It wouldn't be Christmas at CrackBerry without a video greeting from Mrs. Claus!

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Dec 2011 01:25 pm EST

I think most of us have our list of favorite holiday movies we like to watch each year - Elf, Love Actually, Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, etc. And call me a cell phone junky, but I also have my list of favorite holiday commercials/videos from mobile companies I find myself watching each year as Christmas approaches. The year after year winner on this one has historically been Virgin Mobile, though I haven't come across a new one by them for 2011. Not a big deal though, as the Seasons Greetings from Mrs. Claus skit they did up a few years ago is hard to beat (watch it above - language warning).

T-Mobile did step it up this year with their Home for the Holidays skit, which you can watch below along with a few other mobile holiday gems. If you come across any other new ones this year, be sure to toss the link in the comments. Enjoy the show!

2011 T-Mobile Home for the Holidays

2010 Virgin Mobile Greetings



These are great :)

Some of the videos don't work though :(


Plus the first video(Slutty Clause) was posted here last year too....


Slutty clause was hilarious and the tmobile one was pretty awesome.


Sorry to be the buzz kill on this one men..but really???


Is everyone too busy with Angry Birds to comment on these? LOL


Too busy complaining about it being $4.99 you mean.

What is it with CrackBerry users always finding some reason to complain? They should check out iTunes, where AngryBirds HD is ALSO $4.99


The Seasons HD and RIO HD versions are less expensive in the iTunes App Store than in the BlackBerry App World. Both are $4.99 a piece in the App World.


Holly Crap, That one hell of a HO.


It gets bad when you think that Santa was able to grab that ***


Loved the Slutty Clause lol
but yea...too bad the Olympic videos don't work :(


Hey Kevin, a couple of the videos are no longer working? But otherwise great videos, and Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!


Things are THAT slow in Blackberryland, apparently, that we watch re-runs of stuff aired years past just to pretend we're alive.


Did someone have you held at gun point and force you to watch? It sure seems like you need a gun pointed at you right now you depressed degenerate.


Sorry. Continue jerking yourself.


T-MO vid was awesome. Checkout the behind the scene vid. Quite a production
Merry Christmas to all!


I didn't find the slutty claus video funny.


Absolutely Loved Mrs Claus!!!
I Think I'll Watch It Again!