It's 420 and here's how your BlackBerry can help keep you buzzin'

It's me man, Dave. Open up, I got the stuff!

By Bla1ze on 20 Apr 2013 07:45 am EDT

Let's face it, there are a lot of people out there who enjoy cannabis culture for any number of reasons and because of that, 4/20 is a day of celebration for a lot of folks. No one really knows the origin of the 4/20 & 4:20 celebrations but Wikipedia has some interesting background on the matter if you're interested in learning more. If you plan on partaking in the events (Come on, we know some of you are!) or you just enjoy the laughter the culture brings then here are a few games, movies, tv shows and music to keep you busy while you wait for the munchies to kick in. 


  • Weed Farm  -  Grow and harvest 30 different types of marihuana in your own virtual farm. 
  • Drug Wars  - Drug Wars is a text-based strategy game from the 1980s where your goal is to buy low and sell high, and make as much money as you can within 30 days!
  • Funky Smugglers - Some of the things smugglers try to get through the airport are incredible. There's a spider in grandma's suitcase?! A racketeer is hiding a plunger?! Holy smoke! Luckily, you have an X-Ray scanner to check their clothes and luggage for wacky contraband.


  • Half Baked - Loaded with some of today's hottest young comedy stars, Half-Baked is the hilarious adventure of three loveable party buds trying to find cash to bail their friend out of jail. But just when the guys have mastered a plan, everything comes dangerously close to going up in smoke! 
  • How Weed Won the West  - Filmmaker Kevin Booth (American Drug War) offers this documentary that chronicles the exploding popularity of medical marijuana dispensaries in California and the mixed response from law enforcement agencies. Focusing on the controversial story of Organica, a legal Los Angeles pot club that was raided in 2009, the film also includes insights from a range of medical marijuana advocates, including a former LAPD cop.
  • Friday - Based in South Central, Los Angeles, this comedy with a strong hip-hop soundtrack features Craig (Ice Cube - “Boyz in the Hood,” “Are We There Yet?"), who manages to get fired on his day off (though he claims it’s through no fault of his own) and spends the day hanging out with his buddy Smokey (Chris Tucker - “Rush Hour” franchise, "The Fifth Element") and trying to avoid his father (John Witherspoon – “Boomerang,” “Little Man” ), who wants him to find another job immediately. Smokey (whose name might have something to do with his tremendous fondness for marijuana) has even more serious of a problem; he was given $200 worth of weed to sell by Big Worm (Faizon Love – “Elf,” “Who's Your Caddy?”), but he ended up smoking it instead, and if he can’t come up with the money by the end of the day, he’ll be in a world of hurt and will put Craig in the same place just for being his friend. Also written by Ice Cube.
  • a.k.a. Tommy Chong - a.k.a. Tommy Chong chronicles the entrapment and incarceration of the comedy icon from legendary duo, Cheech and Chong. Chong was sentenced to 9 months in federal prison for conspiracy to manufacture and distribute drug paraphernalia through his family business, specializing in handmade glass water pipes, or bongs. The film provides a charming portrait of a counter culture icon set against the backdrop of a War on Drugs gone horribly awry.
  • Mac & Devin Go to High School - Rappers Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa team up to create a modern-day Cheech and Chong. Devin (Khalifa) is a nerd who wants to graduate first in his class to keep his girlfriend happy. Mac (Snoop Dog) is a 15-year senior whose weed obsession keeps him from graduating, until he meets a hot new substitute teacher who won't put out until he gets out of high school. Fate causes Mac and Devin's worlds to collide, resulting in the ultimate stoner comedy with a star-studded hip-hop soundtrack.

TV Shows 

  • Weeds -​ Weeds exposes the dirty little secrets that lie behind the pristine lawns and shiny closed doors of homes in the fictional town of Agrestic, California.


That's just a small round-up of some of the funniest stuff within BlackBerry World. Found some of your favorites in there? If so, drop a comment below and let everyone know the link. Keep in mind, some of this stuff might not be available on all devices nor in all regions. Bummer, I know, but it is what it is.

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It's 420 and here's how your BlackBerry can help keep you buzzin'


In Canada we celebrate July 1st as Cannabis Day. I should know, I threw Canada's second ever Cannabis day on July 1 1997 and every year since here in Newfoundland.

Hey, so, I kind of already know the answer to this, but have to go through this step for this to be fun, but why do you guys think 4/20 (or 420) means it's a day to celebrate the use of marijuana?

Please note, the views and opinions expressed in this blog post are solely those of Bla1ze and in no way should be taken as an endorsement or blessing from or any of its affiliated sites and uh... what was I talking about again? It's all good, man!

