobile phone then these media applications, and not having them available for a single click download has shown me just that.

After a few days of getting in a routine with the BlackBerry Z10 I quickly realized how much faster I was getting the basic tasks done and how much time I was saving. To be able to quickly peek in my Hub and see what was going on or to be able to fire off an email via the amazing virtual keyboard, it was all so easy. Viewing how many emails, text, BBM's or any other notifications I have saves me time and allows me to at a glance see what is going on at any given time.

The past two weeks have felt more productive than any two weeks on my iPhone -- seeing the upcoming calendar activities, firing off quick emails, staying more organized, being able to add notes to phone calls, and much more has left me feeling really great about BlackBerry 10. The speed of the OS, the ease of snapping pictures, the lack of physical buttons and voice commands all make this experience a very positive one. As expected, BlackBerry 10 is still a young operating system and has kinks that need to be worked out as well as features that can be improved upon.

Throughout the last two weeks I have picked up my iPhone several times just to check it out and the amount of times I have tried to swipe up instead of hit the home button is insane. Now it seems so odd having to hit a button to navigate an OS, and instead it feels so much more natural to just swipe my way around.

The past two weeks have felt more productive than any two weeks on my iPhoneJared DiPane, CB Member

Unfortunately my Z10 has already needed to be replaced on two different occasions, but this has just given me even more insight on the new BlackBerry 10 experience. The first replacement was required because of some smudges in the LCD itself, under the top screen which were driving me crazy on white screens. The second device was missing some of the coating on the top of the display and it was causing some touch screen performance issues. I now have a fully functional unit that works and feels great.

Previously I would have been extremely annoyed having to swap my devices because it was such a pain. When switching devices you are almost always guaranteed to lose a BBM contact or have some type of issue or error hold you back from having a good experience. For me, it was exactly the opposite. Simply sign into my BlackBerry ID and my BBM list was back, download a few apps, set up a few folders and good to go. BlackBerry Link has come a long way as well, and it looks and feels great as well. A few minor setbacks and device exchanges weren't enough make me want to return my BlackBerry Z10, and instead each experience just showed me even more how much they have changed for the better.

For me, most of what I need is already baked into the OS, and having seen some of what BlackBerry 10.2 has in store I feel fully comfortable that buying the Z10, even at the $500 full retail pricing was the right choice for me. BlackBerry is hard at work behind the scenes creating an amazing user experience, and they have fully restored my faith and earned another full time user.

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Reader comments

It's been two weeks since I ditched my iPhone for a Z10, and there is no looking back here


The Z10 is simply a better device than the iPhone 4S. But not necessarily the iPhone 5.

This is a huge non story.

Yeah cause that extra row of apps makes ALL the difference. It is the same os, so 4s or 5 it is not going to be different. Just admit it the z10 is better.

Posted via CB10

Typical troll. People like you must have it really hard that you come around a forum to take it out on. I usually don't go near things I don't like unless I have to. You should try doing the same buddy.

Well I have gone toe to toe with iphone 5 users and my daughter also has the iphone 5. They can't come close to keeping up. And the app gap is closing. Although I am not happy for BlackBerry sacrificing the PlayBook, I do understand. On another note my 2 boys were given z10 months ago. They were not happy as BlackBerry was not cool amongst their friends. But now, their friends are no longer chirping, and are actually becoming envious. In time, if BB10 gets out there amongst the younger crowd, iphone will take a serious hit. Honestly, my boys are flying with the z10 and are no longer embarrassed so to speak!

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Sorry Birdman, but your opinion here is a little redundant, iphone 4S and the iPhone 5 are almost twins, the only difference here is that one is taller and went to the gym, but the overall experience itself is exactly the same.

Same OS, same apps, same keyboard, same multitasking method, same browser, etc. So if its better than the 4S as an overall experience, than is definitely better than the iPhone 5.

talking about specs, iphone 5 only compete with the Z10 in design and camera area, other than that, Z10 specs are all better.

cheers !!

