Isis mobile payment system soon ready to make use of NFC on your BlackBerry

Isis Mobile Payments
By Bla1ze on 28 Aug 2012 09:13 pm EDT

Remember long ago, we told you all about Isis? It's the carrier back solution for mobile payments using NFC. At the time the news came out, many folks were waiting for NFC powered BlackBerry devices to arrive and eventually they did. Some carriers though, oddly enough, those supporters of Isis decided to block NFC on the devices from use.

Now though it appears Isis is ramping up their efforts and having teamed up with Mastercard among others, are getting ready to fully launch in Salt Lake City and Austin, Texas, next month. Mastercard has managed to offer up a list of supported devices and according on that list you'll find the BlackBerry Bold 9900 (presumably the 9930 is incl. here), Curve 9360, Curve 9380 as well as the Bold 9790.

Given that those devices are listed as being supported it's safe to assume that AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon will all enable NFC on the BlackBerry models where it's been crippled but more importantly we should start to see even further uses for NFC as the rollout of Isis expands and carriers can grab their piece of the pie.

Source: Bloomberg, Mastercard (PDF) via: Droid-Life

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Isis mobile payment system soon ready to make use of NFC on your BlackBerry


I've heard so many awful things about AT&T, that I'd be leery of them having access to my ability to pay for things, let alone doing business with them.

It's about blasted time! I've been very disappointed that my NFC has been disabled by T-mo. Come on, let's make this happen

* BlackBerry by choice *
Having NFC disabled by a carrier is just beyond stupid to me. I mean, when I got my Music Gateway I would've been completely pissed off had I not been able to use NFC for the paring. Really is it that big of a deal to those carriers that haven't allowed it? I just don't understand.

(glad to be a Sprint customer)

AT&T finally releasee an update with NFC enabled, so I would think that is a safe bet.

I've never had any issues with them and I think people just blow it way out of the water.

AFAIAC, AT&T has been awesome to me, their customer service is stellar even though their rates are not comparable to Sprint's (my other carrier - Android & feature phone,) plus their BlackBerry smartphones selection is second to none. I agree with your statement Mathrin.

Does that mean that NFC will be enabled for all applications, or just Isis payments? I have paid for NFCShortcuts and really want to be able to use it.

Finally. Now the big three, WINDmobile, Mobilicity will be needing it. AND telus, rogers and bell's sqatter "carrier" brands: koodo, chat-r and Solo. Virgin mobile also needs it.

Nascar1449, you got that right. I am very upset that they disabled it and have no idea when they are getting after talking to them yesterday about it.

Has anyone hear anything different for when NFC will be available for T-mobile?