Oh chill the **** out will you, go smoke some weed :p

I shall bla1ze one up later tonight, pardon the pun:p

Grow up. My point is look at the audience of this site - it bridges different cultures, ages, and social economic groups. I just think it's a bad business decision to have a blatant promotional post for something that is illegal and controversial in most countries.

I am not slamming people's use of it, to each their own, but to have a promotional article about it on crackberry front Page is a little out of taste. I often recommend the site to professional colleagues for the latest info on BB, but a promotion of illicit drug use sitting on the main page deters from the original intent.

I dont understand what you mean by promotional article? Are they getting paid by the weed corporation? I don't think so.

As long you don't tell your bussy business Colleagues that this is your Site they can't Slam you for this ? This is the Internet...

You make an excellent point MarketRide. Far better and less dispassionately that I can right now. If one doesn't understand what you are saying, they just don't want to understand it. This is not the internet. This is not an open forum despite claims to the contrary. This is a Blackberry user support and promotion site. I recognize that there are many ages, maturities, political leanings etc. within the Blackberry Community. But, I always assumed that a level of maturity, law abidance, and professionalism just came with the territory. The lack of acrimony and the general kindness of comments in the Crackberry forums vs the flame outs we see elsewhere were just one such indicator. A very disappointing morning. Back to reading about Boston.

Freedom of speech is also illegal in a lot of countries, should CrackBerry not promote that as well? Just because you don't believe something is/isn't right, doesn't make it so. Look at the world, different people have different values and diferent countries have different laws, it doesn't make any one person less right. Come down off your pedestal and enjoy the world for what it is, different and diverse.

@Newport - BlackBerry users come from all walks of life, Doctors, Lawyers, Law Enforcement,mechanics, moms etc. So do pot smokers.

"Maybe we should promote guns and violence instead."
Bingo @BruvaPete2...

but Crackberry already does promote those things in the games that they review, and the games that we play/download, and pay for... and I have no beef with those games, because if you don't like it, don't play it... but i don't think it's so terrible to "promote" something that is peaceful, and hasn't caused 1/1000th of the harm that guns have... and that's all despite the fact that it's legality is purely government greed anyway, if that's truly the only reason you oppose it.

bottom line, it's a part of our culture, legal or illegal... no one in the post is saying go out and smoke some week cuz it's cool... it's saying, if you are interested in that culture, check these things out... if you're not free-minded enough to just scroll to the next post if it doesn't apply to you, that's your problem.

This website is ran by (mostly) Canadian, American, and British culture. In Canada, have you ever heard of BC bud? Yeah, it's pretty popular. In the US, two states have legalized it. California and a lot of other states have practically legalized it with the whole medical system. I honestly don't know what goes on in great Britain, but I'm sure they are pretty chill about weed too. This isn't the 80's and 90's when most people were brainwashed into thinking weed is a terrible life altering schedule 1 narcotic. Cannabis is such a diverse and interesting plant species and some people really take this day to appreciate that. I'm sure you're colleagues may have even tried it once (or maybe still do) and there's nothing wrong with that! Let us have our day. If you don't like it go somewhere else.

Posted via CB10

We the British public are chill but as far as the government is concerned it's still illegal and bad for now. Maybe when the US legalises it properly we'll do the same, dunno.

Probably over 50% of the states will have to legalize it before the federal government even considers making it legal

There are now parts of the US where it's now legal for recreational use. At least on the state level, not the Federal level of course. Because that's how we roll here in the states, confused and convoluted. I won't be sparking anything up other than the furnace cut its damn cold here tonight. That doesn't mean I have any issues with others doing so. To each their own. I say we all seek out happiness in life in any way we can find it because, (as Steve Martin said)
"A day without sunshine is like, night! "

It's a great example. Marijuana is widely being recognized as an effective cancer killing drug. There has never been one single death in the history of humankind attributed to smoking pot. It can be made into fuel, food, textiles and papers. Possibly the only way to save the planet, when you really get down to it. Education is the key and I think you need to unlock your mind and see really just how great it is.

Excellent insight PapiPabs!.....also think SlcCorrados explanation for 4-20 is the best I have heard...luv the visual it gave I know why all my clocks are analog....

Posted via CB10

I know someone who smoked and fell off a bridge, was he the first cannabis related death.??.....

Posted via CB10

The oil is possibly curing some cancers and is in clinical trials in a few countries. The oil compounds have even bigger
Potential for pain syndromes and epilepsy as pharmaceuticals. Please refer to RSO, Rick Simpson Facebook Page.

