iSkin Vibes for BlackBerry Review

iSkin Vibes for BlackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Oct 2010 12:57 pm EDT

Hands-On Review of the iSkin Vibes for the BlackBerry Bold 9700!

Looking for a high quality skin for your phone? If so, I'd definitely recommend checking out iSkin Vibes for BlackBerry. They're available for *most* BlackBerry Smartphone models, and while more expensive than the standard OEM BlackBerry Skin, there is a lot of value in them for the price. They're made of a transparent rubbery plastic that is sculpted tightly to the shape of the phone and feels good in the hand, and thankfully, the Vibes are odorless - sometimes phone skins have that horrible rubbery chemical smell. iSkin also includes a screen protector and wipe in the box, which is a nice touch.

I've been using the red iSkin Vibe on my precious Team Canada BlackBerry Bold 9700 to help keep it in pristine condition and have been really happy with it. The skin doesn't add too much bulk to the phone and it provides a good grip. It fits well on the device, leaving all ports and the camera perfectly accessible. The little cover for the headset port is a welcome feature. The volume up/down and convenience key buttons are nicely implemented into the skin as well, and still provide a crisp click when used. All in all, while it is on the pricier side of BlackBerry skins, I still give it two CrackBerry thumbs up. Check out the video above and photos below for a closer look, and for more information and to purchase you can click here.

Bold 9700
More Vibes from iSkin

Photos of the iSkin Vibes for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

iSkin Vibes for BlackBerry
iSkin Vibes for BlackBerry
iSkin Vibes for BlackBerry

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iSkin Vibes for BlackBerry Review


I've been looking @ these and trying to decide if they are worth the money. Will def b picking up the blue one now!!

If i get to write a comment... will i win one ?? :P
just kidding :P
lol !! :P
love the review !! :D
69 thumbs up !! :D

Do you lose any power in the flash having it covered by the clear section? I would think it would make it less effective.

why pay 25 for a "real" product.
when you can get the exact same thing for a fraction of the cost?
i picked up a case from a certain asian mall in toronto for $8. looks exactly like the iskin, and it has a nice matte finish for grip.

The fact that it has "microban" techonology i don't think would boost the price up that much, seriously, mold is not going to grow on my bb.

i love these types of cases but $25+ is ridiculous!!!! When you have Degasis who makes a great product for only $5 plus you can go to any flee market or 5 Below and get the product for $5 and under!!!!!! $25+ is crazy i'm sorry i'm sure iskin is making a great product but that's just nuts!!!! lol..anyway to each their own i guess! that's just my .02!

I have an epik case that I use the Seidio desktop charging cradle. The iSkins have the charging contacts covered, not the epik ones!

While every other major phone manufacturer has something new to report, RIM's Blackberry users get.....a case review?
How lame. i wish RIM as well as had something better.

Guess my next phone is a WP7

Who cares about the case, I want that phone! What will happen to it when you upgrade to a 9780?

I would probably see if the exterior could be put on the 9780 but a giveaway is a much better idea. IMO of course... =D

I used to have an iSkin Vibe for my 8900 before I went up to a 9700. It was easily the best skin I had for that phone. It beat out the OEM skin in every way. Much more durable, and it doesn't catch on to the inside of your pocket (which is a big point for me).

This is JUST like the case-mate gelli. Theirs are about $15, I do believe, but you can find them for a 9700 @ around $11-$14 on ebay. Can't go wrong w/ case-mate.

If they had it in colourless/invisible, I'd most likely go for one. I like the chrome on my 9700 too much to shade it a different colour though.

Ever since i got it for my Bold 9000 i really found it top quality compared to copy cat products with lower quality and less detail in contruction. As soon i got my Bold 9700 the iSkin was not available for it yet and i bought a the OEM cases that really didn't serve no other purpose that decor rather then protection. As soon iSkin released it for the 9700 i bought it instantly.

Excelent product, great quality, your BB is an investment protect it

Beneath the article it shows the skins for the Storm but when you click on them it says "it's not compatible with this device"..........what's up with that? Why is the Storm left out? I have a Case Mate Barely There and love it, but am ready for a change and wanted to try this.....guess not now.....

Are you sure that was an OEM skin for the 9650? That looked very cheap! My 8900 T-Mobile skin was way thicker and firm than that; my 9000 OEM skin was even better.

I have a black, red and purple case. Love them all.
But I noticed that my purple one doesn't have a plug for the 3.5 jack.
I have had the black and red right from the beginning but the purple seems to be a "new" model. Everything is the same except for the 3.5 plug.
Is this just my 'new' purple model or is this a manufactures defect?

Any one else notice this?

I wouldn't hesitate to buy a new one for each new BB I get. This case is the best out there. Hard enough to really protect and not slip off. Soft enough to be easy to apply. Great colours and good protection.

I love it.

u can get them at

i bought a iskin when i had my 8900...than i stumbled upon the epik cases same exact material and way cheaper

epik cases>>>>>>>>>>

I am sooooooooo jealous that you have the Team Canada 9700! Gimme! LOL. No joke. Anyway, I was looking into buying the iSkin. The one I got from BB is cheap, just like the one on the video. But I'm getting the Torch (when Rogers lets me by it outright, grrrrr!). So should I still buy the iSkin for my 9700? I plan on keeping the 9700.

The best skin I ever got was from a street vendor in NYC. You can't beat a silicone skin for $5! Not to mention it's much thicker than the version you buy at the carriers and they last forever. The one I have now I've used for a year and it still looks like new. It also protects your phone - I've dropped mine several times and no scratches or cracks at all. Had the same version for my Curve and same thing there. More expensive is not at all always better.

These are great and the knock-offs are just as good as well.

Kevin, something about this video makes you seem like you got paid serious doh to push this product. Oh, I don't know ... maybe its just you saying "Really High Quality" so many times ... just kinda says it all.

I was looking forward to sliding this on my 9700, but I've found that the camera cutout is imperfect. As a result, I get a blue (case colour) halo around my pictures, mostly in the upper left corner of the pics. I've tried re-fitting the case, but it doesn't seem to change anything. Too bad, really...the case is otherwise pretty nice.

For $29 it had better shine my shoes and help me pick up chicks at parties. It's too pricey.

I had the Epik Case and it sucks compared to the iSkin Case. The Epik case does fit well but the button covers for the side buttons are terrible. Everything on the iskin is perfect, well worth the price.

Hi everybody!
Great review btw! Seriously considering ordering one of those.

Does anybody know where can I get the "Canadian body" for my 9780? It looks awesome with the red iskin!