P.S. if anyone is going to say something about SIRI being better than BB10's assistant, than let me tell you that it all depends on your location, i live in the Dominican Republic (Caribbean) and SIRI here does not work like in the US or UK, it sucks big time, never finds anything and when set to Spanish either works as well, BB10's assistant in the other hand, works pretty good in my country.

Yeah well I live in Winnipeg and apparently CB Kevin visits there a lot.... but nowhere where I've ever seen him. :(

lol Well it was during the launch of the Z10 in Best Buy, so I saw my chance and I took it ^_^
Adam and Bla1ze was there also. I must say they're very nice people!

Late last night I decided to check out BlackBerry World just before bed. I ended up browsing it for more than two hours. I don't know what happened, but every app that I saw was new to me.

I also have had funny experience with my Torch9800... some times I pick it up and reflexively get confused when I think of swiping because I'm used to not having buttons.

I know exactly how is the feeling. BlackBerry is only phone made by soul and not material. Is like a friend not like a tool. I had iphone,android,windows phone and even Palm,but every time when I saw a BlackBerry was just like meet an old friend. I have Q 10 and I know that is my companion,even without applications is like a friend who wants to be helped to grow and share the road together. Best regards from România Blackberry!

Posted via CB10

Wow, you explained it perfectly "when seeing other BlackBerry devices, it's like seeing an old friend". I feel the exact same way! Well said!

Posted via CB10

Listen I like BlackBerry stuff as much as the next guy...but if your phone is your companion then perhaps it's time you turned off your Q10 and went out a bit and have another human being as a companion...not an inanimate obje

Posted via CB10

Great story! With my Q10 it took me a couple of days to adjust after using a Bold 9900 for a couple of years... yeah BB10 is awesome!

Heard this story so many times by iPhone users, recent a friend just picked up the Z10, dropped their iphone and said, "what buy another iPhone with the same thing over and over and waste money, or pick up a new BB10 and experience something new and truly amazing" needless to say my job location has done the same, switching to Z10 to make work easier for managers

Keep it up BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Storymaker is a hit , I share it to a Youtube channel just for my personal story maker video and professional Storymaker story boards are shared to another youtube channels where I can easily make them private or public. awesome. Doc to Go Files awesome and connected to HDMI to present is awesome

Agree. People don't have a clue about BB10. Either do the carriers and especially the kids who work there. They are brainwashed against BlackBerry and don't even realize how great it is because they won't even try it. That is the root problem for BlackBerry. Carrier sales people are against BlackBerry and the age demographic doesn't help. What the BlackBerry users need to do is go to their local stores and pretend they are looking for a phone. Just listen for a bit, but yet inquire about the z10 or q10. They will steer you away. Let them for a bit but then ask them to go back and demo the z10. Tell them you have heard great things and you want a closer look. They will steer you away. Then ask them what phone do they use. Bingo, you will see my case and point. Then tell them that they should learn more about bb10 because what you have seen by people that have one is that they are quite amazing. Perhaps the sales people are short changing their customers.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

This news ought to appear rather not here. Here it's something like poem for People who are - in fact - in long love with BlackBerry. I'd like to see it on (!) Would be strange to see many comments following the idea of forgetting about iPhone, but - on the other hand - iPhone seems to be behind mainstream Androids. Mobile market looks a bit strange for me these days. I miss old good BlackBerry very much...

[...] new mobile hero:

BTW, did BlackBerry hear about iPhone Lite?! It will be another market maker, this time for Teens/Kids. So BB, do not make BBM a multi platform tool too quick and without a firm strategy, if you still want to sell smartphones like 9320 or even Q5.

[...] new mobile hero:

I hope it's a true story.

He loves his Z so much, it feels like someone paid him to say all that!

Posted via CB10

Your story should be an actual Marketing Campaign... As Jared to Subway has worked in the past, YOU can be the Jared of BlackBerry! :P

I literally switch from my 4s (work phone) to my own Z10 all day and so hate every time I have to use that inadequate iPhone. Aside from the slightly better build quality, there's really nothing I prefer to my Z. And Apple thought they'd always have the easiest and most intuitive OS...Ha! BB10 is far superior in every way and such a joy.

