iSheep in Action

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Sep 2012 09:19 am EDT

I just couldn't help but post this... forgive me. :)

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iSheep in Action


if you think this would be different for any other phone, you're misleading yourself.

Just look at all the posts we see here on CB every time a new OS leak posts: "it's so much faster", "my battery life is so much better", etc, even for incremental updates that don't actually affect these things.

If you tell people something is new, they'll believe it's new. A variant of the placebo effect, it seems to me.

It would be even easier with any other phone to pull this off because they aren't as heavily publicized and most manufacturers make more then one model a year.

The thing that makes this funny is that the iPhone is the most publicized phone in the world and there is only one model a year. So people really have no excuse. I mean, I was at work yesterday where I can't access sites like iMore or Engadget, and so I just flipped to all the major news channels cafeteria and every single one was covering the iPhone 5.

It's not like confusing a Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate with a Samsung Galaxy S II (or 20 other models of Samsung phones). There's only one iPhone a year.

People should always be sceptical about the validity of some updates, like the supposed battery life of the new iphone. I would say that this is different, simply because to feel you've got your money's worth with a new phone is to look for validation in the purchase. If you haven't purchased it but still look for validation, then it's clear that you're doing it to validate your feelings.

As a hybrid tester, I have to say I disagree with your claim here.

The difference is that there is actually a difference. If we did absolutely nothing to the OS, as in the OS was just a repackage of the old stuff, us saying it is much better, would be a lie, and be like this video.

Also, if you know anything about new OS's. When you first start it, it is typically faster. however the battery life is worse as the servicebooks update and whatnot. After a few days of use and after putting back applications, it will slow down again unless you know how to maintain your memory usage.

So when I updated my 9810 with an official Rogers release, and my CPU usage was going up and down wildly for no good reason, chewing through my battery, and caused my 9810 to get physically warm, it was the placebo effect when a higher leaked OS fixed that?

Apparently I should speak with my doctor about getting some brain meds to stop these wild hallucinations!

Don't be a twat.

Obviously sometimes updates do make a difference - but not each and every update, in spite of what you read here. (And again - not just here. This is the same for any phone and fanbase/community.)

Exactly, would happen to anyone anywhere. This is a perfect example of how peoples perseptions are scewed or led to by people of authority or media. Simple someone with a mic and camara puts a person on the spot asking them an opinion on something and the person goes right along with it not to go against the norm. I bet if those same individuals had a chance to have a longer look off camera they would relize it is in fact a iphone4s. It would be interesting to see how many of the posters here would fall for it as well. Also they never showed the people that cought on. This is a great social experiment on how people are sheep and conforming in general not just to a product. We all fit this sheep or heard meantality definition in some form or another in our lives.

Not even likely, the iPhone is worshiped only in America. In other countries they don't give a rat's behind about the new iPhone or they don't even know what the iPhone is, and don't care while they're at it.
What country is that where people actually sleep outside an apple store to buy stuff??

I'd bet if they did the same in any major city in Canada they'd get similar results. And I say this as a Canadian. You have to wonder how many people caught onto their ruse and were edited out of the tape?

This is freaken hilarious...This gives you a real sense of the iSheep nation.

BB 10...Boldly taking over!

This is just too rich lmao

It has always been like this...

I'm sure they all have the Steve Jobs biography on their night table too lol

They definitely have the iphone ads memorized and drinking all of Apples juice. They all seemed convinced. Like a cult. I Thanks Kevin!

I really don't see what about the iphone has people like that. They are all pretty much the same. Same look. Same OS. Just a few tweaks here and there and yet people go crazy for it.

Its a trend just like BB was once a trend (hopefully recurring) all trends fade away, some take longer but without fail, all trends fade away but I am impressed by how long the I phone trend is going

I agree. Apple has a tendency in all its products to not change a damn thing for a decade or so and some how people just keep on buying it up like its the best thing ever even though it looks the same as it did in 2003. Power Mac G5 anyone?

I do hope that people catch on and realize that Apple stopped innovating a very long time ago and its approaching 10 years now that the look of their products hasn't really changed. My local Tim Hortons up the street has had a complete overhaul twice in the lifetime of the iMac flat screen.

Apple is the only company that gets away with that.

this is why apple won their lawsuit, because the average consumer (I suppose these people?) really CAN'T tell the difference between two phones!

