It EXISTS!! Real Photo of AT&T branded BlackBerry Bold 9900 phone and retail box!

AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900!
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Nov 2011 06:40 pm EDT

After all of our whining and petitioning and complaining about AT&T taking forever to release the BlackBerry Bold 9900, it feels weirdly awesome to finally start to see some "official" style photos of the touchscreen Bold start to surface. The image above was sent in our CrackBerry tip line just a few minutes ago, showing off the AT&T branded Bold 9900 alongside the box it will ship in. Pure awesome.

If you missed the announcement earlier this week, the Bold 9900 goes on sale November 6th for $199.99 on a 2 year contract. And if you're planning on picking one up, be sure to enter our AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900 accessory contest for a chance to win some goodies for your new phone. Follow the links below for more info. God I love this phone.

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It EXISTS!! Real Photo of AT&T branded BlackBerry Bold 9900 phone and retail box!


just curious, why isnt this info available at the ATT website?? Nowhere shows about the 9900 or preordering options??

I called both Best Buy and a corp AT&T preorders for the 9900. The AT&T rep that I spoke with even had the audacity to basically tell me not to worry because it won't sell out like the new iPhone.

I got the same kind of attitude when I called my local store and asked about preorders. It was very rude and uncalled for.

How do you like the service with TMo? About the same on coverage? Better/Worse? Here that they are updating the 9900 mid November to have Wifi calling. P.S. Is a 2GB Data plan enough for the 9900 (some youtube and Pandora...don't leave it on all night or anything) or do I need a 5GB. Unlimited data with AT&T right now. Would lose that, but feel I could gain a lot more with TMo and save some cash on the monthly especially with Wfi calling. Would not need my unlimited voice and could go with 500 mins/mo. Majority of calling is home office and Wifi. Does it work well? PIN: 22A59EAA

Former AT&T to TMO peeps chime in!
Last question: Does the TMO version have NFC enabled? Not a big deal now, but down the rode. AT&T neutered theirs. Not surprised.

Kevin, I'm a little torn, and I think you could offer some guidance. I'm an AT&T user coming up on an upgrade, and I absolutely love the Bold 9900 (I've played with my friend's Verizon 9930). But I'm unsure whether I should just save the upgrade for BBX next year, and stick with my Torch 9800 till then. There seem to be a ton of people in the comments and forums exhibiting a similar dilemma, because a lot of us can't afford to buy a phone off contract (as much as we really want both). Is there any way you could do a post sometime evaluating the pros and cons of upgrading to Blackberry 7 now, or waiting for BBX next year?

Here's what I have to say. If you like qwerty then get the 9900 there has not be any rumors of qwerty QNX phones. But I'm sure they will get some. But you'll be able to upgrade in 18 months. So get the 9900 now and then in 18 months you'll be eligable toi get a nice new QNX phone.

I agree with you, and I have a theory to add. I think that releasing the Bold 9900/9930 served two purposes for RIM. First, I think RIM wanted to release the next iteration of their flagship phone, and I think it was also a sort of social experiment to see whether traditional BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard users would be receptive to also having touch capabilities on their phone.

Why? Not necessarily because everything is touch these days, but because the Playbook (and likely future devices utilizing QNX/BBX) is primarily gesture-driven, and after the release of the first BBX-smartphone (likely to be all-touch), RIM probably wants to release a phone with the Bold form-factor that is also capable of gesture-based actions.

I'm sure I'm not the first to suggest this theory but I just wanted to share it here. :)

i just got myself a bold 9930 off craigslist, almost brand new for $300 and i couldnt be happier and ill be eligible to upgrade when bbx comes out . phone is real slick and so fast. definitely the best phone ive ever owned and im looking good now w. my playbook and flagship bb phone.



calm down - this is on AT&T's twitter:

@ATTDeals ATT Deals
The BlackBerry® Torch™ 9860 will also launch on Sunday, November 6th.



Hi there!
Not sure where else I should've posted this but I just wanted to state that I visited the Verizon Wireless website last night, and again this morning, and the price of the Blackberry Bold 9930 has now dropped to $199.99 on a 2 year contract, as well as the Blackberry Torch 9850 who's price has dropped to $149.99 on a 2 year contract. Just thought the site should know!

Just wondering why the price is cheaper than other carriers. I'm on Verzion and have the 9930 and enjoy it. I'm glad to see it come to at&t so that the BB 7 family can contiune to grow.

Awww, was kind of hoping it would come in that nice BB box that some carriers have theirs come in. Oh well no biggie.

I don't know if I'll purchase this or not. I still love my 9700 but if I do I'll wait until the week before Christmas which is when AT&T usually has the latest BB for $100 they've done this for the past few years.

Bought my 9700 two years ago on my upgrade and a Christmas special. Paid $50. I can wait. Though, I am probably going to T-Mo to save more cash on my monthly service plan and take advantage of WiFi calling which the rep I spoke with said was coming out mid November. Thinking the high price that TMo has on this phone will drop as well. Savings, great phone, cheaper monthly plan...SCORE!