Posted via my Z10

Really glad to hear an objective viewpoint from an iPhone user. Between myself, wife and kids we own a lot of Apple products but I never would have been willing to give up my BlackBerry 9900 but since I picked up a Z10 there is no comparison between the two BB's. I will still use the 9900 internationally but my Z10 has become my work horse.

Posted via CB10

I do hope the 10.2 lives up to the a praise it's receiving... i have just put our whole company on BB10, but it's never felt like more of a risk than it does now....

Posted via CB10

Not that it's much consolation, but you'd have been taking a risk of significant proportions no matter what platform you had chosen. At least you took a chance on the best, and the one that had your business in mind when it was designed, rather than one of the platforms that would have tried to convince you that rooting / jailbreaking your phone to get basic functionality is a "feature". :)

I was worried about side loading. I'm not that savvy when it comes to that sort of thing. But now I have Netflix and Instagram on my Z10 and it was easy peasy.

Posted via CB10

Put my company on z10. They all love the phone. And so do their better half's. In fact that was the only complaint. Most of them had to get their better half's one because they in turned liked it so much.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Welcome Back!

Now, get that 10.0 crap off your VZW Z10 and load up a 10.1 leak or even 10.2 if you feel adventurous!

Eh, I can wait for the official. Lately I just have wanted a phone that works, all the tinkering can be time consuming. 10.0 has been working relatively well for me and I can't really complain about it. If Verizon doesn't drop it soon I may reconsider that stance.

I haven't installed a new leak in almost a month, just because of the time it take and the stuff that ends up missing.

That said, my battery life and reboots on the official VZW OS were unbearable.

I am certain BlackBerry has a good product but are up against a media that is biased and some App Developers that are pursuing private agenda. What is needed is knowledgeable user like Jared to explain to many uninformed public. Well written and largely unbiased article.

Posted via CB10

Migrated over from Android over two weeks ago myself. Was satisfied with Android but after sessions with the Z10 I fell in love with the interface. No regrets.

Posted from my Zed 10

Nope, completely different. The 9930 was used for a long time. Then I tried out the iPhone when BB10 was delayed, like many other people did. I happened to fall into a groove of using the iPhone and never really needed to change it immediately when BB10 finally landed on Verizon.

Plus, I already exchanged the Z10 twice, why wouldn't I have just given up then?

Nice! I am production oriented and I concur. I love my Z10 and I am looking forward to getting the A10 for my wife. As Jared put it, I love "swiping my way around ."

Posted via BlackBerry Z10 Channel C00106B82

Great story, I remeber after a 20 mins of driving to work I forgot my phone at home. I bust a U turn I went home al l the way back for home for it. I did get to work half hour late but at least I had my phone.

Amazing story. Its really define how BlackBerry Z10 is working.

Actually it same goes with me, around almost 3 weeks ago i'm still using my old BlackBerry 9900. Been using that device for over 2 years. First of all, I love using BlackBerry because of the keypad, for a while I was thingking to change into iphone 5 / samsung s4. Because I want to feel the iOs / the android phone. And its also because I want to try using instagram, path and also line. According nowadays a lot of people in all around the world are using those apps. And especially in my country almost all the people have those apps.. what make me choose BlackBerry Z10?

1st of all because its the cheapest phone compare to iphone 5, samsung S4, htc one or even BlackBerry Q10. And I really wanted to change into full touch screen phone. So, finally I chose BlackBerry Z10 (and also because at that moment my money its just enough for buying Z10).

But... after over a week I used this BlackBerry Z10 I found it really cool, simple and also its really fun this use. i'm totally agree with Adam, BlackBerry Z10 making my life much more easier. I just can't believe after I get used to this new device, I don't remember that I want to have an apps such as: Path, Line, Instagram

I'm really happy from what I can get from BlackBerry apps world. The games (cut the rope, wheres my water, angry bird, etc) until the apps. And I really believe this young BlackBerry 10 OS will develop even better in the future. The apps, the games, everything.

