It's BACK... the Crossbar Theme! GET IT NOW!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Jul 2008 12:09 am EDT
Crossbar Theme Available..Again!!

It's bbaaaaaccCCKKKKKK!!! When the Crossbar theme was first announced it was a BIG HIT. When it later disappeared from sale it became the most sought after BlackBerry theme of all time (there were literally thousands of emails, PMs, PINS and posts flying around between CrackBerry Addicts trying to hunt it down).

But worry no more, it's back for sale at $6.99 and it's yours. If you're one of the few who hasn't heard of the Crossbar theme yet, just click the image above - there's a video that provides a walkthrough of the theme and its totally unique carousel action. If you pick it up, be sure to post your reactions in the comments!

[ via BR, thanks to everybody who sent in! ]

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It's BACK... the Crossbar Theme! GET IT NOW!!


does this work on 4.5?

edit: downloaded and installed. don't notice any issues on my 8830 running yet. the font is ugly but i may force myself to get used to it or just end up not using the theme after a day.

sweet theme just like the UI of the PSP!
Best thing about this theme is that it doesnt have a default screen for the lock screen. It changes to whatever your wallpaper is! :)

i wish these theme makers could have trials, or at least let you move the theme to a new berry without paying for it again...thats why i don't think I'll ever buy a theme...

If you purchase software, you can request a new registration code when you change devices. For the same reason you state, I'll never buy a commercial theme.

so, I will create an account just after this posts.

To move the icons on the home screen, watch the video...

Ok so I went ahead and bought it. Looks good, better than I thought. IDK, I'll try it for a few days and see how I like it. I just wish the icons were colored. Just my preference.

boo. the font hasnt been updated?

perfect theme, shame about the font :( i refuse to look at that font

What about a battery pull or reboot in 4.5. Do the icon arrangements stay in place or revert back to the original? With the BB Dimension Today Plus theme, a reboot with os 4.5 will cause the customized icon arragement to be lost.

I like everything about the theme...except the font! YOu would think a premium theme would have more thought put into the font selection. Can hardly read message lists. I agree with maxmax, Because I paid, I'll give it a few days.

I've been trying to find a stable theme for OS 4.5 after having BB Dimension Today Plus revert to original icon layout after reboot.

No problems running theme on 8310 w/ OS even after a battery pull.

i been waiting for this to come back on sale, i love it!!! the font is really not bad, i actually like it. I will be keeping this theme for a while, looks great with other wallpapers! now only if Bplay will bring back the vista theme

I really like the functionality of the theme. I'm not a big fan of monochromatic themes (I prefer color icons) and the font definitely could use an update. I like the idea of having more than just the basic "Today" theme icons on the main screen.

It also looks like it is still limited to the same amount of information being displayed as the Today themes (two entries per item). With all the screen real estate opened up, it would be nice to have more than just two entries per icon (may the next 3-4 appointments or messages). It would also be nice if upcoming Tasks would list on the screen as well. I'm sure these are limits of the theme platform, but it would be nicer if they started using the screen space more efficiently.

All-in-all, I like it. Hopefully better versions of this style will follow.

Bought the theme, yea the Font is killin' me! $7 you figured you would have premium fonts lol. I wouldn't mind if it was just Arial or Arial Bold or something. Think they might have an update with this since there is more than one complaint? lol

Bought the theme the first time it was out. Had to wipe my berry, wonder if bplay will let me have a redownload since Ive bought it once?

I wish I could arrange ALL my main screen icons. Seems you can only do it based on after the first 4 (default) one's, i.e Messages, Calendar, Phone and Messenger...

Other than that, nice theme. I can't believe that again, I've paid for a theme. This is not like me, weird!

Blaize and my self sent countless emails to bplay asking for this theme back with NO replies from them... I'm just happy its back!!! :D

this font is horrendous. who would have thought that it looks good? the theme is pretty elegant looking, but then they threw in a really ugly font that just ruined the whole thing for me. this is the fist and last theme that i'll buy.

What is the issue with the font? Is it the comic sans? The font on the main screen is really nice (reminds me of iPod's font) but I have always used either clarity or comic sans by choice. I must be wierd. ;-)

I REALLY wish the font was nicer, because I really dig this theme... but the font kills it dead for me... what a tragedy.

FONT, FONT, FONT,, Yeah, I totally agree. I bought this using my phone while at work and was pretty pumped to get it going. One look at that font and I was pretty sad. The message list if pretty dam hard to read. I tried to deal with it, but sadly am going back to my surreal theme.

Does anyone think that there can be an update to redo the font style? Love the theme to death but that's whats bothering me to. lol

This theme has a zen/today appeal. The "carousel" has 10 icons available, 3 of which are the standard today icons. Which are call log, calendar and messages. The next 7 are the top row plus 1. The reason the theme reminds me of a today version is whenever new messages, call or calendar event happen you get to see a single line description.

The icons are extremely clean and appropriate for the application they represent. And they have a slight reflection effect at the bottom of each icon!

Overall this is probably the best theme I've ever used, and I just picked it up today. continue what you all have said, I was majorly disappointed when I opened my messages. The font, alone, kills this great theme.

come on, this isnt even close to par with whats out there now. I will really look twice at all the ranting before i buy next time

Looks like a cool theme...too bad they didn't use the same font throughout...the font on the home screen is good, but the font on the apps looks cheesy. I'll pass.

It'd be cool if I could get it to show up. I downloaded/installed the theme and then did a battery pull and no joy. Just plain does not show up. I'm on if that makes any difference...

You must have the default Zen & Today theme installed in your BB for crossbar theme to work / show up. OS is not the cause for sure

We all were waiting for Today Plus themes for quite some time, there are 3 Today Mlus theme available in

bought it and removed it after a couple of hours... font was OK til I had something in bold - switched back to the oxidized theme that is quite good

It's a nice theme - my suggestion for improvement is to make the icons just a bit larger. I swapped out the background with a nicer looking wallpaper.

i love it! it came out and disappeared when i was on a blackberry hiatus (worst mistake ever!)and heard alot about it. now that i have it its awesome!