It looks like most BlackBerry 10 users are not utilizing the Priority Hub

By James Richardson on 26 Apr 2014 05:29 am EDT

We asked the question a while ago if you BlackBerry 10 folk were using the Priority Hub which was introduced with BlackBerry 10.2. It seems that although it is an awesome feature it's not one that most users feel they need. 

As you can see below - 61% of voters chose that that don't need it. For those people I have a theory as to why they don't feel the urge to hit up the Priority Hub. I could of course be totally wrong but I suspect that for many users, including myself, every notification I get on my BlackBerry gets looked at straight away - therefore eliminating the requirement to jump into the Priority Hub. 

Where I do sometimes make use of the Hubs features is when I flag emails. If they are important and may require attention later on - or just need accessing easily, I have the pinch option in the Hub set to bring up all my flagged messages. 

We are of course all different and use our devices to suit our own personal needs. The Priority Hub is a great part of BlackBerry 10 - just not one that each user needs. If you need some more tips and tricks with the Hub check out our Making Priority Hub work for you post. 

How do you use your BlackBerry Hub? Sound off in the comments with your preferences. 

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It looks like most BlackBerry 10 users are not utilizing the Priority Hub



What's truly missing is CB doing more How-to Videos explaining how this and many other great features work and how to take advantage and/or get it to work for you.

Posted via CB10

Another pointless post about a pointless BB10 feature.

What I want to know is: why aren't CrackBerry covering the limited WiFi bug or the mess that is the contacts app?

I have never had a problem or heard of a problem with WiFi and we have over a 100 BlackBerry s. Perhaps the problem is with your WiFi

Posted via CB10

Wifi has always been very sub standard in every BlackBerry I've owned. I use both a Z30 and a 5c daily and can assure you that Apple handles wifi far better. I've posted a bunch in the forums about this so I'm not going to delve deep into it again...

Posted with a Verizon Z30 running and CB10. [URL="bbmc:C0004F9BB"] My channel with zero subscribers [/URL]

There has been a similar problem reported with every version of iOS ever released, back to 1.1. Indeed, some of the people who reported it for 6.1.3 say that 7.0 fixed the problem. Usually it is a software configuration issue, and can be fixed by a clean install as a new phone if nothing else works (such as Reset Network Settings and Reset All Settings). Sometimes it is a hardware issue, and the upgrade somehow aggravated an existing your suggestions that IOS is pristine using wifi would be dead wrong.

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Everyone in my life besides a couple people are iPhone owners and their number 1 complaint about the iPhone is that it handles WiFi horribly! Those that were former BlackBerry owners say they miss how good their BlackBerry was with WiFi.

I have a WiFi extender in my house and my Z10 is the only device in the house that jumps to the strongest signal consistently. My iPad will not switch and instead I get no Internet connection because I stray ok far away from my router even though I'll be right next to my extender. I'll have to manually switch connections most of the time. My wife's iPhone 5 is the exact same way.

BlackBerrys have ALWAYS handled WiFi extremely well!

Posted via my Z10


I'm the only BlackBerry (Z10 &Z30) user in my home/office and have up to 6 iDevice users sharing my smart wi-fi. It's the BlackBerry which consistently gets the strongest signal and suffers from fewest (if, indeed, any) issues.

Posted via CB10... on my Z30 10.2.1


I complete agree. Antennas have always been 1 of the strongest things about every BlackBerry I've ever owned.

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My friends with iPhones often have trouble picking up WiFi in areas where I can pick it up with my Z10. We'll be out and when I'm using it they'll say "Is there WiFi here?" and when they try to get on they can't. Happens with both iPhones 4 and 5.

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I've only had WIFI issues with my 8820 and 9700. Both of those phones would have crap call quality when I did WIFI calling no matter what kind of settings I messed with on my routers. In the same environment my 9900 and Q10 have been nearly flawless.

Nifty Foods! C003262E5

I have had both official and almost all leaks on my Z10. I have no issues with my wifi in Arizona on VZW. In fact I pick up wifi across streets from were the wifi is. It's actually irritating.

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Dude I work for a mayor US carrier and we have hundreds of complaints of iphones not even showing the wifi icon! Sometimes a simple soft reset can fix it but some others its as bad as having to perform a hard reset which involves actually having to use your brain and most of them don't... never had a customer complaining about wifi on a BlackBerry & most are business cust with big acc so they are extremely annoying when it comes to performance on their phone, and 94 % of the time they using wifi"..

Z10 my baby...

What is there to handle? I turn it on when I need it and off when I don't. Never had a problem with any of my BB's and Wifi at home or elsewhere.

My wifi is excellent and Contact app has improved dramatically but improvement required.