Search for the documentary "What if Cannabis cured Cancer" and be enlightened. Peer reviewed research proves that some of the cannabanoids do in fact reducer cancers cells and the big pharmaceutical companies are heavily researching this right now (specially in the UK)

I'm not trying to start a debate...what you do and your reasons for doing it are yours and I will never tell anyone otherwise. I hope you get out of it what you need and it helps (I read your post below) but I just have something to add to your brother was high on weed when he drove into an SUV with a family of five in it. He struck them so hard that the vehicle flipped over and the roof ripped off. The force was strong enough to throw two of the small children from the vehicle, one still in their child safety seat, and kill them. Everyone died except my brother who is now serving time in prison for this. He was not drinking (test confirmed this) and was only high on weed. To say that weed does not kill is incorrect. I also doubt this is an isolated inccident. I agree, education is the key. So you should know that weed slows your reaction time. This is what was determined by police to be the cause of my brothers accident. I hope everyone enjoys life however they choose, but I hope they all do it safe today and always.

As much as this is a tragedy, how many people are killed in gun related violence EACH DAY?

"In the first week after the Newtown, Conn., massacre on Dec. 14, more than 100 people in the U.S. were killed by guns. In the first seven weeks, that number had risen to at least 1,285 gunshot killings and accidental deaths. A little more than three months after Newtown, there have been 2,244." - Source : Huffington Post.

Take things into perspective.

Clearly you must be stoned or illiterate...nothing you posted had anything to do with my post. Yes, you too can post tragic things happening to people...Hooray for you! But the point of my post is that "thatplaybookguy's" "educated" post stated that "There has never been one single death in the history of humankind attributed to smoking pot"...I was simply proving this little bit of "education" wrong. Nowhere was I stating that weed is the number one killer in the world or anything like that and nowhere was I saying that weed kills more people than gun violence or even ANYTHING else...I was simply stating that weed DOES kill...when you come down, talk to me in a sane manner, until then, please enjoy yourself and any festivities that you may or may not partake in today, but again, please do so responsibly and safe :)

I'm not blind to the facts that anything that alters your state of consciousness impairs your judgement. Assuming that I partake in consuming this particular drug kinda makes you judgemental. I hate it just as much as I hate cigarette smoke. Doesn't mean. Relatively speaking weed is not a big deal.

You are correct...I apologize.

Now understand that ANYTHING that takes a life or has the possibility of contributing to taking a life IS A BIG DEAL.

I'm not here to get on my soapbox and preach to anyone as to what they should or should not do. All I am saying is please do so responsibly. You NEVER know what could happen and they are called "accidents" for a reason...even the person with the best intentions can cause an accident.

so, ban alcohol and mobile phones already. and who thought radios should be in cars? distractions, distractions, distractions!

Should we ban friend foods now too? Coke or Pepsi? What about water? Drink to much water and you can die


Everyone listen up. Stop drinking water cuz it can kill you!!!!!!!!

Posted via CB10

Actually he said no one does from smoking weed..
Which is true...smoke too much you fall asleep.

Unlike alcohol...drink to much you can die of alcohol poisoning...

Sure ppl can do stupid things under the influence of a substance sure...but look around dude... people make bad decisions and do stupid things while completely sober too....

Posted via CB10

Hey there Aloomis76

Don't want to argue with you but can you show me some hard facts that say being high slows your reaction time? The situation you mentioned is tragic, but it could have been like so many other car accidents that have nothing to do with canabis. The fact the driver was stoned does not conclusively prove delayed reaction time was the culprit one way or the other. I'm not saying it wasn't, but I have never read anything scientific that corroborates this.

Didn't Ross riblagliati win a gold medal with pot in his system?

Posted via CB10

I disagree...weed didn't was the bad decision that led to driving while high. Same as driving while on alcohol or certain painkillers. Any argument you can throw at weed killing you could argue is the same for any substance which alters ones sober condition. Weed doesn't kill. People who make stupid ass decision while smoking weed or drinking or taking too many pain meds, etc. Fuck even not enough sleep and u get behind the wheel and you might as well be drunk. It's like the argument, guns kill people kill people with guns....I suppose fat people should blame spoons and bakeries for making them fat.... and blame your pencil for spelling mistakes...i understand you have an emotional tie to the marijuana situation but use your head and separate emotion from logic and you will understand that it wasn't the weed that told your brother to get in the car and go crash. it was your brothers decision alone which led to the tragic circumstance. It could have been alcohol etc.... weed is being used as a scapegoat in your argument. we need to focus on the decisions people make rather than blaming one thing or another. Should we ban or make fried foods illegal because it could make you fat..... you and you alone have to decide how you want to live and you alone must take into consideration the impact of your decisions. If I drink a lot of cranberry juice I better be prepared to pee alot... if I drink alcohol I better be prepared to take public transit or a taxi or be a passenger in a friends vehicle. Decisions and responsibility falls to the individual not the substance or item etc. I am sorry for your brother and am not trying to insult you in any way. The fact the truth is differed to weed because it is easier to blame weed rather than the poor judgment your brother displayed is really unfortunate and no wonder we we find ourselves in these endless debates about substance control.

