iSpeech Translator Pro available free compliments of BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 5 Dec 2011 10:50 am EST

iSpeech Translator Pro Free

iSpeech Translator Pro is the next in line from RIM as part of their Thank You Gift program. You can download the app now (for most devices) free in BlackBerry App World for a limited time. iSpeech lets you quickly and easily translate your speech to text on your BlackBerry Smartphone.

Speak and translate any words or phrases including email or text (SMS) in multiple languages with iSpeech Translator. The app's human-quality text to speech and speech recognition are brought to you by iSpeech, the creator of, award-winning leader in texting while driving applications. 

Head to BlackBerry App World to grab the app free. If you don't see it listed then unfortunately it may not be available for your device.

More information/download of iSpeech Translator Pro

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iSpeech Translator Pro available free compliments of BlackBerry


That's been a question of mine since the start. They want to apologize for the aggravation caused by all the outages and delays, and they THANK us by giving us a few "under 3 star" applications?

Thanks for nothing RIMM. Hello Google. Android here I come.

Its not available for any OS7 device. I reached out to RIM and they said "some apps are not available for certain devices and regions". I have a 9900 and I live in Waterloo for shits sake. Get it together.

LOOL :)) And this is the newest meaning for idea of irony, Plato would say... You may buy BB, you may love BB, you may even neighbour RIM but if you are up-to-date with RIM's BB, forget about the only one useful "Thank You!" :((

Blackberry should just give the $100 and drop this whole app appreciation crap. The apps aren't all that great and what's the point if the last 3 apps can't even be used on my 9900.

i managed to snag 3 or 4 good apps that i like and thats 3 or 4 more than Apple wouldda given out.

THANK YOU RIM for trying to do right by your customers. CDM

Gonna talk about that to bb staff at devconAsia. . .worst os management ever - too many apps are not available on os7. . .bad reputation. . .

Haha...I dont even care about these apps....but to not have them compatable with the OS7 devices is laughable. I have been a supporter of RIM and their products, but I am very concerned....wake up RIM !

i can use this for work and think it will be very useful. maybe it isnt great for YOU but that doesnt mean its junk for everyone. its very likely you are using apps that dont work for me.

just because YOU dont like it doesnt mean its crap.

Does the Pro version has the freaking daily upgrade???? I like the app but I'm about to completly uninstall it just for that...

Yea I'm with you on that one. The non pro version tells me to update every other day it gets abnoxious but hopefully the pro does not do this. I appreciate the Thank You apps they have given us. On the other hand I wonder if they have realized that their running out of apps to give us. I'm not big on apps just a few but some people love the fact that on other devices that they have tons to choose from. What I'm saying is rim needs more apps.

Man, there really isn't an OS that has appealed to me but if RIM keeps doing business like this my curiousity is looking to expand. Love my blackberry but it need to be functional.

What am I missing here? On the one hand, most companies really don't offer gifts as an apology, so I thought this was great/hopeful/a sign of the "new RIM direction." I also thought it might be helpful to the developers of the free apps.

On the other hand, it is so murky. There are apps that are not compatible with OS7. Is that an effort to limit their life as freebies? Some of the apps are not very functional even if they are OS7 compatible. Do we get free upgrades as they improve? If it locks up my device and I unistall, can I reinstall when there is a fix? RIM is not helping with this info.

For sure there is always information I am not privy to. There could be really good reasons why things are the way they are. Yet surely RIM realizes they haven't come off as looking real functional. I am a big fan, and want so much for RIM to succeed, but this sort of performance diminishes hope.

OK... guess what happened people! I finally got so fed up of my 9900 that i destroyed it! I was relaxing with friends and taking drinks and the shit froze up on me once again and i got the white screen! I just threw that shit on the ground.... crushed it with my foot.... threw it against a wall! I made sure to take it out the case when i did this! It was totally DESTROYED! Even though this was a complete waste of money doing this, i felt so relieved doing this to the piece of crap! Has been a massive let down and headache... Lack of support is also a main factor! The screen broke, it split open, and was completely crushed! Only the battery survived because that flew out first lol! Now i went and got a Droid Razr and i'm SUPER happy with this decision! Its like going from a run-down 1970s volkswagon beetle to a ferrari, lambo or bentley! I am more than happy with my decision! I am done with RIM for now! If the BBX phones do something amazing i will be back! This is also depending on the fact that RIM still exists by then! Sorry crackberry community, i couldn't take it anymore! Blackberry was very very depressing! now i will be over at the android forums for a bit.. just browsing stuff not as a registered member! Anyways crackberry community is still amazing and great... and this was the only thing keeping me stuck on a Blackberry lately! I'm sorry for how things turned out but had to do it... Farewell to you all for now! Hope all gets better....

LMFAO.... yeah it does! The battery did what its suppose to do perfectly! Too bad the phone didn't fare as well.... hahahahahahahahahaha

Have fun with your Android phone. Now THAT'S the phone I wanted to throw upside the wall so badly I could hardly restrain myself!

To tell you the honest truth... i am having fun!!! And its getting all the work i need to do on a phone done as well! Only negative was no BBM... but most of my friends and people on my list have abandoned it anyways! Bye Bye bbm... hello whatsapp.... thats where its at!!

as much as i love whatsapp, I still prefer bbm.
the user interface and user friendly-ness on bbm are much better

How long ago was this. I tweeted crackberry like 2 days ago 5mins after it was released into app world.

I was wondering, since I have no need for any of the free apps that RIM is offering. if I install it now then delete it, then for some reason in a few months I want that app would I be able to reinstall the app for free since I already had it in my account?

How can the free version of this program be compatible with OS 7 and my 9900, but the pro version is not?

I had this app and had to uninstall because it kept updating almost every week which is annoying, especially since I rarely use it

"...brought to you by iSpeech, the creator of,..."

So you're saying you DON'T want us to download it? Gotcha.

I downloaded Shazam and Vlingo. But I rarely use these. No other useful apps at all... just time and space wasters.

What a fail RIM. Last 3 apps and nothing available for os7. RIM is loosing more face each and everyday. Its reasons like this why I am willing to switch ti the iPhone. The only app I actually use is Shazam and sometimes Vlingo. Everything else they released is junk. iSpeech would have been nice had it actually been available to os7 users. One can't help but wonder, if you switch to BBX you will also receive this kind of poor support.

I know it sounds like advertisement but simply get a free version of FancyTran on appworld. It gets hundred 5 stars reviews each day for perfect work so far. has all the features of ispeech and beyond.

I'm still happy RIM is giving some apps for free but not clear how they choose them.

has anyone been offered the pro version of documents to go??? i havent' seen it and surely could use pdf support.