iSpyCams for BlackBerry: Your Window to the World

By Ryan Blundell on 8 Apr 2010 09:11 am EDT

I spy, with my little eye, something on my BlackBerry. Warelex offers an interesting way to view the world with their new application called iSpyCams. Why read about hot spots, when you can stream them? iSpyCams grants you access to webcams from around the world. These webcams are sorted by category for ease of use. You can choose from Sights, Sports, Harbours and many others. More webcams are continuously added to this list. You can also view webcam ratings, popular webcams and number of viewings. If you want to know more about what you are looking at, the Enjoy and Discover mode presents Wikipedia entries for your reading enjoyment.

The application may be configured to let you view your own IP cameras or multiple cameras at once. Why you want to do that is your business, I really don’t want to know.

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iSpyCams for BlackBerry: Your Window to the World


there is a free trial. just click the free trial link on the app page in the CB store and you can email yourself the download link.

Did you even look to see if there was a free trial offered?? I just emailed myself the link, it wasn't hiding.

70% of your posts are "no trial, no buy". Obviously you don't check because a good number of them have trials, not to mention the "free trial available" directly attached to the link. Next time look, then post.

Just tried my trial, can't say I would really ever use this, but cool to check out.

I downloaded the trial. Its a decent size app but worth it! This thing is really cool. I am really thinking about buying this one. Thanks for the heads up!

the ability to use your own ip cams is a great feature, although I use orb...but for the most part it just looks like low resolution wallpaper (not the vendors issue). Hopefully they will be adding more cams, personally I miss the freetrafficcams app that had 8 different cams in NY alone...although that is dead now

The images move slower than expected, which affects its "coolness" factor. Nice little novelty app to pass the time. Not sure if I would recommend though.

been looking for a way to stream my macbooks isight camera to my berry, but i dont know how to go about doing so in the settings...can anyone help? im runnning OS 10.5.8 and a tour with vzws official OS5.

i tried orb but it refuses to give me streaming of anything but audio and images, no videos.

It needs the ability to add cameras that aren't in the program. I know if five or so cameras in my city that are live, but none of them are in the app.

in a rush and didnt read anyone elses comments. can i link "iSpyCams" to my home webcam in hopes of using this with skype??

A simple, intuitive interface -- I linked it to a home webcam in a matter of seconds. :-)

I'm not sure about using it with Skype, though.

A Solid little program. Interesting to see where the technology is heading. Great for passing time and showing off.