End rant

Posted via CB10

Driving under the influence of any drug is bad, but if the fact driving while intoxicated makes the substance itself guilty in your mind, does that mean alcohol should be illegal too?

Yeah right. Like people driving or operating machinery stoned have never killed anyone. I have a friend who was operating a table saw while stoned. He has 4 missing fingers to prove it. Better to go through life drug free and clear headed.

Stoners always like to believe pot is going to save the world. I have no problem with the drug, but sometimes, listening to the people who use it talk about it makes you really wonder what it's doing to their brain. Pot doesn't cure cancer, it relieves pain. It's not food, but it's edible... Good luck getting much nutrition out of it. Pot is part of the hemp plant, the hemp plant is used to make clothes, not the part of the plant that you smoke. Never heard of the fuel thing but I imagine it's not more effective than biofuels such as corn, or as as prominent on the planet like algae. Again, no problem with the drug, but don't try and sell it as the next miracle to save us all, and then preach about education.

It's people like you that won't ever let nature progress and actually play its part, ignorance is bliss.
Btw have fun fighting wars over oil when it only takes one green plant to solve the majority of out industrial and practical issues, smh get off this site

Posted via CB10

i dont believe anyone ever argues its the bud that has all of these great extra added bonus' but the fact is that the whole plant is illegal in most places. which means people are unable to produce hemp plants to produce biofuels, clothing or paper. hence why it is not used as an alternative to corn or other where it would actually be a better source

Weed is a horrible drug that is detrimental to your health. Wake up people! Stop looking for short term pleasures when it will adversely impact your health in the long run.

Enroll in a 5/10k run and do something positive with your lives. Make a difference in the community.

Let 4/20 represent as opposed to the lifeless exercise of getting high. You deserve better and are worth so much more.

Posted via CB10

Tell that to the people physically unable to run a 5/10K marathon and the only way they can manage to get out bed in the morning or keep food in their stomach is by making use of medicinal marijuana.

I agree, if you're just smoking weed to smoke weed there is better things you could be doing but don't pretend as though it's not helpful to some. There is a reason medical weed exists and why there is an ongoing fight to have it legalized and it's not because everyone just wants to get stoned.

Posted via CB10

Thanks Bla1ze, I smoke weed to get rid of the pain a Drunk Driver has put me in. For the last 6 years I have had to endure excruciating pain in my ankles due to a drunk driver who hit my car doing 180 km/h on a short stretch of road in my city. Hit me so hard he fractured my hip, pushed my ankles 3 inches out of place and gave me a concussion, then the drunk guy tried to beat me up at the scene and was two witnesses that pulled his drunk self off of me.Took away my ability to walk unaided, my ability to dance when I go to bars(which I don't bother to do anymore) my ability to enjoy nature walks or even go swimming. When I have just 4 puffs, I can walk a little bit easier and the pain subsides. And I can lead a somewhat normal life. So yeah before anyone says that it is useless, talk to me first. I'll even send ya a pic of my Effed up ankle so you can judge for yourself.

Game. Set. Match.

Well said by both of you gentlemen.

Sorry to hear about your accident/injuries. Please don't take offense to my reply above. It was all in jest.

I know quite a few medical users. I'm just a casual user. No different than having a glass of wine or a couple of beers. In fact, alcohol is far worse for your health than cannabis. And that's fact.

Stop talking crap and do some research on what benefits marijuana or medical marijuana does for people.

Bla1ze said it better than i could.

I knew few people using this crap, day without it for them was like hell, they had to take. Man this is very addictive, it can harm your nervous system and it does. It smells like sh...t. awful. I'd never accept

Posted via BB Z10

Uh maybe they can't moderate? That's there fault, don't blame it on the ganja. It affects nothing, stop spewing nonsense.

Posted via CB10

Sorry bro but there's no long term effects, maybe do some research and stop going on yahoo answers for information,smh.