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

I was recently travelling in Spain and in the various public wifi zones (restaurants, hotels etc) I always picked a very strong signal while on a few occasions my wife's SIII was without reception. I've only got the limited WiFi notification again in public areas where I deem it to patchy signal. Got it once at home when the router was down during a storm.

CB10 + my Q2^3+2

No you are wrong, if i started experiencing a bug related to wifi. Randomly i cant auto connect and it will say some thing about network etc. Even though other things are connected.

White Z10

I have recurring problems with specific locations: at one Carl's Jr., TWC-WiFi, and Carl's Wi-Fi keep knocking each other off, and at one Del Taco, the same; TWC-WiFi and Del Taco Wi-Fi fight. It is very irritating.

The Hub is great...

Just curious do you have 10.2.1?
Because before 10.2.1 I too was not happy about my contacts etc. But after that update I have had no problems.

Wifi? I've not sure what you mean, if I have a bad connection it has to with my Internet provider not my phone and affects everything phone/computers etc.

Exactly, how is it that on 10.2.1 im still getting messages showing up without my contacts name in the hub when they are clearly in my contacts.

I agree. I handle dozens and dozens of emails every day. Priority hub is very helpful. There are a few people in my business world (my bosses mostly) that are on my priority list and these people's correspondence (some are clients as well by the way) needs to be read as quickly as possible.

Wifi bug? Never had trouble with it on my Z10, owned it over 13 months nor have I heard any complaints in this regard from any of my group members. I suspect that fault is limited.

.2141 what's the difference? .1925 still the bangingest til I know any different.

WIFI/ Not sure about this Wifi bug, got 5 Z10 and 1 Z30 in operation and no problems has been raised about wifi.
Contacts app/ I agree with CJH that the contacts app is not an easy one to understand and master, but once you work out how it works, it is actually a good app. Confusing and takes a while to comprehend but you dont loose any contacts and you have an enormous amount of control over the database.

to stay on track regarding the original post : I never answered the poll but the HUB really is magical once you know what it can do to help manage EVERYTHING. You have everything with ONE peek. [texts/bbm/all the social apps messages /update on software/update on bbw/ update on bought app/ chanel(s)/ .... absolutely everything within one peek. Brilliant. You can then refer to it later on. For those who say that they go straight to the app, they should try to experiment with the Hub, well worth it. If you are busy doing anything at all, and you get a tweet/facebook/tumbler/chanel/email/text and everything else all within a short time frame, it would be rather tedious to go to each and every app to find out. So you would leave it to later..?? but what if it was something you were waiting for? well the Hub allows you to have a quick check--- you can answer if you want!.. anyway I think the HUB is fantastic.

oh and i forget the pinch feature which let me see all the unread... absolutely fantastic!!

The article refers to the Priority Hub, not to the Hub that I'm sure every BB10 owner uses permanently.

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You are right , my bad, with the excitement...the last question after the poll was how we used the HUB. I went from there. However I do use the priority HUB in conjunction with my usage of my Hub. I think they go hand in hand. But you are right, my original post was mainly about the HUB not Priority Hub. thanks for check in. cheers

WiFi works fine for me on my Z10. I do notice that my old 9810 was able to pick up signals a bit better in fringe areas though.

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I just wish for the Contacts app to have a couple of changes.

1. Be able to disable automatic linking

2. Be able to copy Addresses to the clipboard

3. Be able to duplicate a contact

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

Anyone else have a problem with Skype?

It seems to generate new entries in the contacts list repeatedly. Not sure what triggers the process but it's annoying.

Strange conclusion in my opinion? 61% is close to 50% so it's true that most of the people who filled in the poll don't use the Priority Hub but it's almost even.

Actually I almost never read the topics of JR because they are always about game reviews, strange polls or just beginners information.

Posted via CB10

How about a poll to see how many here have purchased BBM stickers?
I'm one that didn't think I'd do it when I first found out about them, but have already bought 2 packs (get it, 2....Pac!). Yeah, need a 2Pac pack lol.
Or.... a poll about polls. Poll a poll.
Sounds like we have the poll po po (police). Wow, I really need that morning coffee lol.

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If you can get away with that ridiculously long list, you my friend, will be my hero lol.
All the ranting and complaining here would be worthy of some popcorn.
Ask the community if we would like to be able to "upvote" or "like" comments here like on the forums. I honestly would've just "upvoted" your response instead of writing this senseless reply to your reply myself..... I think.

Posted via CB10

Lol...I thought the would I buy stickers for? Well I bought the stupid sheep and Southpark stickers as soon as I heard :P Call me crazy but I love the stickers feature :)

Idea*: What great feature would you like to see from BBOS7/6 come to BB10 and made even greater by this awesome OS?