Hysterical! These are unfortunately the exact same people that will be befuddled by the BB10 user interface and experience and pick up the latest whatever iphone. Apples "killer app" has always been iTunes; the iPhone is just the access point.

/Device agnosticism or bust!

No wonder Samsung got clobbered in the US. People can't make the difference between two Apple phones.. :)

Perhaps the theory that Apple has released the same products with the same design language since 2003 and people still somehow think it's new fresh and innovative.

That's what happens when you buy a brand new phone, then put a stupid case on it on day one (or before you even leave the store).

Everyone holding the same phone probably finally realized what it was like to hold the phone as it was created, and not have their gigantic heavy cases attached to it.

I posted on my facebook! I love it! Goes to prove my point. People don't really like Apple for what it can do, it is all about status. Haha! Iphone is a basic phone and yet so many people are so mislead by it!

Thanks for this clip, hilarious! And I agree very sad. The Apple Marketing machine has done an amazing job brain washing people.

It is very funny. What is even funnier, is that if BB had that same fanbase to draw from, they wouldn't be in the financial position that they are in. HAHAHAHAHA.

I see your point but atleast there would be a ligit difference in the phone. Every new Bold is different. Every new curve is different. That's the difference.

You can tell the old from the new.

kevin no forgiveness needed for this you made my day and everyone here at my works day even the isheeps here couldnt stop laughing at how bad it would feel. one of the best things ive seen in awhile the complete cluelessness of the isheep at full work.

jimmy's last comment was priceless

the emperors new phone. I imagine its based off the children's book the emperors new clothes

Really, Captain Obvious? Is that what he was referring to? I had no idea. Thanks. Was wondering why he was talking about an emperor.


It is kind of sad people cannot actually tell the difference between iphone 4 and 5. i can tell which blackberry is bold, curve, torch etc

Thanks Kevin!!!

My personal Conclusion: 'Apple heads' are in a higher stage of human evolution, can identify and see what others do not ... the difference between iPhone 4s and iPhone 4s =)

Reminds me of a skit I saw a few years ago. Penn and Teller did a little experiment. Cut one banana in half, put each half on a different plate. Told the people one plate was an organic banana and the other one wasn't. Guess which half of the same banana everyone said tasted better.

is that why Whole Foods makes so much money?

im an electrician and resently Whole Foods Markets have come to Toronto and we have been doing all the eletrical in the 3 that they have put up so far, tasted some of their food and frankly the meat is pretty tough and not much flavor and is also $68 a pound compared to like $20 its friggen retarded how many customers they get, mostly fat people that think because they eat organic they will lose weight

Growing up on a farm it cracks me up. Organic food tastes better if you grow it yourself. There's nothing as good as a tomato out of your own garden, mainly because it's fresh and you pick it when it's ripe and not green.

If you find it in a store, meh. I've tried the food, it tastes no different, sometimes it tastes worse. If it's better for you or not, I don't know.

But the advertising says its better for you. For a lot of people, that's as far as they go with their research. They saw a commercial, or Bob from down the street who they think is smart said it was better, so if they just do the same as Bob, everyone will think they're pretty smart too.

People do sort of live in a herd. Is it any surprise how many actually do act like sheep? Not just with technology, but with everything.

not surprised at all... for every one leader there are hundreds if not thousands of followers.

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

Exactly it was just Jimmy showing great social commentary on how dumb and easily manipulated into beleiving anything we really are. That is why apple is the most profitible company in the world, they know how to market to the masses.

Comedy gold.

Although, they should have shown the footage of the people who looked at the interviewer incredulously, and said "hey this is just a 4s!"

There *had* to be someone who responded like that.

although i want to believe it's real... the TV World is hard to believe... i've been at TV sets and taping of shows and interviews and these people could have easily been selected to say "hey pretend this is the iphone 5 and say it's lighter etc etc"

but it's funny none the less.. and if it is real then *facepalm*

I find the whole iSheep thing rude. If someone comes on here and says something derogatory about us, they are called a troll and banned.


I realize that sometimes I add my name when adding comments here or in the forums. Wait! It's not an email.

iSheep, fandroids, RIMtards.

Who cares. Unless you think a mobile phone describes you.

Don't take it personal, Jessica!

Forgive you? For what!? Posting a video that shows why Apple has planetary sized piles of cash? Because they use marketing/psychology tricks on American simpletons (I's redundant) that usually don't fool most 5 year-olds? I remember when Apple was THE computer company in the late80s-early90s and EVERY school was full of them....then people hated them (92-2000) they love cycle ad nauseum....

