iSkins for BlackBerry: Review and Giveaway!

By Ryan Blundell on 18 Sep 2009 10:08 am EDT

Contest details at the end of this article.... keep reading, and good luck!


Your beautiful BlackBerry; is there a sexier smartphone out there? I think not, nor would my eyes ever dare to wander. Okay, so my BlackBerry addiction isn't that bad, or else I'd have a whole new set of issues to deal with. You do have to admit that RIM's line up (past, current and future) is quite stunning. Over time and through wear and tear, your device goes from functional and fabulous to functional and frumpy. The trick to slow the aging process? Handle with care and keep it covered. There may be a problem with this. Do you want to sacrifice sexy style for security? Some skins offer great protection, but are damn ugly. Not only that, but you may experience interference when using the keypad or touch screen. The iSkin may offer the best of both worlds.

There’s been quite some buzz lately online about the iSkin. I’ve been lucky enough to try them out for a while now; about a month or so before they hit the CrackBerry store. Their lineup is colorful, and very eye catching. There’s only a handful of BlackBerrys in my office, but mine still stands out with the iSkin. Want to know how well they work after a few months? Read on fashion lover! Warning- there may be a giveaway involved!!

It puts the BlackBerry in its skin, or else it gets the hose again!

Okay, so maybe that was a little creepy to say. Let’s forget it and move on. The iSkins are available for a wide variety of products; from BlackBerrys, iPods and iPhones to MacBook Pro/Air, keyboards and mice (or is it meese?). For the BlackBerry smartphone, here’s what iSkin carrys; Vibes and Vibes FX. Both are promising to bring sizzle and style to your world. The Vibes are available for the Curve 8900, Storm and Bold 9000, while the Vibes FX version is only available for the Curve 8900. Each version captures the essence of each BlackBerry model perfectly. The Bold 9000’s sports the beautiful, luxurious leather pattern we know and love. The Vibes for the Curve 8900 and Storm are smooth as silk, yet offering an edgy style. The Vibes FX are my style, not only do they come in my favourite colours (Green and Orange), but they have an argyle design on the back. Oh how I wish they made those for my Bold…maybe if I ask nicely. All colours can be seen here.

Now, besides keeping your BlackBerry’s bum ding-free, each iSkin comes with an easy to apply screen protector. The Vibes come with clear protectors, while the Vibes FX iSkins come with mirrored ones. Your BlackBerry will look good coming and going, while being guarded from drops, scuffs and scratches. Oh, I almost forgot, for added fun, iSkin also offers stickers you can use to show off your style while, providing free marketing for them!

Package Contents

Fit and Function

Unlike some skins, the iSkin fits snug and securely, without being difficult to put on (yes on the BlackBerry, not me silly). This fit ensures that the Bold’s bezel is truly protected, without interfering with the keypad at all. We all know how easily the bezel can be damaged. The coverage of the iSkin is amazing! The metal surrounding the camera is covered in a clear, thick plastic, leaving a cut out for the camera lens. The mute/standby key, volume control and convenience keys are completely covered. While the iSkin is supposed to allow for functionality, I found the mute, volume and right convenience key difficult to press, while the left convenience key was very easy to accidentally press. Cut outs are left open for the mic, and a lanyard, while the Bold’s speakers are completely covered. I didn’t mind this, as calls on speakerphone, alerts and other audio can still be clearly heard.

The Bold and the "Blue"tiful
Openings for Ports, no Media Card love
These buttons are difficult to press

What I was really impressed with was the iSkin solution for the USB and headphone ports. Instead of leaving them completely open, iSkin sports two doors designed to keep dust, dirt and debris out. I did find at times that the USB door didn’t always stay completely closed. I was hoping to have a door for the micro SD card slot, but alas, no such luck.

I also gave a nod of approval when I learned that iSkins Microban® antimicrobial protection was built in for increased protection against microbes. That means style without staining, and looking funky without smelling funky. The durability of these iSkins is simply sensational. I regularly used two of the iSkins, occasionally used one, and left one untouched. I wanted to see what would happen with wear and tear. In fact there was none to be seen - each iSkin felt as new as the untouched one. I’m one to also keep my BlackBerry in a case. I did try to use my BlackBerry Koskin Holster, but I ended up splitting the leather in a few places. Now I have to find another solution; does anyone have any ideas?

The Bold Line

Conclusion and Giveaway

Despite some design issues, I’m still dressing my BlackBerry Bold in iSkin style. I love the attention grabbing colours (still wish I had an orange or green one) and protection. If you’re looking to add snazzy security to your smartphone, the iSkin is for you. You can pick up the iSkin Vibes and Vibes FX for $29.95 and $32.95 (respectively) at And now for the exciting part; Freebies!!!