Posted via CB10

I understand that it's a new operating system and all, but feature parity with the legacy OS should've been better.
And I'm not talking about BIS when I say "feature" lol.
That contacts app on Q10 has issues. I never even gave any thought to it on my legacy device (can't get used to calling it legacy since I keep it as a second line and still use it lol).

Posted via CB10

Why is it useless?

And, I haven't found use for the Priority Hub yet. I just Type and Go for everything I need. No searching through lists

Quality Poultry - Channel PIN: C004B64D1

Resource eater too. Scrap it and make HuB more efficient and sleek and redesigned and you have yourself a winner

Posted Using the magical typings of da "Q"

Haha Dave, chill out. It's not like BlackBerry is known to listen to people, leave alone one guy, to "improve".

Nobody does these days.

Posted via CB10

I have no time to check through all my e-mails and notifications, so the Priority Hub works great for me. There are some e-mails that require my attention ASAP. Priority Hub does this.

Perhaps there should be an option to turn off/on this unique feature.

I imagine whether you find Priority Hub a useful feature or not depends on the volume of stuff arriving into the Hub. I have low volume, so I find the toast notification MOST useful because it allows me to mentally filter as stuff arrives and either take action immediately or ignore. With high volumes I'm sure that mental checklist gets far too long and priority hub becomes essential.

This post Powered by BlackBerry has always seemed to me that this feature is designed and meant for the power/ business user. I currently do not fall into that category, so I have not had a reason to utilize it.

Posted via CB10

There already is a way to turn it on or off. Hub Settings > Priority Hub > On/Off switch at the very top.

I think it's a nice feature. I just have no use for it because I only have 2 email accounts - one is work, and one is home. I get maybe 2 emails a day on the home account. Work is more busy, but easy enough to go through as they come in. Texts that I get are all from my wife, and I answer those as I get them.

Posted via CB10

I don't get enough mail/mssgs to use it but I got my bro-in-law onto the BB10 train and he LOVES the priority hub! He's a councillor and gets tons of crap in his hub and the priority hub makes sure the mssgs from my sister don't get lost in the white noise.

Knowledge is power... Posted via CB10

Since I rarely get emails -- even less are from actual people it's easier to manage with the need of the priority hub. Now if I was using my device for work then yes I could actually see a greater use case for it.

Posted via CB10

Exactly. If you're getting 20+ emails/hr then priority hub is the shit. Otherwise you dont really need it so shut it off.

Posted via CB10

Yes even though I like the idea but the hub all-in-all is really good and simple and no need for the priority hub unless u just don't check ur notifications too much, I mean when the hub really get crowded with 100-1000+ notification. But I don't really leave it crowd to that extent so it's always right and tidy :D that's why I rarely use the priority hub.

Powered by Blackberry

Yeah i don't need it because you can only mark emails as priority and i don't get a lot of emails. I would like the ability to mark Whatsapp contact, Bbm contact, text messages as priority. Then i

Just checked my hub, and I have many contacts with texts & BBM marked as priority. Tap & hold the message then tap the "up arrow" to add priority...

Posted on CB10 with my Q10

You can! It works for all notifications! I have it set to bbm, text, email...I just don't user the other social media apps

Posted via CB10

Same here, it would be a awesome feature if I used it as a company phone. But as most of my emails are adds. I stick to the normal hub ( which I love btw ! ) because I just open en close the email in the same second so its marked read :P

Priority Hub only makes sense if you're constantly flooded with emails, messages and notifications and you need that filter. I'm not that popular so I have no need.

Posted via CB10

I started a conversation, it didnt marked as priority. My mom texted me, it didnt marked as priority. I checked the settings, same last name and start convo is check but it doesnt work.

Posted via My Awesome Z10

I have a problem with mine too where it marked a ton of things priority on its own and I don't have the patience to fix it. Used it before that happened.


But I have some bugs... sometimes I have to mark people another time as priority.. annoying

Since 2010 

I want to use this but it always revert to default ( like nothing is prioritized, maybe after restart)


So, a yes/no poll about a feature in which ~40% responds "yes" now means it is a feature that is not used much?

The only thing you should conclude from a poll like this is that is in fact quite a major part of the Hub.

If you wanted to conclude anything about the actual reasoning of the responders about why they use it or not, there should have been more specific responses available.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

It's actually a shitty poll... there a lot of guys who would use it if they would get a lot of mails & co...

Why should someone use it if they just get 5± messages/nitifications/.. a day?

So the poll should have a third option!

Since 2010 

I know what you mean. Lots of the Mobile Nations pols are like that. They run them on iMore, AndroidCentral, and WPCentral all the time too and they're worded badly or don't have the right options to choose. Then about 7-10 days later, some Mobile Nations contributor summarizes the poll and draws sweeping conclusions. lol

It's really lame... And these "reports" are just filler or--at best--"food for thought"

This may be a but broad/complex, but how about the polling the opinions of the community to see what there thoughts are on 10.2.1: within expectation?, still behind?, big improvement?, expect more?...basically overall thoughts on 10.2.1.

