Iron Man and Indiana Jones are BlackBerry Users!

Iron Man's Robert Downey Jr. is a BlackBerry User
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 May 2008 12:15 pm EDT

Indiana Jones aka Harrison Ford is a BlackBerry User!

The Two Big Stars of the Two Biggest Movies in theatres right now are BlackBerry Users! It's good to see that both Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) and Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones) are currently rocking BlackBerry Curves! I'm sure most of HollyWood will be following in John Mayer's footsteps and switching up to BlackBerry Bolds soon.

We also have a bunch of free Iron Man Wallpapers and Indiana Jones Wallpapers on the site, so if you dig these movies you can easily make your BlackBerry represent!! I still haven't seen Iron Man yet, and Indiana Jones just opened in theatres last night, so I know what I'm up to this weekend! Seen these flicks? Let the CB community know what you thought of them in the comments (just don't give away the plot!).

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Iron Man and Indiana Jones are BlackBerry Users!


...especially since that phone that RDJ uses in Iron Man is a POS!!!
(Has anyone seen it?)Stupid flippy-screen thingy...
I'm actually kind of surprised, since I would assume whoever makes it gave him one to use after the film was released...

Anyway...Iron Man=Best Marvel Movie ever made(IMHO)!!!

Havent seen Indiana Jones yet, but I will this weekend.

I agree that Iron Man is the best Marvel Comics movie yet! It is just a great movie. Robert Downey Jr. fit the role perfectly. It has a good story and incredible action sequences. It was also very clean for PG13. I heard they signed on for 3 films so I'm excited.

Indiana Jones- also very good, and just what you wold expect from this series. Shia LaBeouf did a fantastic job is his role (I won't reveal who he turns out to be). I did not care for the ending however. It was just a little too much, even for Indiana Jones.

Both are worth going to check out though. But if you have to choose, go with Iron Man.

Damn, I watched Indiana Jones again last night and STILL couldn't see the bit where he uses the BlackBerry... :P

Seriously though, Indy was good, in fact better than I expected -- made me wish it hadn't taken them so long to make this one, although perhaps if they'd kept them rolling the series would have sunken into franchise quagmire. As it is, though, it definitely beats Indy 2.

And Iron Man, I really enjoyed. RDJ, what an inspired choice! (Gwyneth Paltrow less so, even though she does a nice turn, did they really need a 'star' for that role?). Just wish the flick was a little longer, but that's just me being selfish! Looking forward to IM2 for sure.

As for RDJ not using the LG (?) flip phone that Tony Stark used in the film -- well, good on him! If he's sticking with his Curve (which I'm sure RIM will soon upgrade to a Bold) then he must really like it!

they need to make an iron man case for the blackberry since the track ball looks strangley like his chest piece in the movie. have a mask flip down over the screen as a protector. id buy it.

I for one hadn't seen any of the original Iron Man Movies (if any) but I have to say that it lived upto my expectations and man that suite man that was top notch they did an awesome job on the movie.

It's a deffinate good movie to watch.

I haven't seen Indiana Jones newy yet but plan too.

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