Posted via CB10

Weed smoked in moderation doesn't effect your lungs and you could do both. Run a 10k while high. Prime example is nick diaz, ufc fighter. Best cardio in the game.

With that said I hate getting high and don't touch it. And I live in BC lol

Posted via CB10

Give pot smokers guns instead. Those don't have consequences. Instead of burying your head in the sand go do some actual research. Don't come up with a thesis until the body of your work is completed. Don't skew facts to support your point of view either. Do research.

I have no problems running 5/10 k and I smoke... I train hard 5 times a week and am a certified Kettlebell instructor (not my day job, just something I enjoy).. at 30 I'm in the best shape of my life, perhaps it's all the greenery I've been using ;)

*turns up some Wiz Khalifa*

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10

ooops, sry, my mooooh again ... but Z10 handles it fine ;)
(And laughin to the "You've just take the more a**d I've never seen anybody in my life maaaan" (or such))

Do you don't celebrate any crazy days? St Pattys Day? Halloween? There's quite a few "childish" days but we all still celebrate them. It's fun.

I do celebrate a few of those days if I can. I'm not judging. All I'm saying is that I have a mortgage , full time job, wife, kid, car and everything else in between takes up all my time. Like I said, I stopped when I grew up.

Good for you: I too have a mtg, husband, 2 dogs, 2 cats, litter box. And along with that I own a very successful business. What's effing point? Oh that's right that you walk around with a corn cob shoved up where the sun don't shine.

Good for you. I forgot to include "mature" on that list. Your silly insults don't work over the web, but what can you do? :)

The Swastika isn't German. Should the Asians get rid of it?

"The swastika has an extensive history. It was used at least 5,000 years before Adolf Hitler designed the Nazi flag. The word swastika comes from the Sanskrit svastika, which means “good fortune” or “well-being." The motif (a hooked cross) appears to have first been used in Neolithic Eurasia, perhaps representing the movement of the sun through the sky. To this day it is a sacred symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Odinism."...

Source : US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

This is funny, in all my years here I've never seen a big post like this :) As far as the origin of 4:20, my understanding is that it comes from the visual of an analog clock at 4:20. It looks kinda like a face with a joint hanging out. Could be wrong though :)

Here in Puerto Rico it is currently being debated by our Senate whether to consider removing the posesión penalties for anyone above the age of 21 years who is caught with less than one ounce of weed. This is awkward since it is illegal to buy it so the possibility that it will NOT be "Puff, puff passed" are very "High".

Posted from the beyond...

Eff Hitler n eff buddy who wants to run. Go blaze a blunt ( weed inside a backwood) (grape) n love life it don't get much better then that. Happy 420 my fam. Ps its always 420 in my life. Hahahahahahaha

Posted via CB10

Next up.... a post about how to download pirated movies, it's not legal but loads of people do it.... which editor is up for doing that one??? ;)

Posted via CB10

Bla1ze will be writing that one up if we ever do it. Lol. Like I always say... Real Tech, By Real People, For Real People... that IS the Mobile Nations way!

And really this post is about apps, games, and movies that have a drug theme... do you get made at games/movies where people drive beyond the legal posted speed limit or ones where "good guys" should be convicted of assault and battery on "bad guys"? Or what about inhumane treatment of birds by shooting them out of slingshots?.... Sigh

Blah blah blah, I'm off to the beach to have fun without the need of a crutch like weed, alcohol, or anything else because I'm actually capable of having fun on my own. Happy Saturday people. :-)

And that's cool. Nobody minds the straight edge folks. But at the very same time nobody should mind someone who enjoys a plant that is no different than those who consume beer or wine. :) Enjoy your Saturday. I'm already enjoying mine! Puff puff pass!

And I've said I don't need alcohol either. But anyway, I didn't say you can't or shouldn't do anything, if you have money to blow and you want to spend it on that instead of on things you can actually use and keep, that's your prerogative. Since I don't need chemical assistance to have a good time, I save that money and spend it on gadgets, games, movies, and other things that I do like... But again, your money, spend it any way you want it.

Oh, but what a heartbreak would it be for you guys when you realize 420 isn't even the police code for marijuana use or possession, lol. It's the police code for juvenile disturbance... So... enjoy being juvenile? lol :-D

But before you indulge in the illegal activities, take 5 minutes and research a way that you can help make those activities legal. I personally could care less how people have fun in their free time provided it doesn't hurt anyone else, but it drives me insane to think that there are thousands and thousands of people sitting in jail right now for doing something that the previous 3 Presidents of the US have admitted to doing. When the only difference between sitting in a jail cell and sitting in the White House is whether or not you were unlucky enough to get caught, there's something wrong...