Just throwing ideas out there, someone take it to the next level

Posted via CB10

That might be interesting to see. I think *how* the polls get talked about is an issue too. The conclusions drawn from the data collected need to be more qualified (i.e., "According to respondents to the poll,...").

I've tried to raise this issue on iMore too with their polls/surveys (

As I said there, "'In other Mobile Nations news, three-quarters of children responding to a Mobile Nations poll on our new site 'Kid Nation' want ice cream before dinner compared to after dinner. Obviously parents are out of touch with the desires of their children.' LOL"

+1 I think there definitely should have been a third option and worded differently. And yes, that can go for a few other polls that have been posted. Sometimes I don't vote because none of the options available apply to me, even thought I'm active with that app/feature

Posted via CB10

Personally I don't know how to use it... my main problem is the android app and the lack of interactive link with hub. Plus we should be able to add what we want in the Hub like other mail app, other whatsapp client... whatever, what we use!.

I dont use priority as well, disabled it to lessen thr number of entries to choose


I love the fact that one can use a cool gesture in Hub. Atleast BlackBerry found a new way to make use of the gesture. There is always some people who are going to use it.
I don't mind new gestures added the OS even if I personally don't use it.

Posted from my Incredible Z10 using CB10.

Only allows things like bbm n emails. If I could prioritise whatsapp, fb chats than I'd use it

Smoked by my BBQ10

I use it a lot and makes easier multitasking.All notifications in one,no need to search over the app icons.

Posted via CB10

I use it to flag and easily find important email reminders like bill pay notifications which can easily get lost among the flood of other emails I get daily.

Posted via CB10

I don't have Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and stuff... so my Hub is well organized by just excluding all phone calls and notifications from the hub view... calls and notifications are useless for me in the hub... I only put bbm whatsapp mails and texts in the hub view

The priority hub here is used to quickly find my family and beloved ones... not a bad thing if you have a lot of other channels coming in the hub!!!

Ferrari ZetaTrenta - STA100-2

Bingo, I keep my Priority Hub simple, but I like when I have back and forth email or BBM Conversation and it prioritize them

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

Former ceo of what??? Do you think that makes your opinion more valuable ???

Ferrari ZetaTrenta - STA100-2

I don't use it but it's good to know that it's there and available if needed. It's good to have options

Posted via CB10

But one thing is sure James: I am glad you do polls, it's always a piece of information for BlackBerry to know if they're on the right path... but the quality of a poll is driven by the answers... simply asking if "yes/no" or "black/white" or "1/0" is not really useful... you have to give more answers (that make also sense)... AND MOST IMPORTANT: MAKE THE POLL FIELD BIGGER, I HAVE TO TAP 20 TIMES BEFORE I HAVE THE RIGHT CHOICE!!!

And to conclude that because 60% does not use it means "we" don't have a use for it is simply hilarious, come on!!! =)

Ferrari ZetaTrenta - STA100-2

Priority Hub is vital for me, have it set to automatically flag emails from clients and coursework from university. It's very useful cause I know I won't have to search forever to find that email I didn't bother reading or couldn't be arsed to reply to. Also since all my important emails are in one place it's a good reference/archive list for old emails that may require attention later on.

But hey, everyone is different.

Posted via CB10

I'll get 50 to 75 emails a day and the priority hub really helps me cut through the clutter, especially at work.

Posted via CB10

I use the priority hub quite often because I have a tendency to ignore msgs / emails during the day. And anything important I've made priority, I don't really use the pinch feature though.

Posted via CB10

I try to use it often, but it would be nice to remove the "Hub" section on the top to only use the categories and the priority.

Wenn du mir sagst, was dort draußen richtig ist, werde ich nicht mehr versuchen dich zu küssen... (Sayumi Whisp)

The same reason not to use priority hub - I check every notification instantly ;-). The other one is that all messages from one of email accounts goes directly to priority hub and no way to get rid of it...

Posted via CB10

Priority Hub doesn't work properly for me on emails on my z30 or q10 since 10.2.1 update. Only seems to work on other apps (bbm, FB, twitter etc)

BlackBerry owner since 2004. Currently rocking white Z10; Black Q10 & 64gb PlayBook

priority hub would be more utilised by business users for the reasons stated above that they would receive a lot more emails, so to them this feature would be more useful :D

Posted via CB10

The hub in general is crap, but BB10 is still better in function that android or ios.

Posted via CB10

I use it occasionally. For instance, I market all shipping confirmations priority. Then, if I want to look up a bunch of tracking numbers back to back, they'll all be in the same place.

