Funny: It wouldn't be the holiday season without a video or few from Virgin Mobile!

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Dec 2010 01:20 pm EST

You gotta love Virgin Mobile Canada/Virgin Mobile. Every year they give us a new holiday greeting. Of course, none have been as hawt or as funny as the Nicole Arbour one we posted back in 2008 - I keep waiting for a follow-up greeting from Mrs. Claus but it hasn't happened yet - so be sure to check it out (again) above to get into the festive spirit!  ** Note: Language warning. Don't watch if you get offended easily. ** 

And if you want to see this year's official greeting from Virgin Mobile as well as a couple other gems from years gone by, you can watch them below. Thanks for the chuckle Virgin Mobile, and happy holidays!!

2010 Virgin Mobile Greetings

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Funny: It wouldn't be the holiday season without a video or few from Virgin Mobile!


yes you are absolutely right. you sir are the most gorgeous creature on the earth and have every right pass such a judgment. i just wish i could join you in ur "fun" because you know all about what the cool kids do to prevent ever being so bored.

Sigh, the uninspired, crass drivel that passes for humor these days is pathetic. I would have expected to see this on the iPhone or Android fan sites but I guess BB fans aren't as sophisticated as they'd like to present themselves.

or you're a little too uptight? maybe get the candy cane out of your you-know-what? =]

seriously though relax and laugh.. dont think too much into it!

Not uptight at all. I appreciate creativity and comedy. This was just crass and sophomoric.

But I suppose you're right, if you are either brain dead or can turn your brain off at will, I suppose it would be appeal to that kind of person.

But to each their own right?