Today is my birthday. Unfortunately not only is it associated with the cannabis culture, but also it is the anniversary of the tragic Columbine shootings and Adolf Hitler's birthday.

Not only that. I gets way worse. On 4/20 in:
1861 – American Civil War: Robert E. Lee resigns his commission in the United States Army in order to command the forces of the state of Virginia.
1914 – 19 men, women, and children die in the Ludlow Massacre during a Colorado coal-miner's strike.
1918 – Manfred von Richthofen, aka The Red Baron, shoots down his 79th and 80th victims, his final victories before his death the following day.
1945 – World War II: Fuehrerbunker: Adolf Hitler makes his last trip to the surface to award Iron Crosses to boy soldiers of the Hitler Youth.
1961 – Failure of the Bay of Pigs Invasion of US-backed Cuban exiles against Cuba.
1968 – English politician Enoch Powell makes his controversial Rivers of Blood speech.
1984 – The Good Friday Massacre, an extremely violent ice hockey playoff game, is played in Montreal, Canada.
1998 – German terrorist group the Red Army Faction announces their dissolution after 28 years.
2007 – Johnson Space Center Shooting: A man with a handgun barricades himself in NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas before killing a male hostage and himself.
2010 – The Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explodes in the Gulf of Mexico, killing eleven workers and beginning an oil spill that would last six months.

2023 - A total solar eclipse will occur on April 20, 2023.

There's nothing more I hate than when people get to act like marijuana is the worst thing out there. To the person who les brother's in jail because he was in a fatal accident while high, can I ask you something? How many times before you heard of marijuana being the reason of a fatal accident as compared to alcohol? Drunk driving has claimed the lives of more people than you can imagine. And don't forget the amount of people in rehab for alcohol. All I'm saying is, do some research before bashing a plant. We should get rid of the things in society that are actually KILLING people on a mass scale (alcohol, cigarettes). I rest my case. Happy 4/20 yall. Smoke one.

Posted via CB10

One wants to pick their battles and their place of battle. Crackberry would do well to stick to OS's, programs, Blackberry, cases, batteries, and the general manner in which the Blackberry experience can enhance all of our lives. I'm going to call this morning a mulligan for a great group of guys who have by inference represented me to my friends and the smart phone community. Refocus on what brought one here (it wasn't illegal drug use) and move on.

I don't use it nor do I have any desire but you should know that it's not illegal everywhere. Who cares, let them have some fun. No need to rain on others' parade. If you're not interested in the topic, skip over it. And what's all this worrying about what your friends or the smartphone community think and why the heck would they associate you with cannabis use just because it's on some website? Don't your friends know who you really are?

So much for freedom of expression, Bla1ze didn't say go light up a joint he just acknowledged some ppl do and in the spirit of 4 /20 listed options on blackberry world that could entertain them, if you are not happy about drugs and all write a petition to BlackBerry to remove all drug related apps and games from their database, else laugh about the post and move on

Yes it's a Z10

Hahaha Bla1ze...awesome. Anyways, these guys are pros when it's time to be serious about business but once in a while they like to have a little fun. Nothing wrong with that. If you don't like it there are plenty of other BlackBerry sites out there that only post business type articles but I enjoy a change now and again.

Posted via CB10

Lets fire one up with BB and Z10. Dave there? No Daves not here! Come on man I know your in there.
Dave there? Daves not here!

Omg people act like they are pushing cannabis on us, jeez it was just one off topic post, this is very much still a blackberry news and tech site he isnt telling you guys to smoke he just recognizes a lot of people do partake in cannabis, even on this site , 4/20 is nationally recognized I won't be surprised if the news channels mention it as well. It's a very medicinal herb, it has thousands of uses. Do you even know how many people support legalization and decriminilization of cannabis? In Florida alone its over 90%, nationally its well over 70%,. People can be so uptight-_- loosen the belts and monkey suits and roll up a joint.

Posted via CB10

gotta love crackberry! Too bad so many people have nothing better in their lives than to troll and slam something as harmless as an entertaining article. Lighten up live your life how you want and leave others to their own... Freedom of thought and speech... Isn't that just part of what makes north America such a great place??

Nothing wrong with those who use responsibly, HOWEVER for those of us who have a problem with pot please look up Marijuana Anonymous (it's like AA for potheads, and YES there is one.  I go to meetings weekly).


FTR I'm 10+ years clean and sober.  ;)

I thought this was a great post. It shows the true diversity of our awesome crackberry nation . strong, diverse, talented, funny!