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I don't use it either but that's because I don't get enough in my hub to justify it. But some people will have their hubs absolutely swamped every day. So I think it's worth keeping the feature for those people.

Posted via CB10

Priority hub is useful. But i think we need archive features. i would like to use it for some important messages that not on my priority contact.

Posted via CB10

Not fussy about priority hub. It's there but I've never felt the need to set it up or even think about using it.

Posted via CB10

I think it is early days for the priority hub

It will be important for business purposes.

Once BlackBerry 10 devices are common in the Enterprise circles.

You will see how important that priority hub is.

Yes I use the hub frequently.

Posted via CB10

The main issue I have with it is that there isn't enough of a visual clue for priority messages. Instead of just a red bar beside the message, the Hub entry should be shaded or easily distinguished from standard messages just from a quick look.

It really is a good business feature as I have a few servers set to send me email reports in case of issues. I generally keep my view set to Priority Hub during the work day so that I'm only paying attention to what I need to.

Posted via CB10

In fact, I don't use really priority.

But i'd like to change priority to show only my marked mail. It will be faster that use the search / filter function.


Posted via CB10

I think the concept of the hub is so awesome that I have no need for prioritizing. I prefer to see all of my messages in a linear format in date order filter ed by account from time to time.

Posted via CB10

I think your comment that most people read their email right away is the main reason people don't use the priority hub.

That being said 40 % that do is actually a pretty high number. So I hope they leave it for the ones that do use it. More options is a good ting.

Posted via CB10

I try to use it,but it doesn't seem to work with all my email accounts. I'm in business and rock 6 active email accounts and this feature would be perfect for me if I could get it to work. Overall the Hub is one of the best features of OS10, I love it! If I could get Priority to work I would use it daily. I get tons of emails, texts, etc. And it would be nice to prioritize the Hub. To me BlackBerry Z10 is a business phone and for many people in business the Hub is a great feature.

Posted via CB10

I don't even use the regular Hub. Maybe I just don't get enough email volume.

I find the pop-up message previews and the previews from the lock screen much more useful and I love those features!

Posted via CB10

My issue with the hub is that if I set an account not to appear in the primary hub, yet set a person or email address to appear in priority hub it won't show up.

Posted via CB10

I use it all the time. Remember that our differences is what makes us great as a community. I'm a power-user and the priority hub comes in very handy especially when coupled with the pinch gesture.

The BlackBerry Z30 Everybody!

It is a fantastic feature.
I have to manage teams of 5 Hospitals and am always on the go.
This feature has the capabilities of Boomerang offered at Gmail and more when coupled with flagging.
I am surprised that there are people who have not acquainted themselves to this important feature of BB.

Posted via CB10

This is such a generic statement for such a specific poll pool. The people that use priority are those that don't waste their time on this site. So to say "most BlackBerry 10 users..." is a horribly worded phrase. Crackberry is getting worse and worse with stuff on their main page.

Posted via CB10

The hub itself really needs an on/off switch. I get what it's meant to do, but I think it's the most unproductive part of BB 10. Give us an on/off switch for the people who don't like it.

Posted via CB10

I do make use of the Priority Hub. Especially if it involves personal emails or urgent ones that require my immediate attention.

I'm not going to say that I use it all the time, but I'm glad that it exists as a feature and that as a user I have the choice.

Just to highlight the BlackBerry advantage when it comes to communications...I recently tried to make use of the messenger service available on my IPod, 5th generation running the latest version of IOS 7...Well it suffices to say that I gave up on that idea almost immediately.

Not only does Apple's IOS 7 lag behind BlackBerry/BB10 in terms of communications capabilities, it is an awkward, shameful mess. A virtual clusterfuck!

I tried to do the same on a Samsung Android Galaxy S4 and S5 with not much better results...

So there you go...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

I use the Priority Hub moreso as a filter to find past messages from important people. I read a lot of my messages as they come in, and now that I can pinch to show just the unread, it's faster (and cooler) to follow-up on anything unread with the pinch gesture.

That's what I love about BlackBerry even though the hub is not for me I like to know that it's there I my needs change or for those who need it now. It's all about making the same device custom for individual users.

Posted via CB10

I'm using a color LED app that works pretty good and run in the background, but would love to see something like that integrated into the blackberry settings for managing alerts. Green, blue, yellow, purple, white and so on, along the flashing red.

Posted via CB10

Priority Hub is useful esp. if you're buried under a ton of emails and needed to find one specific email for a package, for example. Why search, when can you just go to Priority Hub to see it?

Cave, cave, moderator videt

Why calls, whatsapp aren't in priority hub? For me calls are really important. I'm commute by Rollerblades and use mp3 during that so I don't hear sometimes or just overwhelmed by dutys.

