Iterate Podcast 42: Designing CrackBerry 10

Marcus Adolfsson and David Lundblad of Mobile Nations join Seth and Rene to talk about the CrackBerry 10 redesign, developing the CB10 app for BlackBerry 10, and more!

Iterate: Talking CrackBerry 10 Design
By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Mar 2013 09:09 pm EDT

If you have never listened to an Iterate podcast before, let episode 42 be your first. The Iterate podcast is focused on mobile design, and this show is all about our newly-launched CrackBerry 10 website and app. Joining hosts Rene Ritchie and Seth Clifford are guests Marcus Adolfsson and David Lundblad from the Mobile Nations team.

Marcus wears a lot of hats around Mobile Nations, including the big one of CEO. He's a CEO that loves to bury his head in code though, deciding to dedicate a month to building the CB10 app from scratch. And build it he did. The CrackBerry 10 app has been getting nothing but 5 star ratings and rave reviews in BlackBerry World. It really is one of the best native-built BB10 apps we have seen to date. Not bad considering it was his first BlackBerry 10 app and he has never coded anything using C++ before. In addition to talking about his experiences in developing the app, he also gives some background on the history of Mobile Nations and talks about some of our other projects.  When Marcus talks, trust me, you want to stop and listen.

In addition to being ridiculously good looking, our Mobile Nations Design Director David Lundblad also knows a thing or two about design (well, he knows way  more than that, but I don't like it go to his head). David oversees the design of everything you see on our Mobile Nations sites and most recently took the project manager role on our massive CrackBerry website redesign. You'll want to listen to David as he discusses the thinking behind the new site design the work still left to be done. 

Iterate. Iterate. Iterate. Stop what you're doing and listen now! Hit the audio player above, or download below.

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Iterate Podcast 42: Designing CrackBerry 10


Last time the iterate podcast said it contained BlackBerry it was but a molecule in the ocean. I'll give it a go...and won't be surprised when it comes back to apple.

We're hoping to do a whole show on BB10 design in general, where TAT would obviously come up. This was more CB10 focused and we had Swedes aplenty for that :)

It remembers until you close the browser and then open up the browser again.
Windows 7 Pro 64 bit using IE 10.0.9200.16521.
I also get the same thing happening on my Z10's browser as well.
I'm not browsing in private mode on either one.

It's based on cookie. So if your browser accepts cookies, it will remember. If you're browsing in incognito, it won't.

I'll put it on the wish list to add a setting to your Passport profile account.

Windows 7 Pro 64 bit using IE 10.0.9200.16521.
I also get the same thing happening on my Z10's browser as well.
I'm not browsing in private mode on either one.


The quick fix is to be logged into the site - if you're logged out you get the cached version of the page (no cookie set).

Tech team is working on the slightly the longer fix though that will have it working better for logged out users too. Stay tuned!

Lots of BlackBerry talk. Good podcast, great new site and cb10 is a fantastic app. You guys are awesome :)

Posted via CB10

I'm having odd trouble getting to the podcast on my 9900 using PodTrapper. I'm subscribed to both the Crackberry and Iterate podcasts; this podcast shows up listed on my Crackberry feed as Iterate episode 42, but never actually downloads.

I have to agree on the fact that this is probably the best crackberry app! Because of it, im more in touch with the forum/community

Posted via CB10

I'm very impressed with it also. It seems like I check back here for new news 5-6 times a day. Not only for the US Z10 release news, but because it's so easy to use, it's really well-designed, and there's always somethin' happenin' in CrackBerry-land.. It had to have been a huge job to put together w/very little downtime for us readers. Congrats to a great job to all involved!

That was an entertaining guys all do such a great job. Nice to hear the stuff coming down the pipe...well done.

Posted via CB10

Great podcast!

CB10 is one of the best Apps on the platform, I use it more then the site.

During the podcast I heard Rene talk about getting his Zed10, Rene will you be commenting on your experiences? Very curious about your thoughts!

Posted via CB10

I'm knew at CrackBerry. That is since I purchased the Z10. I love this site. It's so FAST on my phone! and I am loving the community here. Love to visit here for the latest Z10 news, and news for "great" BlackBerry feedback and for BlackBerry news in general. BTW thank you so much for the landscape view on the mobile CB app. Love, love, love landscape format. Thank you so much! Keep it up guys. GREAT WORK! GREAT GREAT WORK! :) I'm still listening to the podcast. Very interesting...

Very interesting interview of Mobile Nations, Crackberry website and app. I could not stop listening to them :)

Following passeport création and the new Crackberry site, will go spread the new site design to the other faces of Mobile Nations (Android, Iphone, WM, etc) ?

Posted from my Z10 via CB10.