So, I can wait until those apps that want, finally comes into BlackBerry apps world. Hehe,

Thank you guys for the sharing.
Fali Suhyar

I picked up the Z10 back in Feb. In my country (Indonesia) it goes for about US$50 cheaper than the S4, one, and Q10, and about $100 less than the i5 (all off-contract, there's no such thing here). It did spend the last month in the service center due to loudspeaker completely dying, so I'm not 100% pleased about the purchase, but otherwise it's been pleasant.
About apps, the upside of a relatively small app universe is that it's easier to discover high-quality apps. I've bought Paper Pusher Scanner, Gadget Box, and Blaq solely from user reviews, and use them regularly. My wishlist probably consists of Wunderlist, google+, and flipboard (supposedly sideloading them works, so that's something to try soon).

I adore my Z10!!
I can't help but feel that if more people knew how good it is, they'd up and buy one.
Thanks for the story, Jared , and welcome back!


I love my Z10. I have had it for several months now and just got the 10.1 update. I have not had any problems, and once I side loaded a couple of apps it meets all of my needs. Now that BB has a platform that is equal to or better then the other 2 major OS systems they need to continue to improve it. The only complaint I have is with ATT taking 3 months to approve the updates.

Great story! The ones who really appreciate BB10 are guys like Jared who use their phones primarily for getting stuff done. BB10 is geared toward productivity. The lack of a few big apps hasn't bothered him too much.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure that he is representative of the smartphone user in general. With the market penetration for smartphones, people who used to have feature phones now have smartphones. I suspect a lot of them don't really use their phones to the fullest extent and would be the most interested in certain missing big name apps. My wife has a smartphone, a 3GS, but she got it because it was free a couple of years ago. She uses it mostly for phone calls and web browsing, and sets her email to fetch (facepalm). It's sad that I know more about iOS than her, just because I live mobile tech. I'd guess that she's representative of a mainstream user.

So I think that we shouldn't be too surprised that the centre of the market is not all over BB10. I think it will take word of mouth among friends and family at first, until BB10 builds up a strong profile.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

I switched from Iphone 4s for Z10 and I love it every minute. Never look back. This device is too easy for me. Just peek the HUB, I am done. Typing is too easy for me since I am a slow typist.

Z10 is a sweet device. I replaced it with Q bc of my keyboard preference, but that doesn't mean the Z is lacking- they both have their advantages to cater to different needs!

Posted Via CB10 from my BB Q10

"Throughout the last two weeks I have picked up my iPhone several times just to check it out and the amount of times I have tried to swipe up instead of hit the home button is insane. "

Exactly the same feeling when I had the first two weeks Z10 back in March...

And you know what's best Jared, it will get even better and better every day you use your Z10

Posted via CB10

I've also had 3 defective iPhone units. It is luck of the draw, and in devices that are mass produced like these there are going to be defective ones. You've never purchased something that was DOA out of the box?

My z10 is great. Wife loves hers. It justy keeps getting better with every OS release. Unleash the TAT and look out!

PS: Alec S. get those outstanding mainstream apps on BB10 like yesterday!

I switched exactly 2 weeks ago from an iPhone 4 to a Z10 and now wonder What took me so long. So glad to be back with the blackberry family again.

Posted via CB10

Went from Iphone 5 to Z10. To Z10 was easy. Stupid Home button. Sure there's not big name apps but then again most of them arę for kids so who cares.

Oil sands Fueled

I upgraded from a 4S to a BlackBerry Q10 a bit over a week now. The term 'relearning' sits quite well with the experience I'm having with a smartphone that answers my needs. The Q10 is a great tool for my work that gives me the freedom to set things up the way I want and not according to what app a document opens in. I agree totally with the app-bulimia; I really only need and use a good handful. Some are available on BlackBerry World, and I hope the other ones are on the way! What I'm really excited about is that this is only the beginning of BB10 - can't wait to see what's coming next!