Posted via CB10

My concern about the "priority hub" feature is that I don't know what exactly it prioritizes. I love the hub feature, and the "pinch" feature is great. I use the pinch feature a lot because I can control what I wish to prioritize. I might use the priority hub more if I could control how/what it prioritizes.

Posted using my Z30

The hub is one of those features that I haven't found a use for yet. I'm just like Kevin says: I check off all my notifications.

The other thing preventing me from making use of it is the facts that I have email rules set up. Particular emails get sent to particular folders and only particular folders get synced with my phone automatically. Therefore, I'm already prioritizing my hub without the Priority Hub.

However, I think my fiancé makes use of it because she doesn't organize her stuff like me. Everything gets dumped into her inbox. If she doesn't, then I should probably show her how to do it. :P

Nifty Foods! C003262E5

I have priorities and do use the feature daily. Where it really comes handy is when I have frequent back and forth conversations with 1 to 3 email conversations.

Love it, leave it, if anything improve it !!

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

One thing BlackBerry needs to get right:

When you drag your hub ( Black area) to align it with the top of the page, then turn your phone into landscape , and back to portrait , the hub is not aligned where you put it in the first place. This is a pain in the ass. The hub should stay where you put it, regardless of if it's in Landscape or portrait.

The phone should keep the hub aligned no matter which way the phone is turned.

Posted via CB10

I have certain contacts marked as priority. After a meeting I will peek to the HUB and just look for the star on the up arrow. If it is empty, I know the others can wait. I love that I can prioritize a conversation. I use pinch to zoom to do unread messages.

Posted via CB10

My wifi is much better than my iPhone friends' wifi. We only just hear the good about the iPhone. I had a frustrating problem with my old Torch and Google the problem, but forgot to add the term BlackBerry to the search box. Got thousands of results - all for iPhone users who had the same problem and we're all frustrated. I will take my BlackBerry any day. My wide saw me playing a video with pinch to unread messages and said she wished she had that on her android.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for the quick lesson on the priority hub, did not know it was so simple to use. To make an email priority just press and hold, hit the arrow up on the side. Excellent, will use this. Great feature, as I like to go back and look at past messages of priority, quickly. No search required.

Don McAskin

Pinch to zoom is awesome. Try it. On hub. Messages, pinch the screen, and up pop all unread messages.

Don McAskin

That is exactly why I don't use priority hub, every notification gets looked at right when I get it. I also use the search feature for older emails when I need to pull rather than flagging them so again no reason for priority hub.

Posted via Q10

I prefer to use the pinch to filter unread emails.
I flag emails which I need to remember to read later. (when you flag them it automatically creates an entry in Remember which is an great functionality by the way!)

With the above two I don't see much use of the priority hub. Maybe if you get a ton of emails...Or maybe if it can incorporate the level 1 capability - say I can have a vibrate and sound notification when an email arrives from a designated address? (maybe currently some app can do that)

CB10 + my Q2^3+2

I'd like to "definitely un-prioritise" an email address, I don't need Kogan's or ShoppingSquare's latest offers show up at all.

What I'm saying is, pretty much all my emails are priority, I'd just like to filter out the few that are definitely one the unimportant side.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I get a million nonsense emails everyday and priority hub helps me out a great deal... such as important emails or flagged emails are separated from the Junk - emails... #BlackBerry on top

Posted via CB10

Common people is probably not receiving so many emails and messages that they need to sort it out and prioritize them... considering also that they are checking their mobile constantly since their mobile is updating them in real-time...

Someone will be needing function such as "Priority Hub" if he or she is receiving so many emails and messages that he/she needs to sort them out or they are not connected in real-time that when they are connected, there are hundreds of emails and messages waiting for him/her...

Just a hint of why few is using priority hub...

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I see comments about apple wifi is better then BlackBerry. I don't think that is true at all. I have a 2 story house, my wifi is on the second floor at far end of the house. Both my brother and sister's iPhone 5/5s could not pick up my wifi signal but my z10 could with 2 bars.

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Hold up, in the vote we see almost 40% of us, I use it for emails that I can't immediately check as I am usually flooded with non sense in addition to.

Oh, and I love it.

The poll should be now condicted for John Chen - Is he prioritizing enterprise segment or the regular consumer segment!!!!

I don't get lots of emails and delete immediately but it seems useful imo

Zee coolest flicking smartphone evah

What about the fact that the gps signal in the Verizon Q10 isn't as accurate as the gps signal in the Verizon Bold 9930?

Now this would be a poll worth investgating.