There are 10 iSkins up for grabs folks, the winners can choose which of the available colors and models they want. Keep in mind that the iSkins fit the Curve 8900, Storm and Bold only. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and you are entered. Contest ends Sunday at midnight.


  • Microban innovation keeps your BlackBerry practically microbe free!
  • Ports covered, yet accessible at the same time
  • Screen protectors provided with each iSkin
  • Durability and design in mind


  • Cost
  • Some buttons not accessible
  • Micro SD card slot also not accessible


Design and Function: 4/5
Fit and Finish: 5/5
Aesthetics: 5/5
Ease of Use: 4/5
Performance: 4/5

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Reader comments

iSkins for BlackBerry: Review and Giveaway!



I've been eyeing these in the Crackberry store. Are they similar in design to a silicone skin as opposed to a harder case like a Seidio? I seem to have fallen in love with my OEM silicone skin, which I didn't think would happen, but alas I have, and was looking at that pretty Blue iSkin for the Storm.


I've been considering buying one for a while but the price keep me from doing so. Winning one woud be great!

Yeah I think I would like one of these. I got through cases like water. I wear them out fast and would like a good one that won't wear out so fast.

I would really like to try one of these out on my Bold in gray or purple. They look really good and I am all about protecting my baby!! :-)

I would love this, but I don't see that they are compatible for the Tour. But will be compatible w/my iPod. COUNT ME IN!!!!!

O.K. so I allready have a couple of dings on my bold so I probably should be using one! Shouldn't they have named them "BSKINS" though?

I was planning to buy the purple one for my 8900 and then came this! OH man please please please pick meeeee, i want the purple one since it came out! I've never won anything in my life, please let it be this!!! hahaha =D

I would love to have a chance at winning this! Please pick me! You guys rock and I reccommend you to all my friends who have Blackberrys!

Definitely count me in for this contest. My poor bold has 1-2 dings already... I wonder if I'd have this issue if the bezel was ACTUALLY metal... instead of plastic painted?

These look cool. Hope they can be used with a belt clip holder. If I win one, I'll find out. Good luck to all who enter.

Maybe i'm blind but I've looked EVERYWHERE in my local area and can't find one for the storm and purchasing online would cost me double.. so winning one would be FANTASTIC and besides that all the other cases I have S U C K!

I really like this Skin. Looks great, doesn't seem bulky, draws the right amount of attention without looking un-professional. I would definitely give one a try.

I have been looking for a protector other than ghost armor for my beautiful Storm.....These look slim, sexy and perfect!

May I PLEASE have one?

Yo Crackberry, I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish but I won't interrupt you because I really need an iSkin for all time...


(please can I have a turquoise skin for my BB and to match my nails as well?)

:P luv ya x

I have a OtterBox for my Storm (Thanks you Crackberry!!!) But it does get bulky. I have it off right now cause I'm dealing with some pretty consistent battery pulls and it just takes too much to keep taking off and putting back on the OTB. These look really nice, and I have an iSkin for my iPod and it's the BEST case ever for that, the thing still looks brand new and it's over 3 years old.


I've been waiting to come around with the moolah for this skin because well, I don't want to be walking around showing off my Tour in a slinky box looking cover and it looks so soft and smooth to the touch!

I must have one *_*

Until then, my Tour will continue being kept in saran wrap. Yes Saran Wrap

Ever since my cheap silicone cover on my storm ripped, I've been looking for a replacement. The iSkin looks like it would do the trick. Hope I can win one of these.

I have wanted one of these skins for months but have been too broke to buy one myself. I'd really appreciate it if I got one for free!!


Saw these at the Rogers store a couple of months ago. Great looking skins, but couldn't believe they cost $34.95 each! However, I will take a free one for my Bold, if offered...

After not winning tetherberry out of ONE THOUSAND PEOPLE or any other contest on here for that matter. This one is it, I can feel it. And stunna for the win.

I LOVE the Silence of the Lambs reference! My friends and I can frequently be caught saying that very line! (minus the berry part of course :P)

I've been admiring the iSkins, but thought the price was too steep ... a FREE one is TOTALLY WORTH IT!

I'm on my third gel cover. I keep ripping mine! This looks like it would be the best fit!

I've been so tempted to buy one of these but the cost is a touch too high for me. For goodness sake, let me win this one.

Oh Yeaaaa... I want one, my storm has seen a few drops and the iskin will cover all th right spots :)

I'm on my third gel cover. I keep ripping mine! This looks like it would be the best fit!