I was really looking forward to the Z10 when my contract is up for renewal in April, but I'm not sure I will upgrade if they don't make BlackBerry Bridge at least as functional as it is for my Torch 9850.

When can BlackBerry get their "story" out? They have improved their apps, best keyboard on the planet, great browser etc., etc. It's unbelievable how passive their management is. It's going to be last call soon and already the new A10 is being criticized for coming up short. I love my Z10 and remain a loyal supporter.

A few days back I had to help a friend with Whatsapp on iPhone. I could not believe how clunky the UI is. Double clicking the home button to get to the running apps, WTF?

Whatsapp does not auto update favorites on iOS. No menu like on BB. Had to close the app and restart.

Felt so... ancient compared to BlackBerry 10.

Posted via CB10 on my mega cool Z10

I totally agree about the apps. If you think that one or two apps are the linchpin to an entire OS, then you are straight up delusional. Just how much power do you think these app makers have???

Posted via CB10

We definitely need more feel good stories like this. If you get this phone in the hands of others like his smart wife did, they would be writing the same. For me, the Z10 experience is the best out there. The lack of amazing specs does not bother me at all. It does not need them and I would never give it up. I'm sure the A10 will be just fine. (except for the uneducated in this regard) Imagine if BlackBerry had a Marketing Crew at least as good as Apple? Please BlackBerry, don't leave this up to husband and wives to make inpulse purchases. Get the job done. Pick up the phone and hire the best marketing crew money can buy.

Posted via CB10

Good final outcome but come on, if I had to return two devices for defects in a row? That's unacceptable to me. If I was in your shoes I would not have gone to z10 #3.

Fortunately I haven't had a single hardware problem with mine and love it!

Posted via CB10

Bought a 9650. Worked great. QA no problem. Bought a 16G PlayBook. Worked perfectly. Returned it for a 32G (wish I had gotten a 64g). Perfect. My 9650 went swimming while talking to wife. Got her 4 year old old Curve. Worked perfectly as I waited and waited and waited for my new Z10. The new Z10? Worked perfectly save for the fact I'm on Verizon and get the occasional reboot (almost always when on charge and hasn't been used in at least an hour and then maybe once a week on average).

Bad patches of a product run do happen but, in general, BlackBerry is known for pretty reliable gear. My PlayBook has run continuously 24/7 for over two years. Zero hardware problems.

Awesome story.....but voice commands? #really. We are all BlackBerry fans but know when something sucks.

Posted via CB10

No home buttons. Absolutely no home buttons! I can not imagine ever going back to home buttons or the like ever again. Swipe feels so natural and so fast, I'd cry if I have to use a device with home buttons and such again. So please BlackBerry, keep survivin'!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Left my IPhone for a Z10 also; words can't describe how pleased I am with my new phone.

Posted via CB10

Ever since in saw the videos online showing the features of the new bb10 system to be launched on the z10and q10, I knew they would be special.

Posted via CB10

With BBM going cross-platform, isn't BlackBerry set to lose significant market share in emerging markets? The way I see it, BlackBerry is still competing in those markets with its legacy platform. There, BBM is essentially the only selling feature of the old platform. With it now being accessed on competitively priced android devices which feature a much more advanced operating system, why will people in these vital emerging markets continue to purchase BlackBerry devices? Couldn't cross-platform BBM have been delayed until BB10 had a firm position in these markets? Low-end BB10 devices can outsell low-end android devices in these markets. But really, can it be done with the legacy platform?

I came over to the Z10 from WP8 3 months ago. Not one single problem with the phone ever. On what oter phone can you enter whole words by typing 1 letter and swiping. I've written whole texts using just the word swipe function of the keyboard. This the fastest phone to use, and I've used iOScrap and WP8. In fact, WP8 is better than iOScrap, the best phone OS of 2007.

May I remind you that an app ecosystem is more important than the ability to type fast...a story for another day.