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

Hope they fix it for the Classic Q20 then, otherwise our dear legacy users will be very, ummh... unhappy.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Since the poll I have started using it. I have my boss and other coworkers flagged to go into priority hub so I pinch to get those filtered. I pick up my flagged emails in remember. Btw I was one of the ones that answered that I don't use priority hub, now I don't understand why I didn't use it.

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Not sure that it would make any difference with the final results, but I seem to remember this poll being taken before some of us here in the U.S. (AT&T users) even had 10.2.1. Thus, how would we have known what abilities, perks/non-perks, etc.,etc. came with priority hub. I seem to remember almost commenting something to that measure the day the poll was released, but opted not to. Maybe you guys should try it again now that EVERYBODY has 10.2.1 and see if the results are any different. I think priory hub is quite helpful, btw.

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Priority hub should be a built-in option not a tab feature. I have to deal with all my hub stuff but would prefer some to be on top

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I use it all the time! It's a great feature, but I think people may use it more if the settings are more flexible and allow more complex rules for filtering, and maybe a gesture to go there instead of an icon.

Send from my Q10 in Duracell Mode

I use it when the time arises. Found it to be extremely useful for on going projects and when communication between different partners is limited. Keeps everything in one spot that is easy to retrieve when needed.

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I have thus wifi problem at least once every 2 days. Also my time zone is set at least twice a day for some reason....

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I think the hub is already organized enough as it is to find things you need quickly. The priority hub has no benefit in my opinion..

I know I am odd but, I use my phone as a phone. I really miss that feature on my Z30. BlackBerry has gotten so caught up in making toys they forgot that there are actually adults using them. Which could explain why BB7 still out sells the new phone.

To further stir the pot, I am sick to death of not having buttons and track pad. On particular frustrating days I look longingly at my Bold and seriously consider re activating it. My daughter will not give up her Android for the same reason. On the plus side it looks like Chen might be finally getting it and we might be getting these things fixed.

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I always use!! I hope it's still in the system. Why don't you use it? Faster message reading etc..

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I may be doing something wrong, but very message that comes in is automatically in the priority hub, took me forever to remove everything with remove from priority and it keeps coming. One rule set for the sender I want. I am just not understanding the function?

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I am running in my Z30. I can't set my Gmail contacts on priority. The priority hub icon is not available when I open any Gmail contacts.

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I think it's a useful addition. I'd I was using my phone for work and pleasure, then it makes it easy to find certain emails.

Say for people who run clubs or groups even...

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I love the priority hub. It allows me to flag important messages that I need to review later for class, work, or personal items. It allows me to filter out specific prof's that send important emails routinely and review them several times without always having to search for them and sort through the results. I love being able to go to my priority hub and see just the messages of high importance from prof's, job opportunities, and other valuable business mentors for my entrepreneurship class. I vote to keep it.

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BlackBerry makes same mistakes as Microsoft. Features no one cares. Too complicated features. Spent time on good things that people want

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It's helpful when I get a ton of notifications, but I'll admit I don't use it often. Still think it's great to have though, I'd certainly miss it if it wasn't there

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Yeah really haven't found need for it. There is one way for me to use it but I forget to take advantage of it

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I use it occasionally, still a good idea. But the regular hub works just as well. No issues with either of them, love them both! Long Live Blackberry!

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I think most traditional, or shall I coin them as "Classic BB users", don't see the need or usefulness of Priority Hub. Reason simply is Level 1 notifications (an after thought for BB10 because these boneheads didn't seek their user base to find out what was important to them).

Level 1 notifications did SO MUCH more than what Priority Hub did. Users migrating over from iOS will find Priority Hub useful because they don't know about Level 1 Notifications - which let's be honest is still very limited compared to BBOS devices implementation where it all started.

Hey ... I vote for a specific article comparing Level 1 Notifications from BBOS to BB10!!

cut to the video!

I want to use it, but the Problem is, that I Set a lot of contacts aß Priority, but the next time I recieve a message from the same Contact, its not marked as Priority... would I Know how to fix this, I would use it a lot!

Sorry for my bad english!

C'mon... we're BlackBerry users... ALL messages are priority / important! Thus priority hub = redundant.

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Therefore would like to **un-prioritize** the definite junk, let's say advertising or web newsletters, so the rest shows up.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Dear community! From my point of view: The Priority Hub is an essential tool for me to separate garbage/add messages from important ones. Nobody is forced to use this feature.
A native German user of different devices in the past (OS 4 thru 7.1) and now the awesome Z30.

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I think priority Hub is a great feature, and couldn't be further from 'useless.' I think it's only useless for those who DO NOT USE IT or have no need for it. It's no different than me saying Whatsapp is useless to me because I don't use it nor do I have use for it.

I get about 10+ emails a day and I don't use that much, but only for emails that remind me to pay a bill or similar.