This bit would never work with us savy Blackberry users because we know that there's no way we'll see an upgraded BB10 phone anytime soon.

This would also be a lot funnier if it wasn't for the fact that Blackberry might be dead and gone by the time iPhone 6 comes out...

By the way, what's our share price selling for again?

It seems the irony of members calling iPhone users "sheep" is totally lost on them. I especially enjoyed seeing "iSheep" comments punctuated by "#BB10" or "#BlackBerryByChoice" (an operating system that has not been released and is largely unknown) hashtags.

The BlackBerry users of this site are some of the most blindly loyal users in all the tech world, which is only highlighted by the fact that those in question are defending and clinging to a device that is clearly in its death throes.

God bless you all. Without you, RIM would already be dead and two companies would rule the mobile tech world. I hope BB10 brings them back, because I'd be happy with a 9900 that simply had the apps I need. A better OS with apps would have me back on day one. But for now, BB does not even justify its price -- any price above "free with contract."

If "isheep" applies to anyone that uses an iPhone, then that includes Kevin and Bla1ze!

Crackberry Kevin wrote:

Every time I pick up the iPhone 4S, I find myself wishing the display was bigger. It feels so small these days, especially after spending time on a device like the Galaxy Nexus (who’s screen is arguably a little too big). I really hope we see a bigger display on iPhone 5. I’m also finding Siri just doesn’t yet fit into my mobile lifestyle. I never find myself instinctively using it, and even when I put it to use it’s more of a hassle. In retrospect, I probably could have stuck with my iPhone 4 another year and waited for the iPhone 5, vs. going to the 4S.

Chris Parsons, Mobile Nations (Bla1ze)

The iPhone 4S was the first iPhone that I actually managed to purchase on launch date. I got a 16GB white version and it has been rock solid for me. No issues with the device at all in terms of hardware. The camera blows away any other device I have used thus far. Siri and I have issues. She's not living up to her potential in my opinion -- and yes, I am keeping that beta tag in mind.

All that said; I still live in a world where I must carry 2-3 devices at all times. iOS works for some things, BlackBerry works for some things and Android works for some things. The iPhone 4S doesn't solve all my problems or fill or my needs for a mobile device but in the full aspect of things, it is my "most used" device these days. It always comes down to my iPhone 4S and whatever other device with me. The iPhone 4S is the only constant.

My beautifully constructed BlackBerry 9900 Swivel Holster is almost like it was custom made for my iPhone 4s but the longer iPhone 5 is bigger so holster needs a refresh. Rimm should spend less resources on their BB10 and assign their business on creating a new BlackBerry holster ;)

This is proof that marketing is much more important than the device itself. And that is the proof that consumers are not the most bright people in the world....they just follow the tendencies like lost sheep... If RIM takes aways anything from this is that they need to start marketing MUCH better. You have a tool that people NEED and USE. Bankers, Lawyers, Journalist, CEOs, Teachers, Military personels... You need to show this!!!... Not just "Tools not toys"... Your mass isn't just these people but the world!... Be better than the Sheep factory of the world. Be the Blackberry I've grown to love. Rock on! #TeamBlackberry #BB10

5 people in 100 not knowing the difference tells us nothing however this is America so it was probably easy to find some dumb people LOL

LOL when that dude said 'i have a iPhone 4s' I actually burst out laughing and rolling on my bed Hahahahaha this is definitely going into my social feeds.

Wow... I don't have never owned an iphone and could tell that was a iphone 4 just by the glass back. It was funny to see people with an iphone that's is so clueless and they had the same phone. Really sad what Apple has done to people.

Oh gawd. I'm just glad I am not that Damn stupid! I don't watch commercials, or advertisements. I look at features, stability, specifications and performance. Applications are the last thing I'll be looking at. Same thing goes with food. It HAS to be ripe and fresh, or frozen, or picked from a local farm. But that's just me.

But no one is buying BB because ...

The goal is to sell phones.....think on that.

Even if you are being forward thinking, which RIM is not...if you don't sell enough phones you are not around long enough to matter or continue to push the bar.

I walk into a room I see one company doing that and I see another falling apart year after year record low sells and etc....

Jokes on you :)

On the flipside, it does mean that Apple marketing has done a fantastic job with their product. They think it's better just because someone told them it's the latest model, not because it actually is.