Like I said earlier, Mr CherokeeMarty, tell us again in 2-3 months just how you feel about the Z10. On my part, I'll tell you straightaway that the Z10 is/was an unmitigated disaster - poorly planned, poorly executed, not fit for purpose or up to scratch. What, is it the cheap plastic look or the appalling battery life? Take your pick.

The Q10 on the other hand, is to me the pièce de résistance of BlackBerry - a superb and most exemplary phone.

If BlackBerry is to make an all touchscreen device, then they had better get it damned right. The Z10 is not equal to 'get it damned right'. Pity.

All well and good, BUT - you can probably count on one hand the amount of people who've made this switch. This one story from this one dude might be a nice feel-good pick me up-type thing, but it's hardly representative of the masses. So don't be fooling yourselves, folks....

Jared, are you having the famous random reboot problem many are having with their Z10? Idk if this is a Q10 issue as well. I only know from my T-Mobile version personally.

Way to go... not only form but function and a power user... is not defined by how many useless apps they have but how many apps they actually use! In this case the essentials are baked in and at the core BlackBerry 10 is for functioning people, people that have things to do and not people that tinker because they have nothing to do.
BlackBerry for ever!

Posted via CB10

At&t doing a trade in special and gave me $200 for my 4s. I had an upgrade ready and got the z10. I feel like I ripped them off because the z10 is miles ahead of the 4s (but no netflix...with hdmi...need that..)

Posted via CB10

I watch Netflix at home. On my Wii. While replying to emails and surfing the Web and other tasks on my Z10. I've never cared to watch a movie on a mobile phone.

Posted via CB10

I'm new to blackberry...I've always stayed away and went with samsung, iPhone, HTC...I'm a big fan of stock UI's (like android)...and I just wanted a drastic change something completely I went with q10...and the blackberry 10 just so simply and smooth...which is what I enjoy the most...I've been missing out all this fan here

Posted via CB10

Please, when Pinzl New Software BlackBerry z10 official and I'm waiting km answer please reply

Posted via CB10

Great story and I can relate. I probably shouldn't admit this, but because I'm so used to the Z10's intuitiveness, that I had a 'brain fart' when I friend asked me to do something with his Bold 9900. All the gesturing on the Z10 has corrupted me! :)

Posted via CB10

It is from positive stories and comments like these that the word gets out. So y'all keep spreading the word. The word is the best and cheapest advertising but it takes time.

BlackBerry brainwashing...
Hmmmm had to replace your z10 twice and you couldn't be happier? How much did you get paid to say that?
The Z is Definitely not better than iPhone 5...I guess all I can say is give it time and you will sadly see for yourself.

Posted via CB10

Iphone 5 sucks. Are you kidding me? It's the same os that they've had for 5-6 years. What a scam. It's too bad that most of society follows the trend, as opposed to truly examining the phone.

If they did, BlackBerry would be #1. Amazing key board, multi tasking, browsing and email functionalities.

Posted on my Q10

Without question the Z10 is the best smartphone on the market today. I am absolutely impressed with this phone. The build quality and functionality is unsurpassed, period!

Congratulations on finding one that works not many on Verizon can make that claim. Have clients still waiting for one that does.

Posted via CB10

I love my Q10 as much as any Z10 owner their respective device; but, who really wrote this letter? Reads like a prop editorial."Baked in"

Great story. Is this guy's hidden middle name Thornsten Heinz? :))

When it got to the part that BlackBerry Link is great I started laughing. How is it possible that a business oriented phone doesn't have two-way syncing with Outlook? It is unbelievable in every way !!!

Great review but the two earlier phones that you had to go through was kind of a nightmare - at least for me it would have been... :-)

Hi BlackBerry nation! I've been using my BlackBerry Z10 since July 1st. All I can say is- I love blackberry! I love blackberry 10 OS! and I love BlackBerry Z10!

Posted via CB10

I love my Q10 as well. Blackberry did really great job on BB10 SOFTWARE!