It's relative to the person and depends on a his or her status. I used it to mark emails from a company I was dealing with for a while as priority. When we concluded our business, I changed the setting, that's the idea.

I also use it for BBM contacts as well as a couple of text contacts.

This feature is incorporated for the power Hub/email user. This would be perfect for government use who get hundreds of emails a day (my girlfriend is a fed), or companies of all sizes...especially big ones!

I think the Hub is so efficient (combined with the gesture feature) that some people may feel they don't need it. But that doesn't render it useless for many, many others who DO use it.

The poll seems to reflect the comments of the community, and thus make it accurate at a 60/40 split. I'm sure more people would use it if they realised how to make it work for them.

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i don't really use the priority hub, but i do find it amusing when it tries to guess what should be in my priority, from spam emails to certain twitter replies that i don't care about!
i do like the account colour option though, where i can choose to have say whatsapp msgs green and my email red and twitter blue etc. having more colours i think would be nice too

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If I received more emails in a day I could see the usefulness of it. Until then.... not a priority

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Huh, I use it! When I set up an event - all emails pertaining to it get the priority hub treatment and it's all nicely in one place. I think it's great!

My life is way better with Priority Hub, this is one of the option that I show to the people when they ask me why I have a Blackberry

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I don't use priority hub but I can see where it could be useful. At the same time, BB10 doesn't need to become redundant. Everything in my HUB is already a "priority." Still like the priority feature at my disposal though.

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Why are you talking about? No issues with the 3 BlackBerry 10 devices that I own. If you want to compare to iPhone 5 then let's talk phone call quality and network issues on the latter.

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The priority hub is a fine example of one of those things implemented by manufacturers that have been dreamt up by their geeky developers that live in their own little bubble where they have convinced themselves that their useless/pointless/unnecessary "feature" is in fact indispensible to the entire world. Er... wrong.

All mobile phone manufacturers do it, the priority hub is just one of BlackBerry's more prominent examples.

BlackBerry staff would be better employed developing solid core functionality instead of constantly playing around with window dressing and different ways of presenting the same old messages

I really don't see much use for the priority hub. Once I am the big CEO and receive 200 emails a day then just maybe.

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Pinch to see unread notifications is the best thing I like about the hub really fast in and out

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I don't think I have touched the priority hub in over a month. Maybe I'm just used to the old way.

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I could not be function WITHOUT the Priority Hub. For me, I think it is a matter of mind-level related content and information I need to run for my small company.

For example, flagging always means the 'Remember' app and strengthening that relationship, so, on my to do list and project related tasks in Remember, I immediately place them in the PH, and have a task to remind me throughout the week of what is important and on what professional/personal levels that PH exemplifies. Is it more work? No, is it necessity? Absolutely.

This is what BlackBerry is all about: being productive at your own pace, with your own style, and taking advantage of the new order thinking and cognitive approach at really being a better human being and reaching your full potential, thus realizing that true success lies not so much in the destination, but rather the journey.

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Definitely look at my phone right away when I get red light blinking for notifications so I don't personally use the priority hub at all.

Mine does not work properly. Puts contacts and conversations as priority and when I choose the contact not to be or the other way around, it keeps messing them. For me, after giving it a try it's completely useless.

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Why can't I change the visual voice mail notification from essential? I actually can change it but it still rings as Essential.


Just used it yesterday to mark important message that I got 2 weeks ago. It got buried under all newer emails, so once I found it I check-marked it to keep it in shorter list.

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Has not worked since last updated for me. Senders are set as priority but don't show up. - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

I don't use it much, but when I do, it really is useful. If it eats up resources, it doesn't use up enough for me to notice...

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I get tired of being told by someone else what is "awesome" or "sweet". Firstly, those words are overused cliches at this point, and secondly, a feature which is awesome to you may be useless to me. And vice-versa. No surprise there.

There are enough posts and discussions in the forums which describe which features BlackBerry users value most, or wish were available. I find the polls of only vague interest; but what I really find useless are the space-filling articles built around them.

No anger here and no disrespect intended. I just think features like the priority hub don't require much user analysis; those who find it useful will use it and those who don't... won't.

Q10, SQN100-2,

Was this before or after AT&T offered the upgrade? I use priority because it is a great filter for my needs.

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I personally find priority hub to be stupid for this age.

With custom led/sound notifications, Geofencing notification settings and smartwatches. The priority hub is redundant.

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Sorry, love the ability to prioritize my messages by sender, etc. It is also configurable too! You don't use it if you don't want to, but if you get hundreds of messages per day like me, it is VERY useful.

Since I just got the update I haven't spent much time trying priority hub. But I am not in business and I consider all of my emails, except the junk mail, to be equal. I would like a button for "unread mail" and "flagged mail". Maybe that already exists and I haven't found it?

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