To each their own. I don't par take but it's not for me to judge what others do. If ya got Em light em.... all. I ask, is that others be safe while enjoying the day though.

Posted via CB10

You can deny the long term implications if you want.. its a free country brah.. my message was not directed towards the individuals that require it for medical reasons.

It was directed towards the individuals that smoke casually. I'm not saying you have to listen to me, all im saying is beware of the risks and don't do it.. if you think there are no long term implications, read a medical journal publicized by a reputable university.

Smoking casually is uncool!

Posted via CB10

Lmao again bro you're a moron. So why are cheech and chong still alive? Where's there cancer? Where's the emphysema? Smh.
Lmao a reputed university?lmaooooo what just cause he's a doctor he knows everything??? Do you know how much money is made a year over fighting cancer? It's a multi million dollar business! Do you know how much money is made a year over synthetic drugs ,like xanax? Yes those are the real drugs, do you know how much money pharmacies and hospitals would lose if hemp was legalized? Billions! You think all these anti depressant drugs and cancer drugs are good for you?? Cancer machines kill patients faster than the cancer itself! Again why don't cheech and chong have cancer? Why are they still alive in there 80's smoking 24/7? They look better than most 60 year Olds! Did you even know George Washington made it mandatory to grow hemp for a period of years? Did you know that?
Idc if you're against getting smoking cannabis and getting high, but when you start saying " doctors say it's Bad" and that it poses serious health issues that's when your ignorance shines like a diamond and you make yourself look like a freaking ignoramus capitalist sympathizers. Yes keeping cannabis illegal is a business, it's all capitalism, smh, such spread misinformation

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Buddy maybe you should do some reading. Obviously by your comments you know jack about it. You must be a cop or live in a cop family cause you talkin like a politician, Mr fo hawk hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha cough cough pufffffffff hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (bong sound) hahahahahahahahahahahaha

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I've been smoking for years sir, if you knew ANYTHING at ALL about cannabis and the government and it's history you wouldn't try to ridicule me like you're trying to, you're making yourself look like an ignoramus as well, good job.

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Guys guys guys
Live and let lice, to each his own.
I'm just disappointed that I'm not partaking this year.

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LMFAO... I would have been terribly disappointed with myself if I as wrong on the author of this article. You just made my day.

This type of crap is what relegates crackberry to permanent amateur status. I don't care what your thoughts are on weed, but if this site has any ambition, this isn't what's going to take it to the next level. And personally I'm tired of watching news channels like cnbc and having them interview some clown from who does nothing but bash blackberry. I'd much rather have a passionate crackberry member raving about how awesome bb10 is but it's this kind if crap that will prevent that from happening.

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@Bruvva - nice childish insult. I'm going to guess you've never managed a brand before. The reason I voiced my opinion is likely for the same reason you're a member if this site. I love my BlackBerry and I'm tired if people crapping on it. For it to successful it needs strong, credible supporters. This article, whether you're for or against weed, only creates controversy therefore is a pointless article.

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Here's a childish comment : you come across as an imbecile. The Mobile Nations crew, since you didn't get my point, have and always will have a sense of humour. The link I posted refers to the link CB posted some time ago. "The Internet's made for porn." Get over it.

@Bruvva - here's my spoiler alert - if you don't understand my point you're going to fail at life. You don't have to agree with me- that not the argument I'm trying to make. And I understand your humour point. But articles like this alienates people and since crackberry isn't a charity (ie. It has to make money somehow) its a pointless article.

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One can consume alcohol and make the decision to not operate a motor vehicle. Blaming consumption of a substance for one's actions is like blaming a gun for taking someone's life.

I rather deal with a bunch of stoned individuals then a bunch of drunks. Any day. Ever. Alcohol is far worse.

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You are so the most obnoxious member of CB it's not even funny. All you do is just pick fights and flame on people.
(post edited to remove some languague which was going a bit too far)

I find it a little ironic how a post like this can raise eyebrows, yet this site is named after the addictive effects of crack cocaine.

heh...**lights up a fatty, raises it, here's one for you Bla1ze and to others who's not so uptight".

I got this.. go ahead smoke up then.. don't deny what has already been proven...i won't argue with an incompetent bafoon that lacks the skills to rationally debate this matter.

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The fact that you're not even refuting shows your lack of knowledge on cannabis. You didn't even answer my question, why are cheech and chong still alive bro? Tell me? Where is there cancer? Smh I hate when people try to "Debate" on a subject they absolutely no Information on. They go on yahoo answers to look up information from other air heads like themselves, *sigh* I'm done with stupidity, Goodluck using radiation to cure your cancer one day bro, im sure millions of people have been cured by radiation as well.