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it's the ecosystem stupid! it's a dead platform. My PB64 is aquite a piece of engineering and very high quality hardware, but it is absolutely useless to meet my needs...I wonder how thor has the nerve to even bother refer to on the go computing...the man is the writer of this stupid, harlequin style's not the phone itself [even though i guess that once we open the specs discussion much could be said, z10 being a clearcut lagger] but the is dead

Well, ditching the IPhone was the right decision. At the very least he won't die while answering a phone call while his phone is charging, as apparently that poor lady in China did!

So now not only does Apple offer sub par products, they also kill you with them! I guess when they released that commercial where they emphasize how " many lives they touched", this isn't exactly what they had in mind!

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That's a low one, adonesc. You know better :) I'm sure it was an accident. You never know if the charging cable was submerged in water. Details aren't quite out yet, but you can't die from a 5V/1A current. I'm expecting the power cable to the wall was the issue.

Thanks you, thank you, I always try to aim low...otherwise the nutshot won't be effective!

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Same here I had intention for my z10 to be a temporary phone until apple release their new phone by I am hooked. I hope BlackBerry reconsider PlayBook and that they can survive their crisis. It's actually good!

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How much is blackberry paying? I was a blackberry fan, after using z10 for the last few months.....I have realized the quality of iPhone.

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Good for you, Jared. Join the love for BB10 and the Z10. Welcome aboard! Thanks for sharing your story.

I'll just share just one of my Z10/BB10 surprises: BlackBerry Remember is so cool. Organize all sorts of information from webpages to emails, documents, photos, etc all in one place without having to move anything around. Remember uses links to the original files and messages so you can find just what you need and organize it to your heart's content. You can even create Todos with due dates, so it can be used to manage small projects.

Echo chamber in here...

I love the Z10 device but the app store is horrible. If I could merge Apple's App Store with Z10 experience I'd be really really happy. There just aren't enough quality apps that I use all the time and having to sideload (which I've done a lot of) is just not a real option.

Although I got my Z10 a couple of months ago, I'm still discovering many likes! I'm just addicted to the virtual keyboard. Sooo glad I went with the Z10 versus anything else out there, even though Sammy's GS4 looked so promising.

Lovely, story, but here's a reality: when your company stops support BBRY or buys a contract and they business apps your company develops come on iOS and Android... well, you don't have a choice in which device you want.

Honestly, honestly, I really hate to say it but it comes down to development. Hardware is so-so, features are good if useful, but at the end of the day if having that one single, irreplaceable app' saves me 60+ minutes a day...yeah, it's a deal-breaker.

Love BBRY, enjoy WP8, but until they get some serious development I'm afraid it will be a iOS/Google deadlock.

Hey BlackBerry fans... here's a new word of the day you will soon understand. Today's word is, system fragmentation.... if you own a PlayBook ( wait a minute I do), If you own a Q10 (wait a minute I do) and you own a Z10 ( wait a minute,i own that too)... I can name at least 30 apps that are all incompatible with each blackberry device I own.
Fragmentation is a word that does NOT exist with Apple products sportsfans... so when the novelty wears thin from your new toy only then will realize truly what you have and that is a great product if it was released in 2011. Nice try though.

Anyone who thinks the Z is a superior device to the iPhone 5, you are truly dreaming in technicolor (own that too)...

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I agree w/earlier poster: For a moment or two, thought I was reading a Harlequin...or maybe intro to a Xavier H column encounter. I think some of these users run from one phone to the next (but hope that their lives w/personal relations are not the same. (From some threads/posts, I'm pretty sure that there phone truly is their best friend and life.) How can our buddy Jared state any conclusive result (that should be taken ad anything but fluff) after 2 weeks?! I would argue that it denegrates rather than promotes the cause.

Still, the substance is very complimentary. For example: Still kinks in OS but it's new. Havent we all been down this road. Few serious users are going to buy a phone only to wait for the kinks. If they need a phone for other than toy and amusement, they cant afford to wait for basic problems to be resolved. (Notwithstanding those that have multiple phones like Jared.)

