It's almost time for the 'CrackBerry Best of 2013' awards - Help nominate your favorites!

By Adam Zeis on 2 Dec 2013 06:16 pm EST

The year is almost out and that means it's time for the CrackBerry Best of 2013 awards! We'll take a look back at the best of the BlackBerry world from the last year, but before we do, we need your help! 

We'll be picking the best of 2013 across a few areas including apps, devices and accessories but we want to hear from you. This is your chance to nominate your favorites across all of our categories. We'll leave this open for two weeks and then head to the polls with a list for final voting. After that we crown the winners!

To get in on the fun just head to the link below and take a quick survey.

Nominate your favorites for CrackBerry's Best of 2013 Awards

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It's almost time for the 'CrackBerry Best of 2013' awards - Help nominate your favorites!


That is his way of saying "first." Lol!!!

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

Is it just today or is it everyday that you get abusive ? May be you need to go to a rehab, may be. Well take care of yourself and behave good, okay !

Q10 \m/

Q, you are even more of an a$$ as a first poster than when you criticize others for their first posts. I'd tell you to grow up but I'm pretty sure that ain't happening anytime in the near future. SMH...

...and what the heck is your next problem implying that nanda_s should be abused since she is a girl? I don't know what sex nanda_s is, but saying that was definitely crossing the line. Next time, count to 10, 100, or even 1000 before hitting "post". Wow.

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come back in 2 years and I will talk to rubbish like you. Maybe by then you will have grown up to realize that posting first isn't cool and makes you look like a complete moron and you will come to appreciate the greater people of this forum like myself hate losers that post first

You seriously want to police CB for every "first" post? Is that your mission in life? Wow you must feel very accomplished.

Yaaaarr! You're a pirate because of!

Even after using countless other OSes, this is the first time, that an OS feature really is my favourite thing on the system. Thank you HUB!

Definitely CB10 app and it's speed reading feature on the Z30.


BlackBerry Z...My weapon of choice.

CB10 was great on release. But hasn't been kept up to date. I think there are better apps out there.


BB10 isn't a year old, and was released this year, so technically any BB10 app can be nominated right?

Gotta be clearer with the guidelines guys!

As it is Zed, so let it be written, so let it be done.

Origami browser, I know to most the playbook is dead, but this helped it's longevity (to this day), actually wished they made a BB10 version. Also like KalemSoft Media Player.

Native Maps,gave it to an apple chicky in the back seat,just for back up,well she seemed stunned, and I didn't have to give her any instructions on how to use it.Maps told me about an accident up ahead, which my car GPS didn't do and saved me a lot of time.

Maps worked great for my road trip this past weekend. It notified me of a huge traffic jam before reaching it and l was able to exit the interstate and get back on without losing time.

OK. Are there any good apps for interactions in channels?

ChannelX C000D3759 We promote channels

For me the best of BB10 is the Hub and the 10.2.1 leak for all devices. The new features, like opening notifications from the lockscreen, make BB10 a better experience, the Hub is pretty much the best way to organize your interactions with your world. As for apps, iGrann gets my vote!

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My 2 "favorite apps" were Zedge and Google Maps. Both "side loaded Android apps" from on my, former, Z10.

Have not gotten around to putting them on my new Friggin Amazing Z30 aka "The New Best Smartphone on the Market"....


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