Just when I thought they would never release it they do. I couldnt wait any longer and 1week ago already bought a Rogers one which works perfectly fine on the ATT network (as we all know its the same bands). So pointless for me to move to this brand as it wont offer me anything else (but a new splash screen and voice mail messages which i dont have service for anyways).


I'm still hating at the fact that ATT priced it at $199 and TMO (me) was at $299, luckily I paid right down the middle.

@freddysrevng I, and hopefully others am doing everything I can to have the 9860 on release, the curve however is not being released until the 20th.

Sent from...? You guessed it. Brand spanking new.

It wouldn't surprise me that a case wasn't included in the AT&T version (cheap bastards....heaven forbid they include a "leather" case that costs a buck or two). In preparation, I purchased in from Amazon (sorry CrackBerry) for 10 bucks plus free 2 day shipping.

You can bet I'll be at the local AT&T corporate store or Best Buy (preferably..since they are open earlier and not iPhone whores) when they open on Sunday to pick this bad boy up. Damn daylight savings time!!! Make me wait an hour longer.......

I may just sell my 9860 to get one of these babies!
My local ATT rep said she's hearing about the 9900 and thinks next week it may happen.

It will be interesting to see how the ATT release of 9900 affects RIM projected sales. Maybe some positive news for RIM in financial face value AND show potentially just how powerful and impactful a delay such as this can be.

Nah, its probably just a document that looks like an at&t box put on a box, with a picture of the at&t startup screen on the screen, and a homemade stamp on the bottom of the phone. JK

WOW!!! I have never been so excited about a phone before!!! I cannot wait until this Sunday. I'm just trying to decide if I should order it over the phone, internet or go to the store. What would any of you guys suggest?

Which carrier would be better to go with, what r the pro's and con's of each. Please I'm confused of which one to go with

oh great... finally it's there on AT&T!!

well, in regards to the physical keyboard BBX phone (which is the next gen of Bold series) i'm sure, it will also come to the market. as we know, Bold is the flagship of the Berry, all of RIM's new features are put to the Bold, i'm sure the next Bold will also be there on the BBX lineup in 2012. BUT this time.. please RIM.. BRING IT ON TIME! people have been yelling at you but we believe in here, you'll strike back, let the "RIMpire strikes back".. returns!

Tired of settling for just the bare necessities that I do "NEED" from my Blackberry and hope to get the things I "WANT" in a Blackberry smart phone.

Don't have the cash to drop on a QNX phone, but love the keyboard of the 9900. I'm willing to learn to type on a touch screen if the phone is worth the wait and finally what we all want in a Blackberry.

So I'm trying to hold onto my upgrade which happens to drop mid november just in time for ATT's launch.

This is killing me. I hope good things come to those who wait! My original Torch is still doing its job so I'm ok.....for now!

Waited all this time for ATT to release the Bold 9900 WITH OUT NFC. And no OS update is going to fix that.

ATT really knows how to screw its customers.

Where can I get an unlocked Rogers Bold 9900 since I'm not going to waste my time getting this crippled phone?

The new OS7 Bold is so incredibly awesome it is amazing. Seriously, I could not wait and left ATT but after having it for a while now I don't know of any other phone I would rather have.

Sure, the iPhone is nice but it is just not my thing. I can't swap batteries, the 4S has battery problems so that matters.
Sure Androids are the fastest and have the bigger screens but again the battery sucking graphics are not my priority.

To each his own but man, am I glad RIM released this device. The touch screen and resolution is awesome and you will feel like you are looking at an IMAX theater after the old BlackBerries.

I don't need to say anything on the keyboard other than it is the best ever.

Still secure, still best e-mail and messaging and now faster, leaner, better and beautiful.

Enjoy it. I love my Bold 9930

Who cares about AT&T, I hate how CrackBerry keeps advertising for AT&T. AT&T is a thief,they rob people with all their fees and ridiculous high prices!

I am just hoping they don't drop the price again a few weeks later like they did with the 9700. I'm thinking of getting this at best buy to see if they do a price match if it does go down.

I have switched to an iPhone for work now and retired my BlackBerry but looking at this keyboard makes me miss it. For me the keyboard's are the best.

I really like my Atrix but , this phone here is the reason im thinking of returning to the world of crackberry lol

I stopped into our corporate AT&T corporate office here and the AT&T rep who greeted me at the door (it was dead in there) got so excited when I asked about the Bold 9900. He said he's been wanting to play with it, can't be preordered, has not come in yet--but he looked at the ceiling when he said that--and not to worry about them selling out 'cause there's a lot of 'em, even though they didn't come in. I can't wait for this phone!!! See you at 11 am my Bold beauty!!

I don't know if anybody else noticed this...just looked at the 9900 page on att website and it states "autofocus" camera in the description...could this possibly be true....doesnt matter to me either way, i'll still buy it! (at christmas of course when it drops to 99.00)