Jared has had to replace the phone 2x in 2 weeks. So he's on his 3rd Z in 2 weeks and cant wait to attempt a glowing review?! (I smell something not bona fide pure.)

Many "large apps are missing" but what the heck, the Z does other things better than the IPhone. Huh?!? Photos? Music? Integration with business or other systems....As in Ecosystem baby (credit to earlier poster)!!! NOT...

Okay, how about answering a call, making a call, using contact list, using maps?!? NOT ...Maybe browsing, if one can get a signal (refer below). The Z is less clear than its BB ancesters. Granted the browser is very fast but onlt when signal is strong. The Z still is very inconsistent in picking up WIFI and carrier radio signals...and transitioning can result in a fatal battery draining endless loop. Both of these very, very basic functions are seamless and efficient under IOS, Android, and even legacy BB OS (5 for example). Jared, try this out and report back. [Note: No need to clutter this post with a littany of other basics found in the kinky OS10.]

Overall speed of operating system? To do what? Multi-task....good luck. I do agree that OS10 might be theoretically faster given its processor but that's about it.

Okay, in sum, Jared admits the Z is missing largest apps, OS10 has kinks, BB has come a long way (but presumably not to IOS or Droid) but there's much more to the Z--albeit unmentioned in substance.

And BTW, how did Jared pay $500. for a Z (presumptively) purchased in June?!? Not very shrewd given availability at well lesd than half that cost. ...

This article lacks credibility and serves little, if any, support for the Z, or least as a tool rather than a toy for collectors.

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I have had my z10 for 3 months now, and I'm still very impressed with the OS design. Hub access from anywhere means you get in and get out super fast!!!

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To end all the chirping, bickering and childishness on here, the two phones are totally different than one another. They have a different name on them, and no part interchanges with the other. They both do SIMILAR tasks...this is where the comparison stops. They are just two different animals that make one or the other of their respected users happy. An example is cars. They have the same purpose, but exist differently. People should stop comparing apples with oranges here, see past this, and realize what is good for one, may not be good for the other. One phone has features that may suit one person, and the other may not.

One thing is for sure. I like my security, and these days Blackberry still is at the forefront with THEIR type of encryption and methods of protection......otherwise Apple would have DID IT FIRST.... I rest my case.

As far as having a choice which device you have to choose from it goes:

Can you really see into the future ? Like 5 minutes from now ? A year from now ? Did you know a year ago what was going to happen this very minute ? NO YOU DID NOT. Use the phones that are available NOW, TODAY...why keep wondering what the future holds for Blackberry ? Seriously.....if no one has faith in ANYTHING AT ALL at the PRESENT MOMENT in time, why on earth does any company have any sucess to begin with ? Just because a company has problems or undergoes structural changes, is this warrant enough for you to quit your job, a nurse to leave a certain hospital because there may not be a certain feature in his her contract in the next three years? Can they predict what they'll get in three years time in their contract? NO THEY CAN'T. This goes for anything in life my friends....

If you believe in something, try something, see it being extremely useful in day to day life, is secure, is reliable, etc, etc.....what is the problem then? USE THE DAMN THING, SUPPORT YOUR DAMN COUNTRY.

After all....isn't a lot of people complaining ( In Canada ), that jobs are lost due to outsourcing or sent to you know where? HUH? ..................But the Iphone is still there in front of you though eh?

we people chose and still choose products that are not from Canada, and in the end, we burn our own butts....sorry, I don't see why people keep doing this to themselves. If people would start using Blackberry to the fullest, and exclusively, it would develop over time into something as huge as the other guys.....And this goes out to you too Blackberry.....TIME TO ACTUALLY START LISTENING TO US....THE CONSUMER FOR ONCE....BEFORE THERE IS NO BLACKBERRY. TRY ASKING US, THE USERS.....WHAT WE WANT IN A DEVICE AND ACTUALLY CATER TO US. We are the ones who put you on the map after all.