ISIS mobile payments service rebrands itself as Softcard

ISIS mobile payments service rebrands itself as Softcard
By Joseph Keller on 3 Sep 2014 08:28 am EDT

NFC payment service ISIS has unveiled their rebranding, Softcard. The joint payment venture bewteen Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile US announced earlier this year that they would change their name in order to avoid being associated with violence in the Middle East being perpetrated by a group that, at the time, went by ISIS.

Softcard will remain the same service as before, just with a new name. The branding is expected to roll out very soon. It should be noted that the militant group has since changed their own name to ISIL.

What do you think of the Softcard name? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: ISIS/Softcard, via Phone Scoop

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ISIS mobile payments service rebrands itself as Softcard


Haha I find it amusing that some people probably take offense to your comment.
Then I think of how many upvotes you would get on Reddit. If I could, I would upvote you!

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I'm glad someone found it amusing. People are too sensitive these days. Tragedy is all around us... regardless of which train of thought we align ourselves with. How even more tragic the world would be if we couldn't share a laugh. I'm not endorsing torture, violence or religious extremism from any group of people. Made a joke... get over it.

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Lack of sensitivity on your part doesn't necessarily mean over-sensitivity on the parts of others.

It was just a crappy thing to have said.

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I think people are more easily able to laugh at things not happening to their people, such as waterboarding. I think the company would have rebranded anyhow, because Softcard makes more sense in understanding what the product is. It's marketing and they got free publicity by saying the rebrand was due to terrorists. If you say terrorists, you immediately get free CNN, Fox News and other TV, radio and Internet spots.

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Actually I think people are becoming desensitized as they are bombarded with evil things that go on in this world that are delivered to them on their vehicle of choice, TV/Phones/News papers etc.

People become so desensitized that it's as if it's almost normal or okay because of what someone else has done.

Sin is Sin and evil is evil and it is never okay. The day is coming when every knee/person that has ever been alive will bow before their Creator and be judged, but unfortunately until that day comes things will become more desensitized and worse, because the hearts of mankind is continuing wicked.

Take care.

P.s. It was a joke that was in bad taste.
Just think about it and imagine it being your loved one that this happened too, and then ask yourself is this funny...

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I'd be more offended by the old name which is the name of a female Egyptian idol, Isis.

(How silly for an Islamic group to use such a name in the first place...)

Anyway, no rubbish gods for me...

Take the real deal, YHWH / Jesus Christ...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

To be fair, the name ISIS as it pertains to the group in the middle east is an acronym for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. As noted by the OP, this has more recently been updated to ISIL or Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. It's merely coincidence that it happens to be the name of an Egyptian goddess.

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How ridiculously foolish you are to apply a 3500 name of an Egyptian Goddess to recent events and call them foolish? I'd say you're being just as ignorant as the press.

They could've easily cleared this up with continued public press. But no ppl still relate to present events in the present time and then judge

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Should be Hymns and also above in other post should have been Continuously.

Anyway you get the meaning. That's the important part. :o)

Take care

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Too many people get all butthurt over the slightest of jokes they find all too serious. It was a good joke...some people just have a very poor sense of humor.

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It was only a matter of time before they changed the name. Saw it coming. Great move to change the name.

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And they want 140 million for their behind the mask atrocities,we need to wipe them out and send in Rambo,seriously they are the scum of the earth.

Not sure if it's moronic, but certainly insensitive.

A slow climb to the top is always more rewarding. Sent using my BlackBerry Z10.

Whether moronic or insensitive, it has to be said that any app they make for BB10 will have to be, um... headless... :-/

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Whatever the name, it doesn't matter. I don't trust the company that makes the apps. They ignore emails and comments on their facebook. I think any professional company would not do that, and we're supposed to trust them with all of our credit card info?

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I have to agree, they all do now and it's the smart thing to do. Cheapest advertising.

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Well done for commenting on the actual topic and not some political crap, you deserve a beer!!

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In light of current events, seems like a sound business decision. It's a shame they have to change though, albeit I had no clue who they were anyway.

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Saw a company this weekend call ISIS Fresh Water. Drew an instant association to the turmoil in the ME. I wonder what that's doing to their sales figures...

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I wonder how many (at least in the US) even have any idea of the terrorist group. Maybe I'm not giving people enough credit, but current affairs unless it involves celebrities etc doesn't seem to be our strong suit,

Have no knowledge about ISIS nor new ISIL but it think softcard sounds great

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Do you follow any news?

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I don't think he meant the militant group. I haven't heard of the payment software under either name either.

No More Music!!!!! No More Videos!!!

I follow the news and I know about Google wallet

Love my Z10 looking for its successor or go for Z30 when the price is right for me

It's always good to stay away from violence

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It is really unfortunate the current events in the world are making this company rebrand itself. I understand the move however given the weight the name "ISIS" carries these days, but it is still unfortunate.

I can only imagine the amount of money already sunk into promotional items and logos bearing their old name.

This app won't run on your BB. Hell, it doesn't even run on all Android phones because of the low level SIM access it needs, and carrier control.

Yep a most unfortunate and untimely name!

So just give clarify, if I cannot pay back my outstanding balance, I won't end up kidnapped?!?! Will I?

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Honestly, I think the name of an Egyptian idol (a rubbish "goddess") has never been and will never be a good idea for a name...

... for anything.

Isis, Horus, Osiris, Ra, rarara... no thanks...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I think changing the name doesn't make their service available on BB10 and that sucks.