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Bro, when people don't have evidence they go off what they believe to be true. Doesn't matter if it's actually true. One would think, from some comments, that weed is the most vile thing out there. Lol.

Wow so much intolerance debate and unawareness across the community today.

Here's something to distract everyone on the forums; from the straight edge who wants everyone to live exactly like them to the fans who want weed sold in vending machines at gas stations:

1. First
2. Netflix

There. Now you can go back to some traditional debates!.

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I gave up dope smoking 20 years ago, but, c'mon, if you don't like the article...move on, get past it...
Let's not have another Gingergate - some people like pot, some people like sex, some people like BlackBerry... Good God, Man, I've even heard there's degenerate bastards who like iphone!!

Relax...breathe deep...practice forgiveness and acceptance.
Your kids already know all the things you don't want them to know.


While I don't smoke, and never have.. Most people who do normally go to the extent as if their addicted and it's just stupid at that point... Very very very few people can do it in moderation, it's normally an all or nothing thing. Also, it can lead to heavier drugs which can be dangerous. I have no issue if you smoke, some of my best friends do, but when I'm around them and they smoke, they just act paranoid and avoid people for some reason.. Don't get it, why not just get drunk instead? Seems like more fun. :P Either way, I read too many comments.. Thanks for the entertainment guys! :P

PS. I don't care about this article in the slightest.. I don't find it offensive even though I don't like pot, so relax peoplez! Lighten up.

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remember the CNN guy who called us THOSE CRACKBERRY FREAKS well the shoe looks like it fits, lighten up or better still lite one up.but don't smoke and drive,and don't text and drive either.the only time you can drink and drive is when you're golfing, get it?

Happy 420 to those who partake.

When you're done have some Gingerbread Pr0n and buzz around the Stripers Pole.

Have a great weekend.

Oh get the heck off your freaking high horse will ya? Never smoke a joint in my life, you think I should go all holier than though on people.
I could aim at cigarette or alcohol and the harm. Leave it be. Don't patronize other cultures and countries not aware of the law and regulations. That's insulting to say the least.

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I never said that it would cause cancer. Your misinterpreting what i'm saying to advance your own cause.

All im saying is be aware of the risks because it does have detrimental health effects. This is a proven fact. There is a reason that it's illegal in so many places.

I obviously am not in the medical field so i dont have all the facts but i do know that a large number of reputable studies have shown that it does cause health issues.

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I am your first sentence there is perfect, exactly what I was thinking.

Bottom line, IN MY OPINION, weed should be illegal and kept that way. Don't compare it to guns, this is not a gun related post. Guns save people as well as kill people. Weed doesn't save anyone... but causes death by people being under the influence. so don't compare them.

Stephen Harper will never allow the legalization of marijuana anyway, or any conservative leader. Which I'm fine with

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Do a little research. Your opinion would change. Weed doesn't cause death, bro. Idiots do, just like guns don't cause deaths.

The fact that you support Stephen Harper makes your opinion less than worthless to me. And I don't even smoke. Period. Anything. Never have in 38 years. But I can guarantee you guns have killed far more people by being handled by idiots that pot has. If alcohol is legal, weed should be. It's less harmful than alcohol as it is.

Yeah, and everybody wants to rule the world and tell someone what not to do. So bugger off!! Go buy your own island and declare yourself king or queen. If only people knew what kind of sh*t you are into.

Happy 420 CrackBerry. Didn't smoke, but that's alright.
I'm doing my homework now. My cruel teachers assigned way too much homework for 420...

While front paging it was and is questionable the fact remains that blackberry allowed the app and as a result it should be covered by crackberry. While I understand that some have personal views on the subject the abundance of marijuana in our culture in movies, music, games, TV, and numerous books means it's not going anywhere. I rather it gets covered than ignored. But to reiterate putting it front and center on a blackberry fan site is a head scratching move to be sure.

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I wish those that cannot have any humor OR allow anybody to use FREEDOM OF SPEECH in their articles would just... Well... STOP IT ALREADY!!!!!! Gosh. Taking things TOO seriously and flaming it up? SHAME ON YOU!! If crackberry wants to do an article around 420, LET THEM!!! Do you write those articles? No. Do you run the god damn site? NO! So GTFO if you are going to purposely CRAP ALL OVER this article.

I don't do green, but I support anybody who damn well feels like doing it or that does it 100%! I know people who do it!