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I don't understand why they just didn't get the marketing department to realign Isis with the goddess. I mean she is the worshipped as the Perfect mother or wife.....

Isis the perfect mobile card solution. Still softcard works I guess.

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The problem is when you search for isis on the Internet. You don't get their website and you don't get the goddess either. At least jot on Google web Search and on BING Web Search.

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Glad they took the initiative to change the name. In all honesty, can't even say I've heard of the service, but when I opened crackberry and saw the word Isis I was immediately annoyed/apprehensive.

Which lead me to think about something else. What do people think when they hear/read the word BlackBerry?

Softcard, sounds like a toilette paper brand name you buy at Wall Mart or Target...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

"Too soft? Havin' the runs... ?

Softcard is here to help....
just (s)wipe in one easy go... " :-)


Silly jokes aside, I find the name a bit cheesy. And not quite unique enough. But it's their decision and their business. Still a better idea than ISIS or Isis...

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I forgot about that company. Probably the best move a company could make since an imitation cheese company named themselves REAL.

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A diet foods company in the 80's that specialized in chocolate was called Ayds. They didn't change their name and went out of business. So whether softcard is a good name or not doesn't matter. ISIS was bad.

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That's great. I just read the headline and automatically thought ISIS began their own network or something!

Need to get some coffee...

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Ooohh, some money laundering scheme for militants.... or what?

Changing the name was probably a good idea...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I don't really care what they call themselves. I just want to know if the BlackBerry 10 app they promised a year ago will ever show up.

Sort of like changing your name from Osamma to Sammy.

ISIS needs to be turned to ground meat!

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It's was very important that they change their name. Softcard is good enough. Much better than being inadvertently linked to those barbarians in the middle east.

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The original name was vague and would have taken marketing to explain what it was they did.

The new name while not memorable at least points you in the general direction. Soft card makes you think software is involved somewhere or as another poster said toilet paper.

But at least there is something to work with. Major companies like Standard Oil of New Jersey can change their names to generic names like Exxon or Chevron or whatever and it won't matter because we knew who they were.

But when your name is ISIS or Tulip or Blue Sky you are going to have a hard time without good marketing.

The only ignorant twat on this thread is the one that believes Hamas to be the so called peaceful ones. Ignorant tripe.

Just another POS that should be forcibly removed from the continent. Just keep in mind sonny, there some 25million ex military firearms owners here..not one of them afraid of using them either - not mention the other 50-60million that are also armed...

Updated to the Z30...simply wow! the Q is now the bkup.

Opened CB ans scanned the headlines, the picture with the word ISIS and automatically thought, What the hell is that doing here.

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Me and my mates are really looking forward to some of those scum to return home so we can give them a present!

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OK back on point! Why isn't BlackBerry included in the Softcard software? And why post here if BlackBerry it not part of the system?

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Here's a thought when will BlackBerry phones be able to download and use the Softcard app. If apple & android can use it we should to we've got the hardware for it.

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Politically motivated article I say, and isis is living right in Mexico along the border but no one cares, and their worried about a company's name . Give me a break. Wake the hell up you dumb Liberals and Conservatives and the Teabags.

 Is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

So they are probably not thinking about entering middle east... :D

Putin Huylo. Slava Ukraini, freedom to Ukraine!

Softcard is fine. Too bad they can't deliver anything. They've been talking about this crap for years. Carriers locked out Google Wallet in hopes of getting something out of it. Instead, US consumers get nothing.

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Political correctness gone MAD again. Perhaps we should stop using packet dat in case it offend some politically correct do gooders

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Well yeah...because people have such a hard time differentiating between a extremist hate group and an app, or Egyptian goddess of love.

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They should have stuck with ISIS - "rampaging to a network near you" could have been a fantastic campaign... Softcard?! Sounds a bit limp to me...

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Now all these customers are gonna come in asking what this magical new app is the next time they update their apps

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I just activated some new phones for the family about 3 weeks ago and Verizon was offering $25 for each new activation on ISIS. Looks interesting especially for older kids that don't have Credit Cards. I had never heard of them before either. This is a Marketing nightmare for them... good move on the name change! It's a sad situation.

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Completely a good move to unassociate with what comes to mind when you hear/see ISIS!

ANYTHING is better that ISIS

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We were supposed to roll out ISIS mobile payments at my workplace last month, but the launch was delayed so that they could rebrand. I guess I understand why they'd want to avoid the association, but I don't think most consumers would really think that much into it...

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militant group? Are you for real, ignorant or just plain stupid? They are an extreme terrorist group.

Go burry your face in your phone, you'll find a reality akin to your thinking.

Frustrating on the front line when headquarters won't support... this the same as the terrorist group?
...if not i think the company needs to be re christened

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Don't understand why BlackBerry isn't pairing up with one of the big banks to jump ahead in the mobile payments game. With their well-known security they should be able to provide an excellent alternative.

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I think the name change is a good thing. If they decided to keep the name it would hurt the company image. People love to assume before doing research.

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I wanted to buy a Banana once. But because I had a bad experience at a Banana Republic Store I assumed the banana would leave another sour taste in my mouth. I went years thinking I would get bad customer service from the representatives of the bananas I wanted to buy. One day I saw an advertisement for Banana Splits in Dairy Queen. I liked dairy Queen. Not their Really bad sugar cones but their Blizzards are great! I went up and risked all my fear on the banana split. It was great!

Ever since I have been able to differentiate between an offshore Sweat shop and a fruit.

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Is this available for BB10? B/c I haven't seen an app